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Bugsy Seigal

"First, I'll have Boxer beat you to death. He's got a knack for that. Then I'm gonna let Jimmy sew you into a new suit. Wait... reverse that order."

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a character in “TiV: Rebirth”, originally authored by MayContainPlagiarism, as played by RolePlayGateway


Bugsy Seigal



Bugsy is an older man. He's eaten well (exceptionally better than the average Arcanian) and grown a shade wider than is good for his height, a measly 5'8. Despite his stature, Bugsy manages to be an intimidating man-by surrounding himself with much bigger, even wider, and well-armed men. He's suffered from a receding hairline since his early thirties; he has six false teeth replacing ones he's lost in fights and a broken jaw, while healed, prevents him from completely closing his mouth; when the right teeth are brought together the left aren't, leaving a slight tilt to his glower.


170 ibs

Bugsy is a man of patience and relegation. He is often quiet in the conduction of his business, and relies on the muscles of hirelings to underscore his threats. Several years of having rivals bushwacked (and being involved in those bushwackings), businesses burned, cars bombed, and two minor politicians shot, as well as kidnappings, prostitution, money laundering, fraud, and firearm and drug smuggling has effectively desensitized Bugsy; money is king.

1. Currency, of any country and in any form
2. Power, over anything in any form
3. Eating well
4. Classical music

1. Losing money
2. Spending any money he doesn't have to
3. Having his authority challenged

Bugsy is a well connected middleman between more powerful individuals and organizations that owe him favors as well as less powerful ones who cannot afford to tell him no. He personally runs a small ring of minor criminals protected by his Gestapo, well-armed and dedicated gunmen who use the best of his smuggled goods and intimidation or clandestine tactics to maintain his power and protect his small empire. He has a shallow financial pool to draw from, but is willing to liquidate to pursue new opportunities or kill old enemies.

Gerald "Bugsy" Seigal grew up the son of a merchant who had debts from a failed legal firm. He was well taken care of by the generosity of his extended family, and never wanted for food or shelter. In his late teens, that changed as his father's business started to fail and the incarcerated criminals he had failed to defend in court started cleaning house of enemies. Witnessing a confrontation between a hitman and his father, Gerald decided to stay well out of the way.
Gerald survived on his father's savings just long enough to see his store boarded up and to buy a dagger he used to mug and rob until he caught the attention (and anger) of the criminal organization that he lost his father to. He held no grudge, and rather than seek vengeance (as most sons may have), asked to join. Through his early twenties, Gerald was a petty criminal who extorted businesses for protection money or provided extra eyes on a black market deal. He earned the name "Bugsy" for how short he was, and the way his face lit up the first time he held a platinum coin.
Bugsy's later twenties saw a crackdown on his organization; after it was swiftly beheaded and detailed, he and a few other members and unsold cargo was left in limbo until he carved his own syndicate out of its ashes. By his mid thirties, he had dipped his fingers in as many different enterprises as he could, and naturally became a genesis point between many different underworld clientele. He expanded his operations to any city, port, dock, or station that wasn't exclusive to another crime guild or family. He hired Elisabeth Whitefield, sold guns to the terrorist organization Mackenzie used to claim homage to, and informed on travel routes to criminals like Alexander.

In more recent history, a considerable sum of money was loaned to William Caeronvar two years ago. Rather than pay back his debt, an exciting string of events resulted in William escaping with turncoat Elisabeth killing several of Bugy's Gestapo. Several events, including the coup, has prevented his pursuit of either of them, but it isn't long before the Rooster is turned inside-out to find the runaway mage.

So begins...

Bugsy Seigal's Story


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Alex was already moving toward the plank. As he walked a small group of five or so crewmen followed close behind. Only one of these stood out, a female among the males. She looked almost innocent, and from her age many would think her an abducted youth if they had seen her amidst these pirates. The cutlass on her right hip however, proved otherwise. Her crimson red hair was only slightly contained, with most of it blowing freely with the wind. She stood closest to The Reaper as they boarded The Waster. All of The Reaper’s crew were openly armed, including The Reaper himself. “Vas, see to securing the cargo.” all of the crewmen followed the one Alex had ordered except for the girl who remained at his side as he approached Callack.

Seeing the man up close The Reaper was hardly impressed. The man looked hardly the type of a captain. He held composure though which was notable. “Why should we waste breath on lackeys.” The girl said suddenly from beside Alex. She eyed the captain with open disdain. her look said; I want to cut you open and see if you’re guts are as yellow as the rest of you. Alex could have said something but instead chose to remain silent. He was admittedly curious to see how Callack would respond. Although his face gave none of this away, it was unreadable. Maintaining composure was something his current companion still needed to learn a great deal of. Instead he took the time to survey the ship, there was no sign of Bugsy, yet his message had clearly stated his intent to be present. For what reason Alex only vaguely knew. It must be important, Bugsy did not often involve himself personally with his dealings. The two had met only three times prior, all three were negotiations to the current partnership they had. Though Alex did not like the man, he could not deny the progress Bugsy had made in underworld and by extension of that progress, the size of Bugsy's wallet. One that Alex was happy to pull from when the opportunity presented itself.

