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Time Keepers: Chapter 1

Time Keepers: Chapter 1


Three people are chosen to protect the past, present, and future. Will they prevail in their mission? Or will they fail, creating a literal hell on Earth? Only Time will tell.

724 readers have visited Time Keepers: Chapter 1 since Ketsueki Tora created it.


Time is a most interesting thing derived of the past, the present, and the future. Each moment in the future becomes the present, and each moment in the present becomes the past. They are all different parts of a whole, and yet they are the same. Time sets unchangeable laws into motion, dictating every part of the universe. Life, every life, has a time limit. Each day you are living, you are also dying. Nothing is for certain in the world but that you were born in the past, are living in the present, and will die in the future. Nothing can change these three facts in the course of one’s life. What would it be like, then, to hold these three fractions of time in your hands? Past, present, and future? Three people will be chosen to discover just that. The Keeper of Time, like every other living being, is approaching her death. The Shadow Bringer, however, has many more years before his end. For this reason, the Keeper of Time has broken the guardian jewel into three parts to represent the three fractions of time. These three jewel shards find their way to the Earth, where they choose the new Keepers who will protect the guardian jewel (as well as their world) from the Shadow Bringer who wishes to collapse time and send the universe into an eternal spiral of chaos. Can these three young humans fulfil their role as the new Keepers of Time? Or will they fail, tossing the world into a literal Hell on Earth? Well, only time can tell.

In this roleplay, there will be three main characters, as you may have guessed, who will be playing the roles of the Keepers. I would very much like for there to be either two boys and one girl, or two girls and one boy. Other characters can be added, though they will be regular human beings (ooor maybe the Shadow Bringer’s underlings). Hmm… Well, I suppose I should give a bit of an explanation here, yes?

In the beginning, the gods gave Time the power over the lives of every living and nonliving thing, and it kept order in the universe. Time itself was neither dead nor alive, but just was, and its essence embodied a beautiful crystal jewel. Because of this, Time could not protect nor defend itself, so was seen as a tool by many. A tool which could be used or destroyed. The gods themselves had to live outside the realm of Time, else they be trapped within it, so appointed a lesser mortal being to watch over it. This lesser being went by the name of Anoura, and soon became known as the Keeper of Time through all of the dimensions, as Time was the only connecting force between them. She watched over time for countless millenniums, protecting it and fighting off those who dared to approach it with the magic it granted her. However, there was one she did not expect. A god, thrown into the realm of Time as punishment for his deeds was seeking to destroy Time to both escape his newfound mortality and to reap revenge on the gods by throwing the universe into an eternal chaos. His name was called Ishama’el, who would come to be known by many names: the Dark One, Death Bringer, the Great Demon, Angel of Death, etc. but the one that seemed to be recognized most throughout the universe was the Shadow Bringer. Ishama’el deceived Anoura, befriending her, making her fall in love, and ultimately betraying her. He was able to steal the Time Crystal, but could not break it before Anoura responded, and a series of battles between the two began. Anoura was able to recover the jewel, though she knew she would not be able to continue protecting it as she had. Her life, she was aware, did not have much time left. Knowing this, she came up with a plan to both hide Time from Ishama’el and to pass the responsibility and burden of Time on to another. Using her magic, she broke the crystal into three shards, each shard encompassing the essence of a different faction of time. One for the Past, one for the Future, and one for the presence. These shards, she knew, would be able to find the next chosen ones, and she prayed to the gods that they would find their Keepers safely. And prayed, also, that these Keepers would be protected and grow strong enough to defeat Ishama’el as she was unable. The shards she scattered found their way to a dimension called Earth, a realm unfamiliar with things such as magic, and as such, was unprepared for the events yet to come. Three adolescent humans are chosen by Time, but why they were chosen is uncertain. How will they discover their powers? Their meaning? Will they master this power, or will it control them? Will they defeat the Shadow Bringer? Or will his shadow cover the universe in chaos? Only Time will tell.
(I know I was a bit repetitive here, but oh well :P)

Main Roles: ((ALL TAKEN))
((Seeing: You glimpse an event happening in the past, present, or future either from the sidelines, or from a specific person’s point of view))

Keeper of the Past: Malia Noble - yoshimirobotbattle
-Has the ability to see glimpses into the past. This can be seeing random events from the past, or seeing an event(s) from a specific person’s past. Limited “mind control” through memory manipulation. Specifics of the power’s manifestation -and other possible abilities- will be up to you (no legit time traveling, though, and must be approved by me)

Keeper of the Present: Isaac Oland - Zalgo
-Has the ability to see what is happening now anywhere in the universe or to anyone from either the sidelines or a specific person’s POV. Has limited mind reading ability. If mind reading while past/future keepers are seeing, will see what they see. Specifics of the power’s manifestation – and other possible abilities- will be up to you (must be approved be me)

Keeper of the Future: Alexis Rose Winters – Ketsueki Tora
-Has the ability to see glimpses into the future of random events or of a specific person’s future. Limited teleportation/acceleration. Specifics of the power’s manifestation -and other possible abilities- will be up to you (must be approved by me)

Others (including NPC):

Keeper of Time: Andoura – NPC/Ketsueki Tora

Shadow Bringer: Ishama’el – NPC/Ketsueki Tora


Character Sheets:
(Format however you wish, but NO gifs, please – they hurt my eyes and are too distracting)
(However, these are the things you MUST include)

Name: (first and last required)

Nickname(s): (if any)

Role: (Who is your character? A Keeper? Someone else?)

