Ryan James Collins

An artistic, dreaming boy of fifteen who wants to live life in the sea.

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a character in “Threads of Fate”, as played by Ameryln


Having not been accustomed to life on water, this boy of fifteen is as sea-beaten as any farm boy fresh out of the country. He walks with his head high, his bright chestnut eyes just barely showing through his dirty blond bangs gazing at his surroundings with a slightly detached, awed manner; a perpetual expression of carefree and innocence plastered on his sun-tanned face.

His hands have calluses, half from the labor at the farm he worked at, half from pens, pencils, and the blending of charcoal on his sketchbook, on the wooden walls of the barn, and on possibly any smooth hard surface he could get his hands on. He walks barefoot in the summer, to help save the use of his worn cloth shoes, which he dons in the cold months. His clothes, are plain, but durable, having only but a memory of once being black. They now are a gray color, faded from sun, wash, and the constant wear of old mother nature. His closed are composed of a shirt made out of bedsheets, a threadbare tunic, and a pair of pants many sizes larger than he, and he ties a rope around his waist to prevent it from falling down.

He is fairly healthy, having a plentiful supply of food working on a farm. Years of farm work has given him a wiry build, making him seem taller, though he is quite the contrary. Standing up to most people's jaw, he is often seen as a young boy at distance. One would not be to blame if they would mistake him for thirteen, or maybe twelve. Growing up away from the city, the violence, and the poverty, he hasn't been exposed to the darker aspect of reality. The scars on his body are of his own fault, not of others' deeds.


He always treats people with respect and a little friendliness if they would fancy a brisk chat. He has an unending supply of ideas that he just itches to share with everyone. It's his one and only passion to carry out these dreams of his. One of them being that he should live life on the sea.

Growing up outside of the city, where violence, thievery, and poverty were abundant, he was never exposed to this darker side of life, and maintains an idealistic, optimistic outlook upon life. He believes that nothing can get him down, or stop him from becoming what he wants. Though he has a considerable amount of determination, he probably will not be expecting these things until they are too late.

On that subject, he isn't one to change his mind easily. Sometimes, when he is particularly enraged, he will keep sticking to his original side, even if inside, he knows that he is wrong.

He makes friends easily, but he is less lenient with his best friends. For him, best friends are people you can wholly put your trust into, and won't deceive you no matter what. If you become one of his best friends, he will stick to your side, no matter what happens, and no matter how wrong he thinks it is, and he will always be there to defend his best friends.


He likes to travel light. Over one shoulder, he carries a rucksack with provisions, scissors, writing and drawing stencils, a covered sickle, and some scraps of paper bound together that he calls his sketchbook. Over another shoulder, he carries a hoe, which he uses sometimes as a walking stick, but mostly protection over wild animals, and possibly humans.


He was born the youngest of 3 children. His family was too poor to care for him, so when he was an infant, they sold him to a farmer and his wife who lived in the outskirts of a small town. The farmer adopted in hopes of having an extra hand when the boy got older, and he was quite a help to the farmer and his wife. He grew up with all the freedom he ever wanted. After work, he could roam as he pleased anywhere around the farm and the forest nearby. With no friends, he made his own, coming up with inventive scenarios and ideas of how he would play with them.

Later, he started to learn to draw, and he drew his friends on paper, on the walls, and talked to them often. He was an interesting child growing up, and his loneliness was sated through his boundless imagination. He once got lost wandering so far as the edge of the next town. This town was by the sea. It was the first time he saw a body of water so large, so infinite, and he ran across the shores, more ideas blooming within his head. It was love at first sight. From then on, he resolved to live life on the sea.

He visited that place two more times in his childhood, before the farmer forbid him from wandering that far any more. From those two visits, he learned about the pirates, and though they were badly talked about by the townspeople, in his mind, he thought that they were quite brave and clever to do the things that they talked about. In that time, he wanted to become a pirate.

A few months later, the town was overtaken by pirates, and it was not safe to roam freely. He was forbidden to go to the town again in fear of his own safety. The pirate ideal was dampened a bit, but his passion for the sea still burned strong.

Many years later, he had the chance to go to the sea, for the navy was recruiting members. He rushed at the chance immediately, and after some hasty packing, bid farewell to his caretakers, and set upon the road. From then on, his life would take a new path.

So begins...

Ryan James Collins's Story