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Dominie A. Harvey

WIP Status: Major "The burden of losing rests upon my shoulders."

0 · 1,126 views · located in Oregon

a character in “This Supernatural Love”, as played by Naught


This Supernatural Love

Shadows || Sunny Day Real Estate
no one can
take away leaf falls short
dreams over a lie's the same

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Dominie A. Harvey


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Keira Knightley

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βœ” Russian Roulette || It's dangerous. But, that's the way she likes to play her games.
βœ” Smoking || Usually there'll be 2 packs of empty smokes used per day.
βœ” Horror || Somehow the feeling of her heart nearly popping out of her chest is the best feeling a person like her could have.
βœ” Standing Alone || Never being a fan of groups, she's even stronger alone.
βœ” Weapons || They are her forte.


✘ Falling in Love || No one can control their heart and how it feels. But, she prefers to exist alone and then die alone.
✘ Being Underestimated || Don't look at her as if she's just a woman. She's stronger and she will prove it.
✘ Stupidity || It annoys her completely. Just as long as it isn't constantly she won't go insane.
✘ Wasting Time || Time goes by fast and she'd like to use all the time she has to get what she needs to get, done.
✘ Monsters || On the cool she doesn't give a damn if they exists. Just as long as they keep their claws to themselves.


β™‘ Weapons || She either has them or she's making them. She mainly has a shotgun, a handgun, and some throwing knives for the hell of it.


Character's History

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So begins...

Dominie A. Harvey's Story


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#, as written by Dead
Darcy Moore

Darcy could feel the sun's rays hitting her face as morning had approached, the soft embrace of golden warmth causing her long ebony lashes to flutter open as the bright green color of her eyes sparkling underneath the light, and she quickly withdrew under her covers, groaning at how she had woken up so naturally. Mornings were the worst for her; Darcy had always been a night owl, just like her boyfriend, jumping around all night and sleeping all day when school wasn't in session. Lucky for her, today was Saturday; and after a grueling week of cramming for tests and hurrying to get homework done, she could relax and let the day take her away. And after being around so many idiots and jerks that walked the halls of Rocklove High School, she was surprised she wasn't having Julius bail her out of jail yet for attempted assault or worse, breaking her out for murder.

She slowly peeked her head out, eyes looking over to her clock as the red numbers said 12:03 on the front. So, she hadn't gotten up that early; she had slept pretty late according to most people. She groaned and quickly kicked the Victorian styled colored comforter off her matching bed and walked across her black rug, making her way to the bathroom. After twenty minutes inside, the door burst open as a rush of steam came flushing out into the room and there she was wrapped in a white towel, walking over to her slide open closet where she grabbed a few clothes from her messy clean clothes basket and tossed it on the bed.

She took another thirty minutes to dry and straighten out her hair, letting the straight locks fall in perfectly lines of soft embrace before walking over to the bed. She was feeling the tight leggings, small studded combat boots, and see through lace sweater that exposed her tight tang-top underneath that accented the small curves that she did actually possess. With her small frame, the tighter she wore, the more you could see; and Darcy took a sense of womanly pride in that, nott really caring what comments came her way at all. With a small sigh she walked over to her black desk and grabbed her electric cigarette, taking a few long puffs before cramming it into her black studded purse and grabbing her cell phone.

We wasn't exactly sure what the plans were today. She figured she would go to the bar, and see what Julius wanted to do; maybe go to a movie? Nah. She shook her head as she thought, making her way down the stairs and through the kitchen, seeing her mother passed out on the couch with some work papers in her hands. Darcy sighed, shaking her head and walking over with a frown pasted on her face; and then she pulled the soft red blankets at the top of the couch over her mother's sleeping body before making her way out the door and continuing her thoughts. Maybe the "gang" would want to get together. Although, sometimes with all the creatures around, things did get tense. She was sure the demon didn't like Julius or Darcy, then again, she claimed the werewolf didn't either. It all depended on how their instincts played out, but sometimes the fights could get intense. In the end, they always worked things out and everyone got along... most of the time.

She took out her cell phone and dialed Julius's number, getting voicemail as usual. "Hey, I'm coming over." Then she hung up. She didn't need his permission to show up unannounced. Usually, Julius was quite happy to see her, even when he was feeling a bit grumpy or ticked off' and they always found something to do together, something to entertain themselves. Sometimes it wasn't the most appropriate thing in the world. The sun was bright and shining over Darcy's head, burning into her skull through her black hair as she sighed and pulled out her sun glasses, the black framing covered with small spikes that gleamed like silver in the light. How she hoped this day wouldn't be boring.