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Zara Dawn

"There is no place like home"

0 · 507 views · located in New York City

a character in “Those Adrift”, as played by shadowseductress


“I don't want to fall asleep feeling empty again”


Zara Elizabeth Dawn

Z to those closest to her only. Some will call her by her last name as well. She answers to either.

Zara is 21 going on 22. She has the soul of someone much older and feels out of place being young. At the same time she isn't entirely sure how to be an adult.

Irish American. Her mother came over from Ireland to escape the civil wars where she met her father who was a factor worker in America.

|Sexual Orientation|
Bisexual for lack of a better word. Zara has only ever been with males, but knows that she is attracted to the other sex. She has never been given the opportunity to explore this due to being with her high school boyfriend most of her life.


At 5'10 Zara is a little self conscious of her height, which she got from her father's side. She towers over her mother who is only 5'5.

Z is lean, but has a nice curve to her. Her mother says she has a "Renaissance body" whatever that means.

|Skin Tone|
Pale white like her mothers. It matches well with her hair and eyes which her mother also gifted to her.

|Hair Color|
She is a natural red head. It is also naturally wavy and it falls about her shoulders.

|Eye Color|
Light green, they look startling against her pale skin

Zara has a belly button piercing and a Celtic knot tattoo on her left hip


Z is often seen biting her lip, or twirling her hair in thought. She is a very active thinker, always foot tapping or clicking her nails on surfaces while she thinks through things. Instead of "That's /you are funny" She says "That's/you're a gas". Zara is often not wearing a coat when most would be cold, she is resilient to dreary, cold, wet weather.
Due to her mother growing up in Ireland, Zara can understand thick Irish accents and actually knows a touch of Gaelic. She is a speed reader, reading and comprehending information with ease. Thanks to her mother, she has basic sewing skills, and is a pretty decent cook. Due to her Drift abilities she also has great hearing, sight, and smell. She can tend to be overly sensitive if an aggravating sensor is around her. Because of her enhanced senses pain is much worse for her as well.
Long Drives
Rainy afternoons
New foods
Bad smells (or really sensors of any kind. I.e: Loud noises, strong smells, Bright lights)
Bad plot-lines
the whole "Gingers have no souls" gag
Being alone
Z is terrified of never returning home, or seeing her family again. She can be a little socially awkward and isn't comfortable around people she doesn't know which makes being in this new reality all the worse for her. Unfortunately, Z doesn't know anyone and is trying to branch out to meet more Drifters and see if any of them know how to get home. She had a committed boyfriend back in her own reality and is secretly a little relieved to be away from him.


Zara has always been the quiet type, with her head in the clouds and her nose in a good book. She was the girl at recess sitting on the swings and reading during school. She was never really bullied, she was too nice and sweet and most people felt guilty for being mean to her. Z is very brainy and smart, but not so good with people. She's never made friends well and the only person out side of her family she is close too is her boyfriend Derrick.

It appears that she doesn't express herself well and in turn ends up harboring and bottling a lot of her emotions. She is rarely angry, in fact she jokes that she is incapable of being angry. Zara tends to be logical and rational even in the face of a crisis. Derrick once told her that their relationship would work better if she would just yell at him from time time to time. She lacks confidence but does not lack will. Even if she doesn't think she is great, she believes in what she does because she has thought it out in depth. She can be seen as uptight due to her inability to act without first thinking through all the different ways the scenario could go down.


Her parents had a great love story. Her mother was refugee, her father was a poor factory worker. When her father, David, met her mother, Erin, he thought she was the most beautiful thing in the world. He barely got to see her because he worked so much trying to save up for their life together. He worked himself to the bone trying to get her a ring. Her mother, sad that he was working so hard tried to convince him to elope, but her father never tired. He didn't care that he was poor, he wouldn't let Erin suffer for it. He eventually bought her a pretty little ring and they began their life together. Dave says that he never saw anything more beautiful in his life, until the day Zara was born.

Zara was named after a Spanish soap opera character her mother loved. She thought the name was beautiful, so despite her Irish heritage she has a Spanish name. She was raised in a very loving household and grew up being told every day how wonderful she was. However, that never seemed to make her believe those things were true. Zara always craved something more than her life. She wanted to do something extraordinary with her life.

Unfortunately, not matter what she did her life was very plain. She has been with the same boy since her freshman year of high school. He is nice enough and they know each other well. He is probably the only person she has truly ever opened up to. But recently she discovered that she cares for him deeply, but she doesn't love him. Torn between hurting him and being able to free herself from her dead in relationship, she bided her time until finally she was ripped from her own dimension and into one slightly different from hers. All of her wishes to be extraordinary were suddenly gone and now all she wants is to get back home and see her loving family again.

So begins...

Zara Dawn's Story