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Emilie Alka

"Where's Mom and Dad? They wouldn't leave me, would they?"

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a character in “Time of Arrival”, as played by VincentRayne


Devics~Salty Seas


"Everyone's been acting strange. Like, scary-strange..."


"It's worse to be trapped in the quadrants. There will always be a dead end, eventually."

Full name: Emilie Autumn Alka

Nickname/Title: Emilie, Autumn, or Alka

Age: 10

Birthday: December 1st

Height: 4' 8"
Weight: 103 lbs.
Favorite activity: Explore the Gateway/travel, play games, drawing, observe what visitors bring

Goals: Become like her parents. (She's a kid so not a whole lot of solid goals)

Good at: Understanding and accepting. Adapting to whatever happens. She's fast as well.

Worst at: Painful situations. Dealing with fighting of any kind. Not very athletic. Can only, really, run fast.

"I was always told to be strong. But I wasn't told I had to trust anyone I don't know."

Positive personality traits:Negative personality traits:
Mature for her age Hard to gain trust
Rarely in a down mood Can be seen as hard to get along with at first
Is quick to accept things Is slow to process the outbreak situation
Is loyal to those she trust Is easily depressed by certain events (i.e. someone fighting or dying)
Knowing what's going onBeing told the truth
Learning new thingsThe Gateway
Her parents being goneBeing lied to
Bad peopleThe Unknown
Any dangersThe Awoken

Dreams of:
To become what her parents are. Their job involves them
traveling around the Gateway and seeing that the new hotels
and residential areas are in good shape. Their job often has
them meeting new people from all over and experiencing
different cultures through food, items, and practices.


(She's a kid after all. Being alone means the feeling
of being abandoned and exposure to the dangers
that others would normally protect you from.)


"Don't lie, no matter how bad you think the truth is. Lies can get people killed."

[ Even though Emilie keeps a positive attitude, deep down she's extremely worried about her parents. She has the constant fear
of turning a corner and seeing her parents as one of the creatures. ]

"Is this what an apocalypse is like?"

Emilie was originally from northern India. Her parents were travelers and were almost always on the move. Most of the time the travels took them to Europe and several English speaking countries, hence English being Emilie's primary language. Emilie was taught several lessons of etiquette and mannerisms that would apply to the majority of places they went to. She was close to both of her parents and they would always be seen as a true family that loved each other. Due to the reputation of the mother and father they were offered to continue their business aboard the Gateway. Emilie would spend the next 7 years learning about the different places on the Gateway and getting used to the way things worked there. It was while her parents decided to take a brief assignment was when the pandemic happened...

So begins...

Emilie Alka's Story

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Emilie awoke from her slumber at, as routine, drowsily looked towards her clock. 1345! The realization of how late it was immediately snapped the girl out of her sleepy state. She rarely slept in.

"Not to mention I'm late for cram sch--" A feeling of relief and embarrassment washed over Emilie. There was no school today. The reason why she didn't hear the alarm was because there was no alarm she had set. Regardless, she still wanted to do the same things she did on a school day, in terms of getting ready. She showered and slipped on one of her favorite outfits she had received from her parents recently. A blue dress sweater and bike shorts with her favorite black slippers.

Think of mom and dad, where are they? The apartment was quiet. Normally, there would be either the sound of her parents talking or at least the television going on. As Emilie walked into the living room she saw a paper lying on the coffee table. The girl picked up the letter and started to read.

"We are sorry we had to leave on such short notice. We got a last minute job on another level of the Aibell. We shouldn't be gone too long so we went on ahead and left you alone. There's plenty of food in the fridge if you need it. We'll call you to keep you updated like usual. Love, Mom & Dad."

Emilie smiled. She had the apartment to herself! It wasn't that big of a deal but she could watch the big television and even play her video games on it. It was something she could only do when her parents were away and it was something she enjoyed. Emilie skipped to the fridge to get breakfast and eat while watching a show.

