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The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness. (Slight history wip.)

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a series of unfortunate events

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Augustijn Ziel Dahl (aug-us-tin ; z-eel ; d-ah-l)

N I C K N A M E (S)
August & Auggie (almost exclusively goes by these two nicknames, since many consider his full name a mouthful)

30th October (scorpio)

Asexual ; Panromantic

Painfully Human



Image ImageH E I G H T & W E I G H T
6'0 / 152 lbs ; 68 kg
Auggie is tall and lean. Sometimes he wishes he wasn't so lanky as it makes him stand out far more than he would like.

Auggie's unusual personality is complimented by his equally as unusual appearance. Coming from Dutch and Caribbean heritage, Auggie's soft brown skin is covered from head to toe with freckles. Innocent doe eyes are offset by the harshness of his near black iris. Keeping his hair fairly short, Auggie doesn't care for styling it too much so he tends to let it do as it pleases. There's nothing about Auggie that appears to be normal, and his appearance is no different.

Monochrome. Auggie deals almost exclusively in mute tones, never having been a fan of garish colours, though in recent years he has become partial to lavender, that's damn near the only colour you'll see him wearing beside the odd navy and forest green. Preferring comfort above all else, he's bound to be found in the same pair of jeans he's had for what's gotta be near five years now, as well as a plain tee and his old vans (almost definitely covered in dirt & grass stains) - perhaps a shirt thrown over the top, if he's feeling fancy.



Auggie is odd, there's no real way around that. From the moment you meet him it's apparent, seemingly lost in a world of his own it's unlikely to find the boy without a book in hand; needing to be treated like an easily startled animal, you cannot just bound up to Auggie without expecting him to look like a deer caught in headlights as he stumbles his way over a simple hello.

Having always stood out against his peers, Auggie has had a hard time making friends over the years. Back in the Netherlands he had his mother, so Auggie never quite felt the sting of loneliness but since her passing, things have gotten a lot tougher for him. You could call him socially awkward, in fact, most people do but that's not exactly true. Sure he's hard to befriend due to his timid and a little off-putting nature but once you do, Auggie's true nature shines through.

He's caring and only ever wants the best for those he loves. Though a bit of a scaredy cat, if someone Auggie loved dearly were ever in danger you can be sure he'd do anything in his power to help them, even if it meant battling his own anxieties in the process. Auggie's mother taught him compassion and understanding, and because of this Auggie has never fallen prey to his father's demons and begun hating the supernatural solely because they could not save his mother.

Romance has never and will never been Auggie's strong suit. He's never felt a want or desire to be intimate with anyone, and despite many kids at his old school making fun of him for never having even kissed a girl, Auggie knows that there's nothing wrong with him for it. He isn't interested in the physical side of a relationship, however mentally and emotionally he can connect with anyone - regardless of gender.

Passionate and creative, Auggie inherited his mother's green thumb and is incredibly adept when it comes to cultivating and growing plants. Coming from a long line of herbalists, Auggie does not plan to differ from this path and if you're ever at a loss for where to find the boy, you can be sure he's either in the greenhouse or the garden.


• The Supernatural • The Night • His Mother • Lavender • Deep Conversations • Classical & Jazz Music • Affection • Being Understood • Cookies • Honesty • His Freckles • Reading • Poetry • Being Outside • Plants • Herbalism • Being Outdoors • Peace • Butterscotch Chocolate • Nature •

• Stealing • Disappointing Anyone • Being Cooped Up • Overpowering Scents • Sour Foods • Being Pressured • Techno Music • Being Intimate • His Father (Sometimes) • Liars / Lying • The Heat • Slugs • Shouting • Arguments • Artificial flowers • Storms • The Winter Months • Rats •

Gardening | Following in his family's footsteps, Auggie inherited his green thumb.
Compassionate | Ready to help anyone in their time of need, he can't say no to a lost soul.

Romance | Being Asexual Auggie isn't interested in being intimate with anyone, but that doesn't mean he doesn't like romance - however he is particularly awful at it.
Public Speaking | Large groups of people already make the boy uncomfortable, but having to speak in front of one would just about cause Auggie to have a meltdown.

Death | Just like every other mortal, Auggie fears the inevitable.


