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"I seal my deals with a kiss, if you can't be gay for ten seconds then just walk away"

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a character in “Threads of Salvation”, as played by VisualPenetration



Rakan and Xayah By Instalok
Dialogue Color:1BD3E8Thought Color:535BFF






ะ˜ฮฑะผษ›: Rakan Goldenburg

ฮ”ษขษ›: Rakan couldn't possibility remember his exact birth date however he will state the human population has "restart" their date clock many times

วคษ›ะธโˆ‚ษ›ั:Male, however he may cross-dress from time to time.

า’ฮฑcษ› ฦ†โ„“ฮฑฮนะผ:Uta From Tokyo Ghoul

ะ˜ฮนcฮบะธฮฑะผษ›ฦจ: RED is a famous Nickname for him, because his eyes are the same color as blood, red.

ฦงษ›ฯฐส‹ฮฑโ„“ ฦคษ›ัา“ษ›ัษ›ะธcษ›: "If it has the correct holes it must be right, right?" Honestly, he could care less, he has never put a label on his Sexual preference, then again he hasn't had many lovers.

ฦงฯษ›cฮนษ›ฦจ: Yokai, to other Yokais he is known as "Red"



ฦ–ะธั‚ษ›ัษ›ฦจั‚ฮนะธษข า’ฮฑcั‚ฦจ

โˆš Listening to the sound of water drop slowly or blood drop slowly
โˆš The rain, the sound, the visual effects and the feeling all bring him a sort of joy
โˆš Coffee, even though it gives him a bad stomach ache if he drinks too much or too fast.
โˆš Smiling, he prefers anyone, whether they are a demon or not to be in a positive mood around him.
โˆš Shopping, preferably for women.

โœ˜Stupid Questions
โœ˜ Humans that try to get out of their deal once their contract is up
โœ˜ Confrontation, he will avoid it at all costs.
โœ˜ Large Bodies of water, oceans, seas etc.
โœ˜ He doesn't like that he can't pick out what his tattoo looks like when a contract is made.

โ‡Š Narcissist, really only cares about himself, if it doesn't benefit him then it's not going to happen.
โ‡Š He is missing the top part of his left ear, it got chewed off by a Hellhound, but it could have been a normal dog, he was very drugged that day, and by his own free will..
โ‡Š He often forgets things, he could have just said "Go clean your room" and he won't remember saying it.

ฦฌฮฑโ„“ษ›ะธั‚ฦจ:โ™ฆ Video Gaming- Rakan loved the 2000's video gaming concepts and if he can still find a working one he will play til his hearts content.
โ™ฆ Mixed Emotions- Not only will Rakan leave you confused about whether your on his good side or bad side, he often portraitists several different emotions, leaving everyone he interacts with to question his true feelings.
โ™ฆ Communication- Although he is a yokai, he does have excellent communication skills, however he is very blunt so it may not come out very nice.
โ™ฆ Guitar-He can play the guitar! Amazing, right?!

ฦงั‚ัษ›ะธษขั‚ะฝฦจโ‡ž Survivalist- Rakan has had to live on his own without souls for what could seem like a lifetime to any normal yokai, however with a lot of mental training he was able to learn what it took to survive in many different conditions. Over time he learned he only needed a few souls a year to survive peacefully and stably, however when he gets angry he is known to go on massive murder sprees.
โ‡ž Great Reflexes- It's one thing to be a yokai, having pretty much better senses than a human but when you learn to control not only your surroundings but your inner core, great reflexes become a work of art. Rakan has saved many wine bottles from being destroyed by clumsy humans.
โ‡ž Illusions- Mind games are one thing, but making a human believe their entire life is a lie is devlish, that's why Rakan loves playing with human's memories and making them see or hear things that are not really there.
โ‡ž Contracts-He won't EVER admit to it, but probably one of the only reasons he hasn't off'ed himself by now would be for his contracts, he lives to get as many souls as he can, in order to stay at the top of the food chain with the one who taught him, he must gather has many souls within yokai contracts.

ฦœษ›ฮฑฮบะธษ›ฦจฦจษ›ฦจโ‡Ÿ Laziness Rakan is truly a lazy person, he will often zone a person out or fall asleep mid-conversation.
โ‡Ÿ Sex Appeal After all Rakan is still male, he has emotions he doesn't understand, but tries to stay away from flashy women, in other words, he is very easy.
โ‡Ÿ Aiming Rakan doesn't always have the best aim due to a permanent tear in his left shoulder blade, he strictly relays on Illusions for self defense
โ‡Ÿ Stubborn He doesn't really like that he has a "Boss" because he always told himself he would never work for anyone, however following an order exactly the way his "Boss" requests isn't usually his style. Unless it's strongly suggested, he will get the job done but on his own terms.

