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Rosa Lilium


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a character in “Through My Eyes”, as played by xLevesquex


Rosa Lilium


Oh No! (2nd Version) | Marina and the Diamonds
EDIT: Treasured Memories (Extended) | Kingdom Hearts

Name: Rosa Lilium

Role: Recruited Regular Mage

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Type Of Magic: Celestial Spirit Mage

Sexuality: Pansexual

Romantic Interest: N/A

Height: 5' 5"

Weight: 120lbs.

Face Claim: Mashiro Shiina


Hair Color: Very light blonde

Eye Color: Oddly enough, red

Skin Tone: Pale

Build: Curvy


Personality: || Curious || Absent-minded || A little stupid but smart || Blunt/Honest || Seemingly Quiet || Really clumsy ||

  • Cats ~ Rosa have an extremely odd love for cats. She doesn't understand why she feels so strongly about them, but it's just her way of learning.
  • Math ~ Although she doesn't understand it most of the time, she finds it quite fascinating and does it in her free time. She even memorized a few numbers of pi.
  • Cooking ~ Rosa is the perfect definition of a terrible cook. Just like her mother, she's just not suited to being a housewife. She doesn't understand cooking, just isn't made for it, but she still loves doing it.
  • Having Friends ~ Rosa admires people. No matter the difficulty she's had with people in the past, she just loves having people that can understand her, since she doesn't even understand what it is to understand things.
  • Visiting her father ~ It brightens her mood right up and she gets really happy when she's around him. Though she won't forget what he was like in the past, she's definitely learned how to forgive him.
  • Art ~ Art is one thing that Rosa does understand. She is quite the artsy young lady and she'll paint, draw, sculpt, etc., whenever she can.

  • Singing in front of others ~ It reminds her of the time when her father basically forced her to sing in front of a crowd and the first time she felt incredibly embarrassed.
  • Waking up early ~ She almost always arrives at the guild later than everyone else.
  • Getting sick ~ Rosa is very prone to illness, and always has been. It's really starting to get old.

  • Singing ~ Not a very useful talent, I know. But she's good and that's that.
  • Artistic skills ~ Rosa is very artistic and always has been.

  • Stupidity ~ I'm going to put this as bluntly as Rosa herself would put it... she's stupid. Well, it's not that she's stupid, she just doesn't understand anything. And she won't ask for help when she doesn't understand something too.
  • Head tilting ~ This is less of a flaw and more of a habit. Almost like a small critter, when Rosa is confused or questioning someone, she'll tilt her head slightly.
  • Prone to illness ~ Rosa can very easily get sick and has been that way since she was younger.

  • Neglect ~ Rosa really doesn't like the idea of neglect at all, it reminds her of unpleasant memories.
  • Falling in love ~ Corny, right? Well, Rosa's first love was chewed up and she still blames herself. Healthy love life, am I right?
  • Living on the streets ~ I know, I know. This sounds awfully selfish, but living on the streets is not fun. She'd know.


Family: Mother ~ Unknown
Father ~ Alive, but very ill

Bio: Rosa didn't have a horrible, completely traumatizing past, but she certainly had a terrible one. Her mother was always away for work when she was younger and she was constantly at home with her dad. It was almost like her dad was the housewife and her mother was the husband. For the first few years of her life, Rosa was loved more by her father than by her mother. She would always be cheerful when her mother came home, even if it was only for a day. But she had that same happiness with her father every single time her told her he loved her, so Rosa's mother sometimes felt jealous that she wasn't around her growing daughter more. So she decided that she didn't love her husband anymore.

When Rosa was 5, her father found out that Rosa's mother was cheating. And it wasn't anything new. They started fighting a lot after that and her father began drinking. He became colder and colder, and even if his warm side tried giving Rosa attention, it never really ended well. He got really emotional and awkward and ended up spilling all his problems onto the young girl. She was too young to understand all this fighting and emotions and in the end, she never really ended up understanding anything. Rosa's mother and father got a divorce and yet again, she was confused. No one was really there to explain to her how things like this worked, because both of her parents were too busy with other stuff.

Since the divorce, Rosa have never seen her mother since. Her father continued drinking and eventually ended up neglecting her altogether. Once in a while, she'd try talking to him but he'd burst into tears or go on an angry rant. Rosa would listen and try to reassure him but then he'd just forget the next day and begin drinking again. Through out her school years, Rosa was almost just as lonely as she was at home. She was always neglected all the students around her because "she had no emotions". Rosa had emotions, she had them full well. She just never understood them and she had no one to help her understand. When Rosa was 9, her father got fired. When she found out that her father sold her paintings, she felt so betrayed and angry, but he convinced her that he had his reasons, so she believed him. It was almost like Rosa had a lock on her heart.

