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Three Teacups Full of Fairy Dust



a part of Three Teacups Full of Fairy Dust, by WendyDarling.

Welcome to Wonderland! Where nothing makes sense, and sense makes nothing!

WendyDarling holds sovereignty over Wonderland, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

312 readers have been here.

Copyright: The creator of this roleplay has attributed some or all of its content to the following sources:


Carroll's creation, with some liberties taken.
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Welcome to Wonderland! Where nothing makes sense, and sense makes nothing!


Wonderland is a part of Worlds of Wonder.


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Character Portrait: Peter Pan Character Portrait: Alice Kingsley
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Wendy held her aching head, eyes closed, standing up slowly. Why was she so sore? The ground had been an adequate cushion to save her bones but not a kind one, and she could feel the twinge in her muscles. The weight of her pack was still on her back, her sword around her waist, so at least the trip through the mirror stolen that. She would have been extremely upset. Opening her eyes slowly, she winced and slammed them shut again. How did Alice stand it?

The world around her was full of color, too full, as if a neon-happy god had saturated the landscape with one tone after the next, cheerfully blending them in mad combinations. Mushrooms taller than trees and houses just couldn't be normal. Wonderland. Well, bugger it all. What had gone wrong? Slowly, Wendy opened her eyes again, wishing she'd thought to bring along sunglasses. She'd ruled them as an unnecessary frivolousness in Neverland, but she would have been grateful for the adjustment help in this place. Closing her eyes and rubbing them with her fist, she opened them again.

A cat appeared, spoke some words, and disappeared, right next to her. That just wasn't right. Wide-eyed, Wendy tried to get her bearings as the words Alice had spoken to them slowly filtered from her ears to her brain. Jabberwocky blood would get them to Neverland? She'd heard Alice talk about it before, and her own experiences with the liquid, but Wonderland was a place completely unfamiliar to her. Yet again Wendy was forced to acknowledge the difference between stories and life, and it wasn't an easy difference in this specific occasion.

It was one thing to agree to go to Neverland. The devil you know, and all that. But Wonderland? What if they became stuck in this topsy-turvy place? Wendy had no doubt that in time she could get at least some handle on how things worked here, but it would be a lot of time and it would drive her mad in the figuring out. Thinking back, though, Neverland wasn't exactly logical, but since she'd been a child there she'd simply accepted its quirks as fact and had adapted, as children do. Adapting to Wonderland as an adult would be an entirely different thing, and she'd have to rely on Alice, for a change. Curiouser and curiouser, as her friend would say.

"Wonderland. This is... unexpected," Wendy said, unmoving in an attempt to make her head stop hurting. "Peter, are you all right? Alice, you're the expert here. Where to next?"


3 Characters Present

Character Portrait: Peter Pan Character Portrait: Wendy Moira Angela Darling Character Portrait: Alice Kingsley
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"Peter, calm down." Wendy said, coming up behind him. "We'll get there. Alice knows this place and its people, and I know her well enough to know that whatever went wrong did not happen because Alice was trying to keep you away from Neverland. She has a good heart, Peter, and she knows it's important to you." She put her left hand on his shoulder. "It will all be ok. You know me, Peter, once I choose a course of action nothing can stop me, we're both that stubborn, and we will find Neverland again.

Sliding her hand down to tug lightly at his upper arm, she started to follow Alice. "Come on, Peter. Let's get this sorted. I don't know about you, but this place is odd and I don't want to be without a guide." Out of curiousity, as she started into the woods, she pulled out a compass from her pack. The needle stayed in one spot, but after a moment it started whirling back and forth, left and right, and then just started spinning quickly.

"Well this was no help," she muttered, putting it back into her backpack. She wondered how anyway found their way in Wonderland, it didn't seem to make any sense, the compass didn't work, and cats could disappear. Going into her pack again, she pulled out a small bag and something else, wrapped in bright paper. The woods tried to grasp at her, so she shook them off and turned towards Peter a little as they walked.

"Here's a snack," she said, pushing the little bag at Peter. "Put it into your pocket if you want, but I know you get cranky when you're hungry. And... here." She said, handing him the wrapped gift. "I was going to wait until your birthday, or whenever we got around to celebrating your return in Neverland and your coronation--yes, I knew you'd have one--but I might as well give it to you now."

Wendy hoped he liked it. While back in the world of her birth, and shopping, she'd been unable to resist the urge to pick up the gift. Saying it had called to her was a bit dramatic, but it had caught her eye and imagination and refused to let go. In the wrapping was a small dagger with a silver hilt, plain in comparison to Wendy's sword, but well-balanced and sharp for all that. The one decoration it did have was a small engraving in the blade, "Audeo." Latin for, 'I dare.' She couldn't help but buy it for Peter, and now that they were in Wonderland instead of Neverland she wanted to make sure that he was armed. She could have let him borrow her own sword, but Peter was also very good with daggers and, frankly, she liked her sword too much to give it back. In Neverland he could get his own sword again, but for now, he would at least have something to defend himself and it would cheer him to be able to slash at things, unless he'd changed very much. Hopefully Wonderland wasn't dangerous any more, like Neverland was on occasion, but it was always better to be prepared, especially because Wendy had no idea what to expect from the place other than what she'd heard of in Alice's stories.