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Fourth, although it is technically his first year at Thorn Hill.

Despite his father's vendetta against them, Auggie harbours no ill will toward supernatural beings - in fact, they honestly quite fascinate the young man. Already having been quite well acquainted with witches, or Dutch witches at least (if they differ), Auggie is fairly comfortable around the spell casters, however the other supernatural students are a curiosity of Auggie's; he hopes to learn far more about them and their species during his time at the academy.


Auggie's favourite place in his youth was always by his mother's side as she worked; frequently found hiding behind the flowing fabric of her long skirts, he never strayed far. Fascinated by all the balms and salves she was able to create with just the plants that grew in their little greenhouse. His best friends were his mother and the elderly women who were regulars in her store, preferring their company over that of kids his age.

- herbalist mother
- grew up in a small dutch town inhabited mostly by humans and witches (where they lived together peacefully, for the most part)
- aggressive father
- mother's tragic death
- father blames the supernatural & begins his vendetta against them
- auggie takes the brunt of his anger until he finds out about Thorn hill & enrols himself to escape his father & hopefully find somewhere more accepting


So begins...

Augustijn Dahl's Story


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The thumping sound of music lightly shook the grounds of Thorn Hill Academy, as for once the town wasn't quiet at night. The once empty lot of land around the back of the academy was now filled with a flurry of students, supernatural and human alike. There were booths set up with various carnival games, "Dunk the Mermaid", and "Pin the Tail on the Minotaur", as well as food and drinks (accommodative for every species). Some of the professors, and even the headmaster, Korir, were in attendance although they inhabited the outskirts of the field. It was truly a sight to see, wings, horns, fangs, and tails out and proud. Once again, Thorn Hill pridefully showing that it has always been and will always be a safe place for supernaturals. Or so it thought.


fae - outfit - #DAB71D

Parties were the perfect kind of euphoria for a fairy. Oleander practically fed off the energy emanating from the other students, and it fueled his veins with a wonderful rush of energy. When the idea was first proposed to do a little student carnival and dance to help better integrate the human students, Ollie was all on board. He was on of the split few, who were actually excited about the humans. The school was pretty much 50/50 at this point.

His first stop was one of the carnival booths that his friend, KD, a fellow fae was running. "Hey stranger"
Ollie said placing an arm on the table of the booth resting his cheek against it. "Ollie. Thank god. I can't tell you how boring it is watching them throw darts at balloons. I don't understand why the professors thought this was a good idea, this game is only challenging to... humans". Ollie simply rolled his eyes with a small chuckle, "Well maybe if you'd actually pay attention in demonology you wouldn't have to run this for extra credit". KD groaned pinching the bridge of his nose, "only three more hours". "Have fun for me, will ya?" KD said shoving Ollie playfully in the shoulder, "let me have satisfaction that at least one of us is having fun". Oleander pushed himself off the table and winked at the fae, "Do you really have to tell me to have fun?" With that he began to walk away towards the other games leaving KD shaking his head. "Not too much fun!".


vampire - outfit - #3B0404

Evona Drakanov loved parties. Especially supernatural parties. You could count on all of the species, mashed together to create a damn good time. Of course, the idea of adding humans into the mix was slightly questionable, but deep down she couldn't wait to meet them. None of her classes had enrolled a human yet, much to her dismay she quite enjoyed the living things.

Evona found herself comfortable within the writhing mass of sweaty students near the front of the dance circle, probably doing the things their parent's have nightmares about. Which is something to say considering they were the stuff of nightmares. Even with her small stature it's not hard to notice the wild vamp bopping along amiss the crowd. From her elegant, yet risqué dancing to just the sheer, magnetic vibe that all vampires gave off. It's certainly a strange sight.

After a while of dancing she couldn't help but feel a bit lonely. Normally she was surrounded by her friends, but Eve had gotten to the little bash quite early, and hadn't seen anyone she knew fairly well yet. Where was her mermaid when she needed her. The task of leaving the dance circle is a lot harder than it looks, but it wasn't too much of a problem for her. "Excuse me! Out of my way please, thank you"
. She got a few annoyed glances here and there but nothing that a little flash of fangs wouldn't dispel.

