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Nora Young

"If misfortune builds character, I've got enough character to last several lifetimes."

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a character in “Those Not Like Us”, originally authored by Cloud, as played by RolePlayGateway




NICKNAME > Nor [common, accepted], Norie [common, liked]
AGE > Twenty, 29 July 2000
GENDER > Female
SEXUALITY > Heterosexual
HOMETOWN > Singapore
OCCUPATION > Student, studying marketing and international relations


HEIGHT & WEIGHT > 172cm; 5'7"
HAIR & EYES > Brown & Warm Brown
OUTFITS > Casual, casual, and more casual

Dark brown hair falls across Nora's shoulders in manageable waves, left loose and free or tied in a messy bun unless a formal occasion calls for something tidier. Her features point to her mixed heritage, while the few odd scars that litter her body point to the large number of mishaps that have befallen the girl throughout her life. She used to explain where each scar came from, but the list has grown and the explanations aren't always believed. She would have to be really unlucky to have even one happen to her, right?

For the most part, Nora's clothing reflects her personality; vibrant, care-free, and casual. Though she doesn't follow the trends of the season obsessively, she makes some small effort to add a few new items to her wardrobe every season - though like anything, she tends to over-wear any new item until she's sick of it. She's slim and shapely, with long legs that her mother once earned her the nickname 'daddy long legs' after the long-limded spiders. Nora usually just pouts at the name and always insists on another helping of dinner to try and fill those 'hollow legs'.

No tattoos mar her skin, while two piercings in either ear were the most she was willing to get. Nora's half sure that she would curse whoever tried to pierce her skin with ink, and would rather have no tattoo at all than a half-finished or ruined one.


OPTIMISTIC > You have to see the good in life when your power brings out the bad.
FRIENDLY > An open smile and bright social skills make her an easy one to talk to.
CAPABLE > Mental fitness has never been an issue, even if Nora jokes otherwise.

With each touch of her hand Nora generates ruin. Bad luck ripples from her like heatwaves on a blistering day, threatening and inescapable. At times her shoulders ache from the burden of her powers; from bringing only ill-fated disaster or comical mishaps to those she'd rather wish only blessings upon. Yet, her smile radiates like the sun, warm and inviting, illuminating the room with cheer. Despite, or perhaps because of her ill-fated 'gift', Nora maintains a hopeful, sanguine disposition. She takes the silver-lining, no matter how small, from the storm cloud and makes it seem like the greatest of luck. Often, she clings to this small ray of light, as if to assure herself that not all she attempts will end in misfortune.

One might not expect her power to be so negative, given the open, friendly aura Nora exudes. With almost childish glee she'll laugh when pleased, or chat enthusiastically with strangers or friends about whatever is on her mind. Inherently extroverted, Nora thrives around people, though a side effect of her power has meant that her friendship group has always been small. Nevertheless, she makes friends quickly and trusts potentially too easily. Within a short time of meeting and talking with someone she'll be making rapid assertions of their friendship. Disappointment inevitably comes later, when a friend of a week, month, or year deserts her for safer, less misfortune-ridden pastures. Even her bullish optimism can't entirely erase the hurt evoked when abandoned. For this reason she clings even tighter to her other friends.

No doubt sparked by the bad karma she distributes, Nora's belief in superstition has steadily grown over the years. Who's to say that around the girl who can manipulate curses, those old wives' tales won't come true? She'll throw salt over her shoulder when needed, avoid walking under ladders always, and skirt crack-heavy pavement as required. Soft-toy rabbits' feet are often gifted to her friends, or four-leaf clover charms. Nora cares immensely about her friends' well-being, and if small knick-knacks might offer some protection, she'll go out of her way to give them to those she holds close.

Nora's incessant reliance on superstitious remedies probably stems from a lack of confidence in herself and a need to place the onus on some external, superficial reason. Though she may be skilled in a particular area, Nora regularly defers to others when it comes to completing tasks, both because she's more likely to curse those involved than help, and because she's sure someone else can do it better - regardless of whether that's true or not. The girl doesn't realise that her own skills are valuable; that if given half a chance, Nora would be able to fulfill any task just as well as the next girl. A little self-assurance might go a long way in helping Nora control her power, or in allowing her to cling less to the friends she relies on.

