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Nabi Abielle

"Well, this sucks..."

0 · 255 views · located in 2016, Earth

a character in “Those of the Devil's Kin.”, as played by YooHooYummyTummy



Full Name:
Nabi Morte Abielle (No-Bee Mor-tae Abee-el-la).


19 years of age.


Nabi is about 5’4ft and weighs only about 110lbs; her figure only visible if she is wearing little to no clothes. Her skin is a pale, cream color that has no tarnishes; her dark, short hair only reaches to her neck, creating a frame around her V-shaped face. Despite Nabi being a Nous, her eyes go very undetected; many people not even knowing whether she has dark purple eyes, or dark grey- most of the time, her almond, mono lidded eyes are an uniquely dark color, that depending on the amount of light reaches her face, her eyes could either be purple or grey.
Because Nabi is a Nous, a human who cannot be killed unless by a regular human or natural causes; she is often seen either in jeans and a red tank, or black legging like pants with a floury shirt that shows her back. Both attires where the only ones she was able to save before everything became ruins.

Nabi is a very shy and conservative person; one whom hardly talks in a group. Despite her not being much of a people person, Nabi does often care; though, the way she may show it can be quite difficult. She is a difficult person, one on which even she herself finds very complicated as her thoughts often contradict her actions. Often of the times, Nabi is crude and speaks her mind without much thought; she is rude and a bit cold hearted, yet her heart isn’t completely iced over.

She has a deep love for animals; like the usual female does. Though, she often holds them up as a higher morale; believing that an animal’s soul always stays pure. While at the same time she cares for animals; Nabi is a strong believer of the ‘only the strongest will survive’ motto, therefore, if she does not deem you useful or worth her time, she will not waist her time helping you out. With this, Nabi is often counted as a selfish brute- which she really cannot deny herself.

Nabi lived a normal life; born with a mother and a father whom loved her very much. She was a normal child who went a normal elementary school and lived a painfully normal life. Everything was normal until her tenth birthday, when her parents where involved in a horrid crash that killed both of them; shocked, Nabi was able to handle it very well and was sent to live with her aunt, a single mother who had only one child. Because of this, Nabi developed her personality and eventually became use to her life; settling in it wasn’t so bad since every other boyfriend Nabi’s aunt had, always seemed to think that she was old enough to be Nabi’s mother and always kissed ass; causing Nabi to become very spoiled.

Sample Post:
The crisp air pricked her nose like a needle, causing it to go a cherry red color; a sigh escaped her lips, causing the air around her to become visible. Nabi couldn’t help but to smile a little as she watched it with her dark eyes; bundled up in her blue jeans and a large, black jacket with her grey scarf that seemed to match her eyes perfectly. Nabi looked around, her short black hair hidden underneath a sock hat, while her petite fingers curled up underneath fingerless, brown gloves; she wasn’t exactly sure of why she liked them, they, by no means kept her fingers warm- though, she just guessed that they where one of those meaningless things that she kept around.

Her strides became slightly quicker as she walked through the cold, moist yet snow less streets; Nabi hated it here- it never snowed. She loved winter very much, in fact, she wished it was one of those things that happened all year long- kind of like how the trees never seem to bow onto their knees, no matter what season; though, she disliked how it was so barren here. Sure, it’d rain, and the summers where by no means disappointing; but it’d never snow. With another quick sigh, Nabi came to a stop, her grey eyes stuck onto the fog that had escaped her mouth; the street in front of her allowed the cars to take their turn as they began to drive. Even though the walk was long, Nabi enjoyed it; she enjoyed the feeling when the college’s doors slid open and the heat blew into her face- the feeling of the coldness melting away from her body.

Nabi’s college, NOVA, wasn’t as bad as she thought; despite it being only her fourth choice. Originally, she wanted to go to Christopher Newport University, but unfortunately, she couldn’t get in due to costs and her math SATs- only but a few points off; damned math, it ruins everything. Her face contorted into a slight scowl, her brows furring together as her nose crinkled upwards; causing a few other people who either stood beside her or where across the way to either smile or look at her as if she was green. Finally, as if it had seemed forever, the man walking turned green and the cars halted to a stop. Nabi stepped onto the black asphalt, making her way towards the her college; the sky was a vibrant blue color, as if it was raining down the warmth it tried to welcome the earth, which in turns, rejected it.

Once she stepped on the sidewalk, Nabi dropped her arms, jumping up to adjust her heavy, brown book bag that slumped over her shoulders. At the feeling of it thudding against her back, Nabi rolled her eyes; to luck, she had a test today- one of which she didn’t study. She had hoped that she would get up early and make it into class a little bit earlier than the rest so she could go over a few things with the professor; but even though her alarm clock had rang that early morning, her body did not budge. Nabi sped up her walk into a slight trot, before a figure rained behind her; one that looked like it could crush her. The ominous shadow loomed over her before an arm extended towards her, its big finger sonly gripping around her bag, causing Nabi to jerk backwards from her trot.

“Gah!” A nose that sounded in her throat came out of her mouth, before laughing started to pour into her ears. “Hey! Would you stop it already?!” She scowled, being pulled into the chest of a man with creamy brown hair and bright blue eyes; smiling wrinkles and crow feet made his face even friendlier looking. Though, Nabi could say otherwise; her arms and legs flailed in the air, as if she was a spoiled rotten kitten that had just been picked up. “John, I’m going to kill you!” She cursed, her words muffled by the coat sliding up and over her mouth.

A belly laugh escaped his lips before he placed her back down, the man now matching his pace with hers. “Ah, I’d be careful with my words if I were you; don’t you remember?” He raised his brow in an amusing way, watching Nabi angrily brush off her jacket while pulling it down. “Not only can I kick you out, but I can also ground you.” He laughed, his voice obviously teasing the small girl as he placed his hands into his long jacket.

“Yah, whatever. You do know the first time you don’t please her; she’s ditching your sorry ass on the streets. The only reason she’s going out with you is because you are the principle or whatever you call it of NOVA.” Her voice was crude as she pulled down her sock cap over her eyes as she started to walk normally once more. It irritated her how her aunt could go out with someone who was so- perfect. Out of everyone she’s met, Mr. Pickings hadn’t even looked at her wrongly; it aggravated her, but she had to admit- she actually liked Mr. Pickings, perhaps even loved him. Though, there were often times where she had to remind herself that Mr. Pickings was her aunt’s boyfriend, and by the way things looked, even fiancé within a few months.

His hand made contact with Nabi’s hair, frizzing it all up underneath her sock hat. “Hey now… I think I may have a word with Professor Linkin and discuss that the tests should be harder and the assignments longer…” He said thoughtfully, as if he was really considering it. All Nabi could do was pull her sock hat over her face once more, preventing it from falling off from his big hands that was nearly the size of her head. She growled, pressing her mouth out until she felt it brush against her nose; her face contorted into a pig like scowl.

“Geez! You’re so goddamn annoying! I hope she breaks up with you, you old fart!” She growled, marching further ahead of him, which only caused him to laugh, the air from his mouth becoming visible to the outside’s chilled, icy air. Nabi stomped inside the building, the doors opening to her beckoning as her hand pressed against the identification program that was built inside the gate; telling you whether or not you can enter the campus. Once all was done, Nabi made her way towards her class, a sigh of disappointment slightly escaping her lips.


So begins...

Nabi Abielle's Story