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a part of Thryth, by wcgorbust.

A large continent surrounded by seemingly endless sea. Two nations control the continent, separated by a significant sea.

wcgorbust holds sovereignty over Thryth, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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A large continent surrounded by seemingly endless sea. Two nations control the continent, separated by a significant sea.
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A large continent surrounded by seemingly endless sea. Two nations control the continent, separated by a significant sea.


Thryth is a part of Thryth.

3 Places in Thryth:

2 Characters Here

Bryson Aurgo [0] A sarcastic, smart-assed, mouth pilot with more bite than bark.... But that's why he has a tank!
Seargent Nixon "Nyx" [0] A leader of the initial stirke squadron on oasis.

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Nixon left the armory with her laser rifle, just after her squad. They were all headed back to the fighters. While some were to remain for air support, most were to be sent straight to attack the island. She was finally going to head off an assault on those mentally impaired idiots across the ocean. They won't know what a gun is until it shoots them in the face.

She and her wingmates made their final preparations for the takeoff. Their large carrier, aptly named The Hellish Wolf, was about to go dark, and radar would be the only means of navigation. She got into the cockpit of her fighter. "Alright ladies! Let's hope they're as visually retarded as they are mentally!" The closest words of good luck she could ever want to say.

She closed the above cockpit window and prepped her plane. She prepared a broadcast to her squadron. "All wings report in." She paid some amount of attention as her wingmates sounded off, five in total, including her. And other than her squadron, there were about three more on this carrier that would be in on the assault with her. All comprised of fighters, since having heavy ordinance bombers would waste space on the carriers.

She gave a nod to an engineer in the hangar who then proceeded to activate the lifts, which carried the planes up to the launch decks. Being so high in the air already would prove to be an advantage, as the planes can gather speed with a descent and launch at once. "Get ready for the launch, five minutes after the we go dark, the Wolf will stop and we'll drop on my go."

She could hear chatter over the comm lines. She understood that her squad might not see each other, much less anyone, after this battle alone, never mind the following campaigns. But it was a part of war. The N.T.M.F. was fashioned for just this purpose: War.

The lights suddenly all slowly dimmed throughout the carrier. Nyx could no longer see the sea below them. "Just five minutes now..."
"Longest five minutes of my life." One of the rookies, Eddie, only in this squadron due to the loss of Zach, the previous pilot in his position.