A hate-filled assasin for the Empire, who will stop at nothing to crush the Liberation.

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a character in “Though I walk through the valley...”, as played by Soulheart


Aerion's Character Sheet


Age: 143

Height: 6' 10"

Weight: 241 lbs.

Species: Altherian

Gender: Male

Basic Description: Aerion grew up in a family that served the Empire and the Eight very highly. He was a skilled hunter and loved violence. At the age of 63, Aerion began to take a fascination in the Liberation and the Empire, and years later when he just approached adulthood, he was going to take a job that required hunting skills. However one day the Liberation invaded and killed all his family. Hurt by this, he grew a hatred and began to train himself as an assassin to kill all the Liberation. He is now one of the Empire's assassins, and plans to avenge his family.

Aerion's eyes are emerald green, a striking difference from his red Altherian skin. He has a scar down his face, where a Liberation soldier had wounded him severely. A similar scar runs along his side, where he was sliced. His body is muscular from years of training. He keeps a blade with engraved markings running down the blade in the Empirical language, which means "The Rebellion Crusher". His horns are shaped similar to that of a stag due to his personal like for their shape. He has a belt filled with knives and a secret stash of poisons and poison darts.

Job: Empire Assassin (mainly for Liberation)

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Aerion's Story