A loud bang on her apartment door made the child jump. She stood where she was frozen and listening for anything else. After a few seconds of no new activity Emilie began to move towards the door. As she started walking towards the door she thought she heard yells from the apartment next door.

Emilie's heart started to speed up a little. Her mind jumping to all sorts of bad scenarios. She looked through the peep hole in the door and saw nothing. Then she pressed her ear against the door and, once again, heard nothing. Emilie then pressed a button next to the door and it slid open. The girl poked her head out and quickly looked down both ways of the corridor. There seemed to be some doors open as well, which was unusual.

She then remembered her neighbors yells and looked towards their door. It was open as well. Emilie stepped out of her apartment and peaked inside the neighbor's.

"Hello? I heard yelling, is everything all right?" No answer. She stepped inside. Maybe they were hurt and couldn't move. There was a knocked over stand in the hallway leading to the bedrooms but other than that everything else seemed to be in place. Then there was a sound from the far room. It was the master bedroom since the apartment layout was the same as her own.

"I'm from next door. I didn't mean to intrude. I saw your door was open and thought I heard yell--" There were quick approaching footsteps that silenced Emilie immediately. Soon a man stepped into view. The look on his face as well as his blood stained clothes made the girl shrink back. The man stepped forward and seized Emilie's wrist and she screamed. Her scream was quickly cut off by a hand over her mouth.

"Shhh!" The man said while he knelt down. "Do you want to draw anymore of these things here? I'm not gonna hurt you and I'm gonna take take my hand away from your mouth now but only if you promise not to scream. You got that?" Emilie slowly nodded her head. "Good." The man removed his hand from the girl's mouth but kept a grip on her wrist.

"There's something bad going on. Why are you not with your parents?" He asked in a hushed voice.

"T-they're away on business. Said they'd be back." The man nodded his head.

"Then they're lucky. They probably got out of this sector before hell broke loose. Look here..."


"Look here, Emilie. There are bad people all over this sector. There was one that broke into here. If you turn on the television or broadcast stations on the radios then you'll hear that there's a problem going on. We need to find someplace safe and hunker down. At least until the defense force shows up." Fast approaching footsteps kept the man from saying anymore. He pulled out something that resembled a self-defense stun gun from his back pocket and aimed towards the open door. Then a figured appeared in the doorway. It looked human but at the same time it didn't. It looked like a man mutating. His skin was a deathly color and his hair was stringy.

The man fire his gun without hesitation. A sharp beam hit the creature and it tensed up before falling to the floor. The man immediately went to the nearby kitchen and quickly grabbed a knife.

"Turn around, Emilie!" The girl quickly spun around and then heard a sickening sound and then she could hear dragging. The man had pulled the creature, out of the way, into the kitchen. Emilie felt a hand on her shoulder and she let out a squeak. She was turned around to face the man again.

"We gotta get moving. This place isn't safe. The door is broken and probably won't hold if multiple of these things show up." The man made for the door and upon stepping out was tackled to the floor by another monster. Emilie rushed out the door to find the two people struggling on the floor. The first creature was immediately joined by two others that joined in. Emilie picked up the stun gun that the man held and aimed it at the creatures. The man's screamed and then was suddenly cut off as his body stopped moving.

A small sound escaped the girl's mouth and one of the creatures turned its attention towards Emilie. It's stare was crazed and blood thirsty. She rushed to the door of her apartment and slammed on the button next to it as she ran inside. Immediately after it closed the monster was banging on it trying to force itself in. Each bang made Emilie flinch. She then ran to her room and closed the door before diving under the bed. She was trapped. She could only think about what would happen once the monsters forced their way inside. The thought made her cry.

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Challenging. Breathtaking. Her arms were growing tired from so much swinging, and she eventually just had to keep moving instead of trying to kill every harshly breathing thing that didn't put up a fight.

