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Sabrina Faust

"If you don't know where you are going, any road will get you there."

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a character in “This Supernatural Love”, originally authored by Ever, as played by RolePlayGateway



"You know what I think? For every minute you are depressed, you lose sixty seconds of potential happiness. Life's too short to waste through tears."

♗ Theme ♗

Florence + The Machine || Shake It Out
Florence + The Machine || Dog Days Are Over
Kevin MacLeod || Clear Waters
Ellie Goulding || Mirrors


"You know, I've been thinking lately; perhaps it isn't about the happy ending but, maybe, it is more about the story?"

♗ Full Name ♗
Sabrina Sun-Yee Faust
♗ Gender ♗
"Are you bloody blind?! Obviously I'm male…tch.. Did you mean for that to be insult..?
♗ Nickname(s)/Alias(es) ♗
Bri, Brina, Nia || The names she typically goes by at school and the name the teachers call her, no one really addresses her as 'Sabrina'.
Sunny, Chickadee, Bambie, Angel, || The first two originate from her flighty and cheerful nature while the latter pair stems from her gentle and doe-esque appearance.
♗ Age ♗
"Woo…finally an adult…….Taxes and mortgages.. Fun fun."
♗ Race ♗
"Yup, a boring ol'human. That's me!"
♗ Sexuality ♗
"..Kinda odd to ask..."
♗ Partner ♗
"Aw~ Isn't he just perfect..?!"
♗ Ethnicity ♗
1/2 Korean, 1/2 British
"…I believe that I am more British than anything else, though."
♗ Face Claim ♗
Im Jin Ah


"When people beg me to get my head out of the clouds, I simply ask them 'Why? Especially since I love the view from up here.' After all, who wants to be on the ground when they have the chance to kiss the sky?"

♗ Height ♗
"I'm completely average for my age… OI-! Did you just snicker at me?!"

♗ Weight ♗
115 lbs
"Underweight..yeah *snort* I'll show you underweight when I can carry more shopping bags than you could ever dream of-!"

♗ Build ♗
Extraordinarily lithe with hidden curves that would cause most women to go green with envy.
"…..Are you a pervert?"

♗ Hair Color ♗
A lovely shade of flaxen-gold that, depending on the available lighting, shifts to amber-wheat or honey-hued.
"Yes, it's natural. Yes, it's weird. Can we please move on?!"

♗ Eye Color ♗
Far from the typical coloration of an Oriental, Sunny's orbs are have a deep hazel. In a constant flux, they range from molten gold, mocha brown and ivy green.
"I have my dad's eyes…or so I'm told."

♗ Scars/Tattoos/Piercings ♗

♗ Description ♗
Rumoured and known to be a beauty of ethereal poise, Bri sports a demeanor akin to the realms of polar opposites; 'seductive' yet 'innocent'. Barely reaching the petite height of 5'2'', her mass weighing in at a mere 115 pounds, this particular girl, off the bat, is noted by strangers to possess the 2 most sought after attributes by women and men alike; stature and curves. Naturally crafted and molded to possess a physique carved out in a perfect hourglass, her chest of medium nature for her age, Sunny often is the recipient of spitefully-coloured remarks on the nonexistent qualms regarding her boundless options of clothing and the slot she holds in becoming fantasies for other men (and, sometimes, women). With her nipped waist and toned limbs, it's almost next to impossible to describe her gait other than in the most poetic of ways; 'a flower swaying in the breeze' or 'a leisurely feline padding down the walk', perhaps. In any case, one can always count on Nia to gather attention from crowds…even if she wishes not to.

Shifting focus to yet another selling point, her tresses, Sabrina has been, undeniably, blessed with a gift. Generous amounts of cashmere-esque strands, their hue bordering on the unnatural, tumble down in cascades to frame her face in the utmost perfect way. Typically, and almost shamefully, the frail teenager will leave her chest grazing waterfall untouched, only small alterations appearing {be it a section tied off with a clip, a hair bow or in loose curls}. Interestingly enough, as stated before, this unobtainable tone of sun-kissed flax never seems to dim...even flourishing and glowing in the most dreary of light.

