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"Well, time for a little bit more research then!"

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a character in “THORNE”, as played by S'Épanouir Dans Cieux

So begins...

Agnes's Story


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#, as written by Andoral


“The Obsidian Rule dictates that surface demons will be put to the sword on sight,” Isaac spoke in a grave voice. A crowd of faces watched him in anticipation as he stood on the rickety wooden platform, snow falling gently over them. From where he was he could make out several of Morrigan’s more truant trainees emerging from the bell tents, eagerly making their way to join the rest of the audience. Their footsteps made crunching noises against the snow covered ground. Isaac flattened his robes and adjusted his glasses. Although he considered himself a cheery fellow, he was never one to sway a crowd, much less Grand Witches and Enchanters from sister camps of the Rebellion. As he attempted to swallow the last of his nerves, he caught the eye of the Grand Witch. She sat in front of the audience among the rest of the great leaders, wrapped in an oversized hooded black traveller’s cloak. She had been away from Camp Wreath for almost two weeks, rumoured to be scouring unexplored caves to find ancient runes and lost symbols. Isaac felt privileged, but even more anxious in the stomach that the Grand Witch had decided to honour him with her presence – especially at his worst; before a crowd. At the snap of her bony fingers, the large burly woman sitting beside her rose to face the crowd, and suddenly roared QUIET!

The audience was rippled into silence, and for a moment it even seemed like the snow had stopped falling. The Grand Witch nodded to his direction, giving Isaac a rare crooked smile of encouragement that gave him the strength he was desperate to find. He pursed his lips and continued on for what felt like seconds, and finally nearing the end of his disclosure, stepped back to present the true star of the show. Four soldiers brought to the platform a surface demon. It was bound with enchanted chains that glowed bright blue, and blindfolded for further measure. Living to its reputation, a wave of fear and excitement took the audience. Isaac too found himself frightfully curious, his eyes fixed on the horned demon. Its skin was blotchy white, decorated in the blood red symbols of the demons in the Otherworld. Isaac’s blood turned to ice as the demon rose its skull-like head, revealing two small shinning yellow eyes. The soldiers began to jab the creature with their crystal tipped staves, silver sparks emerging at every touch to its skin. Stirred, the demon stood on its hind legs and cried an ear splitting screech, Isaac grimaced and covered his ears as it felt as if his brain was bounding against the walls of his skull. The demon’s tail whipped in the air, striking one of the soldiers to the snowy ground.

Suddenly, a purple spark erupted from the tip of the Grand Witch’s wand. The demon began to settle down, resting its enormous bounded red claws. It breathed in heavy rasps and began to whimper softly. The crowd started to murmur fearfully, all eyes watching Isaac, in horror and anger. The First Enchanter from Satellite rose from his seat, face burning scarlet. “The madness of this place,” he growled, glancing about the camp site. His moustache quivered in fury as he preceded the steps of the platform, cloak rippling behind him. Isaac took his leave, packing his books in his tattered rucksack and the remains of his study. The Enchanter barked orders to the soldiers, instructing them to chain the demon back to the post. The Grand Witch tended to the distraught crowd, giving Isaac the opportunity to slip away. He pulled his cloak over his head and made his way to the training grounds, where he would likely find Morrigan. Many of his students approached him with consoling and supporting words, while others peered out of bell tents to meet him with doleful eyes. But Isaac said nothing, and continued his trek until he heard the clamour of swords.

As expected, Isaac found Morrigan and Kade at the training grounds with the rest of the soldiers. Many of them were hacking and swiping at enchanted dummies, which moved and fought with the same force and elegance. He spied Agnes watching them, leaning over the fence. Isaac pulled back his hood and dropped his rucksack by the tent. His mind was busied by the events of the appeal, and although he wanted deeply to confide in his friends, he could not think of words that would justify the storm of failure he felt for his study and effort to the war. Instead, Isaac made two hot cups of tea and joined his apprentice by the fence. “Tell me,” he said, giving Agnes the steaming mug. “Just how mighty is the wrath of Morrigan this morning?”