Anastasia "Anya" Lianne Free

"Come meet the Virus: Hacker and tech extraordinaire."

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a character in “TIA (Teenage Intelligence Agency)”, as played by Chromina


"Don't take it personally, I'm sarcastic to everybody."

Basic Info

Full name
Anastasia Lianne Free
Anya; Agent 413; Virus; And is occasionally called a Polar Bear
Well, let's see-- i'm quite obnoxious (not afraid to admit to that) and boy am I a procrastinator, but I'm one of the smartest people you'll ever meet (heavily rivaled by Tran over here though). I'm witty and curious, and tend to think outside of the box, that's outside of the box. Knowledge and ingenuity is a powerful thing, so what's so wrong with using it? (Just because it's downright mad, doesn't mean it wont work.) I am a lover of satire and pretty sarcastic myself-- but don't take is personally or let it rub off the wrong way, i'm like that with everybody, promise.
People consider me somewhat of a pushover and "lazy" or "carefree"-- but I do care about things, and i'm not entirely lazy(i'd be lying if i said I wasn't Lazy period), I just see no reason to care about something that I have no interest in whatsoever. I mean-- why bother? But, deep down, I can be "caring" and i'm actually quite the listener (good memory too)-- contrary to popular belief. I mean, gotta get the Info somehow.

American(born here!), Puerto rican(Mum), British(dad)
Heterosexual(so it seems)
Hair Color:Dark Brown
Eye Color:Dark Brown
Height: 5'2"
Piercings:One on each earlobe.
Tattoos: N/A
Scars: Just a few on my hands from messing with little bits and pieces to make object and robots and such. not too noticeable though.



✔Bulding things
✔Playing Piano/music in general
✔Video games
✔Food "Big one right there, oh yes."

✘Large Bugs
✘Killing innocents "Hey, we gotta do what we gotta do."
✘Playing sports/Forced Aerobic Exercise
✘Spicy foods
✘Large "junky" objects
✘Being called anything less than a freaking genius. "I'm not an idiot, so don't treat me like one."
✘Being disrespected/treated any less due to heritage/gender/height/outer apperance etc.

♔Building things outta scrap/Building things in general
♔Avid TV/Movie watcher "Oh yeah, all the movies. All of them."

♚Large dogs (whom she doesn't trust)
♚Wasps (Highly allergic)
♚Knowing she's alone and vulnerable in the dark (usually in missions and stuff)
♚The Deep Ocean/Drowning
♚ Being out-shined at what she's her best at
♚Being left behind/Rejected
♚Dying alone/being forgotten "I mights as well be dead if Forgotten."

Well, If it wasn't apparent, i'm pretty good at hacking into systems, and making some of my own. They call me Virus for a reason-- some more obvious than others. I also like to build things-- gadgets, robots, etc-- and when you put 2 and 2 together, I can be quite the opponent (usually). Agile and light on my feet, i've found that I could be pretty good at silent assassination if I tried. Pistols and hand knives would be my preferred weapon of choice, but i'll use whatever my tinkering hands can use. Another important tip: i've been known to be persuasive and a very good liar, so be on your toes.Image


Ahh, where do I begin? I've lived in the great NYC (Lower Bronx) since before I could remember, and i've spent 16 great years with my mother, Alejandra Ramos; and father, Jackson Free. Mum's a chef down in manhattan, and dad's a big man in the stock market. Ever since I was little, I've been so involved in art and music and food, it all intrigued me and helped me express myself for a long time. Hell, it still dose! Science was a big thing too, and I entered the Bronx academy of science in the ninth grade (or technically last year).

I don't remember what got me into computers and technology immediately, but I know it was one of the only things that really caught my eye like it did. I always just got computers and technology, and it was always just so easy. First time I hacked into something was when I hacked into my friend's phone last year, changing all the icons to a little ghost with each contact saying "it's a mystery" (they all had the same ringtone too)-- a little prank, but it led to something more. Soon the little hobby grew and grew, and boy was I hooked. Nobody with an electronic device could hide things from me at this point, and boy it did feel good-- for awhile. Nobody really knew about my hacker ways, well, except for the TIA, which seemed somewhat interested. From what I know, as I got better and smarter, their interest in me grew too.
That's when the Message came. Asking me if i'd like to enhance my skills and join people similar to myself. I didn't know it was an invitation to join a secret agency back then, but even if I did-- i'm pretty sure i'd still join. I mean- why the hell not?

I'm not too new, but i haven't been here for years, either. Yet I was still branded with the name Virus-- and to be quite honest, I really do enjoy the sound of it.


So begins...

Anastasia "Anya" Lianne Free's Story