She made her way over to the food and drink area, her eyes scanning the various containers with labels that seemed to come straight from a halloween party. A small laugh erupted from her as she imagined the poor humans trying to navigate this assortment of treats. Reaching for a cup, she filled it halfway with the dark red liquid from the container labeled AB Positive. Taking a small sip, her muscles instantly relaxed and she felt much sharper, her eyes scanning the crowd for any familiar faces as she lazily leaned back up against the table.


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XI☾ Levi Anderson ☽
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The thumping music coming from the makeshift carnival would've been enough to send Levi in the other direction any other day. He despised events like these, large groups of people mingling and doing idiotic activities in all. If it wasn't for a certain vampire, he wouldn't have been caught attending. Evona would talk his ear off about the activities and then complain that he didn't come the next day. He came for only that reason and prayed to whatever entity that some of the bothersome humans would come near him.

Levi used his speed to move through the crowd, not wanting to have to touch anyone around. Thankfully, snacks and drinks were provided, along with his favorite: O+. He filled the red solo cup to the brim before chugging half of it. 'Better to be full before the mortals show up.' He thought. Levi noticed a younger student, not human (maybe a witch), and she stared at him with fear in her eyes. It took a second for his fangs to elongate and his eyes to turn ruby red. Levi hissed at her and she scurried away, a look of horror clear on her face. Levi laughed to himself as he changed back to normal.

With a turn of his head, he noticed his favorite, debatable, vampire nearby. Evona was alone which was odd for the normally outgoing girl. Levi wasn't sure if he was in the right space to deal her antics, but catching her now was best. No doubt she'd be surrounded by people later and he wasn't going to fight a crowd to get to her. He did notice his fishy... friends? not too far away, but decided to go ahead and check in with the older vampire. He filled up his cup before speeding next to her, appearing very suddenly. "I'm here. I hope you're happy." Levi said with little emotion. He nodded to Sage and Elijah, noting they noticed his arrival.


Events like these were typically Lorelai's favorite thing. She loved school carnivals, finding it to be a great way to spend time with friends and meet new people. Currently, she's wondering around looking for a familiar or friendly face. She was supposed to meet up with some of her fellow humans and they would go as a group, safety in numbers you know. Lorelai loved people, but it was, still, difficult for her to wrap her head around supernatural creatures being people. They were, but they also were not. It was too complicated for her so she ignored the thought in favor of looking around.

Plenty of fun carnival games were going on around her with a twist. The Bobbing for Apples booth looked like fun until she saw a vampire catch it by the fangs. 'Not looking so good now.' She decided, moving away from the game.

The whole being alone thing was not working anymore. She hadn't caught sight of Andy or Auggie, who she probably should've walked over with. Lorelai noticed Annabelle and she was with one of the witches at school, Priscilla if she remembers right. She was in no way mean, but some kind of competition was established between them. She seemed to like attention as much as Lorelai herself. Not that she would be opposed to being near them, but Henry and Milo?, something with an M, were nearby too. Henry was one of the more easy going with the supernaturals and Milo seemed nice, shy but Lorelai can work with that. Lorelai puts on her megawatt smile, head high and walked confidently over to the pair. "Care if I join you?" Not like they could get rid of her either.


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#, as written by la.lune
A U G G I E x D A H L
#6C6179 | outfit | human

R E G G I E x L A W S O N
#cb740b | outfit | werewolf
Reggie wandered around the party for a brief moment, just checking a few things out and wondering to himself if he really wanted to dunk the mermaid or not. It would’ve gave him quite the laugh though but he decided against it. His gaze would bounce toward Priscilla, Anabelle and his future babe, Elijah and raise a brow. It seems like Elijah caused quite a stir and they haven’t been for an hour yet. He snickered as he walked over toward the concessions, his eyes scanned over the treats on the table.

He did not know what he wanted, right now because everything looked so freaking delicious so he just settled on a small cup full of punch. Once he had fixed himself a cup, he turned his attention back toward the party and took a small sip from the cup. It now rested in his hand and he kind of wanted to socialize with a human but which one? Again, his eyes went from person to person as it seemed like no one was interesting enough. There was Lorelai but she was already engaged in conversation.

