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Nathaniel "The Priest" Kain

"As long as the fires of victory yet blaze and the holders of evil still stand, I will be thy angel of death."

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a character in “TiV: Rebirth”, as played by RCJJ23


Nathaniel "The Priest" Kain




Combat Force/Staff (Local priest/religious guide)


Nathaniel is a relatively tall man, and he is one of a more heavy build. Having spent the majority of his life training to be one of the Warrior Priests of Cairn. His face is angular, with a sharp chin. His shortly cut dark brown hair sits about an inch or two over his skin, with a short, well kept beard around his mouth. Above that is a nose proportionate to his face, and above that are his eyes, a distinctive cerulean blue.

Clad in the distinctive garb and armor of a Warrior Priest of Cairn, armored pauldrons and a flexible fabric armor unique to only a few groups who could afford such a thing. With an outfit worth over several hundred thousand dollars, it is nigh unreplacable. The fabric, through modern technology and magical enhancements has the same strength of steel, three times the thickness. It is enough to stop brief bursts of laser and plasma projectiles from penetrating and bladed weapons from cutting through too easily. It also has the capability to stop high powered rifle rounds from a meter away and less powerful bullets from point blank range. The flexibility of the armor however allows the blunt force to travel through, so the force of being hit by a bullet will still be transmitted. To lessen the effect of this, users of this armor usually wear a cushioning layer beneath the armor. The helmet has smooth, rounded cheek guards (as opposed to the ribbed cheek guards in the picture)and is able to produce a small bubble around itself, creating a small breathable atmosphere around it. This is because of the magic runes inscribed into it, and it allows for an hour of unrestricted breathing before needing to be recharged. What can be surprising however is the lack of the symbol of the Warrior Priests of Cairn, which are usually emblazoned into the right pauldron and forehead of the helmet, even though it still has the all-seeing eye of Cairn.

190cm/6ft 2.8in

80kg/176 lbs

Nathaniel, by birth, was a kind soul. Before being picked up by the Order he often had helped and cared for the people in his village, but that personality has been suppressed by his conditioning and training within the Order however the time after he left has helped in letting his mask slip a little. Normally, he is entirely formal, addressing people by their formal titles and not displaying much emotion, at least among people he does not consider friends. In the presence of such people, his mask slips to reveal his other caring nature, and he is willing to risk his own well being to save their lives. A flaw drilled into his head however, is that when the honor of word of Cairn is desecrated or blasphemed, Nathaniel will feel the rage and extreme need to kill said person, but as long as he can concentrate on calming down he is able to resist the temptation.

Swordsmanship, Marksmanship, the God Cairn, A good fight, decent people.

The Order of the Warrior Priests of Cairn, Blasphemy, Pirates, Criminals, Traitors.

Sexual Preference


Mastery of the Cairnbound style of swordsmanship.
As a former Warrior Priest, Nathaniel retains the his skill at the sword which his former Order was renowned for. Famed for its ruthless efficiency and brutality in dispatching an enemy of Cairn, it is also feared for the same reasons. No movement is wasted as this is suited to making use of the Warrior Priest's toothed blade and revolver.

Adept at other Sword Styles
To know one's opponents is to know how to beat them, is what the potential Warrior Priests had beaten into them when they were trainees, as such, Nathaniel knows about and how to counter the majority of popular styles of swordsmanship, and knows how to perform some of them as well.

Excellent Marksman
Despite being primarily melee and close ranged combatants, all Warrior Priests are required to be able to hit a human sized target at ranges up to nearly two hundred meters, which Nathaniel can reach and exceed easily.

Each Warrior Priest of Cairn has their own personal sword, which each of them must keep and maintain on their own. The Order's chainsword is a weapon that has bathed their image in blood, as the powered saw blades are able to rip through most non metal armors, and even some thin metal armors. At worst, they will at least tear shallow cuts into thicker armors.

