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Barbara Molly

those who do not agree with you are in power.

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a character in “Those Not Like Us”, as played by blondehaired




ALIAS > Juliette "Jules" Harden, a twenty-something tattoo artist.
NICKNAME > "Barbie" (what of her friends call her, liked), "Barb" (that's a no to everyone), "Molly"(what the members of the Humanly call her, neutral)
AGE > August 1st, 1995
GENDER > Female
SEXUALITY > Homosexual
HOMETOWN > Ripley, West Virginia
OCCUPATION > Works at a tattoo parlor called Ink & Needles.


HEIGHT & WEIGHT > 180.34 centimeters, 135 pounds
HAIR & EYES > brown hair, brown eyes
TATTOOS? > ever since she got her license, she's got quite a few: one, two, three, four, five

A mass of chocolate brown springs have always been the trademark of this light-skinned beauty. Under the shade of the curly mass is scrutinizing brown eyes and a map of constellations strewn across her face. Her pouty pink lips are always glossy and always posed with a snarky remark towards anyone unfortunate enough to hold her attention. Barbie is always the one to catch looks, with her towering figure and her features expressing questions she doesn't even have to ask. Talk about demanding attention, she's never had a problem getting people to look at her: she pairs short velvet dresses with her mile long legs or wears a jacket without anything underneath and hopes for the best. Barbie has never been afraid to try new clothing styles even if someone urges her not to, just because fashion is an adventure she's definitely not missing out on. There isn't a place to shop that is off limits, including city dumpsters if she can get enough turns in the washer.

And needles? Well, it'd be quite ironic if she was afraid of them because of her occupation, they're an everyday item. She's gotten her septum pierced, as well as many holes in her ears and a place down under for quite some time until she figured that it was just getting in the way. She replaced that with a piercing on her right breast, but just the right. Her metal mania comes complete with five tattoos, and a birthmark on her ass in a weird-looking triangle.


LIONESS > a leader, provider, and independent woman who is kind to those are kind to her.
SELF CONFIDENT > she knows who she is and what she stands for.
POSSESSIVE > much like a mother bear, she doesn't do well with her loved ones in peril.

There is Barbie, the leader. A lioness who stalks the crowd for enemies, striking at prey when the perfect moment hits. A lioness who nurtures the weak and the innocent and turns them into the strong and might. People sometimes believe that lions are nothing but dangerous creatures and should be left to fend for themselves, but the lion is kind and protective, will show affection to those who treat them justly, and guard the ones they love from any harm. The king of the jungle is much more so than anyone would think of him when he's on a pedestal so high. That is why there is a different side to Barbie, her "king of the jungle" side when she has to be the leader of the Humanly. Although being the one that people count on is exhausting, she couldn't imagine having someone else in charge. That's a flaw she's spent years trying to break, she's never been one to sit on the sidelines, but rather take charge of any situation. Some may call her controlling or demanding, but hey, is it really that bad if it gets the job done?

That's where the other comes in: Barbie, the sister. Not only does she care a lot for her younger half-brother Milo, she has a sisterly vibe towards all of her close friends. The circle is tight but everyone within in it would take a bullet for one another. When she doesn't have to be the big bad leader, she's a big jokester and rough-houser, especially with her brother. She's a big fan of wrestling, but just physical touch is incredibly important to her. Barbie's a physical being, constantly running her fingers through people's hair or brushing past them with a small smile. She is confident of this side of her, and her leadership skills.

Both were created from Barbie, the human. Barbie, who has had to hide who she truly is for all of her life. Barbie, who can't even be who she is anymore. Barbie, who became Juliette to fight for everyone else to be who they truly are. Truth is, she may put on a good facade, but she's constantly anxious, terrified that any moment all of this, this organization she's worked so hard for, the people within it she's worked so hard for, will be taken from her in the next instant. Much like a crazy government theorist, she has an constant illogical fear that the government will take everyone away. Barbie is quite a paranoid creature, hidden behind pained smiles and busy schedules to keep her mind from those worrying thoughts. Her emotions are kept locked behind a dam, occasionally opened for those she believes won't ostracize her for her feelings or thoughts, no matter how radical they may be. Those people are her tight circle, who she protects with every fiber of her being. Her Humanly members come before her, and she's always had that mentality.