Curse Manipulation

Nora possesses the ability to sow misfortune with a touch; manipulating, creating,
and removing curses. At its basic level, Nora is able to place curses on people and
objects with a touch of her hand or well-worded verse. She can sense when hexes
have been cast by other beings, and understand their intricacies, manipulate their
effects or remove them entirely. Nora gains energy from being near a strong curse
and is able to pull the dark energy from a curse and solidify it as a mass of chaos.
Well, she could if she knew how to control her power. Her curses range in severity
from causing simple bad luck to potentially life-threatening misfortune. Currently,
her curses replicate typical fairy tale curses, such as turning people into toads for
an hour or bringing them a day's bad luck. Eventually, the effects will evolve as her
control and power grows.
Control has always been the biggest limitation of Nora's power. She attempts to pull
back and restrict her abilities, but more often than not curses will slip from her skin
without her consent. On days Nora feels 'curse-y', she will warn people to stay back,
least bad luck come their way. Touching is still the main way she interacts with those
objects or people under a curse/ being cursed. She hasn't the strength to place one
without a physical link. Her emotions tend to exacerbate her powers, causing her to
lose what little control she has. Most of her curses tend to fade with time and space.
The more distance put between Nora and the curse, the less powerful its hold is. All
will eventually fade with time, though the exact time limit seems to vary depending
on the initial strength. Super powerful curses are rare however, as they sap Nora of
strength and leave her weak for a time.


Nora's earliest memory is of thick arms pulling her into a tight hug. The smell of faint perfume lingered in the air, and in the background the television blared with some soap drama indistinguishable from the next. She was a child, no more than four, and about to lose her parents forever. They didn't die, but apparently four years of reoccurring bad luck and misfortune was all they could take. The orphanage smelled of disinfectants; clean despite the over-crowding of children and the daily mess they made. At first she was put in with the other children, before a small room was assigned to the girl who made the beds break and the other girls cringe back from touching her.

All Nora knows about her birth parents are faint memories and the black print on her adoption papers. Her father was Thai, her mother a mix of German, and Singaporean Malay. Later, after the crying for her parents had subsided, and after she had been adopted into a loving family, Nora would wonder about her birth parents. Had they been powered too? Or had she been an anomaly? Had they loved her before her powers appeared, and had they tried to love her despite them? Those answers would, for the most part, remain unanswered and pushed to the recesses of her mind. Nora had other things to concern herself with anyway, like learning the habits of her new family and later, understanding the new country she found herself in.

Nora was adopted at age seven by Franklin and June Young, an American-Singaporean couple residing in Singapore with their other adopted son, another Singapore native named Lee. It took time and patience for the girl to get used to her new family, but her adoptive parents had both of those traits. And, just as importantly, a knowledge of powered gifts that made them uniquely qualified to assist. They helped Nora learn to reel her power back in, and even when it burst from her control - which it was prone to do often - her new family stood by her and dealt with the mishaps as if they were normal. For three years they remained in Singapore, before an opportunity for June's career saw them shifting to America.

The States proved another adventure, with different challenges and varying levels of reward. Making friends at school was never an issue at first, nor communicating given that English, while not her first language, had been taught extensively in school and at the orphanage. What proved more difficult were the occasional outbursts of her power which tended to alienate her as she grew older. The friends she had gained would inevitably drift away. Nora relied on her strong family support, and tried even harder to rein in her powers. They tended to grow more volatile during periods of heightened emotions, but even when perfectly happy, Nora might still find her abilities wrecking havoc to her surroundings.

Luckily, perhaps, she was able to graduate high school without completely destroying the building - though the fire she might have accidentally helped certainly came close - and moved to Washington, DC where she currently studies. She's far enough away to gain some independence from her family, yet close enough that a few hours drive allows her to visit for the weekends and indulge in her father's cooking. Her powers are still far from under her control, and that is one of the reasons why Nora has recently sought out the Humanly. She wants to both help those in need, as her parents helped her, and learn to control the ability that has brought so much bad luck to her life.

