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Darcy Moore

"If you don't take risks, you won't experience the true moments of life."

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a character in “This Supernatural Love”, as played by Dead


This Supernatural Love


Come with me now by Kongos

Character Name

Darcy Angela Moore

Character's Age

She is 18 Years Old.
She is on her last year of high school.

Face Claim

Ksenia Solo

Character's Race

Just a boring little human.

Character's Gender

She is definitely a woman.

Character's Ethnicity


Character's Orientation

Bisexual, but she prefers men more then women.

In a Relationship with

Julius Thanos. The Vampire.


Character's Appearance

If you had to say whether Darcy was short, tall, or in the middle, you'd definitely call her short stuff. Standing at only about five foot two, she may be small but she is as fiery as you can get. With a petite like frame and small curves in all the right places, she can be quick and unseen easily if she wants to lose someone in a crowd. Her hair is as black as midnight, sometimes adorning streaks of bright colors such as red and pink; her bangs are cut across the middle of her forehead and go down a little bit past her sharp looking shoulders, and is even more accented by her pale skin; when it comes to the sun, she's not a huge fan of it, and burns instead of tans. That a good enough reason to stay out of those blistering rays, right? Her eyes are the color of pale emeralds, glistening with gold specks and giving them an almost abnormal color that go along great with her sneaky looking smile and white teeth. She often wears dark eye shadows and never changing black eyeliner, and lets her lips have naked freedom most of the time. Topped off with long black nails and quirky expressions, she has a cute but sparky look that can't be ignored.

She loves to pull the goth/punk look on a daily basis, adorning fishnet stockings, corsets, leather jackets, and tight clothes that consist of studs and "unsavory" language. She also adores wearing giant boots that make her stand up four inches taller then she actually is, and likes to fit to a certain dark color pallet for her specific wardrobe. She also likes to wear black gloves, spiked bracelets and studded collars on occasions; and is obsessed with collecting different kinds of jewelry representing mythical creatures. She rarely likes to dress "sophisticated" but when she does, she does look somewhat older when she actually is. Darcy honestly, looks a little younger then 18 years of age, but that may be because she wants to stand out in a crowd, and some ignorant bystanders consider that immature.


Character's Personality

She accents her rebellious wear with her rebellious attitude. Never being able to follow the rules, Darcy takes a lot of matters into her own hands. She is incredibly stubborn which has landed her in the principle's office more times then she'd like. She isn't afraid to break the law, and some would say she was never diciplined as a child. But even for all her accounts of landing herself into trouble, Darcy is very intelligent. She has never failed a class throughout her high school career, and she even likes to brag that she can learn everything with ease and not have much of a problem with it. She is also very oriented with vibes and personal feelings; making her a sensitive soul with a tough shell that would rather snap and resist then get a soft hug and encouragement. She's always felt the need to do things her way, and solve problems by herself which is one of the quirks that can piss her friends off.

Her temper is short, so short that even getting stuck behind someone going 40 in a 55 zone down the road can piss her off to the point where she slams on her gas to pass them after a minute. She can't stand idiots or ignorance; and because of that, she has no control over the things she says. Sometimes her filter just vanishes for a while, and the count of fights she has been in is not that great. She isn't afraid to tell someone the truth, or her opinion of them, especially if they are pushing her buttons. But despite her rough exterior and fiery temper, she can be quite sweet. She's a protective soul and defends her property and her friends with everything she has, and her soft side can come out when she has nothing to worry about, and when she knows being vulnerable won't be her downfall. And even though she has her immature moments, she has her wise ones too; and can give some advice that could change the perspective of those around her if they truly listen; because when Darcy thinks, she goes deep.



βœ” Leather jackets - When she was one of these on, she feels like the most bad ass person around.
βœ” Tea (Cold or hot) - Her favorite drink. Whether its hot or cold, she will down it and enjoy it.
βœ” Rainy Days - The rain makes her feel calm for some odd reason; thunderstorms are even better.
βœ” Reading - Believe it or not, Darcy has a big imagination and can get caught up in a good book any time.
βœ” Concerts - She lost count of the number of bands she likes, and the amount of times she's gone to see them.
βœ” Sex - There is no explanation; she likes it, her boyfriend likes. There is nothing else to say about it.


✘ Math - This subject is actually really tough for Darcy, even though she's managed to pass all of them.
✘ Motorcycles - You'd think a girl who likes to be wild would like a wild ride. Well, she doesn't like this one.
✘ Bugs - Keep them away. She doesn't like bugs of any kind, including spiders and scorpions and ticks.
✘ Scifi Movies - They annoy her, and she can never get into them. She has no idea why, she just can't.
✘ Idiots - This is a given. If you're stupid or say something stupid, she will most likely call you out on it.


β™‘ Nature Hikes - She enjoys going out hiking in the forests and the mountains; especially with her camera.
β™‘ Reading - Reading is a good pass time for Darcy. She mostly enjoys fantasy books, like the Hobbit or Vampire Kisses.
β™‘ Collecting Rocks - She loves to collect different colored and shaped stones from the beach and the mountains.
β™‘ Going to Bars - She may not be able to drink, but Darcy finds herself there a lot, whether its dancing or playing darts.


