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Terrance Lesner

"Change... is good."

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a character in “Titans 2.0 Go!”, as played by FamishedPants





Things change.... or at least they need to.


β™” Full Name β™”
Terrance Maxwell Lesner

β™” Nicknames β™”
Max, Les, Lance are his most popular. Do NOT call him Terry.

β™” Age β™”

β™” Gender β™”

β™” Romantic Interest β™”
You know... that alien's kinda cute....err, I said nothing.

β™” Sexuality β™”

β™” Role β™”
Terra's son

β™” Aliasβ™”

β™” Face Claim β™”
Edward Elric || Fullmetal Alchemist

β™” Physical Description β™”
Terrance is a bit on the small side despite his age, standing at 5'4" and weighing around 145 lbs, excluding an arm. He still manages to keep himself athletically fit, which can be seen by the definition in his arms, legs, and chest, although he is by no means very muscular. Les has an almost pale skin tone. He is also gifted with both golden eyes and hair, which he tends to keep in a ponytail for the most part. Terrance is typically seen wearing a crimson cloak with long sleeves along with a sleeveless black shirt and black trousers beneath it. He is also prone to wearing white gloves, too.

β™” Birthmark/Piercing/Tattoo/Scar/Noticeable Features β™”
Terrance does not won any piercings or tattoos. However, something people really tend to notice about him is his right arm which, from the shoulder down, is entirely prosthetic. Though it is usually hidden beneath his cloak and glove (for good reason), it's extremely easy to tell apart from a normal arm, as it's robot-like appearance catches the attention of any who gaze upon it. Aside from his arm, he hasn't any extremely noticeable features.

β™” Personality β™”
Terrance is, well, a bit of a complicated person to explain. He is often kind and sociable to most, but may be cold and heartless to others. He's not a bad person, but he may sound like it. His actions at one point may be contradicted by the ones immediately following them. For the most part, his personality is very situational. If someone is in dire need of help and he can do something about it, you can be sure the young man will attempt to do whatever is in his powers to make sure they are safe. Yet, if they are beyond helping and he doesn't particularly know them, he'll accept this fact and move on, usually with a bad taste in his mouth. He is a realist and does not pretend like things may always go as he plans or hopes, but he certainly isn't pessimistic and wouldn't bring a group down either.

It may be easier to explain how he'll generally act in given situations.

He himself is aware of who his mother once was, and because he may or may not have been considered a 'Mamma's boy' at one point or another, Terrance has a good opinion and amount of respect for the Teen Titans, and heroes in general. Between the red and blue, Terrance would be painted blue for good on the scale of good and evil and he's certainly not going to sit down and watch the world burn if some evil-doer is planning to blow up the world. However.... Terrance prefers to do things his own way and because good guys aren't necessarily supposed to do certain things, well, he might get into a disagreement with the Titans. It is likely for this reason that he's yet to officially become a Titan, regardless of the fact he more or less acts like one every now and then.

Terrance, with his very self-contradicting personality, can be one of the more mature people or the more immature people. You can be sure he enjoys having fun, and one such way is typically teasing another person. He's not particularly dense and can usually pick up on hints and the sort. Combine his love for teasing and being able to see love spark in the air, and well, he may or may not flirt just to get a reaction. Yet, Terrance would never intentionally try to harm a relationship, and stops well before things could get out of hand. He is a guy who respects relationships, be they romantic, friends, best friends, or even rivals, and cherishes the ones he has. He can definitely say without a doubt he would risk his own life for someone he considers a true friend without second thought if need be.

A side people don't tend to see of the man is the lack of self-worth he seems to have in himself. Considering the accident he was in this may be expected, but even with constant training to hone his powers and abilities, he's still terrified of the thought of hurting someone on accident due to his own incompetence. You're unlikely to hear him boast about his strength, despite his usually confident exterior because he knows that he could possibly go over the edge any minute, like his mother used to. Fear of accidents keeps the young man from using his powers freely, without a solid reason.


