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Alexander 'The Reaper' Castion

Money, blood, which do you wish to spend more of?

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a character in “TiV: Rebirth”, as played by Darkferret


Alexander 'The Reaper' Die Rasch



An 'honest' pirate.



Years of combat and hard work have served to conditioned The Reaper’s body into peak physical condition, from his strongly defined muscles, to his heavily tan skin, to his heavily calloused hands its clear from first sight that he is no stranger to excursion. While in good shape and better looking than what you're normal pirate might be , his body is far from unmarked, along with numerous small scars from the likes of daggers, bullets, and shrapnel, he also has a massive jagged scar across his abdomen which he displays openly. Forgoing the use of a shirt he instead chooses a crimson captains coat, sometimes simply hanging from his shoulders as if connected by an unseen force. A black bandanna keeps his green hair from falling into a raggy mess. he also has an array of weapons and holsters strapped to his pants and belt, including a sword sheath on his right, with an additional curved sword sheath on his left and a small throwing knife sheath strapped to his lower thigh that holds three knives. His only other notable feature is the compactible bow he keeps strapped to his back, often hidden by the coat.



As the dangerous, and infamous ‘Reaper’ Alex is noted by those who have survived an encounter, to have a dark humor and ominous air about him. They would describe him as a cold hearted killer, who would just as soon slit you're belly open as he would look at you. The words evil and cunning often pass the lips of those who speak of him, but most of this is only a facade. Alexander only carries one true similarity to his Reaper co part, his intelligence. Besides this similarity, he is quite different from how he appears. He treats the world as his playground, sometimes seeming arrogant or bold, often betraying(to onlookers) the calm and collective mind he possesses. He also has a strong sense of honor and respect. Refusing to kill unarmed women or children ( and oddly enough animals) he will give them every chance to escape his grasp without losing face. He believes in a fair fight, but is not above playing dirty in a life or death situation, his respect is hard earned but well worth it. Those who demand his respect are held in his highest regard, even if they are his foe. At his base Alexander only cares for two things, his crew whom he views as family and the sky he flies under. However no man is without his faults, in the case of Alexander its a burning rage that often fuels his vengeance for those who have wronged him or his crew. Along with a strong distrust of all those he meets, sometimes bordering on paranoia.

money, gold, airships, shiny blades, bananas.

Nobles, traitors, cowards, and horrid Ale.

Sexual Preference

Amongst his noteworthy abilities, he is a master navigator and helmsmen. Capable of charting his course using only stars. He can perform nearly any task on an airship having basically lived on them his entire early life. He knows the workings of airships and trains alike and constant footing aboard the prior has greatly improved his balance and has made him quite nimble as well. Amongst his more aggressive skills are his ability to pick may types of locks, and extreamly advanced knowledge of weapons, most notably swordplay of which he was trained by an old mentor from a time long since past. He also possesses a great deal of knowledge in economics and politics, and can serve as both a skilled negotiator, and a sly liar. While gunplay is not his greatest trait, he is far above average in archery. Alexander is also ambadextrious, and thus can wield and mixutre of single handed weapons at the same time without missing a strike. This is most notable when he wields his two swords, cutlass in left hand and rapier in right.


‘Gutshot’ Rapier. Image

A sword with a bigger bite than normal, this particular blade is elongated and thin. It is designed for accurate thrusts and parry. However, the ‘Gutshot’ is unique amongst its peers, because within its guard lies a concealed gun, the trigger of which sits not far from the handle of the blade. though small this gun packs incredible punch by shooting a piercing blast of high powered laser.

