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Iskander Forbes

A former assassin who has decided to become good.

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a character in “Titanpad”, as played by Mustafa


Iskander Forbes




Height: 5'10"
Weight: 169 lbs

Iskander has a rather fair complexion, gray eyes and short brown haircut. His face is a little square with a medium length straight nose, thin lips and quite big ears. Due to long strength training he has a well build body. He often wears a dark gray T-Shirt and combat trousers with a green and gray camouflage. He likes also to wear heavy black boots because they are an ideal support when he has to move over a difficult terrain. Iskander uses special dark gloves which increase friction and don't allow to drop a held thing like a weapon too easy. They are also a form of protection for his hands against, for example, materials that could cut the skin. An inseparable element of his outfit is a military cap.
When he doesn't work for Argus, he looks like an average civil but with some exceptions - he always has a some kind of weapon, his favourite is a small pistol easy to hide. As a civil he wears worn blue jeans, dark shirt and an electronic waterproof watch.

Iskander is a quite calm man with a nice character. It's difficult to make him furious but it's possible. During the fight he behaves like a cold blood cyborg, he is extremely focused on it. As a mercenary he sometimes has to kill his enemies but he really doesn't like it. If it's possible, he chooses the other way to defeat his opponent. He doesn't believe anyone absolutely, he uses his own brain instead of unwise performing someone's orders. He could be sometimes malicious and he likes to plague his victims from time to time.

Sexual Orientation

Political Orientation
Rotary (it depends who pays more)

Iskander was a complete different person many years ago, he wasn't brave and confident in yourself. Because of difficult childhood he always believed that he can count only on himself. He decided to join the army because he thought that it will help him to achieve better life.

Iskander has always been afraid that in reality he has a dark soul and in the future he could be evil instead of good. It became even more noticeable during his service at army. He often didn't have mercy for others because he thought that it's a sign of weakness.

Being at army he also noticed that he is able to achieve more than other soldiers and he could use it to do something extraordinary. Iskander has always liked challenges and difficult missions. It made him stronger and more resistant to pain than previously, he was coping even with severe injuries.

After two years at army he made a contact with a criminal organization called "Black Sky" which trains assassins. They promised to make him someone better, to develop his abilities and that they will become his new family which he has almost never had. Iskander decided to leave the army and joined this criminal group.
Black Sky actually fulfill its promise, Iskander was working as a paid assassin for some years in different places in the world. But one day he decided to change his life and went to Detroit. He has started to work as a mercenary for Argus.

Special Abilities
Iskander doesn't have any special abilities, he is an average man.

Other Skills
  1. Expert in hand to hand combat.
  2. He can throw knives very well.
  3. He has better resistant to pain than average people.
  4. He can use a rifle and a pistol very well.
  5. He's enough flexible to perform complicated attacks, for example things which require a good coordination and fast movements.

  1. A military knife.
  2. A rifle.
  3. A pistol.

Speech: blue
Thoughts: italic blue

So begins...

Iskander Forbes's Story


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#, as written by Mustafa
It was a normal Monday morning, Iskander was going to leave his apartment and go to the new work. Suddenly he received a message on his cell phone from the employer. It was from Argus. He was a little confused because he was working for Argus merely one month and he wasn't expecting that the employer will send him an order using a mobile phone. On the other hand, he knew that Argus often uses different methods of communication but they are cyphered, at least they should be.

The employer wanted Iskander will check one place where something strange had happened. They sent also GPS coordinates so he could find this place quite easy. There had been a big explosion and Argus was suspecting that it was a result of the used of super powers. Iskander had to be first in this place, before the police, so he took only the most important things with him feverishly and got in his car.

The car was in reality ownership of Argus, it was quite special vehicle because it had a device for automatically tracking of the selected point on a map and some other toys like handy bays for small weapons. When Iskander inputted the coordinates into the tracking system, he realized the destination is an old store where car tyres were holding. It was in the suburbs of Detroit and was quite distant.

"Damn, I'll have to break again some traffic regulations to be on time," he thought.

