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Lili Saville

Orion Second-In-Command

0 · 747 views · located in Alke

a character in “Titans of Alke: Blood and Steel”, as played by CopperNinja


"If it doesn't want to kill you, you're not trying hard enough"
Centuries| Roar| Carry The Sun|

{N A M E}
Lillian Saville

{N I C K N A M E (S)}

{A G E}

{G E N D E R}

{R O L E}
Orion Second-in-Command

{S E X U A L I T Y}

"Yes, I'm hot. No, I'm not interested"

{H E I G H T}

{W E I G H T}
128 lbs

{E Y E C O L O R}

{H A I R C O L O R}

{A P P E A R A N C E}
Lili is of average height and weight with bright red hair that she keeps tied back in a high ponytail so it doesn't get in her way.
She tends to wear her booty shorts complete with a belt, but a shirt is often optional as she has a tendancy to overheat.
She finds it more practical to wear boots and gloves to protect her skin from the machines and guns she handles than to cover her midriff,
but don't worry, she always wears her black and red bra regardless of having no shirt over it.

"What's the point in fighting the Swarm if there's no one left to party with in the end?"

{P E R S O N A L I T Y}

Myers Briggs personality type: ESFP
Extravert(100%) Sensing(62%) Feeling(88%) Perceiving(78%)
She's a happy-go-lucky extrovert despite the whole "Swarm destroying humanity" thing.
She doesn't believe in too much planning, but if she has to follow a plan, she'll do it.
Her emotions tend to run pretty high, and she doesn't keep them to herself. She's quick to laugh or cry or get angry, but you wouldn't want to be in the room if she gets truly upset.

"This is kinda fun, don't you think?"

{T I T A N}
Gespenst. German for spirit or ghost, her Titan is named as such because she tends to bring death on all her enemies.

{A L T E R N A T E F O R M}
Unlike the other titans, Lili's Gespenst doesn't have an alternate form. Instead it has a few extra abilities.

{T I T A N A B I L I T I E S}
Gespenst has a variety of weapons from the ranged Energy Gun (shoots high powered electromagnetic energy at the target), to a lightsaber style sword. It also has the ability to create an energy shield around itself and the nearest Titan. Lili has also worked to include several classic projectile guns into its interface including a minigun, large sniper and bazooka.

{S K I L L S}
Weapon proficiency and maintanece. Before her father died, Lili made sure to learn everything she could about handheld (and Titan Held) weapons. She can maintanence her own guns and her Titan along with the best of them.

{W E A P O N S}
Big Ass Gun. She's not exactly a sniper, but she's a pretty damn good shot with guns of all kinds. The bigger the better though, since it seems to intimidate people.

"Death is not an option!"

{L I K E S}
Food, especially sweets.
People in general (she likes to think the best of mankind.)

{D I S L I K E S}
Bugs in general
Carol Makalov (and how much time she gets to spend with Axel)

{H O P E S / D R E A M S}
While it would be nice to destroy the Swarm and restore humanity, Lili doesn't have any delusions of grandeur. She'd like to one day be known as one of the best Titan Pilots of her generation and keep all her friends safe.

{F E A R S}
Lili fears being alone. She's also always been mildly afraid of the dark, but that's something she tries to keep to herself and not force on others. A nightlight does wonders, but if she at least has another person in the room with her, she's ok.

"I'm gonna make my dad proud!"

{H I S T O R Y}
Lili was always something of a Daddy's Girl when she was younger. Her father had been a Titan Pilot, and she'd wanted to grow up to be just like him. He died on duty when she was 12, leaving behind Lily, her 7 year old sister and their mother.
She has Axel to thank for helping her through those first few months without her father, and she would die before she let anything happen to him or ruin their friendship.

"My friends and my sister are the most important people to me."

{C O L O R}

rexelia free (Fontmeme)
{F C}
Yoko Littner, Guren Lagen

So begins...

Lili Saville's Story


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#, as written by CutUp

The sound of metal violently clashing against each other echoed across a largely empty training room by father sparring against son, Headmaster Luther against his son Axel at dawn's first light. Their sparring was quite common, in fact it was quite regular, every two weeks on the dot. Well as long as duty didn't get in the way. Luther would say that these matches are to keep Axel sharp and on his toes, but in reality it is to make sure his skill isn't dull, after all his job is mostly paperwork anymore.