β™” Likes β™”
β™₯ Friends
β™₯ Pizza
β™₯ Teasing

β™” Dislikes β™”
✘"Bad guys"
✘ Swimming
✘ Death

β™” Powers β™”
βœͺ Geokinesis - Terrance has the ability to manipulate the Earth like his mother. He can do quite a number of things with it, such as levitating a bounder and riding it, to forming armor with it, to throwing earth spikes at foes, and creating earthquakes and tremors, although those two typically aren't intentional. He can change the states of the Earth at will, making mud into a solid or Rock into a liquid.
βœͺ Martial Arts - Terrance is capable of holding himself up in a fight. While he may be capable of sparring moderately with the child of Robin, he certainly isn't so great as to beat people who specialize in this field without the help of his powers. He tends to mix this in along with his Geokinesis to form some pretty mean boxing gloves, so it's unwise to underestimate him.
βœͺ Earth affinity - Terrance is sensitive to the Earth. He's able to sense vibrations in the Earth, allowing him to pick up on larger presences approaching or track things if he's within a relatively close range. Were he to be underground, he could even see in the darkness using this ability to feel the area around him.

β™” Flaws/Weaknesses β™”
⌘ Unmastered - Like his mother before him, Terrance is not entirely in control of his powers. He doesn't tend to have anything problems using them for smaller purposes, but if he tried to manipulate gargantuan pieces of Earth, or cause quakes, they'd quickly spiral out of his control. Typically, his eyes shine a bright golden light when he's approaching this stage.
⌘ Mediocre - Terrance is certainly a capable fighter when it comes to hand to hand, but he is not an expert by any means. Without any help from his geokinesis, his style isn't very strong and he'd not stand too much of a chance against those who specialized in this field.
⌘ Landlubber - Terrance isn't very helpful in places that do not have rock or other materials his powers can use. If he were, say, to be stuck in the ocean or somewhere he couldn't grab land to use, he'd basically be a normal person.

β™” Fearsβ™”
❖ Friendly Fire - Harming his allies terrifies him, and he does his absolute best not to throw rocks their way if he can help it.
❖ Death of friends/Family - Like any normal person does, Terrance hates to even think about his friends perishing. It scares him when they come close.
❖ Being despised by his mother - When or if she wakes up, he can't help but know that she'll hate him for what he did to her. Just thinking about it gets him down.

β™”Secrets β™”
❖ Terrance has sometimes used his powers selfishly, or rather, for evil.
❖ Is unsure if he even wants his mother to wake up simply due to the fact he is too scared to listen to her thoughts on him.
❖ Likes strawberries much much more than anybody should.

Imageβ™”Bio β™” For the longest time, Terrance was entirely unaware of his latent abilities. His mother, of whom the abilities originated, was oblivious to the fact that she had been a Teen Titan and one point, as well as the fact that she had powers to boot. Thusly, Terrance attempted to grow up like any normal boy his age, with success for a while.

But things change.

As you may expect, just because you don't know about the abilities, doesn't mean they aren't there. Powers like his weren't something you could live your whole life not knowing about - the effects of them were far too large for them to remain unnoticed. Rumbling in the ground, things falling off shelves, and even small earthquakes occurred far too often to be coincidence. But he was not entirely convinced of the fact he had some latent powers until, under threat during a school lockdown, he shielded a bullet with his arms. Well, that's a bit misleading. He instinctively shielded himself from what would have been a fatal shot by causing the ground beside him to form around his arms, creating a protective shell on them. When this happened in front of his fellow students, well, they weren't so accepting. He was promptly shunned at school to the point where he needed to transfer. But the situation wasn't so bad. Although unaware that she herself had been through similar pain, hadn't abandoned her own child - he was all she had left, with his father having left quite some time ago. Terra and Terrance both had a wonderful relationship, which is why he still hasn't forgiven himself for the incident.

He had had a small interest in superheroes. Seeing them on TV and in real life was always so fascinating. Flying, super strength and super speed... he aspired to be something cool and awesome, something people looked up to. Of course he'd have to train himself! It had been long after he figured this that he had an accident that nearly cost him his life.... and his mother's. Just becoming a teenager, he wasn't yet able to life larger boulders and fling them with ease. In fact, just getting them off the ground became a hassle. It always seemed as though he was stronger subconsciously than consciously. He found himself a nice place far away from people to train so that they wouldn't get hurt if something happened, but his mother stumbled upon said place at a very inopportune time, and distracted the young man, who was lifting a particularly large boulder at that moment. Concentration was lost, and gravity took effect. He was very lucky that the thing only crushed his arm. But that wasn't the only consequence. The pain was unbearable for a kid his age, and as he desperately tried to remove it, his power went out of control, throwing the boulder off him with ease, along with many others in the area. One such boulder, though not as large as the first, found his mother, Terra, as its target. She's been in a coma since that day years ago.

