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a character in “Time Keepers: Chapter 1”, as played by Ketsueki Tora


Alexis Rose

General Info.

Name: Alexis Rose Winters

Name Meaning: Alexis Rose = Beautiful Defender

Nickname(s): Lexa, Lexi, Alex

Role: Keeper of the Future

Age: 17

Birthday: May 24th

Gender: Female

Grade: High School Senior


-When she Sees, her body stiffens and her eyes cloud over. The process usually only takes a few seconds, though it may seem much longer to Alex.

-Her shard was crafted into a necklace that she almost never takes off.

-Sometimes when she’s writing, she will See a glimpse of the future and her hand will move automatically as it records the vision. When this happens, she usually doesn’t remember what she Saw until she reads over what she wrote.

-After she Sees, she usually becomes a little shaky or lightheaded (especially if she’s writing it). Depending on the intensity and length of what she Sees, she could even pass out afterwards. If she passes out while she is Seeing, the visions will continue as a dream, but losing consciousness while she is Seeing is dangerous. If this happens, it’s possible she might not wake up for a good while (if she ever wakes up again) because her mind can become trapped in a possible future in this state.

-As mentioned in the description in the introduction, Alex can seemingly transport or accelerate. Accelerating means she moves faster or that time slows down around her. Transporting and accelerating can be taxing on her body, especially if used continuously.

Just Some Things

Cats (and animals in general)
Physical Activity (skating, soccer, running, etc.)
Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Sour Things
Being the Center of Attention (for too long)
Being Ignored


(sorry mine is so vague at the moment. i am a bad example v.v and will continuously add more.)

Alexis has always been a bit of a loner and somewhat of a tomboy, though she does have her own little friend group. She's always been one to step into a situation without thinking much about the consequences until it's too late. Thus she's found herself in a few altercations and accidents, usually because she's either standing up for someone, protecting someone, pointing out injustice or lies, because someone keeps annoying her, or if someone says something about her brother.

Her brother and she were twins, and they did everything together, which was one reason she turned out to be a little tomboyish. They participated in sports, martial arts training, music, art, and everything in between together. Alex had more talent in the physical activities while her brother held more talent with the more artistic things. They both were very talented at writing, though. They promised to always be together no matter what. However, they started to slowly drift apart when they entered high school. Then, her brother was driven to suicide. He told her he wanted to disappear just before she watched him trow himself off a bridge into the traffic below. She found out later that there were a couple of boys who had been tormenting him since the first day, and that while she had been making friends and such, he had been suffering alone. How he'd managed to keep this information from her and why, she didn't understand. Why hadn't he talked to her? Was it her fault? Regardless, she went psycho on the guys at school, sending one to the hospital and getting herself suspended (and hurt as well). When she came back to school, everyone seemed to avoid her. After that is when she started to act before thinking, getting herself into trouble sometimes and having a few close calls. After a while, she managed to make a couple of close friends, and school went on as normal.

She can be a little detached sometimes, as she zones out, daydreams, loves to sleep, and almost always has her earbuds in.

She's pretty competitive, and can be somewhat childish if she loses.

Despite her actions, she doesn't really like violence or fighting... Violence and fighting simply seem to be a consequence/effect of her acting/speaking without thinking, which is unfortunate.

She is easily distracted.

The necklace she always wears (which is her jewel shard) she received from her brother their last birthday before he died.

So begins...

Alexis's Story