So she continued down the halls, speeding past busy bodies. Ultimately, she wanted to find her father. He was the only family currently living on The Aibell, and she knew he was her best chance. She knew he would be alive and alright, how else would he have kept his job for so long? But without the civilian communicators going, he was as good as gone. Or.. hold on..

Beth came to and made a sharp turn. She slammed her fist on an elevator summoner, and took a few seconds to run her hand through her hair. Once the doors opened, Beth paused. There was a man sobbing in the corner, mumbling to himself. He payed no attention to her, and after a few heartbeats she simply stepped in and pressed a number on the pad. The doors shut, and they were quickly off.

Not too long after in the awkward silence of a grown man crying, she felt the smooth decline of speed, and they halted. Beth placed her hand on the handle of her sword and mentally prepared herself. The doors for the elevator opened, and it seemed that the ones for the floor were too, but.. they just sort of.. stopped? Beth looked around for a few moments before pressing the same number again. The doors still didn't open. Great.

Beth looked down at the man, hoping he wasn't watching her before she attempted putting her head in the crack of the door. Her ears hurt after trying that. Beth pulled away and crossed her arms. Nope, not gonna fit. Even still though, it looked like there was a lot of debris on the other side. Beth tried pressing the button for the floor below, planning on taking the stairs up instead.

Echos. Echos of beasts, and they didn't sounds too far off. Even though she was only in the elevator for such a small time, it made a perfect escape from the outside station for a few moments. But now, it was just time to get back to work.

Two beasts, feeding on a man who had most of his flesh still in tact. A recent kill. Living this long, he might have had an energy bar on him or something. While they were still distracted, Beth gripped the hilt of her blade tightly and held it behind her shoulders. She made a swing, slicing off the head off-- Wait. Oh god, it got stuck in the spinal cord. She put her foot on the back of the beast and attempted pushing him off of it, but the other beast tried grabbing at her leg. She backed off with her hands both on the hilt. She eventually got to pull it out, but was now confronted with two ugly beasts.

She reached for the sheath hidden under her short dress and dodged to the left of the two. From behind, she kicked one down and slammed the blade of her knife into the head of the other. Letting go, she pressed her foot on the back of the one kicked down, wrapped both hands around the handle and thrust it down into it's head.

She caught up on her breathing for a few moments before pulling out the blade. Damn she was feeling tired, but if she was going to find her father, she-- She was quickly tackled to the ground by another beast, and she dropped her blade. She tried her best to hold it's arms away, the face trying desperately to make contact with hers. She grunted at it's strength against her thin frame, it's nails digging into her hands. She found the strength in her knees to lift the thing up and over her head. She got up as quick as it could, but already then it was coming at her. It threw it's arm at her and she grabbed it, moved to the side and swung the creature down using it's own inertia. She then moved to pick up her blade, and she finally put it out of it's misery.

She slumped down against the nearest wall. Where did that last one come from? She would have seen or heard it if it had come running down the hall-- No, it wouldn't have come that far. It was nearby. But then again, why wouldn't it have been eating with these guys?

After her small break, she got up and went to check the body of the half-eaten victim. She had gotten used to the smell of rotting corpses, but even still, it made her a bit nauseous. She leaned down picked his pockets, but there was nothing good enough to take. Not even a weapon. Where was his defense? He couldn't have survived this long without a knife or something, maybe even friends.

Friends. Family. It finally came to her; he must not have been alone. And with that jumpscare of a monster lingering around, they might still be here. She walked over to the beast with her knife in it's head, gripped the handle and ripped it out. She placed it back in it's sheath, and looked around again for anything else she was missing.

".. Hey, they're dead." She mused her voice around, turning her head, "Whoever's here can come out now."