Reginald picked up his feet and started to patrol around the party, nearing toward the entrance and just stood there, with one hand in his pocket and the other with the punch cup in it.

- - -

Auggie knew with certainty that he did not want to go to this party. Small groups caused him to get nervous so who knows what such a large gathering of people would do to him, however, after constant pestering from his more outgoing friends, the boy conceded. As he walked along the school grounds, Auggie could hear laughter and music emanating from where the event was being held; almost feeling a sense of excitement until he cleared the trees and realised just how many people were there.

Letting a small sigh escape his lips, Auggie shoves his hands into his trouser pockets and bites the bullet, walking straight into the thick of the party. All around him were every kind of supernatural creature you could imagine, causing him to stand still for a moment in wonder, sure he was used to being surrounded by witches back in his hometown but that was about the extent of supernatural contact he has had until arriving at Thorn Hill.

Caught off guard by just how loud the event seemed to be, Auggie didn’t notice that he was walking straight toward Reggie until it was far too late. Bumping into the back of the werewolf, Auggie inhales sharply, realising what he had done. Sure, he was friendly enough with Reggie, but he also knew that the werewolf was holding him at arm's length until he knew Auggie was trustworthy and the slightest thing was enough to piss him off. “Oh!” Auggie exclaims, taking a large step back from him, “I-I’m so sorry, I got overwhelmed and I-” Struggling to find his words, Auggie cuts himself off and instead sends Reggie a sheepish smile as if to say - please don’t eat me.

Reggie was just enjoying himself, head nodding to the ongoing music that blared around him. He went to take a small sip from his punch until he was lounged forward a bit after someone had bumped into him from behind. He had even spilled a little bit of punch on the floor in front of him. Reginald’s head snapped back toward the boy and lowly growled He really just wanted to scare him and wasn’t going to harm him in the slightest but found it fun to watch him tremble. He had to have some form of amusement tonight and Auggie provided that for the moment.

“Relax. I am not going to rip your head off in front of witnesses.” He said with a smile then turned it into an expression that made him look like he was really going to eat him. He took a few steps until he was closer to the male and whispered lowly. “But when there aren’t any witnesses, your ass is grass.” Reginald was loving this moment as he was merely toying with the poor boy. But he wasn’t going to tell him that, not now anyway.

Feeling a momentary sense of relief, Auggie relaxes at Reggie’s first sentence, before immediately stiffening again as the larger male came closer. Barely holding in a terrified squeak at his next words, Auggie freezes in place, his eyes widening. “I’m seriously so s-sorry,” Auggie forces out, once again moving back away from Reggie, his eyes planted firmly on the ground as he spoke, “Here, let me get you another drink!” Hoping to fix the situation in any way possible, Auggie looks around for the punch table, grabbing a new cup and filling it before extending a shaky hand toward Reggie. “Is, Is this ok?” No one else at Thorn Hill seemed to be able to rattle Auggie quite like Reggie did.

Reginald did not really want another drink but watching Auggie tremble and shake with fear pleased him. Too bad he was enjoying this moment alone though. His eyes watched Auggie go over to the table where the punch was placed, letting out a little laugh behind his back then straightened up and plastered back on the face of fear. His eyes went from Auggie to the cup then back to Auggie before he reached out and grabbed it fiercely. ““This will do. But don’t think that this makes up for when I see you alone.” Reginald replied and took a small sip from the cup he had retrieved from Auggie.

Watching his arm shake as he waited for Reggie to take the cup - or potentially throw it back in his face - Auggie couldn’t help but inwardly scald himself over how much of a wuss he could be. Sure, anyone would find Reggie a little intimidating but Auggie’s sweet nature just couldn’t handle the werewolf’s gaze, let alone interacting with him.

““Ease up, Auggie. Damn.” Reginald finally let go of his act after seeing how terrified the male was before him. He had extended his hand out and placed it on his shoulders, smiling just a little as he hoped that would put Auggie at ease. ““I am not going to do anything to you. You’re actually one of the humans that I like.” He said before taking another sip from the cup then smirked and turned to Auggie. ““Boo!” Reginald said as he jumped forward toward Auggie then laughed afterward because he just wanted to see Auggie’s reaction.