Nothing was indicating that the explosion really had place, there was no smoke and even no burnt fragments of used old car tyres. The building was also in a quite good condition, taking into account that it was an abandoned store. Iskander had parked his car in front of the main door of the store but he had kept a secure distance. He was thinking that Argus made a mistake and there was nobody. But it seemed suspicious for him because Argus doesn't do such stupid mistakes when they plan missions or something other. He decided to get out the car and look around. He was keeping his pistol at the ready.

Iskander was wanting to enter the store through a back door but before he opened it he had heard a sound of some falling metal junk behind the outbuilding on the right side of the store. It caught his attention. He sneaked to the wall of the old store and he was going to check the outbuilding but suddenly something hit his back with big force. He felt an extreme pain, something stuck in his body but not too deeply. He almost instantly reached of his left arm for the sharp item in his back and pulled out it. It was a small dart with an embedded syringe. Iskander has seen it already, it was a common way for injecting a sleeping drug from a distance. It meant that a sniper is somewhere on the roof.

Iskander quickly ran into the old store through the back door wanting to hide against the unknown sniper. During this time the drug has mixed with his blood and has started weakening him. Iskander didn't have enough time to do anything sensible, the vision was becoming more blurred with every second and finally the agent fell on the ground.

Bright white light has been illuminating Iskander's face who has woken up. He's felt like after a long party with the ending which he hasn't remembered. The room was still swaying in his head and Iskander wasn't sure where he was.

"Did I drink too much? No, wait a moment." Iskander has been becoming more conscious. He has reminded everything and has noticed that he was tied to a chair. He was suspecting that he was still in the old store, the walls were dilapidated. After a while he noticed that he wasn't alone. A young man was lying on the table in the centre of the room. His arms and legs were tightly tied to the table. Iskander has been sure that he has seen this man somewhere in Argus but he didn't know his name. Iskander has been working for Argus merely one month and that was the reason. Near the table surgical instruments were lying.

Iskander looked around and said to himself, "Hmm, It might be an extraordinary morning."


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It was a simple mission.

Scott shifted from where he was seated, leaning back against his chair as he glanced around the area. The blonde was seated in a comfortable wicker chair in a cafe, sipping a cup of iced tea. With a baseball cap perched jauntily on his head, a black leather jacket over a white shirt with a simple blue electrical design and jeans, Scott looked like a biker having lunch. A tourist, almost.

Certainly not a soldier on a mission.

He was, in fact, having lunch - the Chicken Alfredo was pretty good. Chewing on the last of the noodles, Scott looked thoughtfully around the cafe. It wasn't crowded to the brim, but there were more than a few people around. Friends hanging out with each other, family gatherings, people eating on their lonesome...

And businessmen taking a break. One of them, a young man dressed in a suit with tidy hazel hair stood up, finishing the last of his coffee. He looked ordinary in almost every way - average height, average build, average hair. A person would be hardpressed to find him in a crowd even after he bumped into them, that was how average he was. Nobody would spare him a second glance after the first one. With a smile to the waiter, the man walked confidently out of the cafe, turning right down the streets into another section of the town.

Pulling on his cap, Scott followed him a few feet behind.

After a few minutes of weaving and turning, the businessman ducked into an alley. It was, from what Scott could remember of the map, a dead end. Perfect. Grinning, Scott followed him in, hands slipped casually in his pockets as he sauntered in like a man about to take a smoke.

He made sure that there were as little openings to the exit as possible.

The businessman was, in fact, with another person. Someone wearing a rich suit, with blonde hair slicked back. They were trading suitcases but paused when Scott appeared, staring at him, and Scott grinned toothily at them.

"Hello!" He said cheerfully, waving at them. "Is that a - ack!" Scott leaned back as Businessman1 swiped at him with a knife that missed his throat by inches, doing a somersault on the floor as Businessman2 followed up with a punch. Grabbing his arm, Scott pulled him in and punched him across the face before letting go, twisting his hips into a roundhouse kick that knocked Businessman 2 into the wall.

Or at least, it would have. Instead, Businessman2 gripped his arm. Scott's eyes widened as the man started to turn, head twisting 180 degrees, and then before Scott could react the man's jaw's widened like an anacoda and surged forwards, pulling Scott into its gaping maw -


Scott woke up with a start, heart pounding in his ears. He lied there tensely, gasping as he tried to get his heart rate under order. He stared up at the ceiling, wincing as the light burned into his retinas but not daring to close them for fear of seeing the image again.

