Sabrina Mayflower

"Just because I'm famous doesn't mean I don't have feelings."

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a character in “those 5 girls”, as played by Bella Enchated


Sabrina Mayflower
Zayn's girl.

Face Claim - Teresa Palmer

Gender - As if you can't tell by my body, female.

Age - !9 years old, birthday: August 12.

Voice - Sabrina is a soprano. (highest) Her singing voice can carry without any effort and has a sweet, but strong sound to it, like honey.

Likes - She enjoys going for nice, long walks and having people to talk. She also enjoys dancing, reading,writing, and of course singing. She likes swimming, watching movies, being crazy, having fun, and more but only with other people. Tight clothes.

Dislikes - She hates anything to do with getting dirty, being a big girly girl, cameras, haters, being in public a lot, fishing, hunting, meat, beans, and more.

Fears - Her only fear is, the band coming to an end.

Life goal - Place a check next to it after the awards; meet One Direction.

Apperance - Sabrina has long, wavy blonde hair with stunning bright blue eyes. She has an hourglass figure and is fit. She has a tattoo of a rose vine that starts on the front of her stomach, going to her side and her name on her wrist. She seems to catch guys eye no matter where she is, with her beauty.

So begins...

Sabrina Mayflower's Story