า’ษ›ฮฑัฦจโœกLoneliness the fear of being alone for too long or dying alone, even though most of his life he spent alone he just wants to be remembered by someone when he is gone.
โœกBetrayal Many times, humans will try to buy themselves more time when their contract is up, or make another deal or even try to kill him to get out of their deal. He could have killed the humans when they summoned him instead of making a deal with them, having a human try to cross him after a contract is made up is one of the most selfish things humans do.
โœกBecoming Human Not once in his life has he ever wished to be anything other than yokai, however the thought that "anything can happen" always lingers in the back of his mind, what if he has to become human one day?
โœกGoing Crazy It's just a matter of time before Rakan loses interest in life all together, the possibility of him going insane is high unless he can find something to live for.



6'9, he often runs into everything
Surprising Rakan is light as a feather, weighing in around 190, not nearly the weight he should be for his height.
He has black messy hair that is usually tied back away from his skinny shoulders. Part of his head is completely shaved down to the skin, he prefers it this way and will complain if it grows out too fast.
Rakan's eyes do not have one trace of white in them, inside you will peer into a darkness with a tint of blood red pupils that will pull your soul from your body.
า’ฮฑcฮนฮฑโ„“ า’ษ›ฮฑั‚ส‹ัษ›ฦจ:
Rakan has a long face with strong high cheek bones and a skinny jaw. He is missing the upper left part of his ear, he lost it in a dog fight that he claims is with a hell hound but was just a normal dog.
ฦคสฦจะฝฮนcฮฑโ„“ า’ษ›ฮฑั‚ส‹ัษ›ฦจ:
Standing at 6'9 and weighing out to 190, Rakan can almost always be found shirtless. He hates the feeling of clothing wrapped around his chest, or anything wrapped around his chest for that matter. When forced to wear clothing, or when his nipples feel like they are about to freeze off he will dress up in a suit and tie get up. When he works in the local bar he wears a steam punk suit, and when at his dwelling he calls home he walks around in a light pair of sweat pants and his hair down.



Rakan's memory only really starts with when he first woke as demon, how he got there, when he got there and how he was made is all a blur to him. One can only hear so many stories about how they really came to be so many times before they start believing every story is twisted and made up to someone else's interests. The young yokai started off making simple contracts, while forcefully taking souls. He didn't know much about making deals with humans or how it all worked, he just knew that's what he was supposed to be doing. Eventually he learned the hard way that there are in fact rules to a contract and a certain way that a contract is supposed to work. He knew eventually someone would come for him and set him right, and someone did come eventually.

That's when Rakan met William, a yokai that gave him chills just to stand next too. William was sent to "set Rakan straight", originally he was supposed to die on that day, but for whatever reason whether it was pity or mercy, William taught Rakan how to properly go through with a contract, eventually Rakan was given certain contracts. He was only allowed to take those certain contracts from William, he couldn't yet take on his contracts until William thought Rakan was ready. After Rakan's 400th birthday rolled around William decided that it was time to let Rakan go. Of course this still meant that if William had a contract that he needed Rakan to take, Rakan was summoned on the spot, however Rakan could freely come and go as he pleased and eventually started to make his own contracts.

After the 2000's ended Rakan decided he needed to pick a place to 'settle down' in, preferably close to William just in case his mentor was in grave danger. As the two aged together, Rakan had a sort of little brother bond with William, he was never sure if William felt the same way, but Rakan desperately believed that William was in fact "getting old" and needed "protecting" even though William was usually the one that dragged Rakan out of grave danger.

Rakan decided to settle down on a plot of land that he bought from William with an entire fleet of Russian soldiers souls he had collected on a previous adventure. The center of the plot was a medimum sized lake with clear crystal blue water. Blue, Pink and purple coral were visable around and under the waterfall that looked naturally placed at the far right side of the lake. Gleaming metal and glass houses surrounded the almost fantasy like lake. There was only one way into the house and a back door that only led to the lake, little did most know there was a underground passage into the forest that surrounded his plot, the same forests that attached to William's backyard. Rakan will often quote his house being a tree house in William's backyard.

While settling down, Rakan got into gambling for souls, once he became really good at gambling it was easy for him to pick up contracts without ever having to make the actual deal with the humans. Gambling for souls is really gambling for contracts. Many of the tattoos that cover Rakan's body are contracts, they appear and disappear daily as his own employees take on contracts for him and close the contract when the time is up. For him it is a painful process that he doesn't like to talk about.

