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Lawrence Sidney Moss

[wip] People die only when we forget them.

0 · 448 views · located in Washington D. C.

a character in “Those Not Like Us”, as played by blondehaired




ALIAS > Sid Moss is his alias; he was once Isaac Copeland. To the government's knowledge, Isaac Copeland is dead.
NICKNAME > He goes by his middle name, Sidney, but variations include: "Sid" (most common, also most liked), "Law" (mostly around Humanly members, neutral), "Mossy" or "Moss Boss" (Just Barbie, not a fan)
AGE > January 8th, 1934; looks twenty-one
SEXUALITY > Pansexual
HOMETOWN > New York City, NY
OCCUPATION > A defense attorney, also falsifies papers for superhumans.


HEIGHT & WEIGHT > 191 cm, 190 lbs.
HAIR & EYES > brown hair, green eyes
TATTOOS? > His tattoos don't replicate so he puts the date of his most recent on his wrist. "July 4th, 2018".

Mischievious is the only color that can describe the dark shade of brown in Sidney's eyes, and the only proper place for that color to be is on a face so full of emotion. An idea can flicker through his soft pink lips turned to a smirk. Anger flares through his thick eyebrows and stabs into people from the same eyes that were once light and playful. You can't even notice the walls behind that calculated emotion that only a lawyer can build. Pearly white smile and a young, handsome face built for the lies of the legal system.

His usual attire reflects it too. Over the years he's accumulated quite a number of expensive suits, from Armani to Gucci, Tom Ford to Broni, in all shades and styles. Whether or not they came from his own finances is a secret to those who watch Sidney strut around in them. He usually prefers black suits, but will occasionally switch it up with a navy or dark brown suit. But he's never seen without his sharp-tipped brown dress shoes, custom made for him in Portugal; unless he's not working. Some wouldn't recognize him without his slick hair and tailored suits, but casual Sidney hardly wears clothes, even in the winter. He opts for nudity when available, and resigns to boating shorts and too-big t-shirts when necessary. He would never wear shoes either, but society deems those necessary too. The curly-haired casual look isn't one shown often, but often worn while lounging at home.


SCHMOOZE > getting things done just by talking someone into doing it is a learned skill.
MISCHIEVIOUS > there are always ideas running through this fast-paced mind.
PESSIMISTIC > described as blunt realism, he always sees the glass half empty.

Sidney may not look like an eighty-six-year-old man, but the qualities of his personality place him perfectly in the time of housewives and civil rights movements. He

So begins...

Lawrence Sidney Moss's Story

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Halloween, 2020 ; Washington D. C.
6:00 P.M. Friday Night, Sixty Degrees


Washington D. C. is a nightwalker, hustling through each and every day hoping that the sacrifices of today would ensure a better tomorrow. Politicians battle new legislation as if the very world would end if nutritional facts were more honest about their calories. Offices are crowded with people counting down to Friday at five, when happy hour turns to happy weekend. Halloween is no different.

The sky is clear save for a few dustings of fluffy white clouds shaded yellow by the setting sun. In the suburb, parents young and old chaperone kids of all ages. Witches and cowboys, ghosts and princesses, all of them herd together for the hopes of earning their prize of a full bag of candy. Others only older in appearance but not in spirit party the night away in tighter, shorter versions of the same costumes that the young ones pound the streets in. There is a wicked spirit in the air, but also a sense of freedom. This is the night that superhumans roam the streets freely, if only to feel like they're not the monsters here; the one day they don't have to wear costumes.

On the outskirts of the city, just enough for the taller buildings to shield it, is a hotel. On the front, in bright pink neon, is the words "NO VACANCIES"; to further the point, dozens of cars, trucks, vans, even bikes, are crowded the parking lot beside it. It's tall, at least ten stories, but looks almost like a ghost building, despite the liveliness of the people coming in and out at all hours of the day. Tonight, the lights are few because most of their people are out enjoying the one night where they don't have to watch their backs so closely. Still, tonight is special: the lights would flicker up again and the ghost would revive, if only for a few hours. Every Halloween, they always have a party.

Not so much a party, but a celebration of life. For another year, they escaped the discrimination that might one day kill them all. Every year they each line up to give a drop of their blood for access into the Underground, where the true Humanly headquarters lies. The first floor is strictly for living; couches and beanbags of all shapes and sizes are scattered in organized living rooms, a maze of curtains create bedrooms for those who couldn't find any room upstairs, and the other half of the room is a dining hall big enough for a hundred to eat. Below that floor is the Humanly of strategy and mission planning, where a young woman will sit slaving away until someone tugs her up to the party she's supposed to be hosting. This night is only meant for fun.

And fun it would be. String lights covering every inch of the ceiling, background music queued up, and a time to be human.