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"You don't know my past, so don't pretend too"

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a character in “Threads of Salvation”, as played by VisualPenetration



Fᴀᴄᴇ Cʟᴀɪᴍ:Miku Hatsune from Vocaloid

ImageFᴜʟʟ Nᴀᴍᴇ:
Jennora Rye Blood

Pᴏssɪʙʟᴇ Nɪᴄᴋɴᴀᴍᴇs:
J, Jenny, or Jenn[/i]

Older than Rakan but younger than William, she likes to say she is forever 21.



Every 12th Wednesday of the year she takes to herself. 1/12

Spiritual Guide: Jennora is known as a sort of "Guide for the Human Children", she protects human souls and is usually the one that answers their prayers. (Of course she was held hostage for a few centuries, recently). When a soul unexpectedly dies she is able to talk to it, and calm it down to the point it moves on from this world. She protects it during it's whole travel, sometimes a spirit may need a couple days to grasp their death and try to say goodbye to their life. Or in the rare chance that she has to do a contract with a human child and their wish won't let them grow up, she makes sure they understand what will happen and often times she doesn't eat the soul, she lets it leave this world.
Contracts: She is known as a traitor to her own people because of the "no-strings" attached in her contracts, she still collects their soul when their time is up, but she lets fate and life determine when their time is actually up. She never collects the soul within a certain year mark. Despite her own kind being so against her work she has had just as many contracts if not more than most yokai her age because of how honest and trusting she is.

Ѧαƨтɛя Δвιℓιтʏ::
Astral Projection: Jennora has the ability to remove her own spirit from her body and travel anywhere(Earth, Heaven, Hell, Different Dimensions.) With this ability her yokai body is under a sort of protection while she is away from it. She can find any soul from any one of the dimensions, and communicate with it. She often uses this ability to guide children souls to the beyond.

"Ʋи∂ɛяиɛαтн тнɛ Ѧαƨκ"

ImagePᴇʀsᴏɴᴀʟɪᴛʏ: ♃Honesty♃-Jennora cannot lie, it is against who she is. So if that means she has to sugar coat the truth she will, but she will never lie to anyone, yokai or human. ♃ Intelligent♃- Jennora is not so close minded as most humans think yokai to be. She believes that humans and yokai should be able to live next to each other not against each other. She knows one day the humans will fight back against the yokai and she would have tried to explain to them that they were capable of that. ♃ Independent♃- Jennora hasn't really stuck around long enough to make actual relationships with anyone. She choose to live a lonely life, learning to take care of herself.♃Whimsical♃- Jennora acts in a very amusing and upbeat way, she's constantly on her feet, she can't stay still for longer than thirty minutes. She always puts on a positive attitude and believes that there's good to any situation. ♃Bossy♃-Having a motherly instinct isn't always a good thing, Jennora can get very bossy if she feels the need too. ♃Spontaneous ♃- Jennora's moods and actions are completely spontaneous, she doesn't like order or schedule. She needs to just do something different because nobody else will to remind herself that it's realty.

Hɪsᴛᴏʀʏ: The Blood Family was known as one of the most powerful and wealthy family in the yokai race. Along side with many other families that held the same level of respect as the Blood Family were named the 'people' of the court. They were the biggest yokai family known in history, and had been around for a very long time, so it was a big tragedy when they were all brusquely murdered by one of their very own. There is still question if they are all truly gone since they were murdered in their own home, that was said to have many exists. The home itself is still standing and has become an sort of museum, though no-one without the same genetics as the Blood family could enter the house. It was no more than an illusion to anyone outside of the Blood family.

Centuries before the family reunion,Jennora was caught during one of her spiritual guides. She was taken unconsciously while away from her body, when it was time to return she was in for an unpleasant surprise. She was beaten and tortured for two hundred years before Mirai realized that Jennora wasn't going to spill any secrets, she wasn't going to just start giving up on her side of the cause and she wasn't going to stop being a better yokai. That's when Jennora realized that Mirai was much more evil than Jennora had realized. Instead of Mirai mastering the ability of the shadow unties, the shadows had mastered her.

Mirai found a way to posses Jennora's body through a snake bite once she had turned herself into a snake. This popped up the infamous joke Mirai came up with 'Jennora's just another one of Mirai's snake'. Jennora for the first time in her entire life had to watch as her own body was being controlled while she was stuck in the in between. While being stuck in this trance she was able to get a few of her family members to safety, however she doesn't remember doing this when she came back to her body. So after Mirai had used Jennora's vessel to murder a good majority of her family she did not remember that some of them came out alive. This haunts her because all she has is the memories of what Mirai did during that time she was kicked out. Instead of getting her freedom like Mirai promised she had to escape on her own. She was stuck in a snakes body, but somehow got to a familiar face, who stuck her in a cage and shipped her off to Rakan's house, why or who they were she had no idea. The reason her family's death mean so much to her is because they were the only people in the world that taught her to be herself, no matter who that is.

Wᴇᴀᴋɴᴇssᴇs: Daytime-It is very hard for her to do any type of combat in daytime, she has to take the person out side of their body and fight them like that first to damage their spirit, then she returns them to their body for the final blow, sometimes fighting in the day and cause her to be weaker in spiritual form.
Family- Not having family, the one thing that kept her going was taken away from her she lost all hope. Now she is only left with the cruel memories of her family's brutal murder.
Emotions-Jennora follows her heart rather than her gut, and she always looks to benefit the humans.

Sᴛʀᴇɴɢᴛʜs: Pink Aura- The "pink aura" that humans see around Jennora's body is how she is able to gain a human's trust so easily, almost within seconds of introducing herself. This pink aura that hovers over her is in fact her spirit radiating out of her body, it gives off a trusting and comforting vibe to all humans and yokai alike.
Astral Combat- The only real form of combat that Jennora knows is astral combat, taking a person outside of their body and fighting them in the 'in between', once she has done all the damage she can to the spirit she returns it to it's body and destroys the body.
Keeping her word- She always keeps her word, or secrets.

Qᴜɪʀᴋs:Humming- Jennora hums often to herself to get through the day, sometimes life is easier when you sing a song.
Putting Others First- Jennora almost never thinks of herself, this was the reason Mirai captured her in the first place. She gave her life for the life of a hundred children souls that were passing on.
Counting - When Jennora is nervous she counts to ten, then repeats.

So begins...

Jennora's Story