Recovery was a lot less painful than watching his mother in possibly permanent sleep he had put her in. Nothing was worse than this feeling. Nothing. Not the pain of the injury he had incurred upon himself nor the odd sensation of not having a limb anymore. Feeling guilt he could not rid himself of, he was determined to control this power so that nothing of the sort would ever happen again. And sometime during his continued training, he was able to befriend a certain blue-haired woman who gave him a new limb. It's mostly for this reason that he hangs around the Titans, more or less an unofficial member despite declining the offer. He of course still fears his powers will cost someone their life, and one day hopes to remedy this.

β™” Other β™”Love interest is most certainly not to annoy Maxwell or anything. C:

So begins...

Terrance Lesner's Story


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The branches of the trees bow with the heavy load they are carrying, bending towards the floor. If only they could shake themselves like a dog covered in water does; they would be free. Everything glistens, as if a fairy has sprinkled her dust over the entirety of the city. Colors are brighter against the pure white blanket that spreads as far as the eye can see. There is a momentary hint of blue sky, and even this bit of light was enough to release a flash of diamonds across the wide landscape, so oddly disfigured by its snowy adventure. The clouds thicken once more and cover the sky, creating a mirror-like white blanket similar to the snow covered ground; the horizons blur together, except for the deep ocean that remains a shimmering grey reflecting the white sky. No matter the time of day, the clouds hide the light, preventing definite shadows. Everything seems quieter, almost muffled. There is a sense of serenity in the atmosphere, adding to the eeriness and quietness, which permeates indefinitely into Titan Tower. The elevator seemed to be the only thing still fully operational, though whilst going up the elevator strange noises peirce the walls hinting at struggling machinery or something happening beyond one could perceive from the inside of the elevator. The doors open and reveal a reletively empty and strangely ominous hub. Red carpet even though noticibly dulled from time naturally pulls one to walk along its path and see what its road has to offer. The couch is facing what looks to be a wall though it is simply the windows not allowing anyone to see in or out of the tower, the Titans left it that way before they left. The carpet branches off into two seperate dull paths leading towards what one would only asusme to be the living quarters. If one walked down both halls one would notice that there are seven bedrooms and only one bathroom, potentially making one think of all the possible bathroom disputes that have happened in the past.

The H.I.V.E Academy ("Hierarchy of International Vengeance and Extermination") is a school for young villains-in-training where they learn all the basics of becoming professional villains.Originally, the Academy was owned and headed by the H.I.V.E. Headmistress, before management was taken over by Brother Blood. During her term as the administrative authority, the academy served as a villain-in-training institution that provided "well organized, highly trained, and combat equipped" H.I.V.E. agents (graduates) for hire. Once in control of the facility and its students, Blood decided to accelerate his own plans by having his students steal money and high-tech components, arousing the interest of the Teen Titans.Cyborg went undercover as Stone, a new student, and found out that Blood was preparing to mass-construct a new weapon called an Ion Amplifier. In the course of the conflict, the Academy was destroyed by a sonic blast from Cyborg, augmented by the Amplifier. Subsequent attempts by Blood to reopen the H.I.V.E. Academy in other locations were likewise foiled by the Titans, and eventually Blood was captured and taken into custody. Years later, the institute was reopened by another headmaster, ready to teach his students to learn the ways of evil and defeat the Teen Titans.

As the wind peaked, a young man treked his way towards the tower, his mother once had called a home. His new home. His jet-black whipped around his face and his demonic like red eyes shone in the snow. He had shut his coat and put his hood on to act as like a protective shield form the wind. He looked up and examined the place he would call his future home. He scoffed "Where's the welcoming committee." he said seemingly to himself. In which a way he was, there was another figure behind him that looked exactly like him. He was also dressed in a similar fashion except the colors consisted of a pink coloring and his hair had a pink tint to it. "I'm pretty sure their just...uh....holding a surprise party for us Arellan!" he said with an optimistic tone. "Quiet down Happiness, I do not need nor want any unnessecary company. Also no time for parties." he said as unknowingly another male traveled behind him slowly. As Arellan made his way into the Tower, another man followed in. They found out that his name is Ronin. He was welcomed into the Titans and everything was fine.

Two months later, small white boots crunch into the deep snow as if no one had been there before. As the footprints continued the earlier ones were washed away by the seemingly endless supply of snow. This young woman was adorned with black tights along with a light blue hooded cloak, lined with faux white fur. Her dark sienna eyes gazed at the tower, wondering if it went even higher. She was to join the Titans as hr father told her. He wasn't going to intervene, he would let her do her own thing and make her own friends. She made her way to the door finally and knocked, waiting for a response from her soon to be teammates.