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Mako Bloodfire

"I-I Love you... Is that what you wanted me to say? Idiot."

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a character in “Titans 2.0 Go!”, originally authored by Masquerade (Skye), as played by RolePlayGateway





Emotions are a troubling thing, learn to harness the energy from them and you can unleash a power greater than anything you've ever experienced.

Imageβ™” Full Name β™”
Mako Bloodfire

β™” Nicknames β™”

β™” Age β™”

β™” Gender β™”

β™” Romantic Interest β™”

β™” Sexuality β™”

β™” Role β™”
Starfire's daughter

β™” Face Claim β™”
Ryuko Matoi from Kill La Kill

Imageβ™” Physical Description β™” Mako looks almost nothing like her mother, but her body type does take after Starfire's. The rest of her looks are passed down from her Father (or maybe the genetic strand of Blackfire). Mako's body is built for physical strength with an emphasis on speed. She stands at 5'3 and only weighs in at 112 Ibs. Mako has piercing blue eyes that sometimes appear to be lavender under the right light. She has shoulder length black hair with a red streak on the right side and underlying red layers.

β™” Birthmark/Piercing/Tattoo/Scar/Noticeable Features β™”Mako has a large scar on her back that is in the shape of an X, she also has a tattoo on her stomach that looks almost like a phoenix.

β™” Personality β™”Mako's personality is a bit complicated, like most Tamaranean's she is very emotional, but unlike her mother and father she does not feed off of positive energy. Her abilities stem from the negative energy around her and so her power is strongest on Earth. That doesn't necessarily mean that Mako is evil, no, in fact, she is quite the opposite. Mako is a very positive and sweet girl who is determined to do great things for the planet just like her mother, Starfire. According to her parents she is destined for greatness and Mako's parents have never lied to her.

Mako is very expressive, she wears her heart on her sleeve and her thoughts on her face. You can almost always tell what she is thinking or about to do just by reading her body language. Normally, Mako is very relaxed and easy going, but when faced with a threat or with battle, you can tell that she is absorbing the energy around her and preparing for an attack.

Mako is also very defensive, say something bad about her parents and you might as well have slapped her in the face. She does not take insults or constructive criticism very well. She is also not very good at taking other's advice and can be a bit reckless at times. Nevertheless! Mako seems to be fiercely loyal to those who prove worthy of friendship and will lay down her life to protect whomever she considers a friend.

β™” Likes β™”
β™₯ Having friends || Back on Tamaran people fear Mako because of the power she posses and because of who her parents are. They do not really want to be her friends but feel that they have to because she is the daughter of Starfire.
β™₯ Human food || Cotton candy is probably the best thing Mako has ever eaten! She loves sweets and cake as well.
β™₯ A good game of hide and seek || Another human thing Mako enjoys, she has never played such a childish yet exhilarating game before.

β™” Dislikes β™”
✘ Fighting || Despite the energy that Mako draws from battle, she really hates to fight. Mako would much rather watch TV or eat cake; but if you force her to draw her weapon you will experience a power that will make you fear for your life.
✘ The H.I.V.E || They annoy Mako to no end and she wishes that they would just leave Earth alone already.
✘ Boredom || Although things are rarely ever boring around here.

β™” Powers β™”
βœͺ Energy Projection || She draws energy from negative emotions and unleashes power based on the energy amounts.
βœͺ Her scissor sword || It looks like half of a giant scissor and grows and shrinks at will. The other half belongs to her Father.
βœͺ Tamaranean Physiology || An ability exclusive to those of Tamaran

β™” Flaws/Weaknesses β™”
⌘ Power control || Mako does not know how to control her power and it is an obvious struggle when fighting.
⌘ Her sense of loyalty || Mako would lay down her life for those she considers a friend
⌘ Her emotions || She's as readable as a book.

β™” Fearsβ™”
❖ The dark
❖ Dying on Earth
❖ Being alone

β™”Secrets β™”
❖ The reason Mako came to Earth wasn't because her parents told her she was destined for greatness, it was because they were smothering her and she needed to escape.
❖ She does not wish to rule Tamaran after her parents pass.
❖ The scar on her back comes from a battle with Blackfire. Even though the woman was banished, she succeeded in sneaking back onto the planet and attacking Mako when the girl was very young. When people ask about it she tells them she fell off of the swings.

β™”Bio β™” Despite what some might think, Tamaran is actually a war planet and most of the children are trained from a young age to fight. Mako, however, was never supposed to learn. Starfire never wanted Mako to be like the other children, so serious and battle ready, she wanted her daughter to have a normal childhood and Mako suffered for it. The other children thought she was too weak and even the girls were afraid that Mako would snap if they poked her too hard. It was when Blackfire somehow sneaked into their peaceful home in the middle of the night and attacked Mako that Starfire decided her daughter needed to learn self defense. She picked up the techniques very quickly and surpassed the physical strength of those in her grade, but even then the kids still refused to play with her, they made Mako out to be some kind of monster that would hurt them if things got too rough.

Mako was utterly alone. She had her parents of course, but they weren't really friends and it was a bit embarrassing to realize that they were the only ones she could talk to. Even her nanny was a bit timid around the girl; it was this reason that Mako left Tamaran and escaped to Earth to seek out the "Teen Titans" her mother spoke so highly of. She didn't know what she would do when she found them, she just knew she had to seek them out.

β™” Other β™” Mako Bloodfire is not her real name, is it an alias she uses because her real name is rather embarrassing.
On Tamaran everyone has a special battle outfit with a gem that helps to power it; Mako's outfit looks something like this.

So begins...

