Scarlet Winters

The world wasn't quite what she expected

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a character in “Time Has Passed”, as played by xoxMissClairexox




A kind girl with big dreams.
Scarlet always wanted more out of life. Scarlet has a big heart but can also be emotional at times.


It appeared she had everything that life could offer her during high school. The perfect boyfriend who would no doubt have asked her to marry him and would have taken care of her. The whole white picket fence and the 2.5 kids and the dog would have been hers but Scarlet wanted more. She wanted to go out and to experience the world. She wanted to live! So she up and left, she told her wonderful boyfriend that she would be back, she just needed some space but after a few months she got caught up in the city life and she fell in love with someone else.

Her marriage to Tony hadn't lasted long, in fact it was the worst five years of her life. They had married because they were in love and because she was pregnant with their son, Andy. However when their son was five the two of them had got a divorce after Tony left her for another woman. Tony came from a wealthy family and had inherited a lot from an old Aunt, something which helped Scarlet get by with the child support. However with Andy turning 15, she was struggling and had decided to get her son out of the city... she headed home.

So begins...

Scarlet Winters's Story