‘Overheat’ Cutlass. Image

This cutlass styled blade is one of few remaining in exsistense. while its design may not be unique, its function leaves little to be desired. With a twist of the handle the blade’s edge becomes superheated via a series of contraptions lining the inside of the blade. the back of the blade is lined with fine holes that vent the heat in great swathes of steamlike vapor to keep the blade from damaging itself. This heating function allows the blade to cut through normally stronger steel ( or other misc. items) that it would normally not be able to.To heat up the cutlass must be nearly stationary for roughly 1-2 minutes, less it suffers damage to internal parts. Also overuse of this feature (roughly any use lasting longer than thirty seconds.) will result in heavy damage to both the sword and its wielder. Due to the heat resistant components used to forge the blade, it also has the ability to deflect lasers and small arms plasma fire.

‘Spider Web’

A compactible bow that makes up for what it lacks in pure power, with heavy adaptability and tactical use. capable of firing several types of arrows, along with its own built in plasma arrows that charge at the tip of the bow when it is drawn back. the bow also serves as a sort of swiss army knife of tools. Parts of it being detachable so as to serve different functions, including a small blow torch like cutter, a lock picking tool, and a tracking compass that can be configured to trace multiple types of ore and metal . It can also be reconfigured for more power if one has the time. The six points on the front of it house barbed spear heads connected to heavy wire that can be used for grappling, rappelling, and even to create snares for the unsuspecting. Its final tool is the handle itself, which can detach and expand into a small circular 'buckler' styled shield designed to resist small to medium ballistics and plasma. However the metal is particularly vulnerable to laser fire.

Many rumors of The Reaper tell his supposed history, but none know of Alexander’s. Alexander was born in The Sky City of Aeros, into an extremely wealthy family. For the first few years he lived a pampered life, but he saw the world outside of his home, and the more he saw of it, the more he felt caged. Forced to sit through classes, to be educated on pointless things such as proper ettiquite and politics. The only brightside of all the training was Asus, his sword instructor. No one quite knew where Asus had come from, but he was old with a beard nearly touching his knees. This was an appearance to fool however, because there were none in Aeros that could match his skill with a blade. Alex spent his years looking forward solely to his training with Asus, and began to view his mentor as more of a father than his own. Swordsmanship, though some might say was a dieing art, was also the one thing Alex truly enjoyed. when Alex turned 15, Asus told him it was time for his final test and rushed Alex with intent to kill. Alex had indeed surpassed his mentor, and defeated him gracefully, sparing his life at the end of the fight. When he asked Asus why he had tried to kill him, hi sold mentor mearly responded; “To finish youre training.” Unfortounetly, and against Alex’s wishes, Alex’s family guards executed Asus on the spot despite Alex’s protests. This final moment destroyed any loyalty Alex had to his family, and less than a month later he ran away. Alex stowed away on a train, bound for someplace far away but halfway along its route it was set upon by a group of pirates. They killed most of the train’s crew and passengers and eventually found Alex hiding in a cart in the very back. Alex however had brought one thing with him when he ran away, his mentor’s Rapier. He fought off and killed four of the pirates before they subdued him and took him to there captain. When told of the young boy’s feats, the captain offered him a spot on his crew instead of a death by the plank.

For the next few years Alex was groomed to be a pirate captain, starting as a deck swab and working his way up to the position of first mate when he was 18. He had left his past long behind him, and chose never to speak of his hearitge again. THose years were good for Alex, and he began to enjoy the freefaring life of a sky pirate, however all things come to an end. EVentuly all waned men are hung. One nasty season, his captain tried to raid a heavily armed train but were ambushed and a zeplin of unknown Origin. It destroyed Alex’s skyship, and killed his captain. ALex survived the encounter, manegeing to hide ont he very train they had planned to rob. It was on this train he met his best friend Jimmy. Together the two of them quickly found more trouble, stealing an airship from a group of pirates called the Dawnskull. With ALex at the helm, and Jimmy as his first mate, they did what any new captain would do; celebrated there success. The next hungover morning, the Dawnskull caught up with them, They boarded Alex's ship and he and Jimmy stood back to back fending off the pirates. Luckly it was a small force that had come to kill them, and none were on the skill level of Alex in combat. After they killed the Dawnskull pirates they freed the prisinors they had taken and gave them a choice. Join us, or flee in the second ship. It was this that got Alex his first crew.

