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Kade Pearce

"There are times when silence has the loudest voice."

0 · 216 views · located in Mcdunn Mansion

a character in “Those Rolling Green Hills”, as played by Thadine


| Kade | Murphy | Pearce |


| Age |


| Room |

John and Yoko

| Country of Origin |


| Appearance |


Kade's hair is a natural colour, undyed and hardly tampered with. It's a chestnut brown when in sunlight, yet is seen as a regular shade of light brown while in low-lightning. It's cut unevenly, with many layers and goes to about the nape of neck, seen in many different styles. His bangs are usually put off to the side, or non-existent. When it is unbrushed, it has slight curls that bunch up, making it appear slightly shorter. It is like this most of the time, and appears unkempt and messy to anyone else. On rare occasions, he'll style it so that it looks neat and uncurled. His hair often gets in the way of his vision, so he's seen fiddling with it often.

He has hazel eyes, that seem to be the same colour as his hair, yet in the right lighting, have a golden hue to them. He has balanced facial features, a slightly squared jaw but prominent cheekbones. Some may notice that his nose is slightly crooked, from having broken it a few times in his youth. He stands at 6 feet and 1 inch, though appears even slightly taller than this due to his lanky build.

Kade has an odd, slightly formal, slightly 'I don't care' style in the way he dresses. Wearing corduroy jackets and dress shirts, you'd think that he'd look like someone who takes great care of himself. Honestly though, it's like he couldn't even see the clothing he chose every morning. Going around with clashing colous, plaid and stripes, dirty sneakers and the finest jacket, you'd think he was blind.

| Personality |

Kade can be described with a number of words. Some admire him for his intelligence and patience, but others see only his clumsiness and difficulty with people, and instantly characterize him as the typical ‘nerd’ or ‘geek’. A diligent student, Kade got into medical school as soon as he could. With no other hobbies besides puzzles or reading, he had lots of time to study and learn. Seeing the world with an open mind helped him during school, and he became a favorite student amongst the teachers. Though he approaches learning without any fear, his take on regular people is much different.


At a young age, his awkwardness and intelligence made him the target for many school bullies. He’d come home with a bleeding nose, and wake up with bruises. Though resistant to their words, the physical injuries left scars. Because of his difficult trek through middle school and high school, he became even more withdrawn than he already was. Now, he hardly speaks unless spoken too, and lacks any sort of self-confidence. Because he’s not around people often, he can’t read emotions or facial expressions very well, so may come off as a bit cold. In fact, a few might even describe him as rude. Really, he’s just clueless.

When speaking with others, many of his bad habits will start up. He’ll tap his fingers, play with whatever is in his hand, bite his nails, and look around the room nervously. He tries to avoid contact with people as much as he can. When he does talk to people he doesn’t know, he tends to stutter, or direct his eye contact somewhere else. He often has many good ideas, and likes to do what he can to help people, but doesn’t stand up for himself and won’t speak up, in fear that he will be attacked verbally by other people. He thinks very low of himself, and only finds himself comfortable around authority figures, leaders and adults. In a way, his mind set is a lot like a child, looking up to those with leadership.

He’s not completely useless, however. Though often just a bundle of nerves, his patience allows him to think things through, and make good decisions for the benefit of himself, and others. His intelligence is spread throughout all fields, and he knows a little bit about almost everything. Though he may seem overly negative towards himself, he is optimistic for other people, and can always find something good in even the worst situations. If he manages to get comfortable around people, he can become quite the opposite of his outside-self. He will make jokes, be encouraging, and even smile every once in awhile. He's not so great at taking jokes though, however. Kade has an odd form of innocence. While he's seen blood and guts during training to be a surgeon, he would never understand the most basic dirty joke, or even sarcasm for that matter.

| Quirks |

He has slight OCD tendencies, but has never been diagnosed with it. He has a lot of odd habits such as washing his hands twice, having a strict order in what clothing articles he puts on first, etc. It’s a lot of things that nobody would notice unless they were paying very close attention to him.

He stutters often when unsure of what he is saying, or speaking to a new person. As well when nervous, he’ll bite his fingernails, avoid eye contact, tap his fingers, and play with whatever is in his hand.

He looks at people from a medical viewpoint at first. He’ll notice if they’re a healthy weight or not, try to guess what their general diet is, and other little things like that.

A lot of his speech is made up of quotes from his favorite books. He could probably have an entire conversation with someone made up of just lines from stories.

Has, "L'appel du vide", "call of the void" quite often. Has instrusive thoughts about jumping off of high ledges or in front of moving vehicles very often, for some reason.

Never wears matching socks. As well, his socks are often bright and vibrant colours.


|Fears |

–He has a pretty substantial fear of losing his family. They’re the only people he’s become comfortable around, even if the relationship between him and his father is a bit rickety.

-Kade has a small fear of heights. He’s not worried about being on the highest floor of a building, however if he was looking down from that height to the ground below, then he would panic. He has an impulse to almost leap off of high edges, wondering what it would feel like. In fact, he has intrusive thoughts like these all the time, even though he’s never considered harming himself, and has never been depressed. In order to keep these thoughts away, he stays away from high ledges.

| Favorite food |

Though usually one to advocate for healthier foods, he has quite an obsession with chocolate, and craves it desperately more than once a week. It’s almost like an addiction. He’s also a fan of tea as well though, specifically Earl Grey.

| Favourite Colour |

He’s always been a fan of the colour, “Burnt orange”. Most of his clothing, shirts and jackets, are of this shade.

| History |

Kade was born in a middle class family, with married parents, in a good neighborhood. It sounds like a pretty good beginning to any child’s life, however complications soon followed. Elementary school was a breeze, for at that time, nobody judged eachother on something as trivial as appearance or behavior. However, this attitude did not carry on to middle school. A diligent student, and a favorite amongst teachers, he was often picked on for being a ‘teacher’s pet’. At this point, the words of others didn’t affect him much, for it was mostly harmless. However, this continued teasing slowly began to eat away at him, and he became a bit self-conscious.

He was bad in front of people, and around groups. When he was required to do presentations in school, he would often stutter and choke up on the words. For some reason, others decided that he was a good outlet for whatever anger they held inside. Kade had to get used to harsh words, and being shoved around in the hallways. He was never really hurt by these people however, and started to become resilient to their mocking. That was when the first bit of physical violence happened. He was unable to defend himself amongst the many attackers, and started returning home with bruises and bleeding noses. He was not a believer in revenge though, and just continued to let the attacks happen.


Because of this, he became even more withdrawn and passive than previously, afraid that anything wrong he might say to someone would lead only to violence both physically and verbally. This carried on to high school, where his bad habits grew worse. Though his mother often inquired about where he got his injuries from, he brushed it away, blaming them on his clumsiness. Amidst all of this, his father was disappointed in his son. He wanted a son that was captain of the football team, student president, leader amongst the students…Kade was none of that.

However, he graduated with ease, leaving behind all his tormenters. He felt freer than he had felt in years. He finally became a bit more confident in himself, and applied for a medical school as soon as he could, to become a surgeon. Because his life had been such a mess all throughout his teen years, he felt obligated to make up for it now by exploring the world a bit, and following his ambitions. Ultimately, it lead him to ending up here, in Scotland.

| Important Dates |

January 17- His birthday.

October 9- Accepted into ‘Queen’s School of Medicine’

So begins...

Kade Pearce's Story