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Milo Reid

"Compromise might feel like defeat, but it allows two victors."

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a character in “Those Not Like Us”, originally authored by Cloud, as played by RolePlayGateway



Milo Stanley Molly Reid

ALIAS - Mischa Harden, a quiet student
NICKNAME - Reid - [accepted], Stanley - [no thanks], Milly - [barbie only]
AGE - Nineteen, 14 January, 2001
SEXUALITY - Bisexual, partially closeted
HOMETOWN - Ripley, West Virginia


HEIGHT & WEIGHT > 174cm; 5'8" - 60kg; 132lb
HAIR & EYES > black, dark brown

As a child Milo was always small; the shortest in his class, the shortest in his family. Age doesn't seem to have changed much, except perhaps that now he's the second shortest, having overtaken his mother by an inch. He's hoping he's still got some height left in him, and looks on enviously at his sister's model height. Yet, he's never been dissatisfied with his looks. Smooth, dark skin usually remains free of pimples and other blemishes. He has yet to acquire any tattoos or piercings, though his fingers are usually decorated with at least one silver ring, while a black and silver bracelet always hangs from his wrist. Full lips, an angular jaw, and warm brown eyes mark his face, while dark hair worn in short dreadlocks is often tied in a small knot atop his head and further decorated with small beads.

Milo is largely devoid of scars, and only bares one birth mark: a small 'smudge' of darker skin on his hip that is usually only noticeable once he's pointed it out. For the most part, Milo's attire is casual and understated. He dresses in whatever he has, layering up when the weather calls for it. Simple shirts, denim jackets, and even the occasional denim overalls make up his usual garb. He'll put on something fancier if forced, though one would hope that someone else more used to formal attire picked the outfit out for him, for Milo isn't accustomed to wearing anything you can't find at the local thrift store.


RETICENT > introverted and shy, Milo is rarely the loudest in the room
LOYAL > he stands beside his friends always
INTELLIGENT > quick to analyse situations and contemplate alternatives

Where some stand in the spotlight and demand attention, Milo hovers on the edges, more comfortable among the crowd than pushed to the forefront. He was a shy child, clutching at his mother's leg as she tried to usher him into the classroom, and then later grabbing for his sister's hand when introduced to family friends. Milo's still that quiet introvert, quicker to duck his head or bite his lip rather than speak his mind around strangers or large groups. Yet, when in the company of close friends and family, he's far more open. Certainly, he'll never be the one making the loudest jokes or pulling attention his way, but he's able to relax and make additions to the conversation.

Of course, the young man has had to learn to speak up while in the Humanly. He'll offer his opinions when he thinks they'll be valued, and suggest alternate options if needed. He's not a natural leader like his sister, but sparks of brilliant strategy at times nod towards why he's sometimes considered the third in command. Usually, Milo prefers to pull his sister aside and share an idea with her privately, much preferring the ease of speaking one on one than having to verbalise a plan in a crowded meeting. Compromise is another ability he brings to the table, and an important one when dealing with so many powerful and strong-minded individuals. Milo attempts to balance the needs of those around him, pushing for outcomes that will benefit the most while disadvantaging none.

Warm and loving to those in his inner circle, Milo holds onto those he loves tightly. Supportive and tactful, he'll offer advice when needed or a shoulder to cry on when words fail. He knows how helpful it is to have someone there when you're in need, as his sister has been for him during his panic attacks. They started after the school raid and worsened while his father was in prison. The anxiety and fear that temporarily cripples Milo taps into his powers too, breaking his control of the pigments and resulting in streams of colour surrounding the panic boy. They're less common these days, and not nearly as debilitating as they were when he was a child, but still they are a stress that Milo bares.

Once his shyness has been overcome, there's a playful, fun side to the superhuman that quickly becomes evident. He's quick to jokingly tease friends and family, quick to hug in greeting, and always ready to surprise tackle his older half-sister. Though he at times can be over-sensitive, for the most part he's happy to indulge in friendly banter. While generally an open person, who can be read as easily as an open book by those that know him well, until Milo completely trusts someone his secrets remain just that. His sexuality is not wildly known, both because he's scared of being judged and because he doesn't feel it should be other people's business. He's too shy to flirt, too scared of rejection perhaps, instead resorting to stolen glances and soft blushes.


