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Dan Farren

"May I never be complete. May I never be content. May I never be perfect."

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a character in “Those Rolling Green Hills”, as played by ChristyLovesYou


Theme Song - Someday - The Stroke

Nickname: Danny, Dan the man, Daniel, Danomite Image

Age: 24

What room are you staying in: Forest & Jenny

Where are you from: San Francisco


Physical appearance: He has a tattoo on his chest that reads forever grateful and a tattoo on his right shoulder that says "May I never be complete, may I never be content, may I never be perfect".

-"Losing control." Hurting someone or something when he's drunk.
-"Not being able to run." Breaking one or both of his legs.

Favorite food:
-"Beer. If that counts." He loves pancakes.

Favorite Colour:
-"Basic colour." Green.

-"Who needs a watch when you're surrounded by sky." He regularly looks up at the sky to check the position of the sun/moon and comments on it.
-I don't have time to go back.." He has somewhat messy handwriting, and he never dots his Is or crosses his Ts. Some people find it difficult to read.
-"I didn't realize there was a rule about where you walk.." He walks in the middle of any aisle, sidewalk, or other shared walkway causing people to have to move around him or her.
-"I actually like the way change jingles.." He actually always has change in his pocket because he gives it to the beggars or homeless.

Personality: Dan is the witty intelligent type. He's very clever, and quick with smart comments. He can be charming and friendly, but mostly he doesn't care too much about anything really. Though he's incredibly adept, he doesn't try much in school. He likes to do his own thing as much as he can, even if it means pissing off his parents a bit. With that being said, his parents want him to succeed in politics, or business, but he's more focused on journalism. He enjoys literature, and loves to read about anything and everything.
He's a bit cocky, thinking he's right all the time, or knowing he's right, because he probably is. Being arrogant almost, his parents are very wealthy so he's had almost everything handed to him. He doesn't understand the value of things sometimes, seeing as money isn't an object for him.
He's somewhat of a serious person, he doesn't show much emotion. If you do know him well, you can tell how he's feeling, just by looking at him. To others he's somewhat of a mystery, you can tell however he's acting is somewhat of an act. He has somewhat of a dazed look to him, he over analyzes everything, leaving him in his own world. Sometimes he seems far away though he may be right next to you, he has a distant look to him, like he's look through you at something far more interesting. You can never tell if you have his full attention. When he looks at someone, it can feel like he's looking deep inside of you, trying to pick at your brain, which is what he's trying to do. Study people. He wants to be good with empathy, that way he can see through the eyes of almost anyone.
He's a bit random, and will surprise you when you think he wasn't listening. If you mention you like something in particular, he may go out of his way to get it for you, and may amaze you by randomly giving it. He enjoys picking up on little details, he finds reading between the lines is most important though.
He tries to be easily approachable, and is often trusted with secrets, because he's not much of a gossiper, and keeps most of his life extremely private. He keeps to himself somewhat, but occasionally reaches out to others.
He's somewhat flirtatious, but compared to the other boys in the house he's less of a go-getter, because he'd rather find a girlfriend, than find a bedmate for the night. He's quick with a smile, and always polite. He speaks his mind, and when he gives compliments he's always honest and sincere. He's had a few girlfriends, a couple serious, others not so much.
He's a cross country runner. Long distance, anywhere, pretty much anytime. Running clears his head, and lets him get away from things. He often runs late at night, sometimes early morning. Though he could easily win competitions and races, he's not in it for the sport, he does it because he loves it. He runs in any weather, and goes until he wants to come back.
His problem he has is his drinking problem. He often drinks any troubles he has away, or just because he's feeling off. He often drinks to the point where he can't remember everything that happened, and wakes up remembering bits and pieces. He usually doesn't drink as much during parties, trying not to get too carried away.