Now at the age of 21 Alexander is commanly known as The Reaper. He commands one of the most feared Airships in the sky, the Nightfall. His crew stands unusualy loyal for pirates, because Alex has always provided for them. With a 3million$ price on The Reaper's head, and 1million on any of his crew, the Nightfall is easily the most sought after ship by both royal forces and pirates alike.

Theme Song
Black board, Nano.

Additional Notes
And introducing, the key crew members.

1. First mate.
Name: Jimmy
Height: 5'7
Weight:170 pounds
Skills: bartering and negotiation. skilled with Throwing weapons. Animal friendly, expert at hand to hand combat.
Jimmy has been with Alex since before alex assumed the mantle of captain. He is Alex's most trusted crewmate and only friend. He is also the only one who knows Alexander's full history and heritage. Jimmy would die for Alex, and would never betray his caption.
He is carefree and fun loving, his pet monkey is named Oop and is extremely well trained.

2. Helmsman
Name Rachel.
Weight:183 pounds
Age 22
Skills: Acute eye site, excellent memory, ace marksman. Skilled Helmsman.
Rachel is a veteran crewmember, , she has been on for five months and has proved herself to be one of the best helmsman Alex has ever seen. She has a fancy for Alexander, though the Captain does not share the same feelings for her. Her loyalty is solid, proven when she was taken prisoner by a pirate ship and half starved in an attempt to get information on Alex's whereabouts. Needless to say Alex came to the rescue after a week of tracking her down.

Name: Sandra
Height 6'2
weight:187 pounds
Skills: Possessing a unique ability to analyze her opponents fighting style and adapt to it near instantly, she has become a terrific swordsman. nearly capable of defeating The Reaper. She also posses in depth knowledge of varying interrogation techniques.
Sandra is the youngest member of the crew, but one of the best. She is terrific with a blade and skilled in the art of interrogation. However despite her prefrence for asword or knife, she does carry three or four firearms at a time, mostly small arms and stowaways. She has been with the Nightfall for nearly four months and often serves as the bodyguard to Reap in...'diplomatic relations' and bargaining transactions. Many are fooled by her age, but they are soon corrected when she slits their throats. You want to stay on her good side.

4. engineer and inventor.
Name: James
Weight:245 pounds
James is the newest member of the Nightfall. He has only been around for two months. Which is considerably longer than most other generic crewman last. Though he has yet to be given the chance to truely prove himself he is a good engineer and a gifted inventor, coming up with plenty of protoype designs and ideas, although few ever work out as intended

So begins...

Alexander 'The Reaper' Castion's Story


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The air above the cloud line was fresh and crisp. Untouched by the pollution of civilization below. It was also thin, a normal man this high would quickly find himself relying on a rebreather to supplement his air intake. For those that lived a life mostly above the clouds however, this thin of air was just a part of life. Those, such as the pirate crew onboard The Nightfall. Considered the most wanted airship in Arcadia, thousands of people had heard its name spoke in whispers, whispers telling near mythical stories of its demonic crew and its heartless Dread pirate of a Captain The Reaper. The crew of The Nightfall was bustling about, preparing the ship for dock. Despite its nightmarish rumors, few on the ship were demonic. “Alright you scizzy rats! Double time it! I want to see a clean connection with The Waster in less than three minutes, we do have a reputation to protect.”

The first mate Jimmy shouted his orders while watching The Waster through a large telescope. It was just as busy, preparing to receive them. No sign of foul play thankfully. Jimmy liked to think that their contacts knew better than to try foolish things, but when it comes to pirates common sense is normally one of they're less popular traits. With this particular group, after the last encounter the crew of the Nightfall had with them, it would not surprise Jimmy one bit if an entire royal army waited in the ropes for the right moment.
“Paranoia has led to the fall of many great men.” The women behind Jimmy said.
Another voice sounded nearly immediately after. “and has saved a great many more Rachel.”
Both Jimmy and Rachel stood briefly at attention at the arrival of their Capitan.