Nora is a child at heart and has a collection of stuffed
toys from her childhood. Most of them remain at her
parents' home, apart from 'Beary' who stays with her.
She loves cats, even if she avoids having a black cat
walk in front of her. She'll also give any new friends
a rabbit's foot (stuffed toy) to ward off any bad luck.
She speaks English and Malay fluently, though Nora's
written Malay is a bit sketchy from lack of practice.
She watches friends with an obsession to rival any.
This is an accurate depiction of Nora getting a new
stuffed toy. She looks pretty hip when posing with a
fish. Nora does 'I just woke up like this' very well and
does St Patrick's day right. She is bad luck brian. Nora
was also probably this squirrel in a past life.

uitricies orci. urna vitae nibh mattis dignissim. Fusce
Face Claim: Regan Kemper
Hex Code: #caa2ad
Created By: The Writer's Voice
Character By: Cloud

(Also, thanks are in due to the wonderful
Εpιmetheus, whose coding is a big inspiration
for my own sheet. And Verix, who is also
a big inspo for coding. ily guys.)


So begins...

Nora Young's Story

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Halloween, 2020 ; Washington D. C.
6:00 P.M. Friday Night, Sixty Degrees


Washington D. C. is a nightwalker, hustling through each and every day hoping that the sacrifices of today would ensure a better tomorrow. Politicians battle new legislation as if the very world would end if nutritional facts were more honest about their calories. Offices are crowded with people counting down to Friday at five, when happy hour turns to happy weekend. Halloween is no different.

The sky is clear save for a few dustings of fluffy white clouds shaded yellow by the setting sun. In the suburb, parents young and old chaperone kids of all ages. Witches and cowboys, ghosts and princesses, all of them herd together for the hopes of earning their prize of a full bag of candy. Others only older in appearance but not in spirit party the night away in tighter, shorter versions of the same costumes that the young ones pound the streets in. There is a wicked spirit in the air, but also a sense of freedom. This is the night that superhumans roam the streets freely, if only to feel like they're not the monsters here; the one day they don't have to wear costumes.

On the outskirts of the city, just enough for the taller buildings to shield it, is a hotel. On the front, in bright pink neon, is the words "NO VACANCIES"; to further the point, dozens of cars, trucks, vans, even bikes, are crowded the parking lot beside it. It's tall, at least ten stories, but looks almost like a ghost building, despite the liveliness of the people coming in and out at all hours of the day. Tonight, the lights are few because most of their people are out enjoying the one night where they don't have to watch their backs so closely. Still, tonight is special: the lights would flicker up again and the ghost would revive, if only for a few hours. Every Halloween, they always have a party.

Not so much a party, but a celebration of life. For another year, they escaped the discrimination that might one day kill them all. Every year they each line up to give a drop of their blood for access into the Underground, where the true Humanly headquarters lies. The first floor is strictly for living; couches and beanbags of all shapes and sizes are scattered in organized living rooms, a maze of curtains create bedrooms for those who couldn't find any room upstairs, and the other half of the room is a dining hall big enough for a hundred to eat. Below that floor is the Humanly of strategy and mission planning, where a young woman will sit slaving away until someone tugs her up to the party she's supposed to be hosting. This night is only meant for fun.

And fun it would be. String lights covering every inch of the ceiling, background music queued up, and a time to be human.

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#, as written by Cloud

xxx They say bad luck strikes in threes. Nora Young held the belief that bad luck struck continuously, regardless of whether it was the first twist of karma of the day or the fifteenth. Though, the young woman could be forgiven for her pessimistic view given the nature of her power. She sowed misfortune with every step, a walking carrier of ill-luck that affected any unfortunate enough to encounter her on a ‘cursey’ day. Today, it seemed, was one of those days.

xxx Nora’s cell-phone had died moments after stepping off the public bus, a dejected beep echoing from her pocket as the device – fully charged when she’d left home – went dark. Ever the optimist, Nora had continued on, hopeful that even without the GPS on her mobile she would still be able to find the Humanly headquarters. She had an address, scrawled in thick ink on her arm, and a vague idea of the direction to take.

xxx She was ever the optimist, even in the face of such much bad luck. Even when, only a block down from the bus stop, Nora checked her arm for the address and found that the ink had smudged until the words were almost indistinguishable, even then the smile remained steady on her sweet face. Worse had happened, and she still remembered the street name, if not the number. All she had to do was ask one of the passing families of trick-or-treaters for directions.

xxx A small boy dressed as a lamb crossed her path, followed closely by an older sibling in the shaggy mane of a lion. Behind them both walk the woman Nora assumed to be their mother.

