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Lilith "Rose" Fornost


0 · 841 views · located in Outskirt of the world

a character in “Time Is On My Side”, as played by Lostsoulsbleed




Full Name: Lilith Rosalind Fornost

Rose, Rosa|Preferred
Lilith, Lily, Lynn|Dislikes

Age: 20

50% Puerto Rican|50% American

Gender: Female

Birth Date: November 13th

Sexuality: Heterosexual



Power: Enhanced Senses


+Illusion Awareness
-Can never 'turn off' her abilities
-More vulnerable to sensory attacks

Enhanced Hearing:
+Lie Detection
+Parabolic Hearing
-Sensitive to loud sounds
-Gets harder to focus as distance lengthens

Enhanced Smell:
+Enhanced Tracking
-Sensitive to stronger smells; Might make her nauseous
-Hard to track scents she doesn't know
-Other scents from an area with lots of people/activity can make it harder to find a specific scent

Enhanced Taste:
+Poison Detection

Enhanced Touch:
+Seismic, Water, and Air-Current Sense
-More sensitive to physical contact

Enhanced Vision:
+Night Sight
-Requires protection, like sunglasses, from intense light
-Sudden flashes of bright/intense light can temporarily blind
-Invisible people and objects are still unseen



Reaching her mid-back Lilith's hair is black, often streaked with color.

Eye Color:
Grey-Blue Eyes

5'7||121 lb

~Tattoos and Piercings~
Wing Tattoo on her Back(Like this only curved like this instead of going straight down)
Right Hip(Facing her Naval}
Wolf Tattoo on her Left Shoulder
Rose Tattoo across her Lower Back(This shape length and height wise, This Design)



Little about Lilith is known to the others. She has kept to herself for the last two years and isn't much of a talker. While other people began their first year with getting acquainted and comfortable in the new surroundings Lilith had opted to train and watch. While at first everyone assumed she was just cautious and guarded after a year most everyone had stopped trying with her.
Lilith is a very guarded person due to her past. Though she is not a mean person she is also not openly nice. She keeps to the sidelines when it comes to social interaction and has been told (Mostly by Sebastian) that she tends to be intimidating and unapproachable, to which she has usually responded 'Good'. While not many know it Lilith has a sweet side, usually coming out when she's around animals, and she has a pretty good sense of humor, both she has hidden with her stoic demeanor.

❖ Animals
❖ Training
❖ Working Out
❖ Painting

❖ Thunderstorms
❖ Guns
❖ Spicy Food
❖ Liars
❖ Social Interaction

❖ Getting Close To Others
❖ Having To Go Back
❖ Being Betrayed


Lilith was born in a town far away from Outskirt of the World. Her parents, Sebastian and Elizabeth Ross, were both mentors at the school and had left to try and keep Lilith out of that world. As years passed the three of them lived an extremely normal life but as Lilith started to get older they realized she was just as different as them. Her father decided to travel back to Outskirt of the World to see if they would accept the two 'retired' mentors back but along the way was attacked and killed by a succubus. After a few months with no word from her father Lilith's mother began to worry. Deciding to travel back to Outskirt of the World and see what had happened herself Elizabeth packed everything into their car, including Lilith, and started the road trip. Being 5 at the time the car ride was long and boring, eventually causing Lilith to beg her mother to stop. As she whined and pouted her mother looked at her with a sigh, causing her to not see the traffic light in front of her turn red. At the sound of a horn Lilith's mother jerked her head up but it was two late and an eighteen wheeler crashed into the drivers side of the car.
During the accident Lilith was horribly injured with multiple pieces of shrapnel impaling her in the chest and abdominal areas, a broken collarbone, and a severe concussion. Her mother died during the crash and Lilith was left an orphan. During Lilith's two month stay in the hospital her powers continued to become stronger. By the end of her stay the government had learned of her powers and she was brought to a private facility. During the rest of her recovery the government ran tests on Lilith but couldn't find anything to use to their advantage genetically. After she had fully recovered, which took about 6 months, they decided to instead train her and use her as a military asset, still running tests occasionally but mostly focusing on her combat and tactical skills.
During her time there she was taught many forms of combat as well as how to use her powers in their most basic states. She also was given an education though more in the form of learning multiple languages, a moderate understanding of math and a focus on political and military information. She was also taught all about the beasts that she would later come to hunt. By the time Lilith was 14 she was considered a fully trained military asset. As she started missions hunting the monsters they taught her about Lilith worked with a small team of people who she had trained and grown up around. Lilith was comfortable and happy, hunting monsters all the time and developing a bond and relationship with her team. For years Lilith just lived her simple life of hunting and goofing around, not really caring much about her time spent hunting as long as her time with the people she considered her friends was enjoyable.
It wasn't until she was 15 that she met Sebastian for the first time while hunting a kitsune. When he realized what she was after the kitsune was dead he offered her a place at Outskirt but she adamantly declined, saying she was happy where she was. Instead of arguing with her or insisting he decided to instead plant a seed of doubt, asking her how often she got to go outside of the facility the military kept her at. Contemplating this question for the next few months Lilith realized that she had only left for missions since she had come to the facility. Deciding that she would just talk to someone about it she went to the person who usually gave them their assignments and asked to be able to go do something outside the base. He promptly answered no and fed her a lie about the fact that she needed to follow protocol and fill out a bunch of paperwork. After this she started paying more attention to things in the base and realized it was just as much a prison as a home. Finally fed up with being stuck at the base Lilith decided to just leave, needing a break. When she asked her team for help they argued with her saying she should be happy where she was. When she tried to leave anyways she was detained and put into a padded white cell for a month until they felt she wasn't going to try and leave again. During her next six months with the government she discreetly started to plan an escape which she executed flawlessly the day she turned 18.
After that it took her two months to find Outskirt, mostly hit and miss as she traveled the country trying to avoid getting arrested. When she got there people had a lot of questions but Sebastian vouched for her and after that she was taken in. While a lot of people tried to befriend Lilith she never let anyone get close, the betrayal of her teammates, who had tried to attack her when she escaped, being a hard blow to her trust. Over the two years that Lilith has been at Outskirt she has yet to make any friends, has only talked to Sebastian for more that five minutes, and has focused 100% on training.