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The banging suddenly stopped. Emilie thought they'd gone away and pulled herself out from under the bed. As she walked down the hall she could hear what sounded like fighting. The man was dead so who else could it be. She knew she should go help. Being with a group was much better than being alone. Emilie liked being home alone when the parents were gone but in moments like this, the thought, alone, terrified her. It was a similar fear that kept her feet planted. The memory of the man being mauled to death kept repeating itself in her head and Emilie found herself frozen.

Soon the noise of fighting faded away. Emilie didn't know who had won and was finally able to move with only silence filling her ears. But then a voice came from outside the door. It came from the hallway corridor. It belonged to a woman.

"Hey, they're dead. Whoever's here can come out now."

They knew Emilie was hiding? How did they know? Could those things talk? Emilie shook her head. All of the monsters she saw were male. Emilie wanted to believe it was someone to her rescue but at a time like this she couldn't tell if her desperation was clouding reality.

The girl tiptoed to her door and looked through the peephole. She saw a woman with short hair and a sword looking around waiting for a response to her earlier call. She looked human. Not anything like the things that killed the man. Emilie's shaky hand reached for the button to open the door. When it opened Emilie readied her stun gun. She didn't want what happened to the man to repeat.

"Are you looking for me?" Emilie managed to say and gulped. She hoped that she wouldn't be mistaken for one of those monsters. She saw the movies where people did whatever it took to contain any outbreak. Even if it meant killing men, women, and children they suspected were infected. Then she also remembered what happens to other bit victims. Emilie turned her attention towards the man that helped her earlier.

"Did you make sure he's really gone? He got taken down by those things earlier. In the movies if a person is infected with a disease or virus then they come back as one of the things that infected them. Is that what's happening here?" Emilie spoke fast. Her hand started shaking. The more she thought about the situation they were in the more scared she got.

The setting changes from living-quarters-300-350 to Space


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It was.. difficult to watch. Difficult to hear. Screens that lit up the small space displayed ever-changing camera feed, from areas of calm to areas of chaos. They were all the same, though. All covered in the same crimson that seemed to follow everywhere; and where it wasn't, where there was resistance, made Yori's soul ache even more.

Innocents didn't deserve such a death. They didn't deserve to be put through such a cruel punishment for something they did wrong unknowingly. And even if they had known, this was beyond the reaction he expected of his people. It was cruel. The screams of contaminants and those might still had a chance but forever scared almost made him want to finish off the whole place now, let all their suffering be over with. he would've, he wanted to, but..

The video feed was cut, and the screens moved up and out of the way of a crystal clear window. A beautiful view of the Aibell took up almost 2/3's of the aperture. While Yori sat up, wondering why he was staring at space now, a hologram on the glass of a tall human male with shaggy crimson hair and eyes developed. From the feet up, standing as if he was leaning against the Aibell, Asher smiled to his friend. "Hey! You know, things are going pretty rough down there, yeah. Didn't go as we had hoped it would, right? I'd be upset too, but look! Good news! I've just received a message from Keoki! How cool is that?" The computerized voice sounded so cheery, as if attempting to make his friend feel better. Unfortunately, Yori remained unfazed. "How long ago was it recorded?" He responded, siting back with his elbow on the arm rest, cheek resting in the palm of his hand.

"Uhm, t-that, that's a good question." It stuttered, loosing the smile. "Very good question. It was sent in about.. Uhh.. About half an hour ago." Asher gave a short chuckle and rubbed the back of his head. "Yeah, it's been pretty hard trying to communicate with the darn thing, but hey, that's something right?" After a few moments, rose eyes looked away from the hologram and rested on the Aibell.

"Play it."


For a moment there, Beth thought the silence was just getting to her. Maybe she was just hopping for someone that would make her feel purposeful because she had rescued their family member from becoming dinner. Or.. well, from dinner being finished. The silence of the hall started bugging at her again, but she knew it probably wasn't going to stay like that for long.

Click, swoosh. A door opened. Finally, a response. Beth turned her head to greet whoever it wasโ€”

A little girl.
This wasn't good.