A dream. Scott tried to reassure himself, taking a deep breath. His hands unclenched, and his head thunked back against the smooth surface of the table, taking comfort in its coolness against his bare skin. A dream. Just... a dream.

One he'd much rather not relive, that's for sure. The ending had turned out differently - he'd been attacked from behind, and the numbers had subdued him, but in the end it was still the same - he'd still been spirited away into this weird facility anyway. Scott tried not to feel bitter about that, but it was a hard thing.

Waking up to the same thing was getting a bit boring, though. There had been no clocks here to gauge the time, but Scott had estimated it to be about a week or so. A week of getting poked and prodded at and stuff that Scott would rather not remember. And the clothes were always the same - drab white shirt and pants, the kind of white that reminded people of hospitals. They need a new designer for these.

There. Focus on other things, calm down, chill! All done. Gritting his teeth, Scott looked up at his surroundings.

He was strapped to a table. A tug revealed that he was well strapped in, and he couldn't access his power. Not for the first time, Scott cursed whoever sent him here and bad intel. Argus normally wasn't that bad with information. A quick glance revealed that he was dressed in the same drab white outfit as before, although the sleeves were tattered and the pants were a bit grubby. his body felt alright, although he still had a bruise on his cheek from a struggle with the guards that he had lost. His stomach turned as he noticed the operating tools, and he quickly looked away from them, searching the room.

To his surprise, someone was there, strapped to a chair. Black hair, blue eyes, somebody he didn't know. He didn't look like those so-called scientists, anyway. For a long moment, Scott stared.

A person? What's going on?

"...So." Scott cleared his throat, craning his neck to continue to keep the man in sight. His voice sounded hoarse and disused, but there was still life that a week of experimental torture hadn't erase. "Hi. Guess we're stuck here." He smiled, a faint curve of lips that quickly turned into a wince as the yellowing bruise on his cheek tinged from the effort. "Oww.. but anyway! Name's Scott! Scott Miller. Who're you? Do you know what date it is?" He asked casually, hiding his eagerness for information.


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#, as written by Mustafa
Iskander has been becoming more conscious perhaps because the sleeping drug in his blood has started vanishing or just because the amount of this chemical substance wasn't enough for him. His senses were still weakened but he didn't have to wait longer. He had to release from this freak place.

Iskander was looking at the ropes, which were used to tie him to the chair, and was thinking how to release one arm while suddenly he heard a voice of a man. "...So. Hi. Guess we're stuck here." A hoarse voice was coming from the table in the centre of the room. Iskander almost instantly raised his head and looked towards the source. He saw that the young man, who was bound to the table, is alive and he is looking at him. Iskander didn't notice when the man woke up. His face illuminated by a bright light suggests that he wasn't in a good condition. Iskander was suspecting that someone held him here using force. "Oww.. but anyway! Name's Scott! Scott Miller. Who're you? Do you know what date it is?" The man asked again. "My name is Harry Wells. I'm... a policeman and today is Monday." Iskander lied because he didn't want to reveal his true identity. In reality he was a secret agent of Argus and the public shouldn't know what he does. At least, nobody at Argus wants to admit that superhumans really exist. Some secrets didn't have to be revealed even for the price of his life and Iskander knew about it very well.

"How did you arrive here? But, it doesn't matter. We have to get out of this place. Can you move any parts of your body?" Iskander was wriggling wanting to loosen the loops on his ankles and wrists. Scott was tightly tied to the table and wasn't able to help, so Iskander had to invent something quickly. The enemies could appear in the room at every moment and the only chance to become free could be wasted. After a while he loosened a little the rope on his legs but he didn't achieve anything else. The time was flying.

"Damn, I don't have other way." Iskander pushed himself suddenly off the floor using his feet in such way that he did almost a somersault and landed on his back smashing the wooden chair as a result. "Ouch!" It was painful but allowed Iskander to remove loops from his body. He couldn't think about the pain now, he stood up quickly and automatically reached for his knife which should be attached to his belt. But he didn't find it, he realized that the enemies had taken all his personal possessions.