Alex walked with a carefree pace, as if little in the world bothered him. He dragged one hand through his hair, pushing it up before wrapping his crimson bandana around it. He turned then, looking upon The Waster. One hand stroked the hilt of his Rapier, an indicator that he thought more than he chose to reveal. “Rachel, man the helm. Not a scratch on her that you do not want to repair personally.” His helmsman nodded to him and resumed her work. Then Alex turned his gaze towards his closest friend and right hand.
“Any activity Jimmy?”

Jimmy stepped away from the telescope and dug in his satchel for a small cookie which he quickly fed to the monkey on his shoulder. “Only the normal Captain.” Despite the friendship among the two, Jimmy almost always referred to Alex as Captain. A sign of respect to someone who more than deserved it. Alex’s face briefly wore a troubled expression. After the last time, he expected to see at least one sign of foul play. It would have been less suspicious than the apparent innocence. The ships grew closer with each passing moment, planks were deployed as Rachel guided The Nightfall in seamlessly. The only moment of brief panic came when a strong wind forced The Waster forward, but Rachel being far more skilled than its pilot had anticipated the wind and pulled back to avoid any collision. After a brief moment the planks attached to each other, clamping the ships in place. Alex nodded to Rachel in approval and turned to address the crew in a deep and booming voice. “Man the guns. You see so much as a plasma bolt, blow that ship to hell.” He turned to Jimmy .
“control of the ship is yours. Be wary, I don’t trust Bugsy in the slightest.”


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Character Portrait: Alexander 'Doc' Atreides Character Portrait: Alexander 'The Reaper' Castion Character Portrait: Bugsy Seigal
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Alex was already moving toward the plank. As he walked a small group of five or so crewmen followed close behind. Only one of these stood out, a female among the males. She looked almost innocent, and from her age many would think her an abducted youth if they had seen her amidst these pirates. The cutlass on her right hip however, proved otherwise. Her crimson red hair was only slightly contained, with most of it blowing freely with the wind. She stood closest to The Reaper as they boarded The Waster. All of The Reaper’s crew were openly armed, including The Reaper himself. “Vas, see to securing the cargo.” all of the crewmen followed the one Alex had ordered except for the girl who remained at his side as he approached Callack.

Seeing the man up close The Reaper was hardly impressed. The man looked hardly the type of a captain. He held composure though which was notable. “Why should we waste breath on lackeys.” The girl said suddenly from beside Alex. She eyed the captain with open disdain. her look said; I want to cut you open and see if you’re guts are as yellow as the rest of you. Alex could have said something but instead chose to remain silent. He was admittedly curious to see how Callack would respond. Although his face gave none of this away, it was unreadable. Maintaining composure was something his current companion still needed to learn a great deal of. Instead he took the time to survey the ship, there was no sign of Bugsy, yet his message had clearly stated his intent to be present. For what reason Alex only vaguely knew. It must be important, Bugsy did not often involve himself personally with his dealings. The two had met only three times prior, all three were negotiations to the current partnership they had. Though Alex did not like the man, he could not deny the progress Bugsy had made in underworld and by extension of that progress, the size of Bugsy's wallet. One that Alex was happy to pull from when the opportunity presented itself.

Jimmy stood at the ship’s edge, watching the crew haul cargo across. They had orders to place it below deck, and he was sure they would follow said orders without him barking at them. Rachel stood not far behind, with little to do while they were docked. “So this Bugsy character...” She had not the chance to meet the fellow yet, often these trades were done absent his presence. This one was unique in that he apparently intended to attend, bringing with him some kind of offer.
“Is he anything worth his salt?”