Age: (16, 17, 18, 19)

Birthday: (Month/Day)

Gender: (Male/Female)

Grade: (high school to college. No drop outs)

Appearance: (I literally dream and daydream in anime form, so I’d prefer you use an anime FC this time)

-the next things can be written in paragraphs or in lists-

Specifics: (for Keepers only- How do you keep the jewel shard (bracelet, necklace, ring, etc.)? How does your magic manifest? What happens when you use it? Etc. other than the information I’ve already provided above)

Likes: (at least 5)

Dislikes: (at least 5)

About: (Whatever you want to add about your character. History, personality, etc. Can be created and added to as the RP goes on.)

  1. No godmodding.
  2. No Mary Sues or Gary Stues (or her/his opposites)
  3. Cursing is allowed, but keep it minimal
  4. Romance is okay, but take graphic scenes (if any arise) to PM
  5. Violence is cool. Be as graphic as you want, but don’t dictate how your character’s actions effect another (as that would be godplay)
  6. Besides quick fight scenes (if any arise), posts need to be at least 300 words. You could also collaborate on those scenes instead of writing shorter replies, though.
  7. Wait for at least one other person to post before posting again, and include all characters in game play
  8. If you’re character is an “other” and is holding up the RP, we can move on without you, as the main story revolves around the three Keepers.
  9. Let me know if you plan on leaving or will be inactive for a while. If your character is a Keeper and you wish to quit or if you disappear for an extended period of time with no warning/explanation, your character will either 1) be killed off and replaced by another, 2) will survive but turn out not to be the rightful owner of the jewel shard and the Keeper position will move to another, or 3) be killed off and the world falls into chaos, ending the RP.
  10. Please be active. I check my roleplays usually about once per day. You don’t have to post that often, obviously, but once every three days to a week would be nice. Also, put your character’s specific favorite food into his/her profile to prove you read this. If you want to post faster than that, awesome. If you want to post slower, don’t join.
  11. Be respectful to other roleplayers OOC despite whether or not your characters hate each other IC. If any disputes arise, talk them out and if I need to, I will make the final decision.
  12. Contribute to the story and don’t be afraid to share your ideas and opinions. Otherwise, death is inevitable, and I’m tired of seeing roleplays die, so let’s try to play this one out to the end and have fun.

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Character Portrait: Alexis
Character Portrait: Isaac Oland
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Character Portrait: Isaac Oland
Isaac Oland

"The now, the sum of what was and what will be."

Character Portrait: Alexis

"Huh? Oh... Can you say that again?"


Character Portrait: Alexis

"Huh? Oh... Can you say that again?"

Character Portrait: Isaac Oland
Isaac Oland

"The now, the sum of what was and what will be."

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Character Portrait: Alexis

"Huh? Oh... Can you say that again?"

Character Portrait: Isaac Oland
Isaac Oland

"The now, the sum of what was and what will be."

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Re: Time Keepers: Chapter 1

Alright! So we have the 3 players for the main cast :))
I guess that means we can start looking at the story, and also that I should start working on the opening post. I'm interested to see where this will go ^-^

Re: Time Keepers: Chapter 1

I've submitted a CS, I look forward to hearing from you!

Re: Time Keepers: Chapter 1

Okay. I'm gonna post again in the roleplayers wanted thread. I apologize for the wait, Zalgo.

Re: Time Keepers: Chapter 1

Excellent. I'm glad you like him. I do look forward to seeing what else comes and of course the start of the rp itself.

Re: Time Keepers: Chapter 1

You seriously created one of my very favorite types of characters. His likes, his darker humor, personality and such. . . and I love how his power works! 100% accepted.

Re: Time Keepers: Chapter 1

I'll need another day to finish him. I said I'd have him done and he's mostly done but unfortunately due to an upcoming schedule I'll need tomorrow to finish him completely. He shall be done by then, no later.

Re: Time Keepers: Chapter 1

Alright. Thanks for your interest :) I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with! xD

Re: Time Keepers: Chapter 1

Hello. I'm interested in joining the rp for a number of reasons after having read the front page. I'll be working on a submission for the Keeper of The Present. He should be finished by today or tomorrow at the latest.

Time Keepers: Chapter 1

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