xxx “Excuse me, ma’am, do you happen to know how to get to…” Nora’s words trailed off as the woman brushed past without a word. Nora assured herself that the mother must have been too focused on her children to notice her. Or else the mother had thought Nora looked intimidating, she did have her hood up after all. Thin hands reached up to tug the red hood off her head, a smile flickering onto her face as Nora continued down the street, hoping the next person she found would be friendlier.

xxx Truthfully, the girl looked no more intimidating than the little boy dressed as a fluffy lamb. In her search for the Humanly, she had heard of their annual Halloween party and so, determined to join, thought the best way to integrate herself into the powered community would be to come dressed up to the party. So it was that Nora Young wore the red hood symbolic of Red Riding Hood, an old fashioned, simple dress beneath the hooded cape, knee-high socks that hugged slim legs, and ballet flats on her feet. She would have worn high heels if she had had any, and if her coordination in the shoes would allow her to walk further than a few steps without flailing to the ground. In her hair, she had tied matching red bows in her pigtails, while the basket in her hand completed the look.

xxx Up ahead an elderly couple stood on their doorstep, offering a group of young demon-clad children candy. Nora approached optimistically, gripping her basket in both hands as she dodged the children on their way out.

xxx “Hi! I was-…” Nora began, before the grey-haired man cut in.

xxx “A little old to be trick-or-treating, don’t you think?” He asked, raising bushy eyebrows at the red riding hood standing on his doorstep.

xxx “Oh no! I’m trying to find-…”

xxx “Maurice, don’t be rude.” The woman interrupted, her fingers grabbing a handful of lollies and pushing them into Nora’s basket, “Let the dear have her candy.”

xxx “Ah, thank you, but-…” Nora tried again, only to find herself pushed out of the way be another hoard of sugar mad children. With a sigh, the twenty-year-old stepped back onto the pavement and turned left, determined to ask the next person she came upon. She spied another family ahead, their children dressed as ethereal fairies.

xxx Nora set one foot forward, the other about to follow, already raised and moving to land on the concrete footpath when her lips pursed and her eyes widened. She wobbled slightly, shifted to the left, and almost lost her balance in an effort to avoid the collection of cracks that raced across the pavement at her feet. Nora had to take another steadying step sideways, and because of this she found herself suddenly standing on the side of the road, a car horn tooting angrily as the vehicle drove towards her. The girl jumped quickly out of the way, momentum carrying her to the other side of the road and straight into a group of tiny five year olds who fell like dominos as she skidded to a stop.

xxx “Watch it, lady!” Their supervisor yelled as a chorus of tears and cries rose into the night.

xxx “Sorry! Sorry! I’m so sorry!” Nora repeated, hands held up in an attempt to placate the upset children as she slowly stepped away. A glare from the parent told Nora she was not welcome, and so the girl swiftly turned and made a hasty retreat.

xxx She turned into a nearby alley and stopped, hand digging in her basket for the lucky acorn she’d brought on her trip. Stupidly, Nora had left the amber beads that xxx protected against illness at home. Clutching the acorn in her hand, Nora took a steadying breath and turned back to the street, only to find herself staring at a black cat sitting patiently at the mouth of the alley. Nora tried to wave her hands, attempting to scare off the feline, yet that only seemed to gain its interest.

xxx “Shoo!” Nora instructed, taking a step back as the black cat ignored her command and came only closer, purring softly as it approached. Nora made a last effort to signal it away, before giving up and making a hasty retreat in the other direction. Better she takes the long route than be forced to cross paths with a black cat.

xxx Except, as Nora came out at the other end of the alley she found herself confused. She took a left at random and continued to walk, planning on asking the first person she came across for directions. Assuming she came across anyone. Unlike the previous street, this one was devoid of people. No families of trick-or-treaters roamed in search of candy, only the occasional echo of police sirens in the distance sounded.

xxx The girl took a turn at random down a narrower street, hoping it would lead her either to her destination or to a more crowded area where she might ask directions. Instead, Nora found herself alone again, walking beneath twisting trees that made terrifying shadows in the street lamp’s light. With her breath coming in shorter gasps, Nora’s feet picked up their pace, walking blindly through the unknown streets. Surely she’d run into someone who could help her soon?

xxx No sooner had the thought appeared in her mind than the young woman collided with another solid body.

xxx “Oomfh!” The surprised sound left her lips as her gaze made contact with the green eyes above her, “Sorry!” She added, not for the first time that day, and definitely not for the last.