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Julius Thanos

The Vampire.

0 · 183 views · located in Oregon

a character in “This Supernatural Love”, as played by ~Lonesome Butterfly~



✫ Full Name ✫
Julius Thanos
(Everyone usually calls him "JT" outside of Darcy, who i'd imagine bounces between Julius and JT - among other things ;P.)

✫ Gender ✫

✫ Race ✫

✫ Age ✫
Appears to be in his early to mid-twenties but has lived for more centuries than he likes to admit at times.

✫ Role ✫
The Vampire

✫ Romantic Partner ✫

✫ Sexual Orientation ✫
Very straight.

✫ Likes ✫

Body Art
The Ocean

✫ Dislikes ✫

Ignorant people
Law Enforcement
Pushy people
Nosy people
Bratty Kids
Direct Sunlight

✫ Weight ✫

✫ Height ✫

✫ Eyes ✫
Light Hazel

✫ Hair ✫
Brown and reaches a couple inches below his shoulder.

✫ Body Art ✫
Crossed industrial and small spike plug piercings in both ears.
A Chinese Dragon Sleeve on one arm and a Phoenix/Dragon sleeve on the other.

✫ Vampire Appearance ✫

When he “turns” his eyes – include the whites – turn completely black, and his four retractable fangs descend in seconds as his nails suddenly grow by a few inches.

✫ Personality ✫

- Incredibly charming and personable when need be but untrusting of most humans at the same time.

- Very opinionated and blunt, sometimes to the point of being rude. He isn't shy in the least and will tell you just what he thinks or speak the truth when everyone else around is afraid to say it.

- Determined. He has never quit at anything in his life, and vows he never will. If it's truly important to him he’ll keep at it no matter the obstacles.

- Loyal to a fault. Mess with those close to him and he’ll turn on you in an instant.

- Generally laid back in tough situations. Darcy has enough of a quick temper for the both of them so JT can be more relaxed in a bind, however the two feed off of each other at times and if a situation gets out of a control he’ll snap.

- Rebel/Rabble rouser. Easily bored JT will often find himself getting into things he shouldn’t, and if he isn’t suggesting something bad or outlandish to do he’s usually following a bad and outlandish plan thought up by Darcy or someone else.

- JT doesn’t always understand modern sensibilities, so being unabashed by pretty much anything he’s the type to go up to a chick and ask her if her tits are plastic or talk about sex and gore in front of a minister without seeing the big deal.

✫ Bio ✫

Born to a wealthy Ancient Greek family he was raised within privilege, became literate in many languages while others in his time couldn’t manage literacy in their vernacular, and rose high in the ranks of the Military.
After discovering his mother to be Akasha however, or Queen of the Damned as many humans refer to her, both had to flee the Greek state after Akasha’s husband was captured and beheaded.

By the time the duo settled in Rome Julius was brought completely into the loop of his linage by his mother, and their clan grew rather large and incredibly strong over the years despite the politically and religious fueled chaos amongst the humans of that time period.
Julius had a natural ability to lead and the power of his mother flowed through his veins like no other, however a list of familial disagreements and a different view on the world around them eventually caused him to break with his clan, or family as he often referred to them as. His mother, the personification of stubborn, had often challenged him to leave if he didn’t like her point of view and couldn’t live by her creed, so when he actually left she initially thumbed her nose at it, however when the realization that he was gone for good finally set in she sent people to recover him – with no success.
Julius is still sought for by his clan which exist in the shadows, but finding him in an ever growing modern world ha become close to impossible seeing as how he was forever nomadic.
Over the last century however JT found himself attracted to the growing Power that was America and has been stateside ever sense, but only over the last decade or so has he made Oregon his home.

Most of the time Julius will act very cavalier about his past with people around him, acting as if things more than a few years ago are “too far back to remember,” but the truth is he has a near perfect photographic memory, like many immortals, and his past simply isn’t something he likes to talk about much – leading him to flat-out refuse to answer certain questions if pushed.

He currently lives in the brick loft above an old Tavern in town he’s supposed to work at, but he usually spends more time out and about, or drinking at said Tavern, than actually working. However with the owner of the property being one of the few humans in town he has some respect and gratitude towards he will occasionally go out of his way to help the older man.

✫ Random Things ✫

- For the sake of the RP JT can go out during the day, however he's not a fan of daylight since direct sunlight to uncovered skin can be painful over prolonged periods of times and his eyes are incredibly sensitive to the sun – causing him to wear glasses when outside on sunny days.

