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Stella Amelia White

You can't choose the life you live, just live it.

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a character in “Time Is On My Side”, as played by TheGypsyQueen_13


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|{Full Name}|
Stella Amelia White

Ella, Stell


French Canadian

Shape Shifting.
Ella can only stay in a different form for a few hours before it wears her out to much and she has to change back.
Stella can shift into other people, being a man is harder for her for some reason.
|{Sexual Orientation}|

Stella is a very calm and laid back girl. She doesn't like to cause trouble but will stand up for herself like her father taught her.
▲Singing ▲Tracking ▲Hunting

♣She can't read.
♣When she gets to stressed Stella sometimes blacks out.

♣She loves to paint.
♣Stella plays with her hair non-stop.

▲Animals ▲The Rain ▲Cheese and Olive Pizza ▲Dogs ▲Talking to New People ▲Flirting

▼Being Yelled At ▼Being Lied To ▼Fighting

Stella was born in a small town in the middle of nowhere in canada. She was the first child that had been born there in almost ten years. Her mother died giving birth to her, so she was raised by her father. He was a hunter and taught Stella how to track and hunt from a young age. He didn't see the need to teach her how to read or write because there was no school in the town and it would have cost to much to send her to school, so she was to become a hunter like him.
The first time she shifted forms she had seen a picture of another girl in a magazine someone had thrown away. She had never seen another child before and wanted someone to play with so badly but instead of creating an imaginary friend she changed into someone else to be friends with. When her father first found out that his daughter had this gift he wanted to use it to make money but Stella didn't want to. Stella ran away at age 12 and has been on the run ever sense.

So begins...

Stella Amelia White's Story

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Stella White
Hex: RED||power: Shape Shifting||Location: Property Grounds
After spending most of the morning practicing shifting Stella walked outside and began to stretch her body was tired from working so much but her mind was racing the sun was bright and the sky was clear a perfect day for a quick jog around the grounds. She took off at a slow walk and gradually sped up graduating from a walk to a jog to a full on sprint. As she neared the end of her run Stella could see two figures in the distance, she smiled at I herself, knowing exactly who it was she pushed herself to run faster and as she approached her two friends she shifted forms, she ran up to the brother and sister and stood next to Liam, she smiled at him, even though she looked like him. "So how you two chickens doin?" She smiled quickly shifting back to her usual girly self.
"Hey Alex how's about we leave this pansy and go russel up some grub?" Stella smiled and puffed up her chest acting all tough.