Jimmy stood at the ship’s edge, watching the crew haul cargo across. They had orders to place it below deck, and he was sure they would follow said orders without him barking at them. Rachel stood not far behind, with little to do while they were docked. “So this Bugsy character...” She had not the chance to meet the fellow yet, often these trades were done absent his presence. This one was unique in that he apparently intended to attend, bringing with him some kind of offer.
“Is he anything worth his salt?”

Jimmy turned eye upon her briefly, then went back to watching the crew. “In my opinion the world would be better off without him. Though, the same could be said about us.” The sound of heavy clanking echoed across the deck as two crewmen dropped an above average box, spilling its contents across the floor. Jimmy muttered a curse in a language Rachel did not know before dropping down to the deck. He looked at the objects on the floor, mostly boxes of ammo with a few explosive items scattered here and there.
“You scizzy rats!” He yelled at them, more out of a spike in nerves and actually irritation.
“Some of those explosives are a little thing called Volatile. I do not know how you feel about being caught in the center of a fireball but I for one am not interested in such a demise.”

Rachel watched the acting captain with a bit of a grin. His reactions to such events were always so entertaining.


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When the captain said that Bugsy had decided not to show, Alex found himself slightly...irritated. He was an avid fan of the phrase: to earn respect, you must show respect. The amount of respect the crime boss showed The Reaper by using this worthless...and greedy captain in order to offer him a contract was displeasing, to say the least. Even with all his reputation, two bit shanks still thought they could swindle him. Alex grinned darkly at the Captain, the grin was not his own, but that of The Reaper.

In a movement that was as graceful as it was quick The Reaper drew his cutlass and cut a deep line across the man's face from chin to the bottom of his eye with a single stroke. Blood decorated the tip of his cutlass as it returned to its sheath hardly a breath later. Rachel was already moving, drawing her own cutlass in her left hand, and a pistol in her right and standing back to back with her captain watching the crew around them for any signs of aggression.

"Listen you sceezy shit." The Reaper grabbed Callack by his neck and drew him very close, ignoring the blood that washed over his hands. The cut on Callack was deep but not fatal, the wound to his pride might just prove so. "I could kill you right now, kill you're entire crew, and take you're damned cargo without so much as breaking a sweat." He squeezed the man's neck roughly for a moment to ensure he had his full attention.

"If you want to make it out of this mess alive then ill be havin you're information post haste."

The idea of a train robbery was quite an attractive idea to Alex. He had been pondering doing one anyway but had yet to choose a sutible target, now with the information he had and what he would be acquiring shortly it present the perfect opportunity. his only irritation was that Bugsy had not offered the contract personally. Alex preferred forgoing the use of middlemen in favor of a more direct approach. He would still accept this contract, even though it was under such deplorable circumstances, but he would have words with Bugsy afterwords. That much was guaranteed.


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Sandra took the letter from Callack and slid it into her belt. Alexander let the pitiful excuse for a captain go and turned to leave the ship. As he walked across the deck he took the letter and opened it. Upon seeing its contents he stopped and laughed darkly. Turning his head a little to look at the captain, Alex tore the part of the letter that requested the ship's destruction and threw over the edge. "When you see you're boss tell him I accept his contract. Also tell him that I am not a pawn for his means and it would be wise to remember such. Also captain, as a final parting note." Alex stepped onto the ship and gave Rachel the signal to separate them. As The Nightfall began puling away Alex shouted out.
"Next time bring you're sword!"

In moments they were a speck on the horizon. "So, I take it that went well?" Jimmy asked from behind Alex. The crew had secured all of the cargo and resumed there work about the ship, waiting only for a heading. Alex drew his sword and cleaned the blood from the tip before securing it back in its sheath. He handed Jimmy the letter before making his way to the helm. Bugsy thinks me the same murder hungry bastard everyone else does. Let Callack's life serve as not a contradiction to that statement, but a reinforcing of it. He would appear to have left Callack alive simply to warn Bugsy that he took orders from no one. In truth that was only a bonus, Alex had no desire for unwarranted killing.

He stood behind Rachel, the wind blowing his coat and hair violently. A grin lit up his features, it was not a dark grin, a violent grin, it was a grin of expectation."Alright you Rats. It seems we have a chance to remind Arcadia what The Reaper and his crew are capable of. We make to Clear Blue, there be a train in need of a good pirating." The crowd cheered violently before setting about various tasks.