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Zola K. Reed

"Revenge may be wicked, but it's natural."

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a character in “Time for Change”, as played by Mackamp


Name: Zola K. Reed
Age: 29
Species: Marozi

Physical Description:
Zola is powerful, yet agile. Although she is larger than her mother and sister, she is very stealthy. In her were-cat form, she stands 6'5 with a long lean muscular built and as a human she is petite at 5'3 and built like a gymnast. Zola transforms quickly, but while in her half-human half were-cat state she is unable to move and is vulnerable to predators. Zola uses her vision, keen hearing, and whiskers, rather than her sense of smell, while hunting. Unlike most cats, her sense of smell is not as keen as other cats families.

Hunting Habits:
Zola inherited her mother's fondness for water and is a strong swimmer. Zola also hunts in trees, with her "spring with a deadly pounce move" that keeps her family and her well fed. Her favorite mêlée weapon is a Ceremonial Dance Ax curved into a half circle. One quick blow or a stab with this ax and it leaves one serious wound, that stops Zola's prey long enough that she can use her best weapon, her teeth and claws.

Zola does not know her father. Her father and mother, Jada, did not have a one night stand, but a week-long stand. After that week, Jada never saw him again. Jada never mated with a man before him or after him. From their union Aza and Zola were born. The only reason Jada and her cubs were allowed to stay in the tribe was because the Alpha male just happen to be her father. Just short of Aza's 10th birthday she was hunted down and killed. Five years later the same hunter came back to Zola's tribe and wiped most of them out, including her mother and grandfather. Now with both of Zola's protectors gone, the tribe has banished her out into the uncertain world. Now Zola has two missions. First, to find the hunter that killed her family, Secondly to find her father.

So begins...

Zola K. Reed's Story


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#, as written by Mackamp
Sable eyes edged over the surface of the water as the full moon illuminated them. While Zola glided effortlessly and silently across the moon shimmering lake, the thrashing ruckus and roars of the bears could continue to be heard. "Note to self Bear Territory is not friendly. I swear I have never been so waterlogged in all my life!"

Zola spent the last three days playing hide and seek with the bears. Her only saving grace, in this territory, was the network of waterways, the perfect places to lose her scent. By the second day, Zola could smell other scents in the forest that were not foreign to her, but were so faint that she could not entirely make them out. Not only were there these disturbing scents but also a 7 ft. tall brown bear, with fearsome and wild eyes that kept tracking her. "I thought that these damn bears would all be hibernating by now, " Zola said with an overwhelming exasperation.

Muscles tensed up as her swim went from an effortless glide to a strained paddle. "Shadows of the shoreline seem a ways," as her head bobbed up and down in the water. To trick her aching body into keep going Zola forced her mind to concentrate on the clues of the last few weeks. These clues are what lead her here, and hopefully to the hunter that killed her family.

(several weeks earlier)

It was late at night or early in the morning, depending on how you wish to define it, nevertheless it was a sleepless event for Zola. She had reached a dead-end on her missions and her mind was spinning with what she should do next. Zola was discouraged and thought a few beers would take the edge off her disappointment. She slipped on her black fleece jacket and left her Bed and Breakfast quietly as not to disturb the innkeeper.

Down the street was a small convenient store, that Zola frequent often, tonight she could hear the sickly puttering and grinding of a some vehicle trying to stop. " I bet that is some redneck's pickup." She said, quickening her pace to find out if she was right. As she rounded the corner she saw a scruffy backwoods guy and a woman collide, obviously they were not friends.

"Hey! Lady I was just making sure you're ok!" The redneck blurted.

"You get away from me!" She snapped and ran to her car.

The redneck walked slowly into the store. As Zola walked by his truck she noticed a tuft of wiry brown fur on the tailgate. She looked both ways and picked the tuft off the beat up old truck and sniffed deeply. " Oh, a Therian, bear perhaps? " Interesting.

Jingling the keys in her hand Zola open the door to the bar. The room was still laden with smoke from the barflies and the lights were on in the back office. The bar had become a haven for Zola since she first came to towne. The owner, Jerry was a kind older man, with this handlebar mustache that made her giggle. One late night while they were chatting he mentioned that he was having trouble balancing his books. Zola volunteered to look at them since numbers were easy for her. From that point on, she has been his bookkeeper. Jerry knew that Zola was not going to stay around long, but he enjoyed her company and she reminded him of his own daughter.

“Hey Jerry, are you back there?" As she made her way to the back office she picked up a tipped over chair and took a wet towel off the bar. “I don't know why he puts up with the assholes that come in here,” stepping around some broken glass.

“Why are you here pretty lady?” Jerry wearily replied.

“I couldn't sleep and have one page left on the ledger to finish and a dark beer that is calling my name. Do you want to join me? ”

“No, darling I am going to clean for a bit.” sweeping the broken glass.

Reaching behind the bar Zola grabbed a dark beer. “Are you flirting with me Jerry?” smiling and winking at him.