Alongside their sword, each Warrior Priest is given their own revolver on the same terms. They are chambered in what would be equivalent to a .460 S&W Magnum, and the punching power is immense, so is the recoil, so most Priests fire their guns slowly, but other have developed the muscle strength to fully utilize the firearm appropriately. Nathaniel is one of them.

The Order, The Warrior Priests, The Blood Dogs of Cairn. These are only three names that the Warrior Priests of Cairn have been called. Officially, they are a religious order of warrior monks, dedicated to the worship of and spreading the word of Cairn, the god of Vengeance and Justice. His word is fair, condemning crimes and praising good deeds, but that is what the main word of Cairn is, when he is the god of Justice. The Warrior Priests are driven by the Vengeance of Cairn, destroying blasphemers and sinners alike, and generally delivering the divine justice and vengeance of their god. This is why their symbol is the sword of Cairn, their own weapons made in its image. The Warrior Priests generally take in their candidates from orphanages, wanting their members to give their lives wholly into the service of Cairn, as such they see parental attachments as something that holds a Warrior Priest back, so they choose from those who have no such connection. There are many things said about the Warrior Priests, but one thing has always been said.

No one leaves the service of Cairn.

Nathaniel was born in a village, not too far from Oakhorn. He lived a fairly average life, for a few years at least. He made friends, and tended his father's farm, and it was well known among the villagers how much of a kind soul he was. Still, that kind soul was the only survivor of a village wide massacre, bandits, was all that he could remember before being whisked away by the Warrior Priests of Cairn.

He spent the next ten years of his life in training under the Warrior Priests. They molded his body and mind into one suitable serving Cairn in his bloody vengeance, and serve them well he did, for the next eight years he rose through its ranks, earning his promotions through skill, valor and righteous service in the name of Cairn. His ascent was not bloodless, as one might expect and he himself had made enemies within the Order, so one of his enemies decided to use the one piece of information leak into Nathaniel's knowledge. This caused him to leave the Order, something unheard of, leading to the slaughter of over half of his garrison, their attempts to stop him. His enemy was given his position instead, vowing to hunt Nathaniel down for his disservice to Cairn. This strengthened his position as emotions were running high, but they all knew that Nathaniel was no easy man to pin down, let alone kill. It has been two years since that day, and now the Warrior Priests are confident enough in their men's abilities to start seeking Nathaniel out, to end, in their eyes, the sinner's blasphemy.

Theme Song
Force of Will

Additional Notes
#43B7BA Dialogue hex code

So begins...

Nathaniel "The Priest" Kain's Story


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#, as written by RCJJ23
Nathaniel had sat in the small room that had been deemed the chapel, for the better part of the morning. It had various religious symbols of many major religions, and despite first and foremost being a disciple of Cairn, Nathaniel had provided some insight and advice to the more religious passengers and staff. Objectively, of course. He wouldn't allow his own faith to disrupt others. He wasn't one of the Dogs of Cairn anymore, despite his own armaments and armor saying he was. He had removed all symbols of the Order from it, despite the difficulty in doing so. It was nearly time to eat breakfast, so he said his last prayer before leaving the chapel.

"Cairn, may you guard our souls and stay thyne blade and gift us another peaceful day, but if you demand it, may you guide my blade and let my shots fly true, for it is in your name that I do all that I do. Azen."

Nathaniel stood. He had only dressed in his plain grey t-shirt and oak brown slacks, though he had both of his weapons on him. His chainsword was clipped to his right hip while his revolver was in his holster on his left. He would pull on his armored robes first. This would take him the rest of the time he had, which was about twenty minutes, before breakfast would start to be served.

By the time he had reached there, a few of the crew had already sat down and started to eat.

"Good morning Ms. Whitefield, Mr. Caeronvar, Ms. Vrahl, Doc. I trust it has been a peaceful morning so far?" he said in way of greeting. He saw that both Alexander and Elizabeth had both taken the more prime spots for defending the doors into the dining hall, he decided to pick a spot next to Alexander. He was more likely to be spotted than him, but it would still give him ample time to react. Besides, his armor would likely take the shot or stab for him, and it wasn't like he was extremely slow or anything. He served himself a heartier breakfast than Alexander did, but still on the healthy side. He ate in silence, until someone spoke to him, or was addressed generally.


