Kaito Shikibu

"L-let's fight together!"

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a character in “Titans of Alke: Blood and Steel”, as played by Edgeout


{K A I T O S H I K I B U}

{N I C K N A M E S} Rookie, K, and Trip “I-I don’t liked to be called names!”

{A G E}16

{G E N D E R} Male

{R O L E} The Screw-Up

{S E X U A L I T Y}Straight

"What I am now is a reflection of my past."


{W E I G H T}160

{E Y E C O L O R} Orange Red

{H A I R C O L O R} Blonde

{A P P E A R A N C E}Lean build, usually in casual clothes. Kaito is usually in casual clothes, and has a jacket over him to hide the huge scar across his chest left by an encounter with The Swarm.

"I cannot share this with anyone…"

{P E R S O N A L I T Y}Kaito is a soft spoken person. He tends to not express his opinions, and think things way too much. Once he’s focused on something, he forgets about something else. That is why people see him as clumsy, when he trips over cables and such. He is always respectful, and kind to people, but hides his true pains with his smile.

"I only seek for the destruction of The Swarm."

{T I T A N} Beniz-arc
This titan is built into Kaito. The activation keys to the mecha is embedded into his shoulders

{T I T A N A B I L I T I E S}This "newtype" titan demands heavy neural concentration. The heavier the concentration, the stronger the power. The original form of the benizarc is a long range sniper with decent melee abilities. When Kaito exhausts his mind the titan turns into it’s Omega form automatically through AI. It gains boost in speed, and strength, but it demands extreme concentration and strain on the brain to control it. IF the user fails to control it, the "improved newtype AI" takes over on autopilot, so as to take the strain away from the user. By then it is purely on destruction mode, killing everything in its path until its energy has been reduced to red. Original Form: Sniping accuracy – the shot at max capacity (max conentration) is able to pierce through even a planet. Also Zoom in ability is exceptional on this titan. Omega Form: Immense power and speed – loses its far range capability. Also gains nearly indestructible armor till the energy has been used up. Once the energy becomes red, the Titan will either launch itself and the user to a safe location or go into back up.

{S K I L L S} Kaito has the abillity to "see" other's emotions. Also he can read and memorize extraordinarily fast.

{W E A P O N S}Kaito does not have a good weapon, but has a good sense of other people. He carries a pistol, as it is required, but he does not like to use it.


{L I K E S}
Chocolate, animals, and nature.
{D I S L I K E S}
War, himself, the Swarm.
{H O P E S / D R E A M S}
Kaito hopes that one day The Swarms will be eradicated, and that he will be able to get rid of his fear
{F E A R S}
His anger taking over him. The Swarm. Others dying.


"D-do we need to get this deep? ^-^’"

{H I S T O R Y}
The Swarm has ripped his family apart. All the people he loved died to The Swarm. Born into a family of farmers, Kaito always enjoyed the outdoors, but that all changed since the invasion. Ever since then, Kaito swore to fight until all The Swarms were eliminated. Despite his heart, he had a fear of the Swarm, one in particular that has left a scar going across his chest. He was rescued by a titan. There he asked to join the squad but got kicked out when in battle his Titan destroyed an ally titan along with the swarm. People insisted that he be an engineer because of his brains, but Kaito insisted that he be in a titan. After a long journey, Kaito seemed to found his home in the Talos Squad, with the Talos captain, being like an older sibling to him, despite his failures.


{C O L O R}
Favorite Actor: Leonardo DeCaprio!

{F C}Yukine

So begins...

Kaito Shikibu's Story


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#, as written by CutUp

The sound of metal violently clashing against each other echoed across a largely empty training room by father sparring against son, Headmaster Luther against his son Axel at dawn's first light. Their sparring was quite common, in fact it was quite regular, every two weeks on the dot. Well as long as duty didn't get in the way. Luther would say that these matches are to keep Axel sharp and on his toes, but in reality it is to make sure his skill isn't dull, after all his job is mostly paperwork anymore.