And sometimes that means being compliant with the way things are, as much as she hates it. Working with the legislation currently in place, being non-violent, anti-violent, is the hardest for her, because she doesn't understand how someone can see her and people like her as anything other than human. Because they care, and they always have been.


STRENGTH > power manipulation: the ability to manipulate the superhuman
abilities of others. This includes negating their abilities so that they can no longer use
them, replicating them so she can use them for herself, enhancing the strength of
another ability, and it's even possible to create variations in a person's ability, like
helping a technopath transfer their ability from the molecules of computers to the
molecules of viruses to help heal someone. There is also a possibility of activation,
where those who have the genes for abilities but may be late bloomers can be
helped through her own ability. The ability of power manipulation depends a lot on the
user. The ability can be used for her own improvement or the improvement of others,
in the sense that she can negate abilities to halt detection of someone's abilities, or
replicate one of her members to expand what she can do herself. The biggest
advantage is the power of possibility, being able to malliate the ability to fix best.
WEAKNESS > Well, there is a small radius where her ability works, so if the other
person is not within a twenty foot area from Barbie, her ability is useless. Different
aspects require different radiuses, and she can usually expand the area with a bit
more effort, but everyone gets tired. (Usually negation has the widest area and then
replication has the smallest. Also, some people believe she can create abilities, but
the way her molecules manipulate the other person's molecules, there must be a
specific gene available. As such, her abilities are useless on non-superhumans. Her
ability to jump-start latent superhumans and creating variations in superhumans is
quite a new concept she's been working with and are very weak. It'll take a lot of
energy for her to take those to a workable level. Like everyone else, even though
her ability focuses on the abilities of others, it can be out of control, especially in
replication. Sometimes when she touches others it can start on it's own accord.


Lauren Molly couldn't describe what she had with Rhett Wilson as anything other than love, even as he left her on her parents' doorstep threatening to "expose her for the freak she is". It could have only been the love he felt for her that forbade him from killing the child they made in her belly, but he certainly wasn't going to stick around to see if it shared the same superhuman gene as the mother.

Barbara Joan Molly came into the world with only a loving mother to support her, and Lauren swore that she would raise her daughter to see past the differences of others. At first, it was the two of them against the world, surviving in the basement of Lauren's parents' house as she worked double shifts and made every penny last. Suddenly, as if fate decided that they would give her a break, Jericho came into their lives. Suddenly, everything was different. Grandma and Grandpa no longer lived in the same house, they had a house of their own. Suddenly Barbie could try things, like dancing lessons and gymnastics. And then she noticed her mother getting very fat, but it wasn't her diet, it was a new baby brother. Barbie didn't want a baby brother, she wanted a kitty, and those are two very different things. But even with all her protesting, little Milo became their newest addition. She didn't have to like him though, and she set out to do exactly that.

It wasn't easy, Milo made sure of that. He was a cute kid, sure, but Barbie wanted to be an only child. And with two kids, her parents' attention would be divided between the two of them. For eight years, his existence wasn't anything other than, to put it simply, annoying. It is quite a shame that it took his endangerment for her to care, but the government agents in black suits and black sunglasses carrying large black radars in their hands sparked an instinct in her that she never felt before. Suddenly, the thought of Milo on his own, probably terrified of the intimidating man encircling the school, was something she couldn't bear. Her own safety was second and in this moment, she just had to be with him. That became the very reason she snuck through the school, dodging petrified teachers and deep-voiced government agents to her brother's classroom, slipping beside him and holding him close. A very strange occurrence happened next: she felt a pull of energy flowing from her into him, and it made her feel safer, like whatever was happening would protect them. This strange feeling turned out to be her superhuman gene activating, and the energy flowing between them was negating her brother's ability, which would become much more apparently in the following years, when the fears of their mother and the resilience of their father drove them to Washington D.C.

Jericho had always been into superhuman activism, and with his good friend Brandon Dunn, the leader of the Humanly, he really dove into the "active" side of activism. Unfortunately, the government is not kind to anyone who isn't kind to them, and Jericho was caught in a protest that quickly devolved into a riot. Lauren, Barbie, and Milo had to witness just how unjust the government could be to people like them. Barbie stepped up in her sisterly abilities, holding Milo tight when a panic attack would turn into a visual display of colors, or keeping him close when the night was just too lonely.

