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Chollat Ilcim (Nasjoner Erkenntnis)

A distant nation's 'Colonial Society.' The Chollat Ilcim's motto is "For Peace Requires Union.'

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a character in “Through The Wormhole”, as played by RolePlayGateway



[An average Eski stands exactly seven feet tall. His arms are four feet long. He has hands a foot long and four fingers, including thumb, which are all in inch in diameter. His legs are five feet long. His feet are prehensile. His torso is squat at only three feet tall. He is covered in bristles a quarter-inch thick. He grows a 'mane' of hair from the top of his head. He is likely to style that mane with product. His neck is thick and flush with his face, leaving no room for a discernible chin. His face is wide and flat. He has small, beady eyes and a flat nose. His as wide as his face. He has no incisors, only molars of varying sharpness. He has very little (1%-5%) body fat, necessitating that he eat often.]

The Eski are classical noble warriors. They have longstanding traditions of honor and retribution. Most Eski belong to noble houses. Those not affiliated with a house are Fyerorm, the 'Uninvolved.' Far from being "untouchables," Fyerorm are exempt from the politics of the houses and form a large portion of the Free Military.


[An average Yustade stands five feet tall. He has grayish brown skin. He has vestigial feathers growing from his upper arms. His legs are three feet long. His arms are three feet long. They terminate in five fingered hands with two thumbs. His torso is two feet high. He is very broad; his shoulders measure three feet across. His head is long and narrow. He has fully formed mandibles and a very long tongue.]


The Yuksek a 'third race.' They are barely intelligent and live in close-knit tribes. The Eski traditionally used them as slave labor before the Yustade came. Their treatment under the Eski improved drastically when the Yustade took over. Even then they found the Yuksek were the perfect manual labor. They had exceptional strength and dexterity that could be put to use rebuilding the Eski Empire. They were so useful, in fact, that the Yustade began a comprehensive breeding program to produce Yuksek that could survive on Yustade worlds.

Yukseki are ten-tentacled creatures resembling Terran octopi. They have a chitinous exoskeleton, allowing them to survive on land. Additionally, each tentacle terminates in a three-fingered manipulator.



It is hard to summarize the Nasjoner Erkenntnis's government. Over a million individuals - from heads of state to heads of households - constitute a Byzantine yet surprisingly streamlined coalition.

Chaellat Gholeil is their 96th Bakanii. He is the supreme executor of the government. Like all heads of state, he is responsible for approving military action and laws. Being an Eski, people suspect of him of influence from his family.

While the Bakanii is often accompanied by ceremony, the Deikein (congress of nations) is very low key. With 574 seats representing several dozen worlds and noble houses, it represents the people of the Nasjoner. Its chairman is the Ana Baskan.

The Bakanii is the Yüce Başkan by law. Unlike the Ana Başkan whose duties are practical (reviewing bills, organization committees, moderating disputes, ect.,) the Yüce Başkan has only two practical duties. He calls the Deikein to session and acts as a tiebreaker. The latter has happened three times in the entire 300 year history of the Nasjoner Erkenntnis.

Dealings outside the Deikein are handled by the Møtet. This small 'meeting' of colonial governors has absolute power over the untamed and unpoliced frontiers of the Nasjoner Erkenntnis. Unlike the Deikein, the Møtet has its own military and police forces. They frequently act as advisers to the Deikein in colonial affairs.

The Smlouva Vlády is the binding document of the Nasjoner Erkenntnis. The Møtet and Deikein operation under the laws proscribed by it.

Economy; forthcoming
Society; forthcoming


Planet: Forss

Forss means 'First' in High Ehskalnn. 'First' is an apt name for the Chollat Ilcim's first acquisition. Forss was chosen for livability. The planet has a wide range of biomes and several large oceans. There used to be native life before Chollat Expeditionary Skirmishers wiped out their fledgling civilization.



1st Chollat Ilcim Colonial Fleet
(1x) Type-77 FG [A4,6D]
(1x) Type-661 FGG [A25,5D]
(1x) Type-835 CC [A25,35D]
(1x) Nasser-Type Battleship [70A,30D]

2nd Chollat Ilcim Defense Fleet
(3x) Type-77 FG [A4,6D]
(2x) Type-109 DD [A10,8D]
(1x) Type-661 FGG [A25,5D]


Forsvaret Terrestrisk
Forsvaret Utenomjordisk
Forsvaret Håndheve

So begins...

Chollat Ilcim (Nasjoner Erkenntnis)'s Story