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beck howlett
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Arthur tried to keep his composure as he was riddled with nervous energy. One second felt like a minute, a minute an hour. So when he felt the tickle inside his mind, something that always happened before one of the sisters spoke telepathically to him he leaped from his position gesturing to Beck. “Open it!” The young man raised an eyebrow hesitating for a second but quickly opened it nearly being knocked back as a barrage of their friends burst into the room. Arthur felt his shoulders relax only slightly, he noticed some of them were still missing. Evangeline took a step forward from behind the others, her eyes softening slightly as she saw the sisters, Spencer, and especially Kas. Still, she found her eyes searching for the door, worry still twisting in her stomach. Beck was instead focused on the obvious spattering of blood on some of Spencer’s clothes. “Jesus Grey, what’d you do blink?” He was well aware of their extensive set of powers. Some were frightened of them. Beck oddly admired them for it.

Suddenly bursts of gunfire and screams of men came from outside the hall, and it seemed as if everyone held a collective breath looking to the open doorway. Thankfully instead of guards, Isabel, Jean, and Isaac burst into the room shutting the door behind them. Arthur opened his mouth, to say - he wasn’t exactly sure. So as much as Jean annoyed the living hell out of him he appreciated the sudden interjection in the silence. ”Now everybody can wipe away those tears, I know you were so worried that they wouldn't make it. I know you’d all just fall apart without me. Isn’t that right Angel.” His statement earned eye rolls from both Beck and Arthur, and a tiny blush from Evangeline who avoided eye contact.

Isabel seemed to ignore Jean’s comment and asked the question everyone was thinking. Before Arthur could even answer Jean opened his mouth yet again with surprisingly, another dumbass comment. Beck snorted loudly, as Artie glared daggers at Jean, the electricity seemed to crackle in the room. Regaining his composure quickly, Arthur walked over to Isaac glancing at the screens before him. “That’s perfect Ike” He spoke offering his friend an encouraging glance. “Okay” Arthur glanced at the others one last time before looking back at the cameras. “This place is pouring with guards, but if we just look -” He lightly tapped on one of the minimized camera screens in front of him, “here. See! Ana was right. The maintenance tunnels are empty. If we just take one of these it should lead us to the nurse’s entrance in the back. Ana gave me a key to the door. If we get there Isaac should be able to hotwire one of the cars and… and” suddenly one of the other screens caught his attention and a look of panic passed over his face. “Shit, I didn’t think -” “The Reavers” Evangeline spoke from behind him her eyes glued to the screen.

The Reavers were human. Almost. They were brought in to scare the kids as children, keep them in line. Along with experimenting on the kids Transgien had also been working on humans as well. From Arthur’s perspective they were bionic war machines, mutant killers. They may be able to take on one of them by themselves but, all four that was certain death.

“We need to leave now, the entrance to the maintenance tunnel is just around the corner down the hall” He glanced back at the screens “It’s clear outside, but most likely not for long. Come on” He wasted no time, and no further explanation, he couldn’t afford to. Peering into the hallway he quietly jogged to the end, glancing around the corner his eyes finding the non-descript door grabbing the key card from his pocket. Arthur ran to the door and swiped the card pushing on the door but it didn’t budge. “This doesn’t make sense” He swiped it again to no avail. “They must’ve deactivated the cards” “Well I’m sure Isaac could-” Before Arthur could finish his sentence Beck’s claws sliced the door handle in half and kicked it open. “Problem solved”. “Nice going, now it’s blatantly obvious what door we went through!” Arthur hissed under his breath. “Hey” Evangeline said, her eyes focused on the end of the hallway. “Listen, I just did you a favor. A thank you would be appreciated!” “Boys!” Evangeline snapped and all eyes turned to her then down the hallway where the lights of guns were reflected on to the wall. A guard had just rounded the corner when he froze in his tracks before quickly calling over his shoulder. “I found them! They’re getting in the maintenance tunnels!” “Go, go, run the tunnel will take us straight there” Arthur spoke, ushering everyone into the dimly lit tunnel, closing the door - best he could - behind them. He held up the back as everyone sprinted through the cramped and dark tunnel, occasionally looking over his shoulder in the dark.

Evangeline was surprisingly in the front of everyone, as she ran, feeling her heartbeat practically in her throat. She made the mistake of looking behind her to make sure everyone was there behind her so when she turned around she had no time to stop as she barreled into an unsuspecting guard that had found himself in the tunnel. The two went sprawling to the ground, the guard’s gun knocked out of his hand a few feet away. Evangeline’s head was spinning from the contact as she gently lifted herself with her hands from the ground, a stream of blood running from her temple from where she had fallen. Unfortunately, Eva wasn’t even focused on the man but her glove that had been ripped from the seam exposing the bare skin of her hand. “No, no, no” She muttered trying to pinch it back together, which only ripped it even more, the white fabric falling to the ground in front of her. As panic overtook her, the guard was able to regain his composure first moving towards Evangeline, and blindly plunge the knife into her thigh. She screamed in pain and instinctively grabbed his wrist when he pulled the knife out, realizing instantly what she had done. Evangeline hadn’t come into contact with someone’s skin in eleven years. It was oddly warm to the touch and she locked eyes with the man as she felt a warm flush of energy flood into her body. She watched as he tried to squirm out of her grip dropping the knife, but it was like iron. Eva looked on horrified as the veins in his face protruded and his eyes promptly rolled back into his head. Every part of her screamed to let go but she couldn’t. She only released his wrist when the memories started. A flash of a woman's smile, a baby’s cry, then the click of a gun, and -. Evangeline quickly released his wrist not even realizing the man had started to convulse, yet the second she pulled away from him he went still. Cold. Evangeline faintly heard Beck’s voice behind her but it wasn’t until he moved closer that she snapped out of it. “Don’t touch me!” She shrieked her hands visibly shaking. “Eva, we need to go. You have to move.” “But- But I-” It was like she was in a daze. “Yes, Evangeline, you killed a man. We all have at this point. But they’re going to fucking kill us if you don’t get up and move Beck snapped at her. She flinched at the harshness of his words but regardless it seemed to help as she scrambled to her feet, biting the inside of her cheek harshly as she remembered that she had been stabbed in the leg. With her bare hand she grabbed on of the pipes along the wall to steady herself and began to limp forward there was no way she could run. “Let me-” “No. Go.” Beck stared at her for one moment before he gave up and sprinted on ahead towards the door that had just become visible at the end of the tunnel.

So begins...

Creation's Story