Iskander jumped near the Scott, took a scalpel from the box with surgical instruments and cut every rope on the man's body. After that he lent Scott a hand to stand up from the table. Iskander glanced at the operating tools and next at Scott once again and said. "I hope that they didn't cut out anything of you. But you aren't bleeding so it will be good. We need to get out of this place. It's possible that we will meet our enemies and we will have to struggle with them. Are you ready for that?" Iskander wasn't sure whether Scott knows even the basic blows because he didn't know that Scott is also an agent of Argus.

When Iskander finished talking, the old door was opened and two guards ran into the room. "Speak of the devil." He slowly moved away from Scott keeping an eye out of the enemies. The guards were staring at him and Scott through a while but when Iskander said "Let's dance" with a grin on his face they attacked the prisoners. One guy threw a punch at Iskander but the latter has blocked that and has replied a series of punches and knee strikes. When the last knee strike from the double collar tie has finished with the opponent, Iskander turned his head to check what with Scott.


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Scott winced as he sat up, aches from past spars and fights making themselves known from the movement. His head spun from the movement; lights and metal whirling nauseously like a blurry screen in front of him, and for a very long moment Scott stilled and closed his eyes and simply breathed, willing his mind to stay sharp and for his vision to recalibrate.

While waiting, he rubbed his wrists to get some feeling back in them. He must have been unconscious long; pins and needles ran up his arms after a few seconds as his nerves began to wake up. While waiting, the blonde man took the opportunity to speak, keeping his voice low.

"Henry, huh? Nice to meet you." There was a pause, but Scott didn't care about it at the moment. Instead, he gave Henry a weak thumbs up and grin. Having a policeman around was better than the average citizen! Since they could defend themselves and all and didn't need to rely entirely on Scott in a fight. Probably. Awesome. "Thanks for freeing me, man."

Opening his eyes, Scott let out a breath of relief at his somewhat clear surroundings and began to move, slowly, carefully lowering his feet on the ground. They were bare and somewhat dirty, with surprisingly long toes and calloused heels, but hey, least they weren't amputated, right?

(How can you be so sure? A voice in the back of his mind whispered to him. How can you be so sure that he's an ally, that he's not a delusion brought on from pain, that he is what he says he is?

Can you really trust anything in here?

Shut up, Scott replied back. If this is a dream than its a really lucid one, considering that I feel pain, and the guy untied me. I owe him.

Trust doesn't matter so long as I survive.

Henry asked whether he was ready. Standing up, Scott wobbled and immediately grabbed at the table. Only his tight grip on the table edge prevented him from falling to the ground. Scott wobbled as black spots appeared in his vision, closing his eyes again as a dizzy feeling overtook him.

"... Guess not. You'll have to give me a second." He replied casually, doing his best to hide the strain in his voice. Taking a deep breath, he flexed his joints as subtly as he could, preparing himself for movement and getting his bare feet used to the cold floor. With his free hand, he reached out and grabbed a few scalpels, arming himself.

First thing I'm gonna do if - when - we bust outta here is buy some shoes.

By the time the door opened, Scott was more than ready to take on the two surprised guards that blinked at them. Well, his bones still ached and his mind was disturbingly achey like a bad signal that made the pictures on the tv slightly staticky, but despite everything he could still take the guards his way down.

Henry moved first, slamming into the guard on the right as Scott threw a scalpel at the guard on the left. Out of the corner of his eye, Scott could see Henry handling the other half of the guards with a finesse that suited a man of combat more than a police officer. He handled it too easily, as if he dealt with worse scuffles than this every day. Had he lied about his occupation?

Well, that didn't matter now.

The guard yelled in pain as a blade bit into his right shoulder. As the gun he was holding dropped out of his hand towards the ground, Scott sprinted like a truck rolling down hill towards the guard and, much like a truck rolling downhill hitting a car, used his momentum from the run to slam the guard into the wall. Movements uniformed and precise, Scott slammed his fist into the man's gut as hard as he could. The guard made a winded groan that sounded as if he didn't have enough air to scream and bent over. Reaching up, Scott fisted his hand into the man's hair and slammed the guard's head into the wall. There was a loud thud and a groan, and when Scott let go the man tumbled to the floor and didn't stand up again.