Don't get confused, Rosa does have emotions. And she will show her emotions once in a while, now that she's beginning to understand them better, but she just doesn't see why she was to look happy when she feels normal, or why she should let anyone know that she's sad. Rosa grew up comforting her father but he never told her why. Why, would he cry when it he was just under the influence of alcohol? Was it even real emotions? Rosa had, and still has, so many questions left unanswered. After her dad starting selling her paintings for money, she decided that that was what she was good at. Rosa started drawing and painting and sculpting even more and more, and it's almost like they were living off of that. One day, a woman came up to her and asked if she could use one of her sculptures in a art gallery. Rosa accepted and she accepted the money that came with it. Rosa was always controlled by her father and honestly didn't mind. So when he told her to kindly hand over all the hard-earned money she gained from the painting. And guess what he used it on? Useless crap.

Since Rosa was younger, she's always sung beautiful melodies to herself, whether it be in the shower or just because she wants to. However, she never sings in front of others. When her father accidentally heard her, oh so talented singing voice when she was 11, he always decided to place her on the streets for money. Rosa didn't know why, but she felt embarrassed for the very first time in her in her life. In the end, Rosa couldn't do it and she cried for the first time in her life. Her father actually felt sympathy for her, so he chose not to make her do that anymore. He was finally starting to realize that although his sweet little girl was doing such a good job at hiding her emotions, they were still there.

A month after they started bonding again, Rosa's father became VERY ill. She couldn't do anything about it and she was scared. She was scared, and she had no one for real. Rosa started anonymously paying for his hospital bills and was discovered later. The people from the hospital investigated even further and found out that she was living alone, now that her father was in the hospital. Rosa hated the idea of living in a new house, but she also discovered that her father would be supported further if she moved into a wealthy family. So, she agreed.

Rosa moved in and the people in the house actually loved her. It was a really big family, but they all considered her as their daughter or even a younger sister. Rosa couldn't help but have a happy feeling and blush every time they complimented her. Her feelings and emotions were starting to show itself. However, they were taking baby steps. When Rosa was happy, she'd only smile for a few moments. When she was sad, she just stuck to her normal quiet self. When she was angry, she quietly pouted. The people in her household were noticing that she started opening up to them, and they were all happy. Except for one person.

Rosa's adoptive mother did not appreciate the fact that they had yet another child in her house, and she certainly didn't like that this one wasn't her own. She never looked at Rosa, even when they were talking. And if she was, she looked down on her. Rosa hardly noticed this though, because of all the love she received from everyone else. Now, Rosa was 13 years old and she felt like she had a pair of eyes on her quite often. She ignored it at first, but she also began noticing that there was actually someone watching her.

Don't worry, it wasn't anything serious. It was just a girl, one of Rosa's "sisters". She was 15 years old and she never really socialized with Rosa before. She was spunky and had an attitude, but Rosa became very close to her. Rosa discovered that she was an outcast at school as well. They began to bond, and Rosa realized that she was developing more than sisterly love towards this girl. Rosa was so confused at first, because the only love she ever felt before was familial love. Rosa also soon discovered that she didn't care about appearance or age, but that what was inside was the only thing that mattered to her. Her sister was experienced in fire magic and Rosa admired the fact that she could perform magic very much.

Rosa did some research on guilds and came across some newspapers and books about a certain guild. And that guild was called Fairy Tail. Rosa dug even deeper and found out that the guild went downhill. Rosa was very interested in a particular girl and her keys. To be perfectly honest, Rosa had no faith in her ever being able to do any actual magic. She thought that getting keys and being able to summon creatures that you could actually communicate with and be around. It'd be like she had her own celestial family. Little did Rosa know, her adoptive family completely disapproved of guilds and magic of any sort, and that's why her sister kept it a secret.

When Rosa started telling her "siblings", they questioned her. They told her not to speak of it again and surprise surprise, Rosa just didn't understand. So, she made the mistake of telling her adoptive mother. She was livid. She even used it as an excuse to get Rosa out of the house for good. Her adoptive father forgave her that one time, but he looked at Rosa differently from that day on. Rosa just didn't get it. Why was her new family so touchy on the subject? Curious Rosa wanted to discover more, so she asked her beloved sister. However, she could barely get close to her without stuttering or shaking. Rosa knew what this love was and apparently her sister caught on as well. They began to have a secret relationship and she ended up telling Rosa everything.

