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Zizia Windholm

Picker of red blossoms.

0 · 328 views · located in Azmar Village

a character in “Through New Eyes”, as played by TheMegaMeowstic


Name: Zizia Windholm

Nickname: Z2 (pronounced "Zeze")

Age: 16

Looks: Zizia has pale skin and wavy blonde hair that comes down just below her shoulders, with dark brown tips. She has soft brown eyes, rather large for someone like her. She wears a black crop top and slim gray jeans. She also wears brown flip-flops made of a cork-like material. She has a tattoo of two golden flowers on her left wrist. Zizia is also left-handed, and wears a silver choker made of tiny chain links.
As a Pokemon, Zizia is a Leafeon. She resembles a normal Leafeon, however, her eyes are a lighter shade of brown and her leaf-like tail and ears are more yellowish. She still wears her choker, although it is hidden underneath her fur.

Personality: Zizia is rather rowdy and outgoing, preferring to hang out with the boys in town rather than the girls, who are usually much quieter and reserved. Part of the reason she does this is to perhaps grab a date, as she believes that one's life only begins when they have found a significant other. Despite this, Zizia admits to enjoying the calmness of nature, and loves her parents very much. She frequently helps them gather red flowers, which they use to make scented candles and soaps.

Family: Zizia has a mother and father, who love her very much and helped her choose her first Pokemon. She also has an older sister with 3 children. The entire family owns a pet Tangela, who loves to play with Zizia.

Story: Zizia was born and raised in Azmar Village. When she was 10, her parents helped her catch her very first Pokemon, a Sunkern. Zizia loved her Sunkern so much, she nicknamed it "Kerny" and played with it every day. Eventually, she evolved it into a Sunflora. At that time, she chose to begin traveling around the region, gathering red flowers and catching lots of Pokemon. After 4 months, she returned, Pokeballs in hand and a pile of red flowers in her bag. While Zizia loved exploring very much, she decided that her village was the place where she belonged and stayed there.

Pokemon: Zizia has 5 pokemon, and they are: Sunflora, Leafeon, Cherrim, Breloom, and Budew.

So begins...

Zizia Windholm's Story


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Zizia opened her eyes.

She took a breath, staring at the bundle of red flowers in front of her. They were perfectly safe - after all, she had grown up picking those blossoms from the fields that her mother tended to each day. If there were any adverse effects to being near them, she would have known already.

So why had she seen the blinding light?

The memory had been crisp and clear in her head at first, but quickly began to fade away, as she took in her surroundings.

Everything was the same as usual. Chairs were pushed in towards the table, which was covered with crumb-laden dishes - the remnants of that day's breakfast. The air smelled fresh and clear, with hints of daffodil and rose.

But for some reason, everything was larger...or had she gotten smaller?

Zizia steadied herself on her feet. The first thought that came to her mind was to check up on her Pokemon, to make sure nothing bad had happened to them.

However, when she adjusted her balance on her legs, she nearly toppled over for some reason. As Zizia turned around, she was surprised to see a leafy tail, darting around playfully.

Turning more, and craning her neck, Zizia was able to see yellowish-green fur, leaf-like ears and tail, and four tiny paws.

So she was a Leafeon now...

"Interesting," Zizia mused. She was talking to no one in particular, but it almost seemed as if she was holding a conversation. "I guess I'll have to deal with this from now on..."

((OOC: Please highlight Zizia's text in the hex code color of 006600 when she is speaking. Not sure if this is the place to add notes like this, but since I suck at BBCode and am new to forum RPs, yeah...))