Dark eyes blinked "Uh.. Yeah, I guess.." Beth responded, eyeing the stun gun with distaste. God, this kid better not be alone. She dreaded the thought of taking care of it. "Are you... Uh, where are your parents?" Beth took a few steps toward her, but still kept a reasonable distance. She tilted her head a bit to see if there was anyone else inside the apartment before giving a sigh.

At the kid's second inquiry, Beth gave her an odd look. Okay, who the hell lets their kids watch those kinds of movies? I didn't seen my first horror movie until.. well, actually, I've never really watched many movies. Nevermind. She turned back to glance at the victim once again, studied him for a few moments, then turned back to the girl with a tilted head. "He's not coming back. The others finished him down to the bone. Even if he did, he wouldn't be that strong."

".. Hey, listen, you should uh, probably find your parents. They might be worried about you or... something. I gotta go and find my own dad now." Beth tried to give a goodbye without sounding as if she was abandoning the girl. From per perspective, it sounded pretty okay. She wasn't abandoning the girl; she had a stun gun, she'd probably be fine. She could hide in her apartment again and wait for her parents. That's not what Beth would've done, but she expected as much from the girl.

".. Ah, wait, before I go, do you have anything to eat in there?"


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Emilie's hopes seemed to turn to dread with each word the girl with the sword spoke. She didn't want to be alone at a time like this. If those things could take out adults then what chance did a little girl hope to have to survive. As the woman turned to walk away Emilie could feel tears forming in her eyes. She was being abandoned. What kind of person would leave a child alone to monsters? Is this what people did in times like these. Was this that example of survival of the fittest? No. Not everyone was like that. The man tried to save her. How did the woman think Emilie was going to find her parents? The man had a hard time getting one of the monsters off of him. Let alone anymore. The girl wouldn't stand a chance. She'd be dead within the hour-no-within the next ten minutes if she tried going to find her parents. And what if they came back? There were too many paths to take.

".. Ah, wait, before I go, do you have anything to eat in there?" Emilie looked up at hearing the woman's question. Then Emilie nodded her head.

"We have plenty to eat. My parents were actually planning on being gone for a while so they left a good amount of food just for me. And there is more food that can be cooked as well." Emilie grabbed the woman's wrist and quickly led her inside. She made sure the door was locked before showing the swordsman the kitchen. "I guess since we're in a emergency you can take whatever you want." Emilie thought about what would happen if the woman left. She thought about the banging on the door and how scared she was. Just waiting for the inevitable. "B-but if you eat, you have to take me with you! I can't wait here. It's just too much knowing that people are dying and that those monsters may eventually break down that door. I want you to at least take me to the station that can transport me to the sector where my parents are. I'll also give you my gun as payment as well!"

Emilie started with just an idea but then it turned to pleading. As she went on tears rolled down her eyes. Emilie just wanted to be with someone. She felt like the woman was strict but if she agreed to let Emilie tag along the little girl would try her hardest not to slow her down.

The setting changes from space to Living Quarters 300-350

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OverMind directive recieved - assemble at Location 378261.
Unit mobile.
Sector overwatch unavailable - scanning online.
OverMind directive reconfigure - sector sterilization.
Patrol route dynamics engaged.
Patrolling at route 783.
Section clear.
Movement detected - investigating.
10-91d in peripheral - disregard.
Resuming patrol route dynamics.
10-107 detected - bioscan in progress.
Confirm non-10-91d - reclassify, 647-E.
Sterilization order confirmed.
647E biosignal negative.
Resuming patrol route dynamics.
OverMind reports mass 10-107 movement across patrol route 784.
Interdiction order confirmed.
Unit mobile.
Unit is 10-97.
10-107 located - confirmed 647E.
Four 647E sterilized - biosignal negative.
Resuming patrol route dynamics.
Auditory disturbance detected.
Auditory disturbance confirmed - 10-12, residential apartment, "Alka family".
Running soundfile Alert012.mp3