Jimmy turned eye upon her briefly, then went back to watching the crew. “In my opinion the world would be better off without him. Though, the same could be said about us.” The sound of heavy clanking echoed across the deck as two crewmen dropped an above average box, spilling its contents across the floor. Jimmy muttered a curse in a language Rachel did not know before dropping down to the deck. He looked at the objects on the floor, mostly boxes of ammo with a few explosive items scattered here and there.
“You scizzy rats!” He yelled at them, more out of a spike in nerves and actually irritation.
“Some of those explosives are a little thing called Volatile. I do not know how you feel about being caught in the center of a fireball but I for one am not interested in such a demise.”

Rachel watched the acting captain with a bit of a grin. His reactions to such events were always so entertaining.


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When the captain said that Bugsy had decided not to show, Alex found himself slightly...irritated. He was an avid fan of the phrase: to earn respect, you must show respect. The amount of respect the crime boss showed The Reaper by using this worthless...and greedy captain in order to offer him a contract was displeasing, to say the least. Even with all his reputation, two bit shanks still thought they could swindle him. Alex grinned darkly at the Captain, the grin was not his own, but that of The Reaper.

In a movement that was as graceful as it was quick The Reaper drew his cutlass and cut a deep line across the man's face from chin to the bottom of his eye with a single stroke. Blood decorated the tip of his cutlass as it returned to its sheath hardly a breath later. Rachel was already moving, drawing her own cutlass in her left hand, and a pistol in her right and standing back to back with her captain watching the crew around them for any signs of aggression.

"Listen you sceezy shit." The Reaper grabbed Callack by his neck and drew him very close, ignoring the blood that washed over his hands. The cut on Callack was deep but not fatal, the wound to his pride might just prove so. "I could kill you right now, kill you're entire crew, and take you're damned cargo without so much as breaking a sweat." He squeezed the man's neck roughly for a moment to ensure he had his full attention.

"If you want to make it out of this mess alive then ill be havin you're information post haste."

The idea of a train robbery was quite an attractive idea to Alex. He had been pondering doing one anyway but had yet to choose a sutible target, now with the information he had and what he would be acquiring shortly it present the perfect opportunity. his only irritation was that Bugsy had not offered the contract personally. Alex preferred forgoing the use of middlemen in favor of a more direct approach. He would still accept this contract, even though it was under such deplorable circumstances, but he would have words with Bugsy afterwords. That much was guaranteed.


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Sandra took the letter from Callack and slid it into her belt. Alexander let the pitiful excuse for a captain go and turned to leave the ship. As he walked across the deck he took the letter and opened it. Upon seeing its contents he stopped and laughed darkly. Turning his head a little to look at the captain, Alex tore the part of the letter that requested the ship's destruction and threw over the edge. "When you see you're boss tell him I accept his contract. Also tell him that I am not a pawn for his means and it would be wise to remember such. Also captain, as a final parting note." Alex stepped onto the ship and gave Rachel the signal to separate them. As The Nightfall began puling away Alex shouted out.
"Next time bring you're sword!"

In moments they were a speck on the horizon. "So, I take it that went well?" Jimmy asked from behind Alex. The crew had secured all of the cargo and resumed there work about the ship, waiting only for a heading. Alex drew his sword and cleaned the blood from the tip before securing it back in its sheath. He handed Jimmy the letter before making his way to the helm. Bugsy thinks me the same murder hungry bastard everyone else does. Let Callack's life serve as not a contradiction to that statement, but a reinforcing of it. He would appear to have left Callack alive simply to warn Bugsy that he took orders from no one. In truth that was only a bonus, Alex had no desire for unwarranted killing.

He stood behind Rachel, the wind blowing his coat and hair violently. A grin lit up his features, it was not a dark grin, a violent grin, it was a grin of expectation."Alright you Rats. It seems we have a chance to remind Arcadia what The Reaper and his crew are capable of. We make to Clear Blue, there be a train in need of a good pirating." The crowd cheered violently before setting about various tasks.