Colour Manipulation

Milo's ability allows him power over colour; wavelengths of light which fall within the
human visual spectrum. He is able to create, manipulate, and shape colours. With m
-uch concentration - or runaway emotions - Milo can create streams of colours, going
so far as to solidify the light into solid structures. Easiar than creating light, is the a-
bility to pull it from other sources and solidify or absorb it. Milo can take colour from
an item, rendering it devoid of colour, or change the colour with a touch of his hand.
Other applications associated with his power include altering colours to allow for ca-
mouflage, manipulating the coloured light to allow him to blend into his surrounding.
Milo may also cover himself in coloured auras for protection. While other applications
may be entirely possible such as creating photokinetic constructs and flight or levitat-
ion via light, they are currently beyond his abilities.
Though Milo has largely been trained in how to hide his powers, he is still learning the
extent to which he can use his abilities. At the moment solidifying colour into anything
other than basic items causes too much strain, while creating colour from nothing lea-
ves Milo drained and exhausted. Currently, he also has to touch an item to alter the
colours, or touch something connected to the item - like the table on which a shirt sits.
Milo may only manipulate light he can see, which means when a room is devoid of colour
or it is too dark to make it out, his power is next to useless. He may still create light in
such a circumstance, but manifesting a stream of colour when even sunlight is not pres-
ent is barely within his current capabilities. Strong emotions leave Milo with less control.
When stress, panic, and fear set in he finds it hard to stop his powers slipping free,
frequently taking on the colour associated with whichever emotion strikes.

Mid-January in Ripley, West Virginia saw the expansion of the Reid-Molly family from a small trio to a unit of four. Jericho Reid and Lauren Molly welcomed Milo into the world, their second child and a younger half-brother for Barbara Molly. Much of his early life was as any young child's might have been. He was a sweet kid, always ready to help, always eager to learn. He followed his older sister around whenever he could, hoping to win her over and usually being told she wished he was a kitten instead. Milo laughs at a memory of dressing up as a cat for Halloween one year, an effort to gain his sister's attention no doubt. Or, perhaps it was merely because he had a fondness for cats himself. Much to his embarrassment his parents keep a picture of him in the costume, a child of around five, grinning wildly at the camera.

There was nothing particularly extraordinary about him, at least not at first. Yet, with both parents possessing superhuman powers, it was only a matter of time before Milo's power revealed itself. His powers were almost missed at first, for the changes were so small that his parents barely noticed. His favourite child's book would turn from red to blue, a sweater would shift from green to black, and other small hints that left his parents mildly confused until the day they realised why. Milo hadn't even realised he was using his power, or that he had one, being only a child at the time. But, help from his parents enabled the boy to control it, partially at least, to the extent that he wouldn't reveal himself as powered to any outsider who might harm him for it.

Of course, even with the help of his parents, there were times when his control was lacking. Heightened emotions tended to bring his power to the forefront, threatening to burst from his fingers in an explosion of colours. When agents raided his school, Milo, a child of eight, was terrified as black clad agents took over the school. He could feel the prickle of pressure at his finger tips, colours around him seemed to shift and solidify slightly even as he attempted to rein his ability in. Only Barbie's arrival saved him, her arms holding him tight and somehow cutting off his power. The siblings' relationship changed after the raid, they became closer, with Barbie more willing to spend time with the younger boy.

In fact, the whole family's dynamic seemed to shift after the raid. They moved to Washington, DC where Jericho Reid, who had always supported superhuman rights, began to spend more of his time devoted to fighting for what he believed in. Though Jericho was friends with several individuals who believed in more extreme methods of getting their point across, he himself believed fully that the law would not fail him or his family. He believed in following the legal processes, instilling in Milo a distaste for the use of violence to get one's way. Of course, regardless of Jericho's personal stance, when a protest he had joined turned from peaceful to violent riot through no fault of his, he was roughly arrested and taken to prison.