Without a shadow in anyone's mind, Bri is a stunning individual.. but, in all honesty, the major factor that separates her from being classified as "model worthy" to "fairytale ready" are her eyes. In her opinion, as well as her friend's and stranger's, the richly-colored pair are the best and most alluring trait on her. Why? It's all simply due to the breathtaking contrast they provide with the rest of her appearance from her porcelain skin to the golden strands. Almost constantly, the doe-reminiscent gems seem to flux in their varying shades of mochas and peridots, every complex tone found to be present in their depths.


"If you don't know where you are going, any road will get you there."

♗ Habits ♗
❖ Day-dreaming|| The polite term used for zoning out; day-dreaming. Sabrina has a tendency to space off..sometimes, just randomly. Of course, it is not on purpose, it's not like she is trying to be rude, however.. let's just say that there are times when something will weigh heavily on her mind and she'll tend to lose herself to her thoughts. As a result, she will typically run into various objects in her thought-induced stupor or trip in mid-air.
❖ Finger Tapping || Usually when Bri becomes impatient, she'll begin to tap her fingers down on whatever hard surface she can find, usually in the rhythm of a song or syllables.
❖ Biting her lip || When thinking deeply about something or struck with boredom, Nia will often gnaw on her lower lip. Sometimes, this habit is done so aggressively that she will draw blood.. but, most of the times, she doesn't even realize she is doing this until she tastes the metallic iron.
❖ Wanderer || Making those who care about her worry is practically Sunny's job.. and what better way to do that then to wander off, for hours on end, without anyone knowing where you went?

♗ Skills ♗
✪ Human Calculator|| Dubbed to be the fastest and most accurate mathematician in school by her teachers, Bri has always found hard numbers to be comforting. In fact, it has now become an oddity, a hobby if you will, seeing as she will relentlessly do worksheets and problems....and she has yet to meet a math problem she couldn't solve in 30 seconds or less.
✪ Avid Gamer|| Pretty self-explanatory, Sunny is a closet-lover of video games. Stemming from her constant need to be near technology and the endless nights without sleep, it was only a matter of time before she become attached. Be them platform or console, MMORPG or PvP, Bri will play whatever is thrown at her.
✪ Dancer||Graceful and rather nimble, Sabrina used to be a dancer as a child…though, that was just for the fun of it. To this day, whenever she wishes to relieve that bliss, she'll often revisit the familiar steps and turns.
✪ Insomniac || A natural talent that many do not know exists, Brina can actually stay awake for days on end and not feel even an ounce of weariness.
✪ Bottomless Stomach || Able to consume vast amounts of food in short periods, it's practically inhumane watching her eat.

♗ Likes ♗
ღ Sweet or Sour tasting foods || "Other flavours are just bland.. Here, want a warhead?"
ღ Modeling || "Hello- free clothes!!"
ღ Cloud watching || "What? You think it's lame? Well..have you ever noticed how relaxing they are?!"
ღ High graphic Video games || "Screw those "vintage players". The new stuff, that's where the fun is at!"
ღ Baths || "Ahh…relaxing among bubbles and warm water~ What's not to like?!"
ღ Gardens || "For some reason, seeing flowers bloom reminds me of my old home in England."
ღ Fruit || "Fruit, besides sweets, is the most amazing thing ever <3 Especially cherries or strawberries!""
ღ Cloudy or rainy days || "The rain is relaxing… plus the puddles are bloody fun splash in."
ღ Expensive tea || "That's a taste that hasn't died out since I moved to America.."
ღ Snakes || "Ohohoho…aren't you just the most darling thing ever? I'm going to take you back to my room~"
ღ Pirates || "Ohohoho.. you wanna hear the one about the infamous Black Beard again?! Alrighty-!!"
ღ Math || "Oh numbers~ How I love you~"
ღ Gambling || "Aw..c'mon..! Just one round? You name the game, we'll play it *not like you'll be able to beat me*