History: Dan's mother and father are both graduates from Cornell. His mother, Bella James, had always dreamed on being a writer. She began to write novels, and has had three best sellers. Bella met her husband, Matthew Farren, when she was a junior in college. Matt had been undecided until Sophomore year, when he chose to study psychology. When they graduated, together they moved to San Francisco. They bought a small town house for just the two of them, and lived together for two years. Through the two years, Bella was writing small pieces and kept a blog. Matt worked at a mental institute and took extra night classes to learn more about the mind. Together they'd discuss work, and try to help each other out. After four years of being together, Matt proposed to his lovely wife Bella. The two were married in the summer, and within a year they had their first child, Dan. After a year of having their first baby, they moved to a larger house in the suburbs. When Dan turned 2, the couple had another child, a girl, named Katie. two years later, they had the twins, Jessica and Jason.
Dan was always a good older brother, and set a mostly good example as they all grew up. Their parents encouraged them in academics, athletics, and creativity. Dan was somewhat studious, and took after his mother with English being his favorite class. Katie was a very pretty girl, and was one of the most popular girls at her school. Her and her brother were somewhat close, he helped her with school because she often struggled because she was dyslexic. She was homecoming queen her senior year.
When Dan was a junior, Katie was a freshman. Often she begged him to take her along to parties, and he occasionally did if he knew he wouldn't be drinking. He had started the summer after Sophomore year, and enjoyed to drink in great amounts when he could. He liked to get drunk at parties, and he usually ended up waking up next to a girl he didn't know too well. Though he was a smart wall-flower type, he was more popular than you'd think. He was well known because he was a huge track star. Many knew him as a bit careless, which he was. Many girls tried to date him, but he usually didn't put in enough effort for that. Mostly they'd go about it wrong, have sex with him first and expect something more without really understanding that he didn't really care. He's not one to regret his actions, or feel bad about that kind of thing. This gave him a bit of a heartless appearance, but it didn't stop them from trying.
When Dan was a senior, he did meet a girl. Sarah. Sarah was a bit careless like him, but in a different way. She was very confident, and strong headed. She was a determined person when she tried to do something, but other than that she just wanted to leave this town. During one of his races, and accidentally ran into her, and knocked her into a bush. He helped her out, and she stood there for a bit yelling at him for being stupid. After a group of runners past them, she asked what the hell he was doing anyway. He answered that he was in a race, and then she yelled at him to continue. He didn't think too much of her, until he saw her again at his work. He'd asked if she was stalking him, and being a bit of a hot head, she got in a fight with him again. They continued to have a bit of an odd relationship like this, like when she was driving and saw him night jogging. He noticed her, and eventually stopped. Again as they were beginning to fight, she went to push him but he stopped her. Instead he kissed her, and from that day on they were an item. She disliked his alcohol problem though, because she sometimes wondered if he cared about that more than her. He knew she didn't like it, so he tried to hold back a bit. She'd become student counsel president through an odd situation, and head of the prom committee. At the prom when he tried to kiss her, she rejected him. The whole night she seemed to give him the cold shoulder, and somewhat hurt and confused he left. That night he went to a bar and started drinking a lot. After getting very drunk, he cut down a special tree at the school, which got him in trouble. This being one of a few offenses, he was sent to a boot camp for a couple months. Sarah wrote to him, and he sometimes wrote back. She was always annoyed at the fact he didn't seem to show too much effort, but he seemed to tell and show her in little ways how much he cared, which always put her at ease.
Eventually, like most high school couples, they broke up. She wanted him to go east coast with her, but he wanted to see the world. Both heartbroken knowing they didn't want to hold each other back from the other's dreams, they split. Dan misses her sometimes, but also realizes how controlling she was. Since then he's been with many girls, but has yet to fall in love again.
Katie went on to go to Swarthmore college, a senior now, and the twins both freshmen, Jessica at Duke and Jason at UC Berkley.
Dan graduated from Berkley, and then went off to where he is now, Scotland.

Important Dates:
December 10th - His Birthday
May 19th - Sarah's Birthday
February 13th - Katie's Birthday
October 16th - The Twin's Birthday
November 18th - Sarah & His "anniversary"

So begins...

Dan Farren's Story