- Again, for the sake of the RP, JT doesn’t like to turn people when he feeds – he drains them completely or to the point that they die.

- I like the idea of violence/harshness when it comes to vampires feeding so don’t expect sparkles and romantic sweet stuff. I mean think about it, what’s so sweet about seducing a person away from their friends to drain them of their blood which subsequently kills them? haha

So begins...

Julius Thanos's Story


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#, as written by Dead
Darcy Moore

Darcy could feel the sun's rays hitting her face as morning had approached, the soft embrace of golden warmth causing her long ebony lashes to flutter open as the bright green color of her eyes sparkling underneath the light, and she quickly withdrew under her covers, groaning at how she had woken up so naturally. Mornings were the worst for her; Darcy had always been a night owl, just like her boyfriend, jumping around all night and sleeping all day when school wasn't in session. Lucky for her, today was Saturday; and after a grueling week of cramming for tests and hurrying to get homework done, she could relax and let the day take her away. And after being around so many idiots and jerks that walked the halls of Rocklove High School, she was surprised she wasn't having Julius bail her out of jail yet for attempted assault or worse, breaking her out for murder.

She slowly peeked her head out, eyes looking over to her clock as the red numbers said 12:03 on the front. So, she hadn't gotten up that early; she had slept pretty late according to most people. She groaned and quickly kicked the Victorian styled colored comforter off her matching bed and walked across her black rug, making her way to the bathroom. After twenty minutes inside, the door burst open as a rush of steam came flushing out into the room and there she was wrapped in a white towel, walking over to her slide open closet where she grabbed a few clothes from her messy clean clothes basket and tossed it on the bed.

She took another thirty minutes to dry and straighten out her hair, letting the straight locks fall in perfectly lines of soft embrace before walking over to the bed. She was feeling the tight leggings, small studded combat boots, and see through lace sweater that exposed her tight tang-top underneath that accented the small curves that she did actually possess. With her small frame, the tighter she wore, the more you could see; and Darcy took a sense of womanly pride in that, nott really caring what comments came her way at all. With a small sigh she walked over to her black desk and grabbed her electric cigarette, taking a few long puffs before cramming it into her black studded purse and grabbing her cell phone.

We wasn't exactly sure what the plans were today. She figured she would go to the bar, and see what Julius wanted to do; maybe go to a movie? Nah. She shook her head as she thought, making her way down the stairs and through the kitchen, seeing her mother passed out on the couch with some work papers in her hands. Darcy sighed, shaking her head and walking over with a frown pasted on her face; and then she pulled the soft red blankets at the top of the couch over her mother's sleeping body before making her way out the door and continuing her thoughts. Maybe the "gang" would want to get together. Although, sometimes with all the creatures around, things did get tense. She was sure the demon didn't like Julius or Darcy, then again, she claimed the werewolf didn't either. It all depended on how their instincts played out, but sometimes the fights could get intense. In the end, they always worked things out and everyone got along... most of the time.

She took out her cell phone and dialed Julius's number, getting voicemail as usual. "Hey, I'm coming over." Then she hung up. She didn't need his permission to show up unannounced. Usually, Julius was quite happy to see her, even when he was feeling a bit grumpy or ticked off' and they always found something to do together, something to entertain themselves. Sometimes it wasn't the most appropriate thing in the world. The sun was bright and shining over Darcy's head, burning into her skull through her black hair as she sighed and pulled out her sun glasses, the black framing covered with small spikes that gleamed like silver in the light. How she hoped this day wouldn't be boring.


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Character Portrait: Julius Thanos
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Although it was early in the afternoon the floor to ceiling windows in the spacious brick loft remained covered with thick curtains as artificial lights along the ceiling dimly lit up the place. Julius had been awake for a while thanks to all the noise that accompanied the Tavern's normal Saturday truck delivery, so to pass the time he had been doing two things he had become pretty good at – drinking Tennessee Whiskey and playing pool.

”You’ve gotten pretty good at this son, I’m starting to wonder if you were lyin’ to me when you said you had never played before.....or maybe I shouldn't of let you put this table in here, ya been practicing too much.” Dennis said to JT before he attempted to sink a ball. JT chuckled a bit at the old man before taking a sip of his drink.

It wasn’t long before Julius once again sunk the eight ball – winning for the 6th time in a row. He had told the old man months earlier that he had never learned pool growing up, which made sense and went along with the orphan story he told everyone who asked him about family, however truth be told pool was a game he had mastered long ago and enjoyed thoroughly.

