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Malturian Matriarchy

A genocidal race of telepathic arachnids.

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a character in “Through The Wormhole”, as played by RolePlayGateway


Malturias resemble giant spiders. The have eight 2 meter long legs extending from an abdomen like spokes of a wheel. Each limb has 2 digits and a single opposing digit, all the fingers are identical except for their positioning on the 'heel'. Instead of claws the carapace of the digits is jagged and covered with lots of spines, as are the legs. allowing them to grip on to anything. Like many invertebrates the Malturias have incredible muscle fibers running through each of their triple jointed legs allowing them to life objects up to four tons, four times their weight.

The legs take up most the size of a Malturia. their central body is small, and covered with a turtle like shell which they can pull there head into. The upper surface of the shell is much like their legs and digits. Allowing them to grasp any surface with any part of their body. Their exoskeleton is quite tough, and can take an unbelievable amount of force.

The head of a Malturia is a disturbing sight. A wedge shaped slight bulge at the end of the neck boasts a pair of upwards scything mandibles extending from the bottom of their mouth intended to shear through armored creature like themselves. While two more pairs of smaller mandibles, these serrated to rip flesh, sit on either side of the mouth. Inside a multitude of smaller teeth secrete digestive juices, like venom, and digest the and churns the food while inside the throat. Malturias don't have eyes, instead they have an array of antenna clustered at the top of the head. A few of these deal with smell, although the breathing system also detects smell. Most however, connected to a singular part of the Malturian's brain, are physic detectors and amplifiers. So Malturia still maintain five senses.

The giant arachnids don't breath through lungs or their mouth. instead they have two orifices on either side of the base of the neck. Instead of traveling through the lungs these 'nostrils' connect to a network of tubes, exactly like the circulatory system. A second heart, still pumping blood is specially positioned so that its movement causes changes in pressure required to move gas around the body. Like spiders, Malturias also secrete silk, although in larger quantities. Malturias use silk in similar ways to spiders also, as nesting and hunting tools. A special quality of Malturian silk is its ability to transfer psychic impulses much like a extended nervous system.


Malturias are naturally vicious, being the top predators on their home planet, they live to consume and expand. A highly primitive destiny. Although seeming like beasts, Malturias as also highly intelligent and have managed to mix primeval ways with technological advancement, all through use of psychic ability. Their ultimate construction material is their own silk, which can be marvelously shaped to almost any use. Malturias have expanded beyond their home planet after decimating all life on its surface. Now they aim to consume what like emerges beyond their solar system.

Malturias have a matriarchal structure. Their society is split into nests in which the largest female holds dominance as the queen. Relationships between nests differ, inclining to war and often cannibalism as the the surface of their planet cannot support the growing population. However, many nests have integrated. Being ruled temporarily by a commune of queens before one, invariably, takes control. The society in a nest covers the ground around it with a silken carpet. This means that the nest will be alerted with another being is detected approaching. Also, the silk allows all Malturias to maintain physic contact and work as an whole organism.


The silk of a Maltruia may change qualities depending on how it is formed. A single form of this silk is incredibility hard and compact to the degree of starship armor, which is precisely how it is utilised. Another form is also sealed against vacuum yet much weaker and flexible. A single ship contains its own central controller, nestled within the heart. The psychic properties of their silk allows an unprecedented control of all happenings on boar. Depending on the size of the ship more Malturias and their larvae are present in order to boost the psychic abilities of the ship queen.

Malturian ships have no single defined shape. Instead they are all bulbous shaped as their maker decides. Scattered all over the surface points extend, focal points of silk. These are created as psychic projectors and a charge of psychic energy transmitted to them provides either propulsion or weaponry, depending on the intention. This means that the silk balls have no front, back, or blind spots as the whole ship counts as a receptor.

There are no methods for a member of a different race, unless the race has strong psychic abilities, to tell the difference between different classes of ships apart from size. In fact the ships have no designations for the ships, able to recognise then through the controlling invertebrate.

Capital - Def: 500 Attack: 1000
Mothership - Def: 700 Attack: 100
Dreadnaught - Def: 150 Attack: 250
Battleship - Def: 40 Attack: 60
Freighter - Def: 70 Attack: 10
Cruiser - Def: 30 Attack:30
Gunship - Def: 5 Attack: 25
Destroyer - Def: 8 Attack: 10
Frigate - Def: 6 Attack: 6
Fighter - Def: 4 Attack: 4

So begins...

Malturian Matriarchy's Story