a tough and loyal friend who takes protecting her friends seriously

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Crystal is a witch with long blond hair and blue eyes, all she knows of her past is that her mother dumped her at the academy at a young age.
She uses a sword and destructive magic, she trains everyday in order to protect her best friend
Crystal is one of the toughest witches in the school because of her dedication to being her best friend's warrior

So begins...

Crystal's Story


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Finally she noticed Crystal was busy, and shrugged, taking her spaghetti. Her body still covered in the blood she hummed to herself, only to see Snow, and smiled at him friendly. She knew him since kindergarten and though he thought of her as just a friend, she had a major crush on him for years. Noticing Crystal wasn't gonna be joining her any time soon she went over to Snow, and sat down. She noticed him deep in though, and nudged him teasingly, smiling.
"Hey, what's on your mind?| She said casually, though concern in her eyes. She never really wanted him to feel left out of place, and though he never saw it she wanted what was best for him. Awaiting for a response she chewed on a meatball, as it stuck to her fork and she watched him with careful eyes. She was starved, and could eat probably the whole food in the cafeteria without gaining an ounce, as she nibbled it quietly, her hair now pulled back into a ponytail, exposing a large scarr from behind her right ear and down her neck to her collarbone. she got it from a fight, almost dying to, but now it was a symbol of pride, and courage,and she damn well wasn't afraid to prove it either, always with her knife attatched to her thigh, strapped on tightly like her life depended on it.