”Well if it’s okay with you I think that’ll be the last game for now, not that I don’t enjoy losing over and over again.” the man joked before asking JT if he’d mind helping the guys downstairs finish putting up the stuff that had come in on the truck.
”Sounds like punishment for beating you old man.”
”More like you doing something to earn that paycheck, and you also seem to lift those things like they’re full of feathers which moves things along quicker, but if it feels like punishment then I’m glad to hear that.”
After his sarcastic jab Dennis made his way to the door and JT would throw his typical hoodie over his bare chest, slide a pair of rounded sunglasses over his eyes, and shove his phone into the pocket of a pair of loose black jeans he was wearing before following Dennis out the door, down the stairs, and outside to the curb where the boxes were stacked up.
”This is it? I thought there would be more….” Julius joked as he counted nearly twenty stacks. If it had just been him the job would be done in a couple minutes, however playing the role of a mere mortal required a bit of self-control….so it would take nearly an hour to finish unloading the truck and then putting everything up where it belonged in the back.

”Okay gentlemen I think I can afford you all taking a break, anybody wants some pizza Gemma should be coming out with a few pies in a second....coffees here if you want some too.”

As if summoned the red headed freckled woman, nearly 40, would push the double doors open with her back – bringing out two large pies and placing them up on the counter.
The guys would bum rushed each other for a slice but JT was more interested in another drink and would grab an empty glass from behind the counter before asking Gemma to pass him the bottle of JD behind her.

”Oh JT, isn't this yours hun? I found it on the floor in the stock room.”
The woman would pull out a phone from her waist apron which instantly caused Julius to check his pockets.
”Oh damn, thanks Gem I didn’t realize I dropped it.”
”Yeah the only reason I noticed the thing was because I heard it ringing, interesting ringtone you got there.”
Gemma would slide the phone as well as the bottle onto the counter and Julius would thank her before she disappeared back into the kitchen.
The look on her face at the mention of his ringtone caused him to chuckle to himself a bit since the whole reason he chose the Bloodhound Gang’s “The Bad Touch” was for such a reaction.

After pouring himself a drink he’d grab a small slice of pizza, shove his glasses in his pocket, and take a seat at the end of the bar across from the front door as he checked the voicemail that had been left on his phone.
”Hey I’m coming over!” he’d hear played back to him, which made a smile to form on his face- her voice was enough to cause such a reaction.
”What, ya got some good news?” Dennis pried as he wiped down the bar-top.
”Yeah definitely, hey I just remembered I gotta go get some things...I’ll be back in a bit.”
”Sure sure, go on.”

After stopping back in his place to get his wallet JT would slide his glasses back on before heading out.
He'd only walk for a few blocks before making his way inside a small grocery store and heading to the back, relieved to out of the sunlight which seemed harsher than normal.

He was low on food and drinks so he brought a few of Darcy’s favorites - including Tea – some beer, some books on sale, and a few other things before heading to the counter.
Within ten minutes of arriving he was on his way out and back towards his place, glasses pressed tightly back over his eyes and hoodie up over his messy thick hair that had yet to be brushed.

Once inside the Tavern JT would slide his hoodie off and pull his sunglasses off. He’d make some small talk with a few regulars before heading to the back staircase and up to his lofts door.
After walking in he’d close his door, lazily put the bags with the things he bought in them inside his refrigerator, and then begin to pick up some of the mess on the floor around his place.


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Character Portrait: Julius Thanos
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#, as written by Dead
Darcy Moore

Darcy walked up to the Tavern, her eyes peering around the place as she watched the truck unloading boxed and place still nearly dead since it wasn't even night time yet. The air was slightly chilly now as clouds began to wave over the sky, and her hair bounced with a cheerful disposition as she spotted The Tavern up ahead on the other side of the semi busy street. With a soft content sigh she walked inside, boots thudding the floor as she made her way to the back and waved at the owner who gave her a polite smile. She then trotted up the stairs, taking two steps at a time since he liked being clumsy, and then very slowly pushed the door open to see Julius there. She felt a rush of playful energy coming over her, a little idea popping into that clumsy head of her's.

With a grin she very slowly started to tip toe towards him, a devious smile on her face as she licked her lips and then sprung forward with a high jump. "Rawr!" She yelled. Her legs wrapped around his waist and her hands around his neck, her face digging into his neck as she grinned at him. "Did I scare you?" She said, stifling some giggles in her throat as she dropped her bag on the ground and kept her body latched onto him and feet straddling his hips while she sighed into him, knowing deep down she could never scare her boyfriend. He probably heard her come in from all the way downstairs.