Mako Bloodfire's Story


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The branches of the trees bow with the heavy load they are carrying, bending towards the floor. If only they could shake themselves like a dog covered in water does; they would be free. Everything glistens, as if a fairy has sprinkled her dust over the entirety of the city. Colors are brighter against the pure white blanket that spreads as far as the eye can see. There is a momentary hint of blue sky, and even this bit of light was enough to release a flash of diamonds across the wide landscape, so oddly disfigured by its snowy adventure. The clouds thicken once more and cover the sky, creating a mirror-like white blanket similar to the snow covered ground; the horizons blur together, except for the deep ocean that remains a shimmering grey reflecting the white sky. No matter the time of day, the clouds hide the light, preventing definite shadows. Everything seems quieter, almost muffled. There is a sense of serenity in the atmosphere, adding to the eeriness and quietness, which permeates indefinitely into Titan Tower. The elevator seemed to be the only thing still fully operational, though whilst going up the elevator strange noises peirce the walls hinting at struggling machinery or something happening beyond one could perceive from the inside of the elevator. The doors open and reveal a reletively empty and strangely ominous hub. Red carpet even though noticibly dulled from time naturally pulls one to walk along its path and see what its road has to offer. The couch is facing what looks to be a wall though it is simply the windows not allowing anyone to see in or out of the tower, the Titans left it that way before they left. The carpet branches off into two seperate dull paths leading towards what one would only asusme to be the living quarters. If one walked down both halls one would notice that there are seven bedrooms and only one bathroom, potentially making one think of all the possible bathroom disputes that have happened in the past.

The H.I.V.E Academy ("Hierarchy of International Vengeance and Extermination") is a school for young villains-in-training where they learn all the basics of becoming professional villains.Originally, the Academy was owned and headed by the H.I.V.E. Headmistress, before management was taken over by Brother Blood. During her term as the administrative authority, the academy served as a villain-in-training institution that provided "well organized, highly trained, and combat equipped" H.I.V.E. agents (graduates) for hire. Once in control of the facility and its students, Blood decided to accelerate his own plans by having his students steal money and high-tech components, arousing the interest of the Teen Titans.Cyborg went undercover as Stone, a new student, and found out that Blood was preparing to mass-construct a new weapon called an Ion Amplifier. In the course of the conflict, the Academy was destroyed by a sonic blast from Cyborg, augmented by the Amplifier. Subsequent attempts by Blood to reopen the H.I.V.E. Academy in other locations were likewise foiled by the Titans, and eventually Blood was captured and taken into custody. Years later, the institute was reopened by another headmaster, ready to teach his students to learn the ways of evil and defeat the Teen Titans.

As the wind peaked, a young man treked his way towards the tower, his mother once had called a home. His new home. His jet-black whipped around his face and his demonic like red eyes shone in the snow. He had shut his coat and put his hood on to act as like a protective shield form the wind. He looked up and examined the place he would call his future home. He scoffed "Where's the welcoming committee." he said seemingly to himself. In which a way he was, there was another figure behind him that looked exactly like him. He was also dressed in a similar fashion except the colors consisted of a pink coloring and his hair had a pink tint to it. "I'm pretty sure their just...uh....holding a surprise party for us Arellan!" he said with an optimistic tone. "Quiet down Happiness, I do not need nor want any unnessecary company. Also no time for parties." he said as unknowingly another male traveled behind him slowly. As Arellan made his way into the Tower, another man followed in. They found out that his name is Ronin. He was welcomed into the Titans and everything was fine.

Two months later, small white boots crunch into the deep snow as if no one had been there before. As the footprints continued the earlier ones were washed away by the seemingly endless supply of snow. This young woman was adorned with black tights along with a light blue hooded cloak, lined with faux white fur. Her dark sienna eyes gazed at the tower, wondering if it went even higher. She was to join the Titans as hr father told her. He wasn't going to intervene, he would let her do her own thing and make her own friends. She made her way to the door finally and knocked, waiting for a response from her soon to be teammates.


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Blue, yes, that's right, blue. It wasn't a beautiful blue, it wasn't close the magnificent motif of Tamaran sky, the smoggy welkin was pretty in it's own right. Frosty white snow crunched under Mako's boots, steam rising wherever she stepped due to the heat that radiated off of her body. She was not human, not in any sense of the word and she had come from a planet known by a scarce amount of earthlings. Mako was the Princess of Tamaran, but had fled her home planet due to the fact that the citizens were scared of her.

Crunch! Sizzle! Crackle! Mako sighed at the only sound in the forest as she continued to search for the so called "Titans" her mother had spoken so highly of. She had landed on Earth the night before last and was close to giving up when forest gave way to ocean and she stepped onto the frozen tundra, surveying the area for any signs of life. "There," it was a speck in the distance, but she thought she saw the top of a building. "I need a better view," Mako decided and felt her body rise from the ground. She could see it clearly now, a city rising from the fog. Once she was back on the sand Mako took off at a run towards the municipality a refreshing verve coursing through her body. Her goal was to find them by the end of the day, if not, Mako would head back to Tamaran and try to reevaluate life.

She reached the outskirts when she tripped and her case fell, the carrier containing half of a giant scissor opening and allowing her weapon to arc through the air before landing with a metallic clatter! Against the pavement. Mako army crawled to where her blade lay and picked it up, rising to her feet and inspecting the hand crafted weapon to make sure that not a scratch or dent surfaced. With a sigh of relief, she placed the blade back in its case and shrugged the large metal carrier onto her back. Surreptitiously, she began to walk, finding the stillness of winter to be quite odd.