♗ Dislikes ♗
✘ Spicy or Bitter tasting foods || "Gross. Just..disgusting! Get those spicy noodles away from me, you little-!
✘ Being told of her limitations || "Uh huh… go on, keep talking. Oh, me? Don't mind the fact I'm sharpening my nails or anything like that."
✘ Not being near technology and/or wifi || "CAMPING?! HELL NO-! I need to have access to my lovely internet 24/7!"
✘ Cheap tea || "What is this….? Dishwater…??"
✘ Being idle || "I'm bored. Come on. Let's do something. Hey. Hey. Hey. C'mon. Let's do something. Hey."
✘ Gossip || "….I feel my IQ lowering.."
✘ Losing Control and Freedom || "Pfft…you can't keep my caged down-! Screw this, I'm out of here!"
✘ Swimming/ Large Bodies of Water || "N-no… I'm..e..erm.. f-fine just watching.
✘ Birds || "Gah-!"
✘ Cowards || "I despise cowards with an intense passion. At least make your life meaningful, even if it means that you end up dying in the end. If that's the case, die or live for something or someone you love, make your last breath count."
✘ Sun Exposure || "Yeah yeah, cliched. But you try being me without sunblock for 5 minutes-! See how you like being a crisp!"

♗ Weaknesses ♗
⌘ Impatient || Being the ball of energy that she is, Sabrina, in all actuality, is quite impatient. In fact, being idle for even 10 minutes is pure torture…it's no wonder she is constantly in trouble for fidgeting in her seat during class.
⌘ Truthful || For the life of her, Nia can not tell a lie. Honest and true to her core, being able to fib was something this girl never really picked up on…so, if the time comes for it, she'll simply not tell the whole truth or leave out bits and pieces.
⌘ Easily-Manipulated || Once you break down Sunny's walls, you'll find a rather vulnerable, naive, and innocent girl all too oblivious to the dangers of the world. As such, she easily trusts and gives herself wholly to others without much effort.
⌘ Head in the Clouds || Continuously yelled at for spacing out or day dreaming, it shouldn't be a surprise that this is a weakness of hers. This is especially a problem when someone is trying to give her orders..sometimes she'll just tune them out.

♗ Phobia(s) ♗
♗ Achluophobia || The fear of the dark. At times, Bri will experience childish moments where she has intense anxiety attacks when left alone in the dark.
♗ Hydrophobia || Stemming from several N.D.Es with swimming and water, Sabrina has developed the feline-esque trait of fearing water.

♗ Personality ♗
Sabrina's very existence is driven and founded upon one single attribute; her endless curiosity and inquisitiveness. Without that piece of the puzzle, the remaining portions of her personality seemingly wouldn't fit together. The most notable trait that many observe the second they meet her is this; she possesses a tedious habit of asking far too many questions, some of which she even knows the answer to. And, as such, it is at this point one begins to make parallels between her nicknames and her being, the first pillar of who she is. Ingrained to be a curious explorer by nature, Brina is constantly all over her environment, in every nook and cranny, seeking out new information about her fact, it's almost rare to see her still (and when she is, it's either due to her body's reaction to the activity or due to the fact she was just reprimanded). Her state of conscious, childish and free, will often exert her frail body to spring to action, to create, and to learn even more...a habit she has had since a she was a child.

Another important pillar that should be noted is this; creative and very much inclined to escape reality, Sabrina, often times, has her head in the clouds. Due to this attribute, this heiress has become exceedingly sensitive towards others, her understanding of their actions and train of thoughts almost too insightful. Nia often contemplates and ponders about the lives of herself and others, the choices each person has made and what has gotten them to a single point in their lives...of course, this isn't always necessarily the best thing to do. Unfortunately, because of her analytical side clashing with her childish persona, she has been known to become engulfed in senseless emotions, forgetting all about any shred of reality and her boundaries with others.

