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"I tend not to make pointless interactions..." {WIP}

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a character in “Titans 2.0 Go!”, as played by Leej10100




❝When I was younger, I would hear my Mother whispering to herself, 'I am bad luck. Good was never an option.' I never understood what she meant by those words...until now. Just like my Mother...I am bad luck, so good can never be an option...ever.❞

β™” Full Name β™”
Leonardo "Hex" West

β™” Nicknames β™”
Leo | Leon | West

β™” Age β™”

β™” Gender β™”

β™” Romantic Interest β™”
Hex doesn't really get the whole "Love" concept. He was never one to fall in love, or form strong attachments, especially after coming to the conclusion of who he was. Because who would wish to fall in love with bad luck?

β™” Sexuality β™”

β™” Role β™”
Jinx's Son

β™” Aliasβ™”

β™” Face Claim β™”
Kurokichi Kagenui | Shirokuro Kitan

Imageβ™” Physical Description β™”
Hex is lanky, but don't be deceived. Even though he doesn't have a inch of fat on him, he has well defined muscles. If seen without his all black attire then the rather attractive muscles he has built can be easily seen. He stands at about 6'0, with a pale complexion. His eye is a hypnotizing black, which is encircled with dark circles from lack of sleep, and his hair is midnight black, short cut besides the long tentacle that hangs down on his left side that somewhat covers his eye patch over his missing eye. Hex wears a what resembles a captain's hat. He wears nothing but black, for bright colors don't suit him or well that's what he thinks. He wears boots, and at all times gloves, which keeps his powers in check. Hex also wears a dark scarf at all times, as it was the last gift he received from both of his parents.

β™” Birthmark/Piercing/Tattoo/Scar/Noticeable Features β™”
A large scar located on his chest.

β™” Personality β™”
Hex is mostly pretty laid back and doesn't speak unless needed. He likes to sleep and he has a very odd obsession with milk. The boy doesn't like very dark places, and likes to stay within warm lit areas, though he can handle shaded areas. Oddly enough he doesn't seem to bad, and at moments can be described as kind, in his own odd way, by giving one of his teammates a box of his milk or unconsciously glancing over to check out a situation if he hears one of his companions voices. Now that doesn't mean Hex is good, because when it comes down to it he is frighteningly merciless and cruel. Even when he seems in a good mood he can become easily annoyed, resulting in a nasty temper, it just takes certain things to tip him off. Like when Hex is touched, as he doesn't like to be touched and when others invaded his personal space unannounced, as he likes things to stay in order. Hex, without a doubt, has made it clear or at least makes it clear, that he isn't afraid to kill and he doesn't feel bad for doing it. Which, makes others aware that, despite his emotionless appearance Hex can be rather blunt and unaware of other people's feelings. He appears to be nocturnal, often found sleeping on rooftops during the day, and found wandering around town at night. Hex rarely takes anything seriously, which isn't truly the case. It is probably because he is so tired that his facial features come off as uninterested. Though when you get to know him he is quite a simple person, especially when he spots something he likes. If anything can be said about Hex, well, anything good , it's that he is always consistent with who he is. He doesn't believe he has a reason to change himself for others, if he doesn't want too. But despite his...stand-offish nature at times he can show expression of great anguish and fear, whenever using his abilities, often describing or claiming his powers having a mind of their own. Mentioning that the slightest sign of happiness ticks them off, causing them to extinguish the source.

Image Image Image
Image Image Image
Image Image Image
β™” Likes β™”
β™₯ Strawberry Milk | His Scarf
β™₯ Observing | Not Speaking
β™₯ Warmth | Reading | High Places
β™₯ Noise | Sleeping | Brightly Lit Places
β™₯ The Sky | The Clouds | Rain

β™” Dislikes β™”
✘ Dark Places | Being Touched || Dark places and unannounced physical contact with Hex is a big fat, N. O. It isn't like he is scared of the dark, it's just that whenever it is to dark his powers get feisty.
✘ Cold Weather | Snow || Hex is extremely sensitive to the cold and it is than when he is at his grumpiest.
✘ His Powers | Absolute Silence || Yet again you would think Hex would enjoy his abilities, and maybe even silence? Though that isn't the case as it is when it is quiet that his powers are most unstable.
✘ Teen Titans || Though Hex never states his distaste of the Heroes, he finds them unnervingly annoying.

