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Through The Wormhole

Through The Wormhole


A National Roleplay set in the far-off reaches of space. Build and command an empire as you conquer, world by world, until none remain to oppose you. Design your race and challenge fellow RPers in a bid to control the galaxy.

720 readers have visited Through The Wormhole since Иanophяeak created it.


In the Triangulum galaxy, a massive celestial event has sent wormholes sprawling across the Local Cluster, millions of gateways to a single sector of space. One of these thousands of wormholes has landed on the doorstep of your race, and like any space-experienced being, they have sent a colony ship through it before it could collapse. Blinking as they emerge before a new sun, your race terraforms a planet and takes up residence. As you begin to set up your finer sensor equipment, you start finding the signatures of more intelligent life-forms, more races out there in the stars. Your goal is to expand. How will you go about it, now that you have so much opposition? Will you grow rich and buy each race out of it's planets? Will you be the conqueror, and build your mighty fleet to destroy the infidels? Conquer the systems, in the name of your race!

Toggle Rules

  • Each applicant must create a race for their nation, complete with a leader or leading class, public, general appearance description, ship style type, how the race is governed, and any other pertinent information they are able to come up with. The profile should be structured as such.
    • Description - Appearance of the race.
    • Personality - Government.
    • Equipment - Ship class point values (see below), ship descriptions, extraneous technology descriptions (What kind of guns, armor, propulsion, etc. that you use, will not effect roleplay).
    • History - History of race or leave blank.
      See Centurion character for an example.
  • They should accompany this submission with a post in the OOC topic to notify me that they have joined. If they do not do this, their character will not be noticed.
  • Each applicant, once I have approved their character, must make an initial IC post stating that their race has entered a neutral system through a wormhole and have begun terraforming a planet. This is the beginning stage in play, the territory grab.
  • Each roleplayer must play within the boundaries they have set for themselves in their character profile, which means that you must act as your race would perform within any given situation.
  • Each nation starts out with 10 units of resources, 4 frigates, 2 destroyers, 2 gunships, 1 cruiser, 1 battleship, and a lvl 3 planet.
  • Turns must be taken in three parts. First is the movement part, where you state where from and where to you are moving ships.
  • Taking a system gives you 20 additional units of resources and requires 2 turns to complete.
  • Each system gives you 10 RU a turn.
  • Upgrading a system requires 25 units of resources and can only be done once. A system will remain upgraded even if conquered. Upgraded systems will give an extra 5 Resource Units for an upgrade to lvl 2, and will gain ship-building capacity at lvl 3.
  • Lvl 3 planets can build ships in the following quantities, costs, and times.
    • Capital - 1 per batch, 3 turn build time, 200 RU cost.
    • Mothership - 1 per batch, 2 turn build time, 125 RU cost.
    • Dreadnaught - 2 per batch, 2 turn build time, 150 RU cost.
    • Battleship - 4 per batch, 2 turn build time, 100 RU cost.
    • Freighter - 2 per batch, 1 turn build time, 50 RU cost.
    • Cruiser - 8 per batch, 1 turn build time, 80 RU cost.
    • Gunship - 12 per batch, 1 turn build time, 40 RU cost.
    • Destroyer - 12 per batch, 1 turn build time, 35 RU cost.
    • Frigate - 24 per batch, instant build time, 10 RU cost.
    • Fighter - 32 per batch, instant build time, 8 RU cost.
  • A planet can only build one batch at a time and can only produce one batch per turn.
  • Ships have the following point values.
    • Capital - 1500
    • Mothership - 800 (attack limit, max 100)
    • Dreadnaught - 400
    • Battleship - 100
    • Freighter - 80 (attack limit, max 10)
    • Cruiser - 60
    • Gunship - 30
    • Destroyer - 18
    • Frigate - 12
    • Fighter - 8
  • Point values of ships can be assigned to the two attributes of attack and defense in varying amounts. For example, a cruiser can be set to 1 attack 59 defense, or 59 attack 1 defense, or anywhere in between.
  • To gain a claimed system, you can either fight for it or purchase it from the owner.
  • Fights can be fought in two ways:
    1. Blob attack, in which all the combined attack and defense points of your ships are compared to that of the opponent's combined points, and your attack points are subtracted from their defense points, and vice versa. If all the defense points of one side are eliminated, then that fleet is destroyed, and for the remaining fleet damage is calculated so that smaller ships are eliminated from the fleet, working upward towards larger classes.
    2. Roleplay attack, in which you can direct the attack and defense of each ship separately, emulating a commander directing his fleet. This type of attack can be used to gain advantage over a larger fleet, if you lack forces. In this method, each ship can only be used once per turn and can only attack one other ship, and a victory will take multiple turns. More strategic potential lies herein with the the ability to position your ships.
  • Conquering a system requires that you decimate it's defenses. Each system has 1,000 defense points, and you may attack it for as many turns as are required to deplete this.