So begins...

Lilith "Rose" Fornost's Story

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Hex:#00e7ad|/|Power:Enhanced Senses|\|Location:'Rose’s Gym'-->Training Room
Song:Devil In I - Slipknot||[i]Outfit:Workout-->Training

As Lilith's song came to an end she abruptly stopped herself, mid kick. She had been working out in one of the training rooms since 4 a.m. that morning and, if the length of her playlist had anything to say about it, she had been there a while. Lowering her foot Lilith stared at the punching bag in front of her, her breath labored and sweat glistening on her skin. For a moment Lilith considered staying and skipping group training but decided against it and grabbed a towel out of her bag. Due to her practically living in the training rooms, this one especially, Lilith had helped pay for renovation of the room. These changes included the addition of a side room with showers in it as well as a mini kitchen in the corner and a futon against one of the walls. Heading to the shower room Lilith hopped in and took a quick cold shower. Emerging she heard some of the other starting to wake up in their rooms.

Letting out mumbled swears Lilith headed over to the mini kitchen and pulled the milk and a container full of fresh cut fruit out of the fridge. Setting the food down on one of the two small counters Lilith unplugged the electric kettle she had used earlier to plug in the blender. Tossing a few handfuls of fruit in the blender with some ice from the freezer and milk Lilith grabbed a cup as the machine blended the mixture into a smoothie. Due to her power Lilith could only eat fresh food, grown naturally on the grounds. As such she usually cooked her own food, utilizing the kitchen at night, after the smell of whatever else had been cooked is gone, to cook her next day’s meals and refrigerate them in what she considered her room. While they had offered her an actual room at first it took all of a week for them to realize it wasn’t going to be used and they instead helped her renovate one of the less used training rooms. After drinking her smoothie, eating some of the fruit and one of her homemade granola bars, which were actually quite popular in the facility, and picking up after her quick meal Lilith decided that enough people were awake for her to be out and about.

Walking down the hall Lilith almost felt sad that out of all the people here she had no firends. Almost. She didn’t trust people, period, it had been that way every since she arrived at Outskirt. Sebastian was the only person this unspoken rule was ever lenient to though only to a certain extent. Entering the main training room she found Jin, Sebastian, and Charlotte in there but instead of walking in and going to lean against the wall in silence like she usually did to wait for a lesson she flinched and swore, jumping back into the hall. The amount of static energy in the room not only felt like being stung by a thousand bees but also sounded like a blender with forks in it. With a sigh Lilith focused her powers and senses to where her prominent sense was taste, it being the one least likely to work against her. Walking back into the room at a leisurely pace Lilith went to her usual spot and leaned against the wall in silence.