"You're getting better. You might beat me one of these days." Luther commented as his sword clashed with the blade of his son's arm. "Screw that! I'm beating you today!" Axel growled as he hopped backwards to better assess the situation. He leaped forward and began slashing at his father. Luther dodged, and blocking his attacks with his sword. When Axel next lunged forward Luther used his blade to redirect Axel, with the two metals scraping violently across each other. Axel fell forward, and Luther gave a swift blow to his back from his fist.

Axel stumbled forward, and fell to his knees. "You're holding back. I told you to knock that crap off!" Axel growled as he got back up, and faced his father. "Fine. No holding back." Luther stated in his usual cold demeanor. Luther rushed forward, and began slashing at Axel extremely quickly, almost too fast to track his movements. Despite his age he still moves like a man in the prime of his life. Axel used his arm to block his attacks, with each blow forcing him to take a step back.

"You're getting faster. But still sloppy, and predictable. Have you already forgotten everything I taught you?" Luther commented. "Perhaps that young lady from Talos Squad would hold better challenge?" Luther asked, knowing this would anger Axel. And Axel didn't disappoint. "I'll show you who's predictable!" He snarled. When his father went in for the next attack Axel let it slide across his arm, and bring Luther in closer to him. Once he was closer Axel brought up a powerful blow to his ribs from his left, cybernetic knee. This caused Luther to grab his side in pain, which gave Axel opportunity to give him a swift punch from his left hand to his face.

This forced Luther to stumble back. He rubbed his chin, and spat out some blood from a busted lip. "Well done. I'm glad my lessons didn't go unheard." Luther stated. "What? You givin up already?" Axel asked in a huff, with sweat dripping from his face. Luther only chuckled in response. While usually Luther must keep up a appearance of a intimidating warrior, it is nice to let his hair down, and actually smile once in awhile. Axel lunged forward toward his father at full speed, with his cybernetic arm pulled back, ready to strike.

When Axel became within arm's reach, he began extending his arm for an attack. Luther bent down, and used his sword to push Axel's arm off track, and above him. Luther grabbed Axel's sleeveless black shirt, and threw him over his head. As Axel fell to the ground things seemed to move in slow motion as Luther lifted up his right leg, and gave Axel a powerful kick to his chest as he was upside down in the air. Axel fell several feet from Luther on his back. The match was over, and as always Luther stood victorious.

Axel rolled over, and stood up on one knee. He slammed his cybernetic fist into the ground in frustration, leaving a large crack in the floor. "You did well, if your anger didn't get the better of you, you may have won." Luther said as he extended his hand to help him up. Axel brushed him off, and got up himself. "Whatever." Axel groaned as he went to several towels, his coat, and some different devices.

Axel took off his shirt, and wiped the sweat off his body with a towel. He grabbed one of the devices, and held it over various scratches on his body. A small beam shot out of the device, and began closing his wounds. Luther did the same. "Don't forget, today your squad, and Talos will be getting missions." Luther reminded him. "I swear if this is another dam building mission, I'm going to smack that mustache off your face!" Axel growled. "Don't worry, this'll be a real mission. You've got time before the briefing. Make sure Talos knows to meet in the war room when the time comes." Luther ordered. "Yeah, yeah." Axel replied.

Axel threw his shirt, and coat over his shoulder, and left the training room. He walked the halls of Atlas Academy, heading towards his teams designated dorm. Each squad has their own dorm. Dorm is the official term, as they are more like apartments, with a kitchen, living room, and two bedrooms, as well as one full bath. The squads are split up into the different rooms, one for the males of the team, and one for the females.

Axel found the door marked Orion, and entered a code on the keypad to open the door. He walked in, and grabbed a purple, spiked fruit sitting in a bowl on the table. He plopped himself on the couch, and split the fruit in half with the blade in his arm. He took a big bite out of one half of the fruit, with green juices flowing down the corner of his mouth. He laid down his shirt, and coat on the couch.


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Uptown Funk||Bruno Mars

It had been a killer morning for Carter, he had gotten up stupid early because an alert went off from his transmitter attached to S.T.A.N, although as it turned out it was just a drill. Grumbling Carter punched S.T.A.N's left foot, recoiling from that pain and shaking his now bloodied knuckles he stormed back to the Orion section. Inside was his Captain, sprawled out looking upset, Jules being sarcastic, and Lili waking up late per the norm. As it seemed by the time he had gotten all the way back here it was already later in the morning. Carter groaned internally as he let it sink in that he missed out on making sweet love to the mistress called "Sleep." Needless to say he was in rare form today, gauging the room, Axel was pissed, Jules as usual was unreadable and Lili was being Lili.