β™” Powers β™”
βœͺ Evil Eye || Inherited from his Mother. Hex is able to use his eye to inflict harm or cause bad luck on anyone that he chooses just by gazing at them. Since he can only use one eye, the ability isn't as powerful as his Mothers. So he must have eye contact with the person, and he can only use it for a certain amount of time, before he becomes tired.
βœͺ Probability Manipulation || Just like his Mother, Hex's body produces mystical energy which he can use for a variety of effects. Among these is the ability to affect probability fields around specific objects. For example, through an act of will, Hex can cause electrical systems to malfunction, cause lightening clouds to appear, etc. Primarily though, Hex uses this power as a combat ability, where he can produce bursts of concussive mystical energy. Which he can hurl this energy either as a blast, or as a black wave, that he uses to knock his opponents off their feet.
βœͺ Supernatural Speed || The one thing in which he inherited from his Father, and the one ability he doesn't hate. Hex has supernatural speed, which is basically the ability to be faster than what is naturally possible. Hex is able to outrun race cars, projectiles like arrows and energy blasts, etc.

β™” Flaws/Weaknesses β™”

β™” Fearsβ™”

β™”Secrets β™”
❖ His Mother was the one her caused him to lose his eye, and the one who caused the scar on his chest.
❖ After his parents separated he followed his Mother, but he always wonders what would have happened if he went with his Father.
❖ He was the one who killed his Mother.

[img]Picture%20or%20Gif[/img]β™”Bio β™” 1-2 paragraphs

β™” Other β™” Anything else.

So begins...

Hex's Story


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#, as written by Miyer
"ony... Bony...? EBONY!", Ebony jumped as screaming pierced through her peaceful sleep and someone started to shake her boy like freaking crazy!

"I'M UP! I'M UP!", she screamed back in response as she tried to open her eyes despite their lack of cooperation. She was pretty sure she already knew who was stupid enough to wake he up in the morning. Cracking her eyes opens a little, she hissed as the sunlight hit her directly and then a young girls face with blonde bunches suddenly popped into her view with a sheepish smile.

"Sorry, but you have that H.I.V.E thingy today and you said you didn't want to be late... Well you kind of are late..." She commented quickly before laughing and running out the room, Ebony's screams of horror and curses following her down the stairs.

"Damn. Damn. DAMN!", she growled out as she began to pull on a set of denim shorts, heavily ripped with a yellow and black batman patterned cloth underneath the rips; A black top which cut off at her midriff and showed her batman belly button ring; she slung on her dull blue hood which she left unzipped to hang around her sides. Next same the accessories and makeup; A set of big, Black loop earrings and a chunky batman necklace; quickly applying some heavy eyeliner and mascara before pulling her hair up into a high pony tail and pocketing her phone.

Rushing down the stairs, she sent a quick wave to Nat and grabbed up a slice of waiting toast before making her way down the road at break neck pace. She was supposed to be at the school by 8 and she didn't want to be late... Again... Turning the last corner, she laughed as she crossed the door just as the bell went. "Safe!"

Whistling, she began to walk towards the meeting room where she would see the other 4 that's belonged to the H.I.V.E 5. Arms behind her head she thought about her 4 Teammates?

Well first there was the youngest, Gadget who was basically has an adults brain in a child's body. Ebony was happy to have the girl on the team considering the fact she was a able strategist and had a good head on her shoulders.

Then there was Hex who Ebony couldn't help but find adorable in her deranged mind. Not that he was small or childish but his weirdness and appearance just made her 'awwwww' at him.

Ebony couldn't figure out Max at all, he was a decent guy and yet for some reason he was part of H.I.V.E? That makes no sense. Yet the she wasn't exactly evil and she was part of H.I.V.E so she couldn't comment...

Finally there is Arellan, who for some reason, drew the same emotion from her as Hex did. He wasn't supposed to be adorable in any way shape or form and yet he was to fricking cute!