“What if I am?” Jerry looked up sheepishly

“Then I would be flattered. I will be in the back office if you want me." Nodding towards the backroom.

Not long, after Zola got settled with her ledger and beer then she heard a knock on the bar door. Wondering who could be here so late she got up to investigate and as she was making her way down the dark hall ran into Jerry.

“Kind of late for some company, don't you think? ” Zola said

“Oh, that is my friend Riley, you know the guy I told you I wanted to set you up with. Anyways his brother is here visiting and they are catching up.” Jerry tiredly remarked. “I am going home, my bed is calling my name. Don't you dare clean the bar while I'm gone! You know honey you should go home to, the guys will lock up the place." With that Jerry left out the backdoor. Zola followed him and bolted the door after he left.

Zola went back to the rear office, with the intent on working some more, but her curiosity got the best of her. “I wonder what that Riley guy looks like.” It has been a long time since....let's simply say it has been a long time.

Tiptoeing down the dim hallway Zola felt like a silly teenager, but she just couldn’t help herself. When she got to the end of the hall, she made sure to stay in the shadows. “Aw he is cute, I love his voice.” Zola started stepping backwards when her ears perked up.

The bigger guy said. “There's been a hunter outside our territory just......circling, and he's a damned good one. I can't get a fix on him, even our best tracker can't get a fix on him. It's pulling our tribe apart....and it's...." He paused a moment, looking away. "It's killed your dad."

Gasping, Zola had to put her hand over her mouth. She slid back into the wall then continued to back towards the back office, it seemed like the right thing to do, since Zola could tell it was a lot for Riley to take in. Turning the lights off she left out the backdoor silently. Her head was spinning. “There is a hunter nearby...finally a hunter! ”


Zola's breath was labored, her limbs cramping with each stroke, she was unable to concentrate on the clues anymore.....survival mode had taken over her senses. She had no recollection of how she got underwater, but there she was, fighting to reach the surface, heart pounding, chest on fire. Zola screamed realizing, all too late, that she breathed in water, the mortal part of her wanted to panic while her cat instincts told her to stay calm. She fought the urge to struggle and allowed herself to sink. She felt weightless, and there came this euphoric inner peace that wrapped around her. Her chest felt like it was about to burst. "I am going to die tonight..."
Just then, her front paws caught some solid footing. She waited, what seemed a lifetime, to sink down to the rocky bottom and then pushed up with all her strength launching herself towards the surface. Her feet were now firmly planted on solid ground. Zola dragged herself to the shore, coughing and spewing water in between gasp of air. Exhausted from her fight with the lake, she knew she could not drag herself to the safety of the trees, so she belly crawled to some underbrush. Slowly the fog of sleep engulfed her senses. There she remembered. " I know who those scents belong to....I know who those......I know who.....I know" she was out like a light.


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Roland trudged through the snow on all fours, his massive snout practically buried in the cold. He was huge now his bulky form swollen with fat and thick brown fur. I should be asleep by now. One more sweep. Something had kept him from tucking in for hibernation a faint gust of wind from the direction of the river that carried the a trace of a trace of a foreign scent. He needed to make sure. So there he was patrolling his territory once again marking it every once in a while with a stream of hot yellow piss against an oak or on a fallen log. He kept loosing her. He'd learned it was a female he was tracking some sort of feline he didn't see very often in the area. It had that distinct sharp bitterness to it. Felines. He'd had it with them all, marching through his territory as if it where some kind of thoroughfare. He was going to kill this one and keep its corpse in the cave with him. It's blood will serve as a warning to the rest. No more trespassing. He'd never had feline before, other than the dumb mountain lions that wandered in from higher up the mountain. Roland stopped at the edge of the tree line, inches from the bank of the river at the edge of his territory. He raised his snout to the night sky and huffed, expelling a large puff of hot breath vapor. Nothing. Roland then decided to walk along the bank, meandering sleepily as his body willed himself to rest for the winter. Then he spotted it, a dark blot at the very edge of the foliage, he'd almost stepped on it before he saw it, a spotted tail partially curled along a sodden body. He prodded the figure with his massive paw. She looked dead. He nipped at the skin at the nape of her neck and gathered enough in his jaws to pull her out where he could see. This was the one the scent was familiar, she was a were-feline of some sort. The feline he'd been tracking. He lowered his head and grunted then let out a baleful moan, nudging her with the bridge of his dark nose. No motion. His kindness overruled his logic, clearly she'd exhausted herself somehow and he couldn't just let her die here. He lifted her with surprising ease, carrying her like a cub by clamping his jaws around the loose flesh of her neck. He placed her at the edge of the river careful to keep her head out of it and rinsed off the mud, checking her for wounds. It seemed she was merely exhausted and hypothermic. He carried her back up the mountain, this time gathering her in his forepaws, allowing her to warm up in his thick fur and ample fat. It was an odd sight to behold. A massive brown bear carrying a marozi up a mountain but he did it anyways. Getting back into his cave was tricky, as the cave he chose was just large enough for him to fit in at his full winter size, curled up. The size was meant to help keep the cold out. Regardless He managed to pull Zola in by curling up around her cold wet body, his back pressed against the stone back of the cave. She would be safe there for now, no beast dares to pester a bear in hibernation save for a hunter, however...getting out would be another small challenge for her as he was likely to sleep all winter from then on.