"Hail the conquering Captain! Did you finally beat your old man? Should I bust out the bubbly? Or did you lose again? Funeral colors? How bad? Oh also, Lili, looking good sweetcheeks, you sleep in again? Oh yeah, and Jules smile for me will ya'? I love it when you smile."
With that Carter winked, grabbing a fruit from the bowl and peeling it before eating it. Sitting down by the topless Captain. Swallowing he spoke again.

"Or maybe did you and Lili finally get it on last night and you wrapped it up too early? Or is that a bit too far fetched?"

That remark he said for Lili's benefit, he knew she had a thing for the small blonde. He loved playing with his teammates, making them laugh or just stirring the soup a bit. Besides Axel gets hilarious when he gets pissed.


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#, as written by CutUp

Axel glared daggers at Carter, especially after calling Lili sweetcheeks. He was tempted to reach over, and smack the guy with his robot arm. As Carter sat down next to him, Axel got up, and grabbed his sleeveless shirt. When Carter mentioned something about him, and Lili getting it on his cheeks turned red. "Shut it Carter or else I'm slapping that stupid goatee off your face!" He growled as he pulled his shirt over his head. "If you guy's must know I didn't beat him. I was so close too, but I got sloppy, and over confident." He explained as he finished putting on his shirt.

"Lord Mustache made sure to remind me that we've got a mission today. Evidently it's a real mission, and not that patter crap we've been getting. Might get to see some real action!" He said with some excitement. "I'm supposed to make sure Talos knows." He said as he grabbed his coat, and threw it on. He went over to a row of lockers that is for his teams weapons, and entered a code on a holographic key pad to open up his. He grabbed his pistol. and attached his holster to his hip. "And now I have to deal with the Russian." He sighed as he peered down the sights of his pistol. He did a show-off cowboy-style spin of the gun before holstering it.

"I'll be back. Make sure you guy's get your breakfast ate, and all that good stuff." He ordered as he started out towards the door. "And eat something other then fruit. I think we've got some meat in the fridge. You need some meat on your bones!" He said as he playfully messed with Lili's hair before leaving. He's not quite sure how he's supposed to deal with his feelings for her. He values his friendship with her above all else, but he'd be lying if he said he's never thought about her in ways other then his best friend. But he's always been worried about messing things up, and ruining his friendship with her.

He walked the halls of the academy looking for the Talos team. If he didn't find them out in the halls he'd just go straight to their room. But it was his lucky day, and he found three of them. "Hey Mak!" He greeted. "Headmaster Mustache wanted me to make sure you guys remember the missions today. Hate for you guys to get showed up by us without even trying."


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Jules nodded his head at Lili as she entered the room tiredly and snorted as she commented on their earliness. Carter swaggered in, looking tired as well but still mischievous. Jules tuned the man out, thinking about his project's problems, until he heard his name.

"Oh yeah, and Jules smile for me will ya'? I love it when you smile."

Julian rarely fully smiled, but Carter always knew how to make him laugh. At this moment he gave a sort of half smile, which was still an accomplishment for Carter.

"It's because I'm so beautiful isn't it," he chuckled softly and took a sip of his coffee contentedly. This was the kind of thing he loved, listening to the other's banter and feeling safe and happy.

As Carter made a comment about the state of Lili and Axel's relationship Jules looked on in amusement. Everyone knew that the two had a thing for each other, but we're too nervous to figure out that they both liked each other. Jules thought about his love interest for a moment but then shook it off. Why did all the people he liked have to be straight? He shook his head and tuned back into the conversation again, because Axel seed to be saying something important. He had his serious face on.

"Lord Mustache made sure to remind me that we've got a mission today. Evidently it's a real mission, and not that patter crap we've been getting. Might get to see some real action!" He said with some excitement. "I'm supposed to make sure Talos knows."

Jules perked up at this, a real mission with Talos was exciting, he just had to figure out the ATOs on time. With that, Axel left, commenting on how they should eat more, but Jules went and sat down on the couch instead, content with his coffee and supplement. He wondered what the mission was, hopefully not too dangerous, because then it would be a good opportunity to test out some new add-ons and equipment.

"I suppose we should all shower or put on presentable clothes at least," he said to the two still left in the room, old habits of presentation kicking in. This briefing seemed like something that they should halfway try and look nice for, especially if they wanted to outshine Talos, which Jules didn't particularly care about, but he knew the others did.