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Edric Jamal McMillan

"Keep your mouth shut, your voice is annoying, and quite frankly you're annoying."

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a character in “This Supernatural Love”, as played by Winds Of Fate


This Supernatural Love


Quote/Theme Song
Lana Del Ray – Once Upon a Dream

Character's Name
Edric Jamal McMillan

Other names (Nicknames, ect)
EJ, or simply Edric

Character's Age

Face Claim
Columbus Short

Character's Race: Human

Character's Gender: Male

Character's Ethnicity
Puerto Rican, African American, and Caucasian (his mother is of African American and Caucasian descent, while his father is of Puerto Rican descent). He’s American though, born and raised in the United States of America.

Character's Orentation
He likes to dibble and dabble in just about everything. By definition he’d be more relatable to the term Pansexual, or Polysexual, but most just label him as Bisexual for some odd and unknown reason.

In a Relationship with:
No one at the present moment, he has a lot of one night stands though.


Character's Appearance

Edric is physically fit, standing at a decent five foot eight inches. He has a well-built physique, but is in no way a bodybuilder of any sort, still it can be said that he does go through rigorous training in order to keep up with what he hunts. He has beautiful light honey brown skin, which is nigh flawless except for a few scars on his torso from various extracurricular activities. His eyes glisten like gray ocean water, hinted with baby blue and gives a stormy look of intimidation and anger. He inherited that from his mother’s side of the family. His hair is always close shaven, and edged up perfectly. With sculpted features and sometimes a little bit of a scruff growing along his face, he shows the image of attractive incentive; a man with a mission, a man with a lot of issues to work out.

He usually adorns himself in dark colors or depending on his surroundings since he likes to blend in with the common crowd so his targets don't see him approaching. He especially loves dark t-shirts and leather jackets, as well as pants with secret pockets and loose baggage to conceal weapons and other handy items he needs to carry. He's always seen with a small dark backpack that holds things you would not want pointed at you, and he is always wearing dark boots that can go through any environment and still come out perfectly intact. He is a fierce hunter, but can look like the average man, walking through cities and towns without a second glance unless you find him appealing.


Character's Personality

Although he has the brawns indeed, Edric is also equally as intelligent. With an IQ stretching over most of the students he went to high school and college with, Edric can solve problems and think strategy precisely and to the point without much hesitation when forced with a conflict. Although he does hold quite a bit of raw anger inside his rippling chest, he can be seen smiling and laughing at the little things that occur around him that give him hope that his life isn't completely meaningless. Rather then let his anger out through talking, he often takes it out on objects of no life, or takes it out on the thing he despises most; supernatural beings. While he won't openly speak about why he has a distaste for them, you can always assume it must of been pretty traumatizing for him to hold so much inside and take it out the way he does.

His temper is raw, and high. Things piss him off easily, but instead of always taking it out every single time something irritates him, he lets it bottle up inside before something causes him to erupt and cause a dent in a car or break an innocent mirror. He is EXTREMELY blunt, and won't hesitate to point out the obvious, even if it hurts someone's feelings. Some would call him rude, but he could care less about other's feelings, and honestly doesn't always regard humanity in the highest light either. But he also believes humans should not be harmed by hunters, and if a monster is hiding behind one, he will not take his shot. He believes they will learn from their mistakes of befriending such a creature, and leaves it in the hands of the universe to teach them this lesson. He lives by the rules of the hunters of old, and is a man of honor and integrity, despite his drinking habits and rude behavior out in public.


Alcohol - He doesn't really care if someone tells him it's not a good outlet.
Punching Bags - He has a temper, and you're lucky you aren't the one under his fist.
Gum - Believe it or not, he has a strong gum addiction. He's constantly chewing.
Guns - These are his best friend, and his only ones. He won't hesitate to use them.
Movies - He's a sucker for a good comedy, and in his spare time, that's what he's doing.


Tea - The drink is disgusting. How could someone drink such a foul thing?
Fire - He hasn't had many good experiences with fire; so he tends to stay away.
Idiots - For some reason, the idiotic people piss him off more than they should.
Monsters - Obviously, he wouldn't be a hunter if he liked supernatural beings.
Cold Weather - He prefers to strut about with no shirt. Cold weather makes that hard.


♡ Basketball
♡ Hunting
♡ Meditating
♡ Cars

Character's History

With Edric what you see is what you get. Fate decided to put him in a position that would’ve seemed impossible for others. He was born to Alexis and Antonio McMillan. Alexis’s parents are interracial. Her mother is African American and her father is Caucasian. She married Antonio McMillan who was of Puerto Rican descent and together they made Edric Jamal McMillan. Criticism came throughout his entire childhood. He was mixed with three different ethnicities, but that was the great thing about America, such unions could exist without much persecution. Still, he was teased, and punished when he fought back. This happened all throughout his childhood making him stronger, but also shortening his temper fuse. It wasn’t until Middle School that he began to really push back to the point that no one bothered him much afterwards.