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#, as written by Imp
She had let herself to a few short moments (sitting moments even) of peace, dozing of as she stared out the window without really seeing much at all. For a second or two, her own reflection caught her eyes. She looked oddly fair there in the glass, as if presented with a more refined version of herself.
A less tired and greasy one at least.
She frowned, but then smiled a little, giving her a small dimple at the corner of her mouth. Silly thoughts to have indeed.
The contents of the platters before her soon caught hold of her interest as her insides once again recalled to her the fact that it indeed had been a morning without breakfast. So far. She threw a quick glance around her as the dining compartment kept filling up with the rest of the Roosters meaty content, then peaked under the lid of the platter closest to her. Eggs.
The people around her were more or less familiar. She hadn't really talked much to anyone. She had only been aboard for a few weeks, and those weeks had mostly been spent trying to show off in order to keep her place aboard. Luckily enough, she had found herself knee deep in what could only be called "The Great Rooster Mess" and with a long list of things to do. She believed herself to have done good so far.

As "The Doctor", or at least that was what she'd begun calling him in her head, entered, she turned from the window and faced the room more frankly. He was a hard character to miss, even aboard the Rooster. She had know to place her feet when around him from the very beginning. His greeting to two of the never arrivals was as dressed up as the rest of him. One of them, a girl she believed to be called Ms. White... Whitefield it was, apparently, as she overheard or rather listened to the short conversation, gave the impression of not being someone whom the word "effortless" would ever match. But Miandra did not mind that at all, as long as the work got done properly and all. The man, on the other hand...

"...I'm asking because you left it on a stack of other people's stuff without strapping it to anything..."
She quickly looked back at the young woman again.
...It's a small box sitting on a big box. Even if it slides, it has plenty of room...
Her eyes went to the man again.

"Oh, really.."
She mumbled to herself, feeling her mood slowly turning fouler. That man, was the reason she had been up all morning tapping pipes in order to find the source of that sound (that had been the crater-of-apparently-THAT-mans-books-banging-against-an-air-went)? She followed the rest of the louder parts of the two's conversation with her chin in her hand as her elbow balanced on the edge of the table behind her. These two, or at least the man, did not sound a bit better than some of the more self-proclaiming passengers. A thought that only made her irritation grow. To her surprise, this young stripling rose up and approached her with a greeting. A quite smirky one at that. She leaned her head back in her hand which made a stripe or two of her blond hair loosen themselves from behind her ears.

She said as her frown grew a little,
"Are absolutely right."
She leaned back and crossed her arms over her chest, pouting out her sore chin in a slightly challenging way.
"That box of yours isn't that heavy,"
She waved one of her fingers warningly,
"...what really amazes me thou, is that you apparently found it easier to staple your, if I may say it myself, rather heavy, box upon all the other crates, instead of just.."
She gave up both her hands in an ironical gesture
"Well, I don't know. Just strap it to the floor hooks like the rest of the smaller junk?"
She widened her eyes in a faked expression of pure amazement, and then replied to the priest, Mr Kain's greeting:
"Peaceful? I wouldn't say that. But I guess I'm hoping for lunch now that I'm done hunting crates for the morning."
She turned to the Roosters Engineer, whom had just entered.
"Hey, Mahrone. I apparantly need you to close off the air through some sections of the cargo's vents. I need to weld one of the vents back in place."
She glared back at man in front of her.