Thankfully, Sunny has never been one to hold grudges or pinpoint blame, almost always taking other's faults on herself. However, like everything within this world, there is an exception; if you prod her too excessively, she just might let her silver-tongue surface. Sabrina does possess a wicked temper, something of which her victims and those who have fallen pray to her fits will attest to…she will even spew words many would never dream of this innocent-temepred girl saying. As such, in compensation for her dark side, this heiress is known for attempting the best she can to aid others, striving to attain a truly positive life. Some might even go as to claim that she is angelic and pure... but she refuses to believe it. In fact, despite the ability of insight she possesses, Faun is often clueless and unaware about the positive effect she can have on others.


"I simply hate it when people ask you to reflect on your past. Why would you even bother? It's not like you can go back to yesterday because, as of this moment, you are a different person from then."

♗ Family ♗
Jared Faust | Father| Deceased |
Mi-Nyu Faust | Mother | Deceased |

♗ Personal History ♗

"Every adventure requires a first step."

So begins...

Sabrina Faust's Story


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#, as written by Dead
Darcy Moore

Darcy could feel the sun's rays hitting her face as morning had approached, the soft embrace of golden warmth causing her long ebony lashes to flutter open as the bright green color of her eyes sparkling underneath the light, and she quickly withdrew under her covers, groaning at how she had woken up so naturally. Mornings were the worst for her; Darcy had always been a night owl, just like her boyfriend, jumping around all night and sleeping all day when school wasn't in session. Lucky for her, today was Saturday; and after a grueling week of cramming for tests and hurrying to get homework done, she could relax and let the day take her away. And after being around so many idiots and jerks that walked the halls of Rocklove High School, she was surprised she wasn't having Julius bail her out of jail yet for attempted assault or worse, breaking her out for murder.

She slowly peeked her head out, eyes looking over to her clock as the red numbers said 12:03 on the front. So, she hadn't gotten up that early; she had slept pretty late according to most people. She groaned and quickly kicked the Victorian styled colored comforter off her matching bed and walked across her black rug, making her way to the bathroom. After twenty minutes inside, the door burst open as a rush of steam came flushing out into the room and there she was wrapped in a white towel, walking over to her slide open closet where she grabbed a few clothes from her messy clean clothes basket and tossed it on the bed.

She took another thirty minutes to dry and straighten out her hair, letting the straight locks fall in perfectly lines of soft embrace before walking over to the bed. She was feeling the tight leggings, small studded combat boots, and see through lace sweater that exposed her tight tang-top underneath that accented the small curves that she did actually possess. With her small frame, the tighter she wore, the more you could see; and Darcy took a sense of womanly pride in that, nott really caring what comments came her way at all. With a small sigh she walked over to her black desk and grabbed her electric cigarette, taking a few long puffs before cramming it into her black studded purse and grabbing her cell phone.

We wasn't exactly sure what the plans were today. She figured she would go to the bar, and see what Julius wanted to do; maybe go to a movie? Nah. She shook her head as she thought, making her way down the stairs and through the kitchen, seeing her mother passed out on the couch with some work papers in her hands. Darcy sighed, shaking her head and walking over with a frown pasted on her face; and then she pulled the soft red blankets at the top of the couch over her mother's sleeping body before making her way out the door and continuing her thoughts. Maybe the "gang" would want to get together. Although, sometimes with all the creatures around, things did get tense. She was sure the demon didn't like Julius or Darcy, then again, she claimed the werewolf didn't either. It all depended on how their instincts played out, but sometimes the fights could get intense. In the end, they always worked things out and everyone got along... most of the time.

She took out her cell phone and dialed Julius's number, getting voicemail as usual. "Hey, I'm coming over." Then she hung up. She didn't need his permission to show up unannounced. Usually, Julius was quite happy to see her, even when he was feeling a bit grumpy or ticked off' and they always found something to do together, something to entertain themselves. Sometimes it wasn't the most appropriate thing in the world. The sun was bright and shining over Darcy's head, burning into her skull through her black hair as she sighed and pulled out her sun glasses, the black framing covered with small spikes that gleamed like silver in the light. How she hoped this day wouldn't be boring.