His most recent contract is with a girl named Xayah, her contract was dropped in his lap because her previous yokai had a debt with Rakan, in the end Rakan still killed him, but the contract was still dumped in his lap. He remembered thinking her name was so funny, however when he met her he couldn't help but smile, she was so broken inside that there was almost a sense of revenge in her eyes.



ฦฒะธโˆ‚ษ›ั ฦฌะฝษ› ัฆฮฑฦจฮบ

โ˜ƒ Lazy--Rakan is very lazy, he will sleep for a good majority of the day if he doesn't have to fight to stay alive or have important errands to run on. Usually he doesn't make contracts that invole him to be very active, however because he is a very good gambler he often acquires contracts that he has no idea what the contacts are about. Most of the time it doesn't play out in his favor, often times he gets contracts with humans that are too young to really know what life is about. โ˜ƒ Joker--Rakan loves to tell jokes, say things that probably should be kept in his head and share too much information about himself. He may be impossible to get along with at first however he jokes around and picks on almost everyone. Part of the reason may be because he wants to see how far he can go before your lid pops off the bottle or to see if he can actually get along with someone. โ˜ƒ Manipulative-- Even though Rakan has a lot of really good qualities he is not human, he does not have good intentions. He is extremely self centered, he will only do something if it benefits him. He will trick anyone into believing whatever it is he is trying to do without lying to them at the same time. โ˜ƒ Stubborn-- Rakan is extremely stubborn, he will never do something for someone out of the "kindness" of his heart, he also only believes his way is the right way. He doesn't like waiting, he is super impatience and if he could he would sleep forever.โ˜ƒ Depressive When a human gets really depressed they stay in bed for a day, when Rakan gets super depressed, angry or confused by his emotions he will go on violent outbursts. Getting him to cheer up afterwards is nearly impossible unless you bake really good cupcakes and don't mind snakes. โ˜ƒ Manic Mood Swings-- Rakan often swings from one mood to the next in under fifty seconds, and usually they are very intense emotions, however if he feels embarrassed by it he won't let you see those certain emotions. โ˜ƒ Easy going-- As stated above, Rakan is very easy. As in, even though he tries not to have intimate relations with anyone, his weakness is the female body. He is what a human would call "easy" โ˜ƒ Hot Headed-- Confrontation isn't Rakan's best suit, he doesn't like arguing and will walk away from a situation that is causing him extreme stress or anger. If he loses his control he may hurt or kill whoever had the balls to piss him off, he isn't the best at controlling violent thoughts or emotionsโ˜ƒ Loner-- The company of himself is really the only company he enjoys, he can become very lonely after a while but he has gone decades being alone, he know he can do it again if need be. โ˜ƒ Tiredness-- Along with being lazy, Rakan never seems to get enough sleep no matter how much he naps. He thinks it could be because the amount of souls he has digested but he was told that thinking that way was always an old wife's tall tale. โ˜ƒ Day Dreamer-- Rakan day dreams about taking over the world or having many contacts at once but knows he would never be able to handle the reality.



ะ„ฯฐั‚ัฮฑ ฦ–ะธา“ฯƒัะผฮฑั‚ฮนฯƒะธ

Rakan made two yokai children for a contract with Chelsea, when she died he had to take them under his wing, they were supposed to be grown up but he forgot that he couldn't just make yokai babies that would grow normally, so Chelsea had to raise babies for the full 20 years she got with them. Damien(Face Claim: Aladdin from Magi) and Te-Fiti(Face claim:Kisaragi azur lane) are 4 in human years and appear to have the mindset of human children that know they are different from all the time that they spent with their human mother and never really aging. However they still had the understatement that they were different from their mother. Te-Fiti is small, fragile, shy and she adores butterflies. She won't talk to strangers and often hides from them, she finds William's company to be quite terrifying and really doesn't like anyone other than her father. Damien refuses to believe Rakan is his father, and will often question that theory. He is very dissident and will call everyone mean names like 'stinky'
ะฏฯƒะผฮฑะธั‚ฮนc ฦ–ะธั‚ษ›ัษ›ฦจั‚:"This probably isn't the best idea" At the current moment in time he has no romantic interest in mind, however he flirts with almost anyone he see's if he is in a good mood. However he really only goes after female adults, seeing as there are none around.. He won't be getting intimate with anyone.

So begins...

Rakan's Story