Jericho wasn't the same when he returned, and when Barbie turned seventeen, neither was she. While he was broken from his time in jail, she was broken by the birth certificate found in the basement. Barbie felt hurt, betrayed, and lied to. She decided, after a serious dedication to JROTC in high school, to join the military. Barbie was hard-working and strong, and easily rose the ranks in the air force. Though she missed her family terribly, she was happy o become her own person. All that was taken away from her when she replicated the ability of a friend in her squad to protect them from an IED. Because of their friendship, she couldn't rat him out, especially since that would take them both down. So she had to run, and she hasn't really stopped running since. There is no more Barbara Molly, only Juliette Harden.

Still not used to being called Juliette, she will not
realize that someone is talking to her. She is prone to
taking naps daily, and will schedule her day so that
a nap is included. Always seen with some sort of
beverage, whether it be some kind of coffee or juice.
Constantly found at thrift shops, if not at the tattoo
parlour or Humanly HQ. Always has a pair of shades.
Usually listens to music at every opportunity. Owns a
suit, but rarely wears it. Gives free tattoos to anyone
in the Humanly.
She has two beautiful shelter cats named Julius
and Victor. Black lipstick. A cactus with a big red
flower on the top. Long legs and daisy dukes. Sharp
needles. "And can you hear the sound of hysteria?".
Snoring mixed with the sound of rain, occassionally
drowned out by thunder. Double locks on every door.
"we wanted to be anything.". Her new black kitty,
Octavia. Big windows, always open. A warm bed
with her brother hogging the blankets. The family
she wants to see again soon and the one she's made.
Face Claim: Khadijha Red Thunger
Hex Code: #814A57
Created By: The Writer's Voice
Character By: The Writer's Voice

(Also, thanks are in due to the wonderful
Εpιmetheus, whose coding is a big inspiration
for my own sheet. And Verix, who is also
a big inspo for coding. ily guys.)


So begins...

Barbara Molly's Story

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Halloween, 2020 ; Washington D. C.
6:00 P.M. Friday Night, Sixty Degrees


Washington D. C. is a nightwalker, hustling through each and every day hoping that the sacrifices of today would ensure a better tomorrow. Politicians battle new legislation as if the very world would end if nutritional facts were more honest about their calories. Offices are crowded with people counting down to Friday at five, when happy hour turns to happy weekend. Halloween is no different.

The sky is clear save for a few dustings of fluffy white clouds shaded yellow by the setting sun. In the suburb, parents young and old chaperone kids of all ages. Witches and cowboys, ghosts and princesses, all of them herd together for the hopes of earning their prize of a full bag of candy. Others only older in appearance but not in spirit party the night away in tighter, shorter versions of the same costumes that the young ones pound the streets in. There is a wicked spirit in the air, but also a sense of freedom. This is the night that superhumans roam the streets freely, if only to feel like they're not the monsters here; the one day they don't have to wear costumes.

On the outskirts of the city, just enough for the taller buildings to shield it, is a hotel. On the front, in bright pink neon, is the words "NO VACANCIES"; to further the point, dozens of cars, trucks, vans, even bikes, are crowded the parking lot beside it. It's tall, at least ten stories, but looks almost like a ghost building, despite the liveliness of the people coming in and out at all hours of the day. Tonight, the lights are few because most of their people are out enjoying the one night where they don't have to watch their backs so closely. Still, tonight is special: the lights would flicker up again and the ghost would revive, if only for a few hours. Every Halloween, they always have a party.

Not so much a party, but a celebration of life. For another year, they escaped the discrimination that might one day kill them all. Every year they each line up to give a drop of their blood for access into the Underground, where the true Humanly headquarters lies. The first floor is strictly for living; couches and beanbags of all shapes and sizes are scattered in organized living rooms, a maze of curtains create bedrooms for those who couldn't find any room upstairs, and the other half of the room is a dining hall big enough for a hundred to eat. Below that floor is the Humanly of strategy and mission planning, where a young woman will sit slaving away until someone tugs her up to the party she's supposed to be hosting. This night is only meant for fun.

And fun it would be. String lights covering every inch of the ceiling, background music queued up, and a time to be human.