Character's History

Her life story has never been something she's been very open with. Darcy has gone through a lot, more then she cares to admit. Her rough exterior is a result of her past, and she became jaded for a long time before she met her boyfriend. Darcy was raised in a home with parents just like her; parents who didn't like to follow the rules, but these rules were more important ones. Her father was an alcoholic and was constantly drinking at home and even at work at his job at the factory, and her mother had to pull two shifts sometimes at the hospital to help keep the family afloat. Darcy never really saw her father sober but when he was, he wasn't any nicer. She often heard her parents fight in the late hours of the night, and she and her little brother constantly slept together since it was terrifying to be alone when their father was stomping about the house and cursing and yelling. They were barely surviving in Chicago, where the city didn't help them sleep.

When Darcy turned 11 years old, her father had only gotten worse. Her mother had threatened to leave him several times, but Darcy couldn't understand why her mother just hadn't done it yet. One night when she was threatening to leave and take the kids with her, Darcy's father pulled her little brother and tried to pull Darcy out of the house. Darcy managed to bite his hand and run back into the house, but he took her younger brother George with him, and later that night the police came to the door with the conformation that both her father and her little brother had perished in a motorcycle accident due to her father being drunk. Darcy never forgave herself for what happened, and constantly told herself it was her fault she hadn't helped her brother back into the house.

She and her mother ended up moving to Rocklove, Oregon where her Aunt Lauren lived. She started over there when she turned 13, and hasn't left Rocklove since. Even though they were no longer struggling to survive and life had gotten proceeding better with the financial aid of Lauren, Darcy constantly regrets the day she left her little brother in the hands of the monster that had become her father. She had began very enclosed and depressed during her years in Rocklove, but after meeting the friends she has now, she slowly started to come out of her shell and let her wild side take flight.

(Will add more later.)

So begins...

Darcy Moore's Story


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#, as written by Dead
Darcy Moore

Darcy could feel the sun's rays hitting her face as morning had approached, the soft embrace of golden warmth causing her long ebony lashes to flutter open as the bright green color of her eyes sparkling underneath the light, and she quickly withdrew under her covers, groaning at how she had woken up so naturally. Mornings were the worst for her; Darcy had always been a night owl, just like her boyfriend, jumping around all night and sleeping all day when school wasn't in session. Lucky for her, today was Saturday; and after a grueling week of cramming for tests and hurrying to get homework done, she could relax and let the day take her away. And after being around so many idiots and jerks that walked the halls of Rocklove High School, she was surprised she wasn't having Julius bail her out of jail yet for attempted assault or worse, breaking her out for murder.

She slowly peeked her head out, eyes looking over to her clock as the red numbers said 12:03 on the front. So, she hadn't gotten up that early; she had slept pretty late according to most people. She groaned and quickly kicked the Victorian styled colored comforter off her matching bed and walked across her black rug, making her way to the bathroom. After twenty minutes inside, the door burst open as a rush of steam came flushing out into the room and there she was wrapped in a white towel, walking over to her slide open closet where she grabbed a few clothes from her messy clean clothes basket and tossed it on the bed.

She took another thirty minutes to dry and straighten out her hair, letting the straight locks fall in perfectly lines of soft embrace before walking over to the bed. She was feeling the tight leggings, small studded combat boots, and see through lace sweater that exposed her tight tang-top underneath that accented the small curves that she did actually possess. With her small frame, the tighter she wore, the more you could see; and Darcy took a sense of womanly pride in that, nott really caring what comments came her way at all. With a small sigh she walked over to her black desk and grabbed her electric cigarette, taking a few long puffs before cramming it into her black studded purse and grabbing her cell phone.

We wasn't exactly sure what the plans were today. She figured she would go to the bar, and see what Julius wanted to do; maybe go to a movie? Nah. She shook her head as she thought, making her way down the stairs and through the kitchen, seeing her mother passed out on the couch with some work papers in her hands. Darcy sighed, shaking her head and walking over with a frown pasted on her face; and then she pulled the soft red blankets at the top of the couch over her mother's sleeping body before making her way out the door and continuing her thoughts. Maybe the "gang" would want to get together. Although, sometimes with all the creatures around, things did get tense. She was sure the demon didn't like Julius or Darcy, then again, she claimed the werewolf didn't either. It all depended on how their instincts played out, but sometimes the fights could get intense. In the end, they always worked things out and everyone got along... most of the time.

She took out her cell phone and dialed Julius's number, getting voicemail as usual. "Hey, I'm coming over." Then she hung up. She didn't need his permission to show up unannounced. Usually, Julius was quite happy to see her, even when he was feeling a bit grumpy or ticked off' and they always found something to do together, something to entertain themselves. Sometimes it wasn't the most appropriate thing in the world. The sun was bright and shining over Darcy's head, burning into her skull through her black hair as she sighed and pulled out her sun glasses, the black framing covered with small spikes that gleamed like silver in the light. How she hoped this day wouldn't be boring.