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Missi Anderson

"Excuse me, but, um, this is our territory. Would you please get off and back to your own?"

0 · 208 views · located in Timeless

a character in “Timeless”, as played by Kveria


Melissa Rayne Anderson

Nickname: Missi

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Gang: The Shanks

Love Interest: Um... None yet.

Power: Missi can quite literally turn into another person. But only one. It's as though another entity was planted in her - not like another personality. She is constantly aware of this presence in her head, and it is up to her discretion when she allows her other side to come out. But when Missi uses her power, she becomes the other girl in her head. What? Yes. There are two girls in the picture for a reason. The one on the right is Missi. Long-haired, soft, gentle. The other is Evania. Vain for short. When Missi uses her power, her hair turns green, horns grow, and she physically changes so that Evania is on the outside and Missi is on the inside. However, it is always up to Missi's discretion when she and Evania make a change.

Missi is always reticent to use her power, because Evania is ruthless. She has and will use her horns to cause damage, and though she doesn't have any independent powers of her own, she's incredibly physically gifted and a violent fighter, willing to spar at the slightest provocation. She's angry, brash, and aggressive - pretty much the opposite of Missi's passive personality. The other thing is that Missi remembers and has to live with every moment that Evania's in control, but the only thing that can be done to stop her is for Missi to put herself back in charge - a terrible idea in the middle of a fight.

Personality: You could call Missi passive, and it would be a fair assessment. More than fair, actually. It would be so blatantly obvious that you might actually receive some strange looks for it. Perhaps quite a few strange looks. Her? Passive? Wow, what else is new? Missi hates to offend, upset, or in any way rock the boat. She's nervous and unconfident, preferring to demure to someone else, rather than assert her own opinion and risk rejection. Not a fighter, or at all rude, Missi's strongest personality flaw is that she allows people to walk all over her in her nervousness. She tells herself she doesn't mind, but she carries a lot of bitterness, and though she doesn't mind obeying people she cares about, she wishes she could be more assertive in the face of others. But she just... isn't. And much to her chagrin, Missi probably never will be.

However, because she is quiet, Missi is a good listener, and good at both hiding an sneaking up on people. Subtlety is definitely her thing, and she'll never tell a secret, even under torture. She would cry a lot, though. Missi is a prodigious crier, something that she also doesn't like about herself, because she feels like it makes her weak. She can be very boisterous and happy around friends, she's not constantly shying from everything, but she always takes care not to offend, and she really freezes up around strangers or when asked to be purposefully assertive. She enjoys doing things to make people happy and tries not to be selfish, meaning that sometimes she has breakdowns from all the negative emotion she's built up inside.

Other: Missi is horribly afraid of hurting people, faints at the sight of blood, and threw up when she got her tattoo. She's thin-skinned (literally) and lily-livered, but she tries her best. She's very mentally strong, emotionally trampleable, and physically okay. It's not that she physically COULDN'T fight - she absolutely could. She can certainly perform acrobatic maneuvers. It's that she's afraid to hurt people. Missi's also a hemophiliac, which is another danger in a fight - if she gets injured, she will not clot. Fortunately, Evania is not a hemophiliac, but when she turns back into Missi, any cuts will still be there. Evania doesn't do jack for healing. Missi loves clothes, fashion, and dressing people up or doing their hair. She also almost NEVER gets sick - she has an immune system of steel. Finally, she's a closeted bisexual and is afraid she'll go to hell for it - good thing she's never going to die of natural causes.

Theme Song: How You Survived the War - The Weepies

So begins...

Missi Anderson's Story