Ebony shock her head at her own thoughts, there must be something wrong with her... Arriving at the conference room, she grinned slightly and pushed the doors open. "Hello Children! Everyone is on time I see, I'm glad. Wouldn't want anyone late today.", she grinned lazily before slumping down into one of the chairs and watching everyone in the room amused. Ebony was the oldest of the group of teenagers and she couldn't help but find it funny how such young kids had made up their mind to be evil.


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Character Portrait: Ebony Flinders Character Portrait: Maxwell Numerous Character Portrait: Arellan Roth Character Portrait: Hex Character Portrait: Gadget
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It felt like a Monday. It probably wasn't a Monday, but it felt like one. I'd woken up to a room empty of other people besides me, the girl I'd sweet-talked over the night before had already left, it seemed. I rolled out of bed and walked over to the bathroom, stopped before the door, then rolled forward on my feet before falling towards the ground. I quickly threw out my hands, caught myself before splatting, and did fifty pushups, which I had found was a great way to get myself woken up(the pushups, not the freefall before that, which I do NOT recommend for anyone who isn't durable enough to handle bumping their head on a counter top more than once due to personal stupidity). After the quick mini-workout, I got myself groomed, tossed on a T-shirt and jeans, and went downstairs to make breakfast, pouring some Cream of Wheat into a pot of boiling milk. Looking at the time as I pureed some strawberries and blueberries, I quickly shipped off a clone to go handle making sure I was technically "on time". I knew I still had at least an hour to get there, since my dad's meals have to be on a pretty tight schedule thanks to his condition, but it never hurt to be safe. Once his breakfast was ready, I brought the bowl of hot cereal mixed with the fruit over to his room and knocked, then opened the door. Billy was sitting in his easy chair, looking outside over the cattails of the small marsh we lived on.

"Is it breakfast already?" Dad asked as I brought him the bowl, setting down a tray first and then placing the cereal on top. "I musta dang lost track of the time." Dad was an anomaly in the world that was supers. First, he had gotten married and left the whole business for good, already a rarity. Then he gave the world a second shock by being diagnosed with Huntington's, the first super ever to be afflicted with a chronic disease. I was already a teen by then, so I was willing to help out Dad as he got worse, and steadily became his keeper.

"Yes, sir, and you'd better eat up, you know what the doc said about your health." Dad laughed a bit, the bowl shaking a bit as he did so.

"Ya know, I always wondered about that. Why anyone feels the need to say things like "as you know" and whatnot. If I already know, why do they dang feel like I gotta hear it again?" he said as he looked over at one of the walls and frowned a bit. "Now, why is there a draft coming from that durned fourth wall? Must be a crack in it. See if you can handle it later, would you, Maxie?" I nodded, then stood up to stretch.

"Alright then, but I need to get rolling for school. I'll see you tonight, Sheila should be over to bring you lunch, and I'll be back by 7:30 for dinner. Take care, Dad." I got up, left, and walked outside before taking my shirt and pants off. Much to the regret of any women in the area, I had my Maxonemillion outfit on underneath, modeled after my dad's old costume. I folded and tossed the clothes into a box I kept outside, and took off running. I'd made sure the house was only a few miles away from the H.I.V.E., so I got there with time to spare, doing a quick checkup with my clone to make sure he was with my classmates. After the bell rang, I walked to the classroom to hear a certain voice...

"Everyone is on time, I see..." Yup, the way my left nut tingled at that voice meant only one person, the one girl capable of not only resisting my style, but also the only person to kick me hard enough there that my body still remembers it, the always lovely Ebony. My clone was busy smiling away as it noticed my presence, and without further ado, I pushed open the door and smiled as I walked past everyone.

"Yep, TOTAL shame if anyone were to be late..." As I finished that sentence and sat down next to the clone, another clone walked in from the door and moved to the seat next to me. / "I mean, whoever would do such a horrid thing would have to be a downright, no-good VILLAIN! Cue the next clone walking in behind him. / "Downright shame, down. Right. SHAME!" After he took his seat, I snapped my fingers and the clones all disappeared, leaving only me. / "But seriously, how is everyone today?"