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You will not be assimilated.

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a character in “Through The Wormhole”, as played by Иanophяeak


The Centurion race is an assembly of various robotic lifeforms, the most abundant kind being the humanoid robot type the Centurions trace as their original design, made of both organic and electronic components. Also included in the race are multiple other models, some produced by the Centurions, others refugee AI's from organic races. Regardless of model, each Centurion contains a chip that links it to the Subnet, the collective unconscious of the race; intelligent, but neither sentient or instinctual. The Subnet is a faceless, nameless entity, a philotic net of data that directs the race as the race directs itself, neither a single consciousness or multiple ones, but a representation of both. While it has communication lines of higher awareness and function, these are data streams between interacting robots separated by distance, and have little to do with the Subnet's primary operations.

Centurions reproduce by building factories and designing new models to fix minor imperfections in the existing generation, unconsciously giving feedback on errors through difficulties in performing tasks, premature deactivations, and other problems. The factories, like their ships, contain sentient AI's that direct the process, uploading relevant data into each robot as it is produced. These factories carefully maintain a level of output that matches the need for more people, never a single bot off in their production.


The Centurions are essentially an autocracy, directed by their Subnet on a level that doesn't even qualify as leadership, merely each individual given access to the same data and coming to the same conclusion as his fellows on what should be done. While this lack of a solid leader figure eliminates red tape and other such delays, it creates problems when there are multiple things to be done at once. Overspending is a common problem when two expenses arise at once and both are paid when only one can be afforded.


500 attack, 1000 defense

Gleaming brilliantly, the mirrored cylindrical hull of the Atoma floats through space, almost invisible as it reflects the void. It's meter-thick plates of rolled tungsten can take salvo after salvo for the fleet, drawing all fire while accompanying attack ships hammer down on the enemy. At it's prow, a silver cone bristling with lasers fires a round, rotates slowly as it locks onto a new target, and fires again, each burst of light the last thing an enemy ship ever sees.

25 attack, 775 defense

A shining disc wrapped around a short cylinder, the Neutroni has an air of permanence about it, it's heavy shields rippling as rounds collide with it's plasma field. In the central structure, a hole at the bottom, ringed with defensive weaponry, allows the docking and undocking of ships, the disk rotating upon the cylinder as it opens passages to a different hangar for each pilot. Above, the top of the cylinder pokes slightly out from the curve of the disk, a small line of windows allowing the Centurions within to see the battle around them, feeding a steady stream of visual data into the ship's AI to augment the information already coming from the fleet, allowing the mothership to act intelligently and bravely.

300 attack, 100 defense

Wide-bore laser cannons set upon several rotating rings are the main feature of this upright metal monolith. Protrusions along each ring house the weapons, the bumped appearance making them seem like cogs as they spin around the superstructure, each one locking and firing independently. In between the rings, windows peer out, cameras and people within giving the ship the data it needs to deliver doom to all who oppose it.


70 attack, 30 defense

There is nothing the Electrone resembles more strongly than a massive wheel rolling through space. Spokes connect it's circular hull to a central axis, upon which two large rockets, connected at 90 degree angles from the sides, give the ship the propulsion it needs. The wheel spinning in time, small lasers above every spoke fire at passing ships, the gleaming armor surrounding barely dented as it takes return fire.

5 attack, 75 defense

Spherical with a spiral surrounding, the Boson is in reality two ships too tightly interlocked to ever separate. The inner ship, a featureless mirror ball with only a rocket on one point, houses cargo for transport. The outer ship, a long tube wrapped around the center ship in a spiral with two protruding ends, spins slowly as it moves through space, shielding the precious valuables within with a small complement of lasers.

45 attack, 5 defense

The Hadron class vessel was designed to hit heavily with a single gun, something it has achieved rather well. A disk with a large hole in the middle makes up the most of the structure, with viewing portals on the front face and four large boosters upon the back. In the hole, a narrow cylinder attaches to the inner rim of the disk via two protrusions, which fit into tracks along the rim. The cylinder adjusts it's angle and rotates along these tracks as it follows it's target, the massive cannon taking up the end gathering energy before firing an awe-inspiring beam of white laser.

25 attack, 5 defense

Lepton gunships are ovoid in shape, their thin gleaming skin marred by a single line cutting through it's middle. On the prow end of this line, guns dot the rounded shape, both aiming manually and refracting off of it's own hull to use it's lasers for maximum effectiveness. At the other side, a large rocket attached at an angle to the structure sends the ship in different directions as it sends signals to the servos to help correct it's course. The entire back end of the ship rotates as the booster begins to flare, flying off perfectly.

15 attack, 3 defense

An average ship on all accounts, the Quark destroyer is a large, thin-walled cylinder housing a ball within, which moves through it on tracks. This ball houses the propulsion systems, and moves from side to side so as to change direction quickly. On the outside of the cylinder, guns peek out of the silvery hull, facing in both directions in case new foes should appear.


11 attack, 1 defense

The Gluon is strong in resemblance to it's big brother, the Hadron. Operating somewhat similarly, a cylinder fits snugly through a hole in the metal ball that makes up the frigate's main structure. Twice as long as this ball, the cylinder is fitted with the most powerful laser of it's size in the known universe, providing a blast of focused light energy so strong, it sends the cylinder that houses it flying back.


7 attack, 1 defense

The Neutrino fighter is little more than a small ball or cylinder with guns at regular intervals upon it's surface, teaming up with it's brethren to take down a larger foe.

All Centurion ships have mirrored hulls and are fitted with beam laser cannons, which use heat to melt through armor and shields in bursts of power. A common Centurion tactic is sheltering a powerful, but low-armor ship behind other ships, then using their hulls to refract a beam and hit a target it couldn't normally reach. While this strategy works well, it leaves most ships brittle and vulnerable. For this reason, a mothership often positions itself as a shield on the battlefield, sheltering smaller attack ships behind it while they refract round after round into the enemy, targeting via Subnet.

So begins...

Centurion's Story