Jericho's incarceration only highlighted the injustice of the world to the young Milo. He still remembers the pain of realising his father wouldn't be coming home any time soon, and the panic attacks that had began after the school raids becoming more frequent. Barbie became his protector, holding him close and calming Milo whenever his breathing quickened and colours started to run. On nights when he woke scared, he would crawl into his sister's bed and hope that she too would never leave. Eventually, Jericho was released, yet prison had taken a toll on him. He was quieter, more restricted. The fight had left him, and if that alone hadn't broken Milo's heart, the following discovery that Barbie didn't share the same father as him and then her departure for the military did.

Nevertheless, life went on. Milo attended highschool, pretended that he and his family were normal. When his sister returned from the military, escaped, he begged her not to return. He'd already seen one family member broken from their time in prison, he didn't want another. Luckily, the Humanly took her in, and since then their HQ has become his second home.

Milo steals the blankets when sharing the bed with
anyone. Will frequently be found curled into a ball
in the middle of said stolen blankets, or attached
to the closest source of heat. He enjoys pulling the
colour from his friends or changing their skin or
hair colour - only as a prank of course. His sister
gave him the codename 'Bambi' as a joke when he
first joined the humanly as a young teen. The name
stuck despite his efforts to get something cooler. He
really likes dogs, but is sadly allergic to them.
This would be Milo's dream if he could pat a dog without
breaking into a coughing fit. Also, this is basically Milo.
And this is Milo if he were a white, 1950's, aristocratic

you feel is your character to a T.]iis dignissim. Fusce her
Face Claim: Marcus Sivyer
Hex Code: #8ab3a8
Created By: The Writer's Voice
Character By: Cloud

(Also, thanks are in due to the wonderful
Εpιmetheus, whose coding is a big inspiration
for my own sheet. And Verix, who is also
a big inspo for coding. ily guys.)


So begins...

Milo Reid's Story

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Halloween, 2020 ; Washington D. C.
6:00 P.M. Friday Night, Sixty Degrees


Washington D. C. is a nightwalker, hustling through each and every day hoping that the sacrifices of today would ensure a better tomorrow. Politicians battle new legislation as if the very world would end if nutritional facts were more honest about their calories. Offices are crowded with people counting down to Friday at five, when happy hour turns to happy weekend. Halloween is no different.

The sky is clear save for a few dustings of fluffy white clouds shaded yellow by the setting sun. In the suburb, parents young and old chaperone kids of all ages. Witches and cowboys, ghosts and princesses, all of them herd together for the hopes of earning their prize of a full bag of candy. Others only older in appearance but not in spirit party the night away in tighter, shorter versions of the same costumes that the young ones pound the streets in. There is a wicked spirit in the air, but also a sense of freedom. This is the night that superhumans roam the streets freely, if only to feel like they're not the monsters here; the one day they don't have to wear costumes.

On the outskirts of the city, just enough for the taller buildings to shield it, is a hotel. On the front, in bright pink neon, is the words "NO VACANCIES"; to further the point, dozens of cars, trucks, vans, even bikes, are crowded the parking lot beside it. It's tall, at least ten stories, but looks almost like a ghost building, despite the liveliness of the people coming in and out at all hours of the day. Tonight, the lights are few because most of their people are out enjoying the one night where they don't have to watch their backs so closely. Still, tonight is special: the lights would flicker up again and the ghost would revive, if only for a few hours. Every Halloween, they always have a party.

Not so much a party, but a celebration of life. For another year, they escaped the discrimination that might one day kill them all. Every year they each line up to give a drop of their blood for access into the Underground, where the true Humanly headquarters lies. The first floor is strictly for living; couches and beanbags of all shapes and sizes are scattered in organized living rooms, a maze of curtains create bedrooms for those who couldn't find any room upstairs, and the other half of the room is a dining hall big enough for a hundred to eat. Below that floor is the Humanly of strategy and mission planning, where a young woman will sit slaving away until someone tugs her up to the party she's supposed to be hosting. This night is only meant for fun.

And fun it would be. String lights covering every inch of the ceiling, background music queued up, and a time to be human.