When it came to his sexuality, he had to come to terms with it a different way. While his parents never knew what his sexuality was, he often times found himself staring at both women and men and finding them both sexually attractive. It wasn’t until High School that he had his first sexual encounter with a woman. It was great, everything was as it should be, but then came the encounter with a male, a very different yet similar task. Needless to say what he found out was that he was sexually attracted to both men and women and just any individual that peaked his interest. He was criticized in high school, he was called “queer” “gay” and various other names because he wasn’t ashamed of his orientation; however, when his parents found out it was awful. His father beat him, his mother didn’t know what to say to him, it became a very confusing ordeal. He thought they’d love him unconditionally, but he didn’t know what to do after being abused for his sexuality and having his sanity questioned.

They restricted him greatly after finding out, but he never let his head down, he always fought for what he believed in and always stood for what was right. During his Junior year in high school he started dating a guy named Leonardo LuCiano, an Italian guy from across the way. They dated all throughout his Junior year and he even built up the courage to take him to prom as well as introduce him to his parents. His father showed the same disgust he always did, but it was his mother who had an epiphany and showered him with acceptance and love. He was her son regardless of who he loved. Leonardo had to make a choice as well because his parents had no clue he was homosexual and thus when they found out, his relationship with Edric ended. From then on Edric had no relationships. He had flings with girls here and there and flings with guys here and there, but there was never any substance, or any feelings there.

Finally, after graduation, things begin to change for the better for him, at least that’s how he felt. His father began to accept him. It happened gradually as he moved out of his parents place after finding a great job and started supplying himself. His relationship with his parents is a good one, he could ask for more, but he takes it as it comes. He remembers the first day he found out about the supernatural. He was in college, a junior as a matter of fact. He was reading up on different supernatural creatures, but never would he have thought that he would actually run into a witch and she would actually take from him someone he cared about dearly. His name was Jared, he was twenty when it happened, but the witch murdered Jared right in front of him, and would’ve murdered him had he not acted quickly and disposed of the witch the best way he knew how and the best way the textbooks explained to him how. Shortly after, he was found by a group of individuals that called themselves Blades. They were “guns for hire” so to speak and hunted supernatural creatures that posed a threat to humanity. After witnessing what he witnessed, Edric joined and has since risen in rank of the Blades becoming one of their top hunters. He’s now one of the best of the best that money can buy and has his sights set on the prize. He has since graduated with high honors and a degree in mathematics.

So begins...

Edric Jamal McMillan's Story


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Another day, another hour, another minute and another second of his life wasted following after a hint he had received that a werewolf had been spotted. He had searched and searched and came up empty handed. Talk about a dry run. He was exhausted, bored, and angry all in one and he had nothing to really take his frustration out on. Sighing, he looked around as he wondered what would be his next course of action. No doubt he had to maintain his appearance in order to not arise suspicion, and he wondered what the other Hunters would do if he told them what happened. They’d probably laugh at him, or something to that degree, but he didn’t care, he was just ready to be home, in his bed, watching tv. Edric, a hunter of the ASA (Anti Supernatural Agency) had gotten a tip a couple days ago that a werewolf had been spotted in the outskirts of a small town and now that he had arrived at the small town, he couldn’t help but feel like someone didn’t want him to arrive on time in Oregon, which was his next destination.

After packing up his equipment, Edric made a beeline to his car wherein he drove back to the place he was staying and in the morning he would get up and take a plane to Oregon to begin his mission there. Sighing, he couldn’t believe how stupid he must’ve looked going on a wild goose chase. He was going to make sure he found his accomplice and break his fucking nose. One thing he didn’t like, and that was a liar, and more importantly a liar who hid monsters. They were monsters for a reason and were hunted for a reason. He was old school, he didn’t believe in there being any good thing coming from monsters. To him they were there to kill, steal and destroy and he was there to silence them. The drive to the safe house was a short one and he found himself bored. Lying on the bed, he closed his eyes and let the pitch black of nothingness take him away. He didn’t dream anymore, it was something that had happened after he hit puberty. It just stopped happening and he never really understood why.

The next morning, he did what he was hired to do. Boarding the plane took longer than first anticipated, but he was sure it would be worth it. From the sound of it there was a witch, vampire, werewolf and a demon all in this one small town in Oregon. What luck, to find four monsters in one place? The game was on, the battlefield set and now it was time to put an end to them, and to deliver the small town out of the darkness. His arrival in Oregon was a quiet one. He slipped in virtually unnoticed and had called his point of contact to set up a safe house in the small town in Oregon. The only bad thing about the trip was that he often had trouble getting through security at the check in gate in any airport. The type of job he performed didn’t set well with law enforcement, but thankfully the ASA had deep high connections.

Only an hour late, he arrived on the outskirts of the town. His eyes narrowed as he drove into the town, parking into front of the safe house and trying to figure out if any other hunter had made it here yet.