"You're getting better. You might beat me one of these days." Luther commented as his sword clashed with the blade of his son's arm. "Screw that! I'm beating you today!" Axel growled as he hopped backwards to better assess the situation. He leaped forward and began slashing at his father. Luther dodged, and blocking his attacks with his sword. When Axel next lunged forward Luther used his blade to redirect Axel, with the two metals scraping violently across each other. Axel fell forward, and Luther gave a swift blow to his back from his fist.

Axel stumbled forward, and fell to his knees. "You're holding back. I told you to knock that crap off!" Axel growled as he got back up, and faced his father. "Fine. No holding back." Luther stated in his usual cold demeanor. Luther rushed forward, and began slashing at Axel extremely quickly, almost too fast to track his movements. Despite his age he still moves like a man in the prime of his life. Axel used his arm to block his attacks, with each blow forcing him to take a step back.

"You're getting faster. But still sloppy, and predictable. Have you already forgotten everything I taught you?" Luther commented. "Perhaps that young lady from Talos Squad would hold better challenge?" Luther asked, knowing this would anger Axel. And Axel didn't disappoint. "I'll show you who's predictable!" He snarled. When his father went in for the next attack Axel let it slide across his arm, and bring Luther in closer to him. Once he was closer Axel brought up a powerful blow to his ribs from his left, cybernetic knee. This caused Luther to grab his side in pain, which gave Axel opportunity to give him a swift punch from his left hand to his face.

This forced Luther to stumble back. He rubbed his chin, and spat out some blood from a busted lip. "Well done. I'm glad my lessons didn't go unheard." Luther stated. "What? You givin up already?" Axel asked in a huff, with sweat dripping from his face. Luther only chuckled in response. While usually Luther must keep up a appearance of a intimidating warrior, it is nice to let his hair down, and actually smile once in awhile. Axel lunged forward toward his father at full speed, with his cybernetic arm pulled back, ready to strike.

When Axel became within arm's reach, he began extending his arm for an attack. Luther bent down, and used his sword to push Axel's arm off track, and above him. Luther grabbed Axel's sleeveless black shirt, and threw him over his head. As Axel fell to the ground things seemed to move in slow motion as Luther lifted up his right leg, and gave Axel a powerful kick to his chest as he was upside down in the air. Axel fell several feet from Luther on his back. The match was over, and as always Luther stood victorious.

Axel rolled over, and stood up on one knee. He slammed his cybernetic fist into the ground in frustration, leaving a large crack in the floor. "You did well, if your anger didn't get the better of you, you may have won." Luther said as he extended his hand to help him up. Axel brushed him off, and got up himself. "Whatever." Axel groaned as he went to several towels, his coat, and some different devices.

Axel took off his shirt, and wiped the sweat off his body with a towel. He grabbed one of the devices, and held it over various scratches on his body. A small beam shot out of the device, and began closing his wounds. Luther did the same. "Don't forget, today your squad, and Talos will be getting missions." Luther reminded him. "I swear if this is another dam building mission, I'm going to smack that mustache off your face!" Axel growled. "Don't worry, this'll be a real mission. You've got time before the briefing. Make sure Talos knows to meet in the war room when the time comes." Luther ordered. "Yeah, yeah." Axel replied.

Axel threw his shirt, and coat over his shoulder, and left the training room. He walked the halls of Atlas Academy, heading towards his teams designated dorm. Each squad has their own dorm. Dorm is the official term, as they are more like apartments, with a kitchen, living room, and two bedrooms, as well as one full bath. The squads are split up into the different rooms, one for the males of the team, and one for the females.

Axel found the door marked Orion, and entered a code on the keypad to open the door. He walked in, and grabbed a purple, spiked fruit sitting in a bowl on the table. He plopped himself on the couch, and split the fruit in half with the blade in his arm. He took a big bite out of one half of the fruit, with green juices flowing down the corner of his mouth. He laid down his shirt, and coat on the couch.