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Doc quietly chewed on a piece of his breakfast meal while listening to the mage dig himself deeper and deeper into a hole that would threaten to bury him alive under alienation and hate from his female coworkers he was so rudely making insinuations towards. For the sake of a peaceful remainder of the trip he would have to speak up. Well, not him specifically, but someone should probably at least attempt to curb the man's tongue before it got him any deeper into the shit list than it already apparently had. So with a quiet clearing of his throat to redirect momentary attention, Doc spoke in his 'medical professional' tone of voice that was reserved for trying to prevent someone from doing something, or continuing something, incredibly stupid. Because, like the egotistical damn mage or not, he was necessary until they reached their destination at a minimum. "As the on board medical professional and adviser, Mr. Caeronvar, I would highly recommend you cease that particular chain of commentary and offers. Some might find them offensive, and considering the able crew members you are dealing with, a couple stitches and mandatory bed rest won't be nearly enough to assuage the damage done should you push someone over their natural limits."

Could Doc repair damage short of outright murder? Certainly, enough to get the mage in a condition to keep the train moving forward as scheduled. But none of the parties involved would enjoy that experience one bit, and he could guarantee that. And hell, Doc thought with an internally amused smirk, if the Mage went and got himself killed by Ms. Mahrone his fellow in security, Mr. Kain, could see to it he had a proper burial as they figured out how to get the train the rest of the way to its destination. In continuation of keeping the situation defused though, he directed his next small statement at the two engineers, Ms. Mahrone and Ms. Vrahl. "And if it proves necessary, Ms. Mahrone, Ms. Vrahl, that our....Proud mage is going to get his head clubbed in, do please inform Father Kain so he has time to drum up something nice to say at the funeral. And try not to do it on the train, or else I would be further obligated to make an attempt to keep his insides right where they belong, inside the skin and bone, where applicable."

A slow smirk was on Doc's face, so whether he was really joking about what he said, or not, was certainly up in the air. But it was clear he addressed most everyone the exact same, in a respectful and polite manner, barring William Caeronvar on occasion. Bad blood with egotistical and egocentric mages faded slowly, and only in the face of positive examples. Mr. Caeronvar was hardly one. But he had indeed addressed Mr. Kain subtly differently, in a manner showing a more friendly vice strictly professional approach. Working security alongside the man tended to create such situations, and while Doc himself was not a religious man, he respected the beliefs of others in that regard. It was none of his business what a man, or woman, believed so long as they did their jobs to the best of their ability. Beyond that, he treated the various members as respectfully as he could, which for some was not nearly as much as for others, and never told them how to do their jobs. They did not tell him how to fix a living person, so he did not tell them how to fix their professional problems, so long as it did not interfere with security of the Rooster. He did finally respond to Kain, having addressed the situation at hand as best as he could for now. "As peaceful as one could expect with this crew, Father Kain. The morning security sweep is taken care of, so all you'll need to worry about until the PM is the spot checks and alarm response, should one be raised. I hope the morning has found you without conflict thus far?"


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#, as written by RCJJ23
Nathaniel continued to eat his breakfast while he listened to the conversations going around the room. He paid no mind, but he was still ready to stop any fights breaking out. They'd need the mage to keep the train moving until they reached their next destination. He turned to Alexander after finishing his current mouthful.

"Well, none of the rowdier passengers have thought it amusing to try and pick an argument in my or other people's faiths during the time I was in the chapel, so yes, the morning has been peaceful so far. I do hope that it stays that way." The last point was in general, and slightly directed at the situation that was occurring in the confines of the dining hall.

After finishing off his plate, he waved over one of the serving staff to take away his plate, and asked for a glass of water. He pushed back a bit from the table, still sitting on the chair.

"So... up for a spar later?"

It was nice enough to practice every now and then against an actual opponent. It added that layer of fighting someone that honed your own skills. Of course, he knew the Doctor would win. Most of his attacks were lethal, and as such, illegal to use against a fellow member of the crew. Still, it was good to hone his skills against another.