John slept fitfully that night comfortable and content despite the light sheen of sweat and other bodily fluids that dried and cooled over their bodies. The exhaustion that came after that night's activities was simply so complete that he didn't remember what it was he dreamt about the next morning. The next morning he lay there for a moment with Riley in his arms, his mind mulling over the things they'd done, the fun they'd had, replaying the bit where Riley'd pushed him back into the bed. His breathing became slightly more heavy and suddenly John couldn't lay there anymore. He needed a shower.....he needed a few minutes to himself. He slipped out of bed, trying not to wake Riley and grabbed a towel he could use to cover himself and later use to dry himself with. The bathroom was down the hall, John poked his head out, and hearing Mrs. Morgan hum down stairs, went off to the bathroom. He turned on the water to scalding heat and waited for the temperature to rise. He stared at himself in the mirror. His chin stubble had grown and spread up his jawline and begun on his upper lip. The unkempt beginings of a beard made the scowl he'd made stronger. He hadn't realized he'd been frowning and upon noticing it willed himself to change partway, his brow furrowing over sharp pale green eyes, the bridge of his nose widening, his wild sandy hair lengthening and thickening. He growled at himself, then chuckled, unsure what his deal was that morning. He cast aside the towel and stepped under the hot shower. He closed his eyes, his ears turned back against his partway-mane as water cascaded down his head and over his shoulders. Again his mind drifted to last night and he grasped himself in the memory of it, momentarily allowing himself to embrace the pleasures he'd felt.

He stopped as quick as he'd started and just stood there for a moment, breathing heavily before swiftly turning the temperature on the water as cold as it would go. He growled and punched the tile beneath the spigot causing the water to stop on him for a second and a bit of the tile to chip off. He yelped and held his hand. "Ow....dammit....." He shifted a few times to heal the minor fracture and flexed his hand. He clenched his teeth and willed himself to calm down. He scrubbed himself down, fur and skin, washing gingerly his ass which was still sore, but not in such a way he couldn't manage. "What next, Riley you going to mark me too?" He sighed. Then tried not to think of how he might actually like that. This wasn't how he'd imagined things going.


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#, as written by Mackamp
The crackle of the blazing fire formed shadows of dancing naked ladies across the walls. Zola was bundled in a plush fur blanket that slowly slipped off her shoulders, revealing her ample cleavage. Dotting red lip balm on her pouty lower lip, Zola impatiently awaited his return. She deeply breathed in his lingering scent, a mixture of cedar, musk and evergreen. She yearned for his lips, caressing hers, teasing her, taunting her, till her body ache with anticipation. “Sighing deeply. He is so damn sexy. I love his muscular body and the way he winks at me. Damn him, can't he hurry up?” As Zola repositions herself again, the fur lightly brushes her nipples slowly arousing them. Zola arches her back and lets herself enjoy the sensations. Closing her eyes, her body warming with erotic and sexual arousal, she lays across the blankets....waiting.

Confused, Zola raised her head in the pitched-dark cave, ”where am I?” and collapses, snuggling back into the strong warm body of the bear.


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#, as written by Mackamp
Her eyes fluttered and strained to open as she traced her parched lips with her dry tongue. Struggling to wake, she had flashbacks of the full moon shimmering on the lake, her exhaustion, water enveloping her body, and how she pulled herself on the shore. Trying to focus....,"Damn it, what is next, what is next!" She closed her eyes again to attempt to think. " I was shivering and more tired than I have ever been in my life. I could not climb to safety of the trees, so I hid myself under some bushes. I could tell my body was starting to shut down, when firm warm arms lifted me up and cradled me against their warmth.

Zola had focused so much on what happened to her that she neglected to focus on what was happening to her now. The eerie darkness that possessed an "old, wet hound dog that rolled around in a pig pen” stench....the bristly fur arm over her middle.....the shallow breathing that was slightly moving her hair. She should have panicked, but realized that whatever was wrapped around her, saved her from dying.

Zola didn't realize the danger that she was in, nor did she give a shit, because her instincts had kicked in and she was famished and had to micturate so badly she thought she would burst.

Slowly she lifted the heavy, muscular arm from across her middle, and with a quick roll (that took all of her energy) she was free. The enormous animal shifted and snorted, but finally settled back to their slumber. As she began to back away, she couldn't help but take a closer glimpse of this animal that saved her. With her stealthy walk, she approached and squinted. “ OH CRAP, IT IS A BEAR” she screamed in her head. She backed away quickly and tripped over the bear's legs and then bumped her head on the cave ceiling and knocked herself out.