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Sandra waited in Clear blue, currently sitting at a small table in the back room of a tavern. The waiting was painfully dull but still, orders are orders. As she made her way to her living quarters she recalled the mission The Reaper had assigned her prior to her delivery to Clear Blue..

“Captain you requested my presence.” Sandra called before entering the Captain’s room. She received no answer as she stepped into the dark space. A single, low burning candle sat atop the desk on the far side. The only noise was the click of the door falling shut behind her. Then, the sound of scraping metal. Sandra acted on reflex, drawing her cutlass and throwing it up in front of her just quick enough to block the incoming swing. As steel clashed with steel sparks briefly illuminated Alex’s face. The clanging of swords could be heard even outside the captains room as they sparred in the darkness.

“I have a task for you Sandra.” He said while directing a series of wide sweeps at her, all of which she swiftly deflected.
“Of course Sir.”
“The Rooster, our next target is moving towards Clear blue. It is different from trains we have raided in the past and as such requires even more precision than normal.” One of his swings slipped through her guard, leaving a small cut in the center of her cheek.
“What would you have of me Captain?” She pressed her own attack, forcing him to give way or lose footing.
“Aboard this ship is a man that our business associate Bugsy has an interest in. Our task is to abduct him.” Alex gave footing but his guard remained impassible to her.
“What do we get from the deal? If you do not mind my asking Sir.” She ducked low and tried to sweep him but he nimble hopped over the blade and kicked her lightly in the gut forcing her back again.
“Whatever we want from the train itself. You’re objective will be to infiltrate The Rooster and locate our target before our attack. As well as assess its cargo and crew’s defensive capabilities.” The mission was not of her normal kind, Sandra almost exclusively served as a bodyguard to Alex. For her Captain to entrust her with such a task filled her with pride. She tilted her blade up, catching his and using one gloved hand managed to lock the blades together.
“I am you’re weapon.” She answered.

Now as she sipped from a small cup of ale, one of her hands lightly caressed the sword on her hip while the other traced the small cut on her cheek that had just started healing.


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Character Portrait: Alexander 'The Reaper' Castion
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Alexander marched through the depths of his airship, he was on the lowest floor. His footsteps echoed off thew walls of the long empty corridor. The lights in this particular part of the ship had a habit of constantly flickering on and off, as if electricity was being constantly drained from them. At the end of the corridor sat a large bulkhead that Alex quickly approached. To the side of the bulk head was a series of levers which Alex promptly pulled in a combination known to very few on board The Nightfall.

James, a grizzled and somewhat unbalanced individual stood over a large metal block, his metal arm expunging a massive amount of electricity from the palm of its hand while his right held a large hammer and occasionally pounded into the block with unknown intent.
“James.” The engineer stopped his work and turned to the voice.
“Captain! What can I do for ya?!” He asked, beaming with enthusiasm while rummaging through a box of gizmos. He started throwing out some small but odd trinkets.
“Need a Shockpod? Soundblaster? Maybe an Organ Bomb? We have a lot of extra Organ bombs..” He pulled out a grenade looking sphere filled with red liquid and an odd meat like substance.

Alex took a step back from the engineer, more in caution than anything else. Being around James when he was throwing random objects was not the greatest idea when aboard.
“No, I came to check the progress of the Buster.” James’s eyes lit up at the sound of his newest idea. He walked over to a large jagged shape covered by a massive brown tarp.

“Oh its a rolling Captain. Not quite ready or two bugs to work out, they just keep flying into its gears. Kindof a bother really.”

“One day James, have it ready in twenty four hours.” Alex turned and left before James had the chance to ask him to prototype anything....another bad practice.
“Aye, I will have it ready...and then some.” James chuckled to himself, the steam his arm had begun spitting out surrounded him in an eerie haze.