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Doc gave up on trying to talk sense into the mage and the women folk he was getting on the bad sides of, instead choosing to focus on the suggestion made by Father Kain. Sparring always was a good time, even if he held an advantage over the man since he could not employ the vast array of lethal techniques and maneuvers that he was capable of using. It kept him in shape, and sharp when having undergone long periods of a lack of actual combat activities. And he could always apply his knowledge of mortal anatomy to be able to do rather interesting, albeit usually extremely painful, things. So he smiled briefly and nodded towards Kain before responding. "Certainly, Father Kain, we can go another several bouts whenever you are feeling able and are free from other duties. Even if I hold an unfair advantage due to your required restraint."

Doc might have considered saying something else to the mage, or either of the two mechanically inclined women, but about that time the Captain came strolling in. Doc was one of the only men who was on his feet without a moments hesitation. Call it old army habits, he reckoned, but it was still in his blood to come to attention when an officer arrived in the room. One in his chain of command, at any rate. Once the at ease was given, he sat back down and resumed finishing his light meal. Orders were given, and with Ms. Mahrone being withheld, he decided that one of them should know about something he had found during his roves prior to breakfast, and rose once the orders were given out. "See that the passengers disembark safely, aye Captain. Ms. Vrahl, if you have a moment once the brief is done?"

Doc inclined his head to the group and excused himself from the room, opening his satchel to produce a journal and began drawing up security plans and optimizing how fast he could get the passangers off without striking one as rude or unkind. What he had to say to Ms. Vrahl, since Ms. Mahrone would be indisposed, was related to some complaints and security issues he had found on his morning patrol, the vents being one concern that bled over from both fields. But he didn't just ambush the woman the moment she set foot outside the dining room, that was rude and fell into the 'telling someone how to do their job' territory, which he tried to avoid when possible.


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#, as written by RCJJ23
Nathaniel nodded as the Captain came in, and nodded in understanding at his instructions. He waited for the glass of water that he had requested, and upon receiving it, drained it quickly and handed it back to the waiter before going to do his job. He exited the dining hall and made his way to the cargo cars, greeting any of the passengers that bothered to do so first. It took a few minutes before he got into the hall, and did a check over all the cargo to make sure nothing was out of place. He then marked the crates that needed to be off loaded with a small white x on the corner of them, to give the staff that needed to unload them an idea of what to get out of the cars. He stuck around after, having nothing to do for the moment. Plus, he might as well have watched over the cargo, you never knew who might want to have a poke around other people's belongings.


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Doc was reviewing his notes on the current state of the train when Ms. Vrahl came out and called to get his attention. Good, with the train coming in at speed, there could be little time wasted on securing it against any unwanted stowaways, or unwelcome boarding parties for that matter. He nodded to the woman briefly before beginning, not intending to waste her time anymore than he had to. She most likely had far more important things to do than listen to him inform her about items she may or may not already know about.

"Ah, Ms. Vrahl. I won't waste your time any more than I have to already. Morning inspection showed several damaged vents, as well as some passengers complaining about loose and/or unsecured windows due to damaged locking mechanisms. I suspect it is merely routine wear and tear, but those could constitute as breaching points for unwelcome guests. I won't presume to tell you how to do your job, however, so if its at all reasonable to work into your schedule, I would appreciate those items being taken care of sometime prior to departure from Clear Blue. Obviously, if you need anything from me, I will be available for such necessities. And if you can't find me, Father Kain might also be able to point you in the right direction. Either to find me, or whatever you might need."

In all reality, Doc did not hold any formal authority over most of the crew. Beyond security, and medical, no one was obliged to really listen to a word the man said. One more reason he was usually polite, aiming for a calm and respectful tone for most members on board the Rooster, crew or otherwise. He did say most, since no one was perfect, but he did try. Beyond that, if Ms. Vrahl had no other questions or comments on his own request of her, he would begin his rounds as the train pulled into Clear Blue, ensuring that nothing suspicious was loaded on, or off, the train without inspection. No doubt Father Kain was doing the same, so it freed Doc up for more focused work, including checking on noted security weaknesses to see if they had either been fixed or, at the very least, patched up to prevent unwelcome circumstances from occurring. Or at least making them more difficult.