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I'm not saying i'm insane , but if but my mind was a iPod, it would be stuck on shuffle.

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a character in “Time Falls”, as played by Akionakamura


Name: October

Nickname:"Oct" is the closest thing to a nickname he has

Age: 15 but he acts much younger.

Weaknesses:October is very impulsive, he gives little to no thought about his action or how they effect him or others. the first thing that pops into his head is what he ends up doing. it doesn't help that he is a bit "off" doing a saying things that make no sense at all, this makes thinking things out impossible for him and ends up getting him in to situation that he can't hope to get out of by thinking. he is like an hyperactive child many ways


Strengths:October has displayed many unusual character traits that are common of a teenager. He is a free spirit that sometimes shows emotion by growling or howling like a dog. October rarely walks in a normal fashion; He instead prefers to run with her arms flailing, crawl on the ground, roll in somersaults, or walk on his hands. He is always talking about himself in the third person and will sometimes respond to a character in nonsensical phrases. However, there is also plenty of evidence that underneath her eccentricities is a warm and caring guy.

Weapon: his scythe he calls his "sanity" he would even go any where with his sanity he even carries on conversation with it.

Ability: his ability to manipulate wind. He is able to control wind to such an extent that he can produce it as a show of power, flight, barrier or powerful wind-based punches. October's wind based speed has a limit, as he cannot exceed the speed of the wind itself. However, his own speed more than makes up for this flaw. October mainly uses quick melee attacks in battle, often employing hit and run tactics, flying away to avoid potentially dangerous situations. He can easily defend himself from long range as well, making him a difficult opponent.

History:October is by far the most "unique" of all of Mother
Fall children. he can also be irritating to his siblings and others, but he always has good intentions so its hard to stay mad at him.

So begins...

October's Story


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All the teens bow down to Mother Nature and the Mothers of Seasons. The Mothers stand in a pattern on the balcony of the tree fort. "You all must be excited." murmured Mother Nature. You could hear a lot of excited noise from the teens. "Today I will pick, who will stay for training, and who will become warriors!" she boomed.

Feb held her breath, she was the youngest, and caused a lot of chaos, she was worried she would be held back. "The 1st one on the warrior team... is May!" she glanced at the audience, and then back at her list. "The second warrior, is March! The 3rd is October! The 5th is Jason December! The 6th is January! The 7th Is Alex!" "Are there any more?" whispered Feb. "I have not picked my 8th yet because this is a tough decision." she murmured. She whispered with the Seasons. "We elect.. Feb!" Feb squealed like any excited 15 year old girl would. "The children, November, April, and July have to stay back and help prepare you guys." boomed Mother Nature.

Feb was sooooo excited. She gripped her Katana. "Follow your Mothers, they will lead you to your rooms to pack up, pack as little as possible!" Feb followed Mother Winter, walking next to her older brother and sister. Mother Winter dropped them off at their rooms. Feb dashed in. "I will miss this place.." she thought. Feb started packing her clothes. Then she packed her special stuffed rabbit she got as a little girl. Feb filled up her suitcase, having to drag it. She heaved it to Mother Winter. "Why is it so heavy, what did you pack?" she questioned. Feb opened her suitcase. There gleamed her pink flaming motorcycle. "You cant bring that." "WHY?" "Because, how are you going to carry it around all your life?" "Wont we get our own rooms? " "Not for 20 years, literally." "What if I rode it?" "Were teleporting to Earth." Feb fought the urge to punch something. She was frustrated. she gasped, "Ok." Feb and Mother Winter waited for her siblings to finish packing.