As Reggie extended his arm out to place it on Auggie’s shoulder, the human almost jumped out of his skin. Though Reggie’s words almost put a smile on Auggie’s face, the sheer anxiety he felt in that moment halted in and just as he began to think that perhaps the werewolf was warming up to him, he was startled by another one of Reggie’s stunts. As silly as it was, even the most lighthearted of surprises caused the poor boy’s heart to beat a million miles a minute. Realising that Reggie hadn’t meant to seriously scare him, Auggie forces out a small, soft laugh as he finally lifts his gaze to meet Reggie’s.

Though they may be of the same height, Reggie’s stature was muscular and athletic, making Auggie feel even more feeble than normal in his presence. Noting no malice in Reggie’s gaze, Auggie releases some of the tension in his body as he exhales, “I really am sorry about all that,” Relieved that he was no longer stammering, Auggie continues, “How are you enjoying the party so far?” Attempting to steer the conversation off of his little accident, Auggie glances around the party for the first time since coming face to face with the werewolf, noticing many more of his friends that he had previously.

Auggie sends Priscilla and Anabelle a small smile and wave, hoping maybe they’d come over. Sure Auggie didn’t mind Reggie’s company, but he knew that if Priscilla was there at least, the werewolf would be less likely to mess with him so much and honestly, Auggie wasn’t sure his heart could handle many more jumpscares from Reggie.

“It’s okay, Auggie. Relax a little.” Reginald replied toward the human boy and slapped him on the shoulder, forgetting his strength for the moment. The party wasn’t what he had expected, to be honest but guess because of the humans that were around. Before he answered his question though, he gave his shoulders a shrug and stared at Auggie. “I mean, it’s all right, I guess. I had hoped for something a bit better.” Reggie replied as his eyes wandered around the party again. “What about you, Auggie?” He’d ask then take a sip from his cup. “Enjoying Thorn Hill, so far?” He was quite intrigued to hear his response because he really did want to know how did most humans feel around supernaturals.

Auggie nods along as Reggie speaks, his eyes grazing their surroundings, “I mean,” Auggie swallows nervously, turning his gaze back to Reggie, “I’m not really very good with parties, I tend to prefer smaller groups.” Being surprisingly honest with the werewolf, Auggie fiddles with his hands, clearly uncomfortable with being in such a big and loud place. However, Reggie’s second question received a much more upbeat answer as the first proper smile of the night graces Auggie’s face. “I may not seem like it, but I love it here, back home -” Auggie sighs, his thoughts turning to that of his father, “Is it odd of me to say I feel like I fit in here better than I ever did back home?” Though he knew he was no supernatural, everyone at Thorn Hill seemed to embrace the weird and unusual, rather than reject it as his father did.

“Let’s walk a bit.” Reggie said. “Standing in this one spot makes me uncomfortable.” He had mentioned before picking up his feet to walk a few paces forward, hoping that Auggie knew to trail behind him and could keep up with Reggie’s fast walking pace.

Quickening his natural pace so that he could keep up with Reggie’s swiftness, Auggie follows along, taking in all of the stalls as they pass. The scent of lavender finds its way to Auggie and, almost forgetting himself, he places a hand on Reggie’s arm as if to stop him. Peering at the stall before him, there is a giant array of incense on the wooden table, with a lavender and frank incense stick burning slowly. The witch seated behind smiles at Auggie, gesturing for him to take a pack. “To calm and heal.” She says simply, turning to look at Reggie, “Here.” picking up a pack of cinnamon incense sticks and extending them out to him, “For peace and joy.”

Auggie loved all manner of incense and candles; anything with a soothing scent and he was sold. Looking over at Reggie with a hopeful smile, he glances down at the witch’s outstretched hand as if to say - please take them. Though he has never been religious, spirituality meant a lot to Auggie’s mother and he knew that if the witch wanted Reggie to have them, they would be good for the werewolf.

Reginald eyes looked at the witch with a raised brow, wondering to himself why exactly he got the peace and joy incense. It was whatever though as he took them with a smile and saluted with them as a sign of thanks. “Come on, Auggie. She gives me the heebie-jeebies.” He whispered then sat down his punch cup, wrapping his muscular arm around Auggie’s shoulders and started to walk, practically dragging Auggie along with him.