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Hikaru Yamamoto

0 · 174 views · located in Earth, Tokyo, Japan

a character in “This Year's Best Song”, as played by Coloris



Hikaru β™› Yamamoto

♝The Basics β™—
β™› You can call me: Ru
β™› I’ve blown this many candles: Twenty
β™› I am a: Female
β™› My Role is: Dancer Trainee
♝ Getting to Know Me Better β™—
β™› Sometimes I act like this: Outgoing, boyish, lazy, and rebellious. Hikaru's boyish personality and low voice definitely matches her physical appearance and her style, making it much easier for others to confuse her as an actual male. Looking carefully, you can see her girlish points, but that's only if you look carefully. She tends to be friendly to many, and is open to giving away one or two chances and get over someone's mistakes. Many believe she plays to older sister role quite well. If you are indeed younger than her, then she will treat you like a younger sibling. Actually, she'll treat you like a younger sibling no matter how old you are!

She is a complete tease and prankster. Ru isn't the type to do any serious damage unless she's having a scrap to anyone. However, she does indeed like to do things that will surprise people. The girl is easy going and shows that she just wants to have fun. She would laugh with or at you in a offensive-free way. Since she has an older sibling image, she would use puppy names just to embarrass you and simply tease you. Don't worry, she won't do anything that will damage you reputation.

Hikaru is like a cat, having a cat's interests and a bit of a cat's typical personality. She may not act like one, but she is quite the intelligent person. She can be cunning or even manipulative, depending on the situation. She is quite the lazy one. When people try to tell her what to do, her relaxed and sleepy attitude kicks in, telling them to do their thing and allow her to do hers. Then... she would probably sleep or go out to mess around.

Don't mistake Ru's laid back, outgoing, and friendly personality as the weak enemy type. Though friendly and lively, Hikaru isn't afraid to get into a few scraps. She doesn't care about what most people think, but if you cross the line with her, or any of her friends, expect to get into an argument or even a physical fight. She didn't pay attention to the boring lectures in class and tends to talk back to anyone she disagrees with. As rebellious as she is, and for someone who never pays attention, Ru is known for being quite intelligent.

β™› Give it to me:
β˜‘ Cats - It's not a like, it's a love, and that love, became an obsession.
β˜‘ Sweets - It's sweet, and tastes good, why wouldn't you like it?
β˜‘ Sleep - She's like a cat, and cats love sleep. Especially afternoon naps.
β˜‘ Video Games - They aren't that hard, and playing games is a great method to pass time. Maybe too much time.
β˜‘ Humor - If you can tell a decent joke, and laugh, you're all good!
β˜‘ Dancing - A nice way to relax.
β˜‘ Original People - If you have some kind of quirk about you, you're more interesting.
β˜‘ Sports - Though she didn't attend all sports, she still loves them, and is quite active. Maybe you'd like to play a game of ball later?
Noise - Unlike others, who love silence, Hikaru loves noise. It can make her motivated, or just more awake.
β™› Throw it out:
β˜’ Cooking, she sucks at it!
β˜’ Alcohol, it's such a waste of money.
β˜’ Pollen, allergies.
β˜’ People who're confused with the difference between a nice person and a push-over, she can hurt you, don't simply take advantage of her friendly attitude, it doesn't take long for her to become your enemy.
β˜’ Meat, she's a vegetarian, and she finds meat slightly... gross.
β™› Crush: "Pft--"
♝ Other Information β™—
β™› Occupation: Choreographer
β™› Other: She has a total of nineteen piercings. Ten on her left ear, five on her right, three on her lip, and one on her tongue.
β™› Theme Song/Voice: Waning Moon
β™› Username: Coloris


Physical Appearance, Tattoos, Piercings - Hikaru is known to be a pretty tall girl with the height of 5'10". She has the weight of 145lb. Her eyes are two different colors. One is wine red and the other is gold. Both are clearly visible and large. Many people who have seen both eyes at once find them interesting. Her hair is ash blonde and is shoulder length. If by any chance it's any longer, it's usually because she didn't get to go get another haircut. She is quite fit, and has an extremely tall twelve year old boy's body. Ru has light skin which she has yet to cover in tattoos. Yet.

Fashion - Hikaru tends to have a different sense of fashion. She always wore something that make her at least slightly stand out. She wears whatever she pulls out of her closet, which is usually the male's uniform or just something that is dark, though she prefers red and black clothing. Ru isn't exactly attached to anything, like a necklace that is important to her, or anything like that. She does wear a collar around her neck, it has no value to her. She has three piercings on her lip, one on her tongue, and a total of fifteen on both of her ears. Her left ear has ten piercings and her right ear has five. Two of the piercings are attached together by a short, silver chain. Her lip piercing is also attached to another left ear piercing, connected by a gold chain. Another thing she wears is an eye patch, since people would only note it if it's the first time they see it, she tends to switch sides with her eye patch, showing them red eye during a certain day and her gold one the next, just to see their reactions.


Hikaru lived her life without a mother, who died a day after her birth. When she learned about her mother's death, it didn't exactly affect her. After all, she was just born the day before her death. Her four older brothers, didn't exactly remember their mother either due to the fact that they wee quite young, so it didn't have a large impact to them as well. Her father, however, was heavily affected. After Ru was able to walk, he brought her and her brothers to her uncle's house, abandoning them for good.

That is how Hikaru developed such a boyish attitude. She lived with males, she hung out with males, she was always around males. Her brothers were lively and wild, so it isn't a surprise that their younger sister would end up being the younger, female version of them. Her uncle went hunting every now and then. He took all the kids with him. Everything she did was like a boys night out... plus one. Eventually, she got used to being around men, and became a complete tomboy. During elementary and middle school, she hung out with her brothers and the males. She wasn't one to get along with females, since it would always lead into a war. It's like they say, 'boys cause less drama'.

As Ru grew, her and her siblings remained close. Throughout high school, they would still hang out with each other, no matter what situation people put them in. It was high school where the confusion began. They and her uncle moved to a city, since he had been moved. She and the others knew no one. Hikaru hung around the school, doing her usual routines, until a girl jumped on the wagon of confusion. She found Ru attractive, for a boy, that is. Hikaru didn't get a chance to tell them her gender. They simply assumed. Suddenly, one girl became two, two be came four, and so on. The girls became fan girls, and started to annoy Ru like there was no tomorrow. Her brothers would laugh it off, telling Hikaru that it was no big deal. They did not know how annoying those girls were. Her brothers began to call her the girl with the fan girls. Whatever, it was going to fade soon, right? Most girls acknowledged her gender and have left her alone during the years. Occasionally a fan may approach her, but that was rarely. They had finally left her alone after two years. Thank goodness!

After a few years of school, Hikaru graduate high school and started university and this.

So begins...

Hikaru Yamamoto's Story