Simple, efficient and something anyone could do, with enough power, and over in less than two minutes. Which was good because goddamn did Scott feel tired after those moves. Guess whatever they did to him before was still messing with his system, along with the lack of practice. Leaning over and panting for breath, Scott winced and looked over to see if Henry was done.

Turned out he was. Awesome. Grinning, Scott flashed a small thumbs up at Henry before going back to business.

Frowning, Scott wiggled his toes, noting how cold the floor felt. Going barefooted on the run definitely wasn't a good idea, and Scott didn't like the idea of kicking things with his bare feet. What if it was something sharp? He needed protection. Hmm...

Thoughtfully, he looked at the unconscious guard's shoes, comparing it to his own foot.

Then he slipped them off the guard's feet and slipped them on his own feet instead. The black shoes looked a bit out of place with the rest of the outfit and felt a bit loose near the toes, but hey. Better than accidentally stepping on something sharp and get stuck limping, right?

"Alright, now I'm ready." Scott jogged up to Henry, grinning as he lifted his knee to show off his new shoes. "Look! Cool, right?" He asked proudly, as if they were a pair of brand new Gucci's than a scruffy pair of runners.


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0.00 INK

#, as written by Mustafa
"Well done." Iskander said that peacefully when he saw how quickly Scott defeated his opponent. Scott could infer from the tone of Iskander's voice that it wasn't a new experience for his newly met companion. And Iskander hoped that Scott's first impression about him will be something similar for that. He wanted to present himself as a professional because that could make that Scott will feel a little more confident in himself, especially when Scott is a civilian. Thereby, it might be easier to convince Scott to do something without useless questions. But first and foremost, the last thing in the world, which they needed now, was two frightened men and Iskander couldn't permit for that.

Iksander looked at Scott who was still swaying a little, at his new shoes, the guard knocked down by Scott and the gun that was lying on the ground. The second opponent probably had a weapon which he dropped during the fight with Scott. And of course Iskander's new friend chose to take only shoes because they were more important for him. Iskander smiled slightly seeing Scott's face grinning at him and that Scott was completely unaware of his mistake. He patted Scott's shoulder and said, "But remember the first rule of every police officer, don't leave your enemy with a loaded weapon," while he was walking to the second neutralized guard. "Eh... civilians," he thought. "I take it," Iskaned picked up the gun, secured it and slipped it into his holster. "You don't have anything against that, do you? And one more thing...," Iskander stood in front of Scott, held him by catching his shoulders because he was still swaying (Iskander has clearly seen that Scott was exhausted), looked straight in his eyes and said, "I'm Harry, not Henry."

Iskander glanced once again at the unconscious enemies in the room and said to Scott, "They probably already know about our escape, so we don't have too much time. I will go firstly. Taking your current physical state into account you should only follow me." Iskander wasn't feeling well but at least he was in better condition than Scott who was imprisoning in this strange store for several weeks. The corridor behind the door was completely empty, there was nobody. The lighting flashing from time to time as in every old abandoned building. Additionally dilapidated walls and not closing doors made an atmosphere like from a horror. At least, there weren't blood stains on the floor. Iskander and Scott quickly sneaked to the end of the corridor where was another door. The corridor had two ends both with doors, so their choice was accidentally, they hoped that this direction will be closer the exit. They passed some mysterious rooms but they didn't have time for checking. Before opening the door, Iskander take out the gun from his holster and unlocked it. He wanted to be ready for the worst.

"Wait," Iskander said to himself. "We will do it in the other way. Scott, stand on the left side of the door near the doorknob with your back to the wall and I will be on the right side. You will open the door using your one arm still standing near the wall and I will stand by a while in the door trying to shoot every enemy in that room. I will let you know when you will do that." Scott did what Iskander wanted and was waiting for a good moment. Suddenly Iskander said, "Ready? Now!"

Surprisingly, there weren't any enemies just some metal barrels and old car tyres. Iskander's noticed his car parked next to the wall. The room was looking like a little hangar, there was no windows, only several not working electric lamps screwed to the ceiling. On the oppisite side was the main gate, the exit from this building, but near that door was a small room with one little window. There was someone turned his back and talking by a cell phone. "Scott, hide behind these barrels and wait for me. I must do something."

"Hmm... Scott has better shoes than I. It's a scandal! They pay me too little!".