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Most recent OOC posts in Through The Wormhole

Re: [OOC] Through The Wormhole

Reinforcing the point, really.

Re: [OOC] Through The Wormhole

Eski, drawn by Edelle. Thanks Edelle. This guy is a farmer. And yes they have obscenely long arms. They're herbivore knuckle-draggers who learned to use tools early on.

Re: [OOC] Through The Wormhole

@Falcon, I'm not seeing it, maybe you need to resubmit?
@Kronos, I'll accept the profile with faith you'll be giving me, at the very least, the attacks and defenses of your ships. Add descriptions and names whenever you feel ready.

Re: [OOC] Through The Wormhole

Okay, I've redone my race. With the requirements asked for.

Re: [OOC] Through The Wormhole

My profile is ready. I'll consistently update it as more ideas and polish occurs to me.

Re: [OOC] Through The Wormhole

Yeah, the chat is super messed. I'm still developing the rules, but the ones regarding character creation are up, feel free to write your profiles. There will be trade and diplomacy opportunities, so don't think you're limited to combat because it's all I have down.

Re: [OOC] Through The Wormhole

Well sorry then I'm out. Normally this would be a good change but I am in a magic kinda mood.

Re: [OOC] Through The Wormhole

Doesn't really work in my opinion. hat chat is messed up. Hey taters, still play Homeworld?

Re: [OOC] Through The Wormhole

Oh, well then that's fine then. Now, get your asses to Chamber of the Gods. Me, Kronos, and Taters are there right now discussing how the map will be set up.

Re: [OOC] Through The Wormhole

Best 3d space rts ever made. Enough said.

Re: [OOC] Through The Wormhole

What the hell is Homeworld?

Re: [OOC] Through The Wormhole

You stole so much from homeworld....

Re: [OOC] Through The Wormhole

Magic is not allowed in the slightest. Everything is expected to have a feasible-sounding scientific piece of bullshit behind it if I ask. Just make sure your ships fly and shoot and you'll be fine. Also, typical roleplay rules still apply, no godmodding, no stupids, etc.

Psheww. Okay. Since we have so many people and we're still working to establish the rules of play, I've created a room for us on the Roleplay tab chat called Chamber of the Gods. I want you guys to be on there when you can be so we can discuss how this is all going to work. Right now what I'm concerned with is ship classes.

A summary of ship classes so far.

Fighter - .1
Frigate - .25
Destroyer - 2
Gunship - 3
Cruiser - 10
Freighter - 10
Battleship - 15
Dreadnaught - 60
Mothership - 100
Capital - 150

These are the ship types and their costs. You can only spend in whole numbers, so you'd have to buy 10 fighters at a time no matter what, 4 frigs at a time as well. If you want to suggest removing or add a shiptype, or a change to their cost, meet me in the chat room. What REALLY needs to be done though, is setting the ship points. Ship points are the base number of points to dedicate to either attack or defense in a ship. Each ship will have a certain amount, then it's the choice of the RPer to decide how his race distributes the ship points to attack and defense in each class of ship. Attack is how much damage you do with a hit, and defense is how many hitpoints you have.

The sovereignty map is in progress, being made by Kronos. It'll be how we'll keep track of who owns what systems.

Re: [OOC] Through The Wormhole

Giant space spiders that can take over your mind. They also wasn't to eat your children, and you too.

Re: [OOC] Through The Wormhole

Space insect commies with biotech and copious amounts of antimatter. They will eat your children.

Re: [OOC] Through The Wormhole

I think I am interested. I'm not sure about how you are going to do this so ill make my race after I find out. Also I need to know if magic is accepted because my race would be warlocks.

Re: [OOC] Through The Wormhole

I'm certainly interested. I'm in a halo mood recently so sorry if my race turns out similar.

Re: [OOC] Through The Wormhole

Sigh. Space Romans.


Gruppen Solenergi is a resource development corporation that came through the wormhole.

The Møtet is the Colonial authority.

Avvikende are outliers. They scout ahead of the main force.

The Jeger Grupper are elite "hunter groups." They are aided by Tunge Grupper and the Luftvåpen.

A Jeger Gruppen is a self-contained Regiment.