Rosa's adoptive parents' very first child was a magician. They didn't approve, but he didn't care. He wanted to see the world and discover new possibilities, so he left. It's been 5 years since his disappearance and he left not even a trace of where he went. Rosa set herself a new goal with her beloved. She wanted to help find their long lost brother and bring him back. So, when Rosa was 14, they decided to escape together, leaving nothing but a note.

The note told them about their secret relationship and what they planned on doing. Rosa had only collected one key and it was a walking cauldron. Useless, right? Well, she soon discovered it could be used for many things. Cooking (which she couldn't do), hiding, talking to, bathing and more! Just when Rosa and her beloved thought that everything was going well, Rosa found out that her "family" had stopped paying for her father's hospital bills, so she wanted to go back to the town she had just left. Her girlfriend did not approve of this and got angry. They promised to leave the past behind no matter what came up, but Rosa was willing to break that promise to be with her dying father. For the first time since she was a toddler, Rosa became furious.

Rosa yelled and yelled at her girlfriend and left her. She just pushed her out of her life and went back. Rosa didn't know if she would ever see her again, but she did know that she made a huge, huge mistake. So, she decided to go back and apologize. However, she'd already packed her bags and she wasn't in their camping area anymore. Rosa searched the forest for hours, until she found her. Well, she found her body.

Rosa couldn't talk, breathe, or even react at all in that moment when she seen the bloody, chewed corpse of her first love on the ground. Rosa panicked and grabbed her, thinking that she could still save her. She traveled back through the forest, which took a good hour. But she wouldn't give up. Her girlfriend would be okay, she would be someone's hero, just like her adoptive family was to her. By the time Rosa approached a town, 3 hours had passed. She tried getting the best medics to save her girlfriend, but it was clear to even them that she was long dead. Rosa couldn't handle this and blamed only herself. She freaked and screamed for hours and hours. However, she didn't cry. She wasn't ready to let go of her. Rosa's throat was completely swelled from screaming so much, she couldn't even talk anymore. It's not like she wanted to anyways.

Rosa eventually went back to her town and sold all of her artwork that she had ever done in her life. She gathered all the money and put it all into money for her father's hospital bill. Rosa lived on the streets for so long, and she never had an expression. She wasn't ever happy or sad, she was lost. She lost one of the most important things in her life and she was convinced that it was her fault. Rosa eventually stopped talking. She would visit her father, but she wouldn't say a word. She just sat by his hospital bed and held his weak hand while all he could do was be confused and depressed.

When Rosa was 16, she found out that hospital bills were becoming to be a problem again. Rosa may have stopped believing in her life, but she still wanted her father's life to have some sort of meaning to it. She considered selling her body and bluntly told her father this, but he got extremely angry. It was the very first time that he had gotten angry directly at her. Rosa immediately realized that doing that would just be the easy way out. She also came to realize that her life was just as important after the angry lecture she received from her father. Rosa remembered her goal in life. She wanted to help build Fairy Tail back up and become the best Celestial Mage out there.

Rosa couldn't really do much, since she was a homeless girl with only a cauldron celestial spirit. Rosa was so lost so she tried painting again. However, she didn't have an easel or paper, so she resorted to graffiti when she found a spray bottle on the ground one day. It was cheering her up and giving her inspiration, so she decided to practice fighting. Rosa would go out into the forest and practice fighting with trees (my ideas are cool, hush.) and doing exercise's to strengthen her body. Luck crossed her path as she discovered a key that was literally buried slightly under the dirt. And who did the key previously belong to? You guessed it.

Rosa found Lyra, a celestial meant for entertainment purposes. It was almost like Rosa's only friend (other than the stray animals on the street and her celestial cauldron spirit). Rosa became used to having Lyra around and they became very close, but it wasn't enough. Rosa wasn't achieving anything. She wanted to perform on stage for money, but she was far too shy. Lyra then offered and Rosa couldn't turn her down, even if she wanted to. She was in, what we call a "pickle".



Spell List:
Rosa is a Celestial Mage, therefore she doesn't have any spells. She does have keys though. So far, she only has three and none of them are apart of the Zodiac, which upsets her. So far, that is Rosa's main goal. However, she was lucky enough to stumble upon one of Lucy's previous keys, The Lyre Other than singing, Lyra is mostly useless, but Rosa still feels honored to have one of Lucy's keys around her neck at all times. Next, Rosa has a walking cauldron that she literally found on the ground on her 14th birthday. This is the very first key that Rosa came across. It's used for multiple things like cooking (which she can't do), hiding, talking to, bathing in and more! Sounds fun, right?! Third is a fox. Well, not quite. She's a young fox teenager. To be perfectly honest, this is probably the rarest key that Rosa has obtained. There are many more animal keys out there, but has yet to collect them. The young fox's name is Zorra, which means fox in Spanish but also... other things. Zorra is actually quite ashamed of her name, so she has people simply call her "Zoh". Zorra is probably the most useful spirit that Rosa has at the moment, even though she's just a young teen. Zorra is very fast and stealing is in her nature, so she can steal is Rosa wanted her to, but Rosa hasn't asked her yet. Zorra has a large amount of stamina and can hide easily, though she certainly is not that strong or flexible. She will love you if you feed her and has a cute, almost irresistible face.

Rosa also has two weapons that she keeps with her at almost all times. She has flying claws often tied around her belt and the finger can spread themselves then hook onto whatever it's grabbing onto except for metal or iron because it can't dig it's claws into it and a three section staff on her belt too and it can be turned into a straight staff.

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So begins...

Rosa Lilium's Story

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*Can't find any other pictures for Lina! May add one later if I find on!

The young and childish looking guild master was, as always, up and early at the guild once again. It was basically her duty to come to the guild every day, seeing how it was now passed down onto her, and so being late wasn't something she liked. Besides, precision is something she used to think a guild master had to be, and to be honest, she still does in some way.

She sat in the infirmary, checking up on one of the guild members that had been injured in their last mission they took. She sat opposite on the bed of them and was swinging her feet off the edge, especially because of how short she was, "I told you that taking on that mission was a bad idea..." Lina sighed, peering an eye open at one of them through the cloth that dangled in front of her eyes.

One of the three guild members grinned and said while lifting up his broken arm, "No problem, Master! It's just a little crack is all! Give me a week and I'll definitely recover for the next one!"

"No you won't!" The woman replied with a small whack to his head, "You could have gotten killed when we fought that dragon! Do you hear me!"

"Yes, Mom." The young man said with a roll of his eyes and a mischievous look on his face.

"Don't take any punishments on them, Lina..." The final older man said, seeming to be much more mature compared to the other two guild members in his party.

The small guild master managed to giggle a bit at the three's behavior and said, "I won't. But really, don't go doing anything foolish, understand? And in the mean time, you shouldn't be moving too much with a broken arm, that includes you too, Fae. Not to mention there's also-"

Lina was cut off when the woman nodded and said, "Don't worry, Master. We know, this is the third time you've recited your speech to us."

"So I see." Lina smiled at them and hopped of the bed, heading outside the small infirmary inside the small Fairy Tail Guild, "Get well soon, you three, alright?" She asked as they responded with a cheerful 'Yup' while she closed the door to see the large dining room of Fairy Tail.

The guild had been shrunken down ever since her father's reign over it, and most of the old guild members had a gloomy and melancholic look on their faces. Half of the people sitting in the room looked ill, like they had to throw up from seeing something horrible and the rest were laughing and grinning with their new family. Lina was unsure if she was supposed to be proud of her work so far, or if she wasn't working hard enough.


Iris was already at the tables in the dining room, a cup of alcohol in her hands as she swirled it around, boringly. Her dull red eyes looked at the liquid as it moved in circles and couldn't help but stare at it for the following 10 minutes. Its not that she was bored, but more like... she just didn't know what to do. But there was a difference between that and boredom.

Not only that, but there were new recruits, new guild members, and they all looked entirely happy about joining the guild, but most of the older members, well... they didn't look to pleased. Some of the older members even brought themselves to quit Fairy Tail once the younger mages flooded in, but for some reason, as much as Iris now has a hatred for it, she hasn't brought herself to quitting just yet.

"Why... I wonder..." She muttered to herself, putting down the glass and deciding not to drink it at the moment since she was in no mood for drinking any alcohol, even though she had just gotten herself some. She glanced around the room again, skipping all the new and old faces, not wanting to meet anyone just yet, and brought herself to the bulletin board, where many missions were hung by small pins.

Being an S-Class, they were all far too easy for Iris to complete, even if she was alone, though there was one that interested her a little bit as it involved leaving Magnolia. Seeing how Iris hadn't been out of Magnolia very often, it'd be nice to try and get out again, "This one looks